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  1. Bring your food, your water and money. Bring it to the castle and give it all up. Have any spare clothes, give them to the castle. Music? It's not your anymore. Oh, I'm sorry, are you hungry? No one cares. The king is a ruthless ruler and will have anything and everything for himself. All he cares for is himself and his children. The children get everything and are never told where it comes from. Does your child have a favourite toy? Give it to the princess, now. A new axe, I see. It belongs to the Prince, now. Thirsty? The river is just over there. Forget the dead bodies floating down it. do you wish to rebel? Go ahead and try. he moment your king is dead, the next kingdom will come and rule here. Have you been to their home? It's horrible, there. At least here, your children aren't taken from you and forced to train in the army. Oh, well, sometimes they are. Too bad. You'll have to deal with it.


    Basic Outline:

    So really, you are a person in the medieval times. The King is horrible and single with twins, the Prince and Princess. You may be somewhat rich and survive by being on the King's goods side or you can be a civilian, surviving the best that you can. You can fall in love, hold parties or die. Your choice. Oh, but I should warn you. The kingdom and it's neighbour are on the brink of war. People have gone missing and the king blames them, though they've been abducted for the army.


    - Iwaku's rules.
    - Spelling and grammar is important. I understand mistakes so just do the best you can.
    - You can be anyone within the kingdom, civilian, guard, the king himself, even.
    - Sub plots are important. Do whatever you wish, just make sure it fits the main plot.
    - If war does break out, then feel free to pick either side.

    - I'll make the thread once forms are posted.


  2. [​IMG]
    ((The father is dead.))

    Name: Elizabeth Evroun
    Nickname: Lizzy
    Age: Twenty-one
    Gender: Female
    Job: Farmer, though her land isn't very large at all.
    Side: Neither, at the moment. Once the time comes for war,t hen she'll probably just run away.
    Other: She has a little girl.
    Looks: See above.

    Name: Libby Evroun
    Nickname: Lib
    Age: Six
    Gender: Female
    Job: Farm hand
    Side: None
    Other: Her mother is Lizzy.
    Looks: See above.


    Name: Erin Cavilli
    Nickname: Just Erin
    Age: Sixteen
    Gender: Male
    Job: The King's personal helper.
    Side: The King's
    Other: He was one of the abducted children, though he doesn't remember.
    Looks: See above.
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Shar Oskitzy
    Nickname: Shar
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Job: Cleaner. Takes out waste, attempts to clean streets and also is working with a private group to build a filtration dam in the river, but the king is taking most of their materials
    Side: Both. Will probably try and heal people
    Other: Was raised by a medicine woman... Who was executed for 'witchery'
    Looks: Above without the fancy clothes
  4. Yay, someone actually joined. Thank you and you are accepted.
  5. Name:Hope Grace Wilson
    Side:Against the king
    Other:Is a run away orphan
  6. Accepted.
  7. Name: Julio Ayan

    Nickname: Steel (The Hooded Death when he's the assassin)

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Job: Blacksmith/Assassin

    Side: None

    Other: No one knoiws that he is The Hooded Death

    Julio (open)

    The Hooded Death (open)
  8. Name: Vitios Upugnatorus

    Nickname: Vidi

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Job: Border Guard

    Side: King's

    Other: His parent's, being avid supporters of the king, willingly gave Vitios into the King's army, though his parents made sure that he went straight to the border between the two kingdoms; they wanted him to be the first to kill, or die, in the event of an attack.
    Wields a cross hilt sword, along with a sword breaker dagger.
    Ambidextrous, knows how to use weapons in both hands.

    Looks: [​IMG]
  9. Accepted.
  10. Name: Arratay
    Nickname: Phoenix Blade
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Job: Guardian Knight
    Side: Neither, he is a part of a third party group whose only focus is to save the people of the two Kingdoms.
    Other: Arratay founded a group known as The Guardian Knights. These Knights have pledged themselves to protect the people of the land and not the Kingdoms themselves. They are wanted by both Kingdoms however due to their incredible training and fighting skills, none of the guards have been able to capture a Guardian Knight. Neither Kingdom even knows what Arratay looks like nor his name. He could walk right down the middle of the street and not have to worry about Guards coming after him. Arratay's skills are especially incredible. He is very powerful and an amazing swordsman. He carries a large sword that most people would need to hands to wield and yet he wields it with one with ease.
  11. Accepted! Here's the in character thread as we know have enough people to start.

    In character thread.
  12. Name: Mariana Raquelle De'Leuve
    Nickname: Maria the Merciful, although she hates it when you call her that
    Age: Nineteen
    Gender: Female
    Job: Knight for the King
    Side: Doesn't really care
    Other: Maria was taken as a child and raised to be a knight. She fights with honor, but attempts to help those around her. She will give her food secretly to those that are hungry, and will defend citizens from intruders, therefore gaining the title Maria the Merciful.
    Looks: [​IMG]
  13. Accepted, post whenever you like.
  14. Name: Zero Jacobson
    Nickname: The Dark Nothing
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Job: Not legally recognized by the king, Zero works as a huntress to feed her starving family.
    Side: Neutral; against everyone besides herself
    Other: The king does not know about Zero, but the rumors of The Dark Nothing have not escaped his ears. Fortunately, he dismissed them as just that, rumors.
    Looks: Nothing.jpg
  15. Accepted, though, I fail to see how she would be a rumour worthy enough for the king to hear.
  16. Name:
    Velòne Drakker

    "The Red Lady"




    Foreign Country

    Background will be created within the IC


  17. Does that mean you approve?

    I will allow myself to look a bit ahead.
    For the Background, as it will be formed in the IC, you have to let me know if you dislike a part of it or anything within it. I will then get to fix it when I have the time to.
  18. Ah, I thought I wrote that? Oh, well, accepted.

    And for the IC, that's fine. I hate knowing what another person is like unless my character had known them in the past.
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