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    An era where few are chosen....
    An age where the unworthy are discarded....
    A time where respect was a thing of the past....
    A group of heroes will emerge.....
    To fight against those who look down upon them....
    They fight for different reasons....
    But all of them fight a similar enemy...
    They're fighting....


    Welcome to a place called Earth, a planet suffering from a disease- a disease called man. Every person is measured by their "worth" in this era, with only a few chosen are selected to take a seat with the rest of the higher ups. But those deemed "unworthy" are discarded, condemned or even killed....

    But not these heroes....

    A group of commoners has taken arms against the unjust- their actions will pry the world from the iron hand that grips it with conceit.....

    But enough of story telling...... it is time we take our first step towards the unknown....
  2. "San Francisco. Another big city. Another place to hide in plain view. Another stop on the journey. Another place to take what I need from, then move on."
    A goblin was sitting on a park bench, smoking and thinking about his situation.
    "It was quite a trip from Vegas to here, but at least I had enough money. Ah, Vegas. Gotta go back there again sometime. So much easy money. But then again, also a lot of other criminals. Okay, maybe I'm not going back there that soon... Maybe north? Closer to home?"
    He shook his head. "No... Not towards home... I can't go there yet..."
    He flicked away the stump, jumped down from the bench and started walking.
    "I should probably just lay low for a few days... Who knows, maybe someone is following me?"
    He walked towards the park exit, barely visible in the moonlight.
  3. The goblin tried his best to blend in, but despite his best efforts- he felt like he was still being tracked, reluctant to open to anyone, the goblin looked ahead, only to see a lonely light post illuminating the darkness that devoured the streets.

    "Ah I wish they'd get off my back for a while....." he sighed in disappointment "cut me some slack for a change...." he noticed a flickering light of blue and red alternations were being emitted from the distance.

    "Shi-" he raised his collar, tucked his chin and pocketed his hands- pretending to be a normal civilian shivering in the cold, within a blink of an eye, a police car drove past.

    "Phew- that was close...." he breathed.
  4. He didn't look back to look at the police car or what was behind him. He was just relieve it was not someone looking for him. With his collar still up, he continued forward, strolling in the dark, something he was not unfamiliar with in his type of lifestyle. Darkness was the only good way to hide yourself, but will he always be able to find darkness or will he eventually have to face the light. He wasn't looking forward to that, but on the other hand, his desire to go home grew every city he went. How would Drenz be doing? And Anro?

    It was not long before his cautious self took the better of him and snapped him out of his little fantasy as he saw multiple figures down the path, walking his way. "Who would that be?" He mummbled, keeping himself silent. He took a few more steps before, sliding into an dark alleyway, totally covered with dirt and trash. A black cat ran away from him as he entered, but Razzy did not notice. No, he was waiting for the people to pass, pushing himself tightly against the wall. Maybe they were the mob? Maybe they were random people? Victims perhaps, to pickpocket?

    He didn't turn his head, keeping completely still, as he saw only 1 person pass. A man, that was sure, but he couldn't tell much otherwise. Maybe the other person had walked away earlier? After he was confident enough to look, did grasp a glimpse of the man.
  5. "I should be more cautious....." Razzy breathed, he saw the man continuing his journey onwards, away from Razzy.

    "If the mafia caught me..... all the effort my father made to get me out of danger's way would be in vain...." he looked across the street, light flickered as the flourescent tubes lost their strength.

    "Drenz..... I'm fine..... I promised I'll be careful....." he thought with great worry.
  6. Droplet passed a dark alley, not even taking note at it. Why would he? He just walked forward, busy with his own things. Over the last few months, he had been following some leads as to where Kyle was supposed to be, but most leads led cold. There was only one lead left, but that was way too difficult...Was it?

    At some point he arrived in the park and seated himself on a bench, taking some time to calm down. Though he really wanted to keep looking, his stomach had started to object. He was starving and he had no money with him. And even if he had, every store was closed by now. He closed his eyes for a moment, covering his world in comlete darkness, just so he could think.

