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  • Read the rules for advertising, found in the threads stuck to the top of this subforum, before posting anything here.

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Read these rules before posting an advertisement. Any ads that do not follow them will be removed without warning.

Age Rules

Iwaku is a 13+ age site, and the Off-Site Ads subforum is not further age gated. As such, there are a couple rules regarding adult content that can be advertised here.

  1. Forums and other websites that contain adult content must be properly age gated to be allowed to advertise here. This means that at the very least registration for the site must require the user to enter their date of birth, and that those under 18 will not be allowed to access material that is meant for 18+ users. Having a similar setup as Iwaku, where teens are allowed to write smut with teens but not with adults, is acceptable.
  2. Links to adults-only Discord servers or other chat rooms are not allowed unless the program has similar levels of age gating as forums. This means 18+ Discord servers are strictly forbidden because the program's only age barrier is one of those silly "click yes to say you're an adult" things.

Content Rules

This is a non-exhaustive list of things that are just never allowed to be advertised here or elsewhere on Iwaku.

  • Porn sites.
  • Links that lead to a page with pornographic images/videos on it, even if the site is not a porn site.
  • Sites that partake in illegal activity, by US law standards. This includes things to do with drugs and torrenting/streaming copyrighted media.
  • Sites/chats meant for cybersex rather than roleplaying. If you don't understand the difference and aren't sure if your site/chat might break this rule, message an admin or Security staff member to check for you before you advertise. This will require the creation of an account, or you can use the Contact Us form and provide an email address for us to send an answer to.

Please note that these rules also generally apply to advertising off-site things elsewhere on Iwaku, including in your signature, on your profile wall, and on our Discord server. However, things that cannot be advertised in general areas due to violating the age rules can be advertised in posts in the Redstar area of the forum or the nsfw channel on our Discord (because we age gate it via only giving access to those who are listed as 18+ on the forum).
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