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  1. Why does this shit have to be so addictive???


    I hate it... But I LOVE it! But really I hate it...
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  2. I played it. It's very stupid, but I ended up wasting a couple hours on it. Didn't even notice the time fly by.
  3. I'm on a phone: what am I looking at here?
  4. It's basically a game where you play as a cell, trying to consume food and other cells in order to grow bigger. You can also play on teams, but they're often heavily unbalanced.
  5. I got to rank 1 on a server and then stopped with my nonsense
  6. You've now officially ruined my life. D: This game is awesome. :D
  7. I tried it. Got bored fairly fast.

    It's basically Spore's Cell stage but with less options.
  8. Played random.

    Some massive ball suddenly exploded.

    Ate them all.

    Devoured everything for a minute.

    You died because you had adblock on

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  9. I only played one game.

    I have never laughed so hard at a web game. XD
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