    The next lead was from a bar maid, who Kyle apparently had spoken to (or rather flirted with). She told him that she heard he'd go here, to talk to one of the higher ups down here. Thing is, you can't just barge in here. Surely not trash like Droplet. Droplet scratched his nose and looked forward back into the street he just came from. "What are you up to Kyle?" He mumbled to himself as he sighed and got up. "Well, not much to do than to either rob someone, steal, or ask people door by door" He said with a suprising grin as he turned back into that same street.
  7. Razzy walked out of the alley after having made sure there weren't anyone there. He should probably go to the motel and end the night here. He had money right now... He checked the inner pocket of his jacket. Yes, he had money, so he didn't need to break in anywhere, at least not tonight. But that also meant he couldn't steal food while in somewhere. Almost as if Lady Luck smiled at Razzy for once, the first thing he saw as he turned a corner was a diner. He walked in, feeling his stomach complaining.
    It wasn't exactly a 5 star restaurant. Worn furniture. A bit dirty. But it'd be food that he liked, so he sat in one of the booths furthest from the door and started having a look at the menu, wondering if a kid sized burger plate would be to much or not.
  8. Droplet whisled his way along the road. He was taking random turns each time, which kind of potrayed his vision on life. 'I'll see where life takes me' Like he used t say. The streets were narrow often, and there weren't that many light posts. But that's how he liked it. To be fair, he didn't like the light as much, and always had a favor for the darkness. Even though the light posts gave off some light in this darkness, the light out of one of the dinners that was still open still seemed more notable than that from the light posts. It was more warm and inviting. Heck the thing was even still open.
    He didn't hasitate for long and stepped in right away, feeling the warmth surround him. A grin appeared again. But not the same grin as before. This one was genuine. He just found enjoyment in little things like this. There weren't many people and it was qeuit. He walked up to one of empoleyes and asked them for some charity. The first waiter he asked simply rejected, the second already started pushing him towards the door.
    But, he wasn't going to give up, even if it was about something as simple as food. It was not his nature. If he wanted something, he'd go for it. In the corner of his eyes, he spotted a person in the back, holding a menu. A goblin to be exact. Once again a grin appeared and he stepped up to the person. "You wouldn't happen to have any spare money? Or money I can perhaps borrow?" He bluntly asked.
  9. Vyse had taken his small boat into port. It was small but good for his needs. He never took much, just what he needed. As he brought his boat into port he took note of the great landmark, the Golden Gate bridge. A beautiful red bridge that was a behemoth. He pulled his boat to a stop and eventually docked it, walking onto the dock. He flashed his forged papers to the port officials and walked to shore.

    He loved San Francisco which makes the reason why he's here all the better. He wasn't here to sightsee. He came to gain support for his cause by starting with his extended family. He hoped his uncle would share his views and gain some support. He had just started out in his pirateering career, so companions would be good. He set off to the tenderloin district, a high class place where his uncle lived. The tenderloin was wonderful with the smell of roasting meat and slow cooking steak. He admired the smell as much as he can until he reached the doorstep of his uncles house.
  10. Razzy looked up from the menu for a moment when he heard someone entering, but dismissed him as just another customer. Apparently it was someone down on their luck, hoping that for some free food from the people working there. He smiled slightly behind the menu. He knew how it was to be hungry and without money. And almost as if the person had read his mind, he was asked for money. Razzy put down the menu, chuckling slightly. "You truly expect people to borrow you money, neznakomets?" He asked in his usual accent. Feeling for the man, he decided to do something he very rarely did. He decided to be kind. "I won't borrow you money. But from your looks, you could use a meal. Sit." He said, pointing to the seat opposite of him. "Just don't order the whole menu." He said with a slight smile.
  11. Droplet chuckled. At first he sounded like he was gonna reject, which would leave him with 2 options: Steal money, or look for another place. Luckily he had to do neither, since he could just eat with the goblin. "Oh wow. That's very kind of you" He said as he sat down and quickly looked at the menu. "Half the menu will have to do then" He joked a bit. Bad jokes weren't uncommon in his form of speech.
    He glared at the person in front of him. It was obvious he was a goblin, but his appearance told him a lot more than that. He was probably used to trouble and he seemed like a good fighter, telling that from his half ear and his scars. He could also see part of a dagger, which informed him that he was armed to some extend. He was also Russian telling by the accent. He wasn't able to tell how much of a danger he was: The coat could've been hiding anything. But he just trusted it. Why would he even think of refusing a meal while he was starving?
    "Who are you?" He asked with a grin.
  12. "I'm a man who's seen and done quite a few things. Some of those things it seems you have done too. But that is unimportant. Tonight, I am the person who buys you a meal. And not a person who likes being asked too many personal questions. Got it, volk?" Razzy was speaking in a mild tone, yet the last part was a bit stricter. It had been long since he had talked to someone about something that didn't involve *work*. One of the workers came up to them to take their order. "A small burger and fries, with a medium Coke please." Razzy turned towards his *new friend*. "Don't go overboard, will you? I don't have all the money in the world."
  13. Droplet looked at him and nodded. "Oh okay. Got it." His eyes immidiatly darted towards the worker. He had some time to think, deciding whetever to be a jerk or not, but decided to play nice to a man who's giving him a free meal. "A small burger. That's all" He eventually ended up ordering. His eyes darted back at the goblin.
    Somewhere along the lines, the goblin had already revealed some things about himself. It appeared