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  1. Age of War
    Welcome to Age of War, a place where you run your own nation, a place where the world is your playground. Theres only one problem, other people want to rule your playground. What will you do, will you fight back with massive armies and take over the world one country at a time? Will you be a peaceful person, making allies with the big nations to protect you? The choice is yours, welcome to the Age of War!​

    1. ALL post must stay in character, any ooc please take to message
    2. NO ARGUING, any hate is a one strike warning, then removal from the game.
    3. ALL post must support AND show detail, as in no one-two liners, go for the paragraph! Images are preferable
    4. Secret messages should be sent through PMs, to avoid metagaming
    5. Avoid doing anything drastic while another country is AFK (School, sleeping, etc.)
    6. Refrain from powergaming your RP
    7. NUCLEAR WEAPONS are forbidden unless authorized by the United Nations. The United nations retains any and all launch codes. (GM’s)

    Nation Application
    Which country:
    RP Name:
    Government Type(Empire,Republic,ect.):
    Will you play the game seriously?:

    Terrorist / Rebellion app:
    Country of Origin:
    Where does this group base itself:


    Use this link to get an Idea of your nations millitary strentgh; Country of Origin:

    Nation List:
  2. Which country: Ireland (small but manageable)
    RP Name: Becca Malik
    Government Type(Empire,Republic,ect.): Republic
    Will you play the game seriously?: Indeed I will. No joking around now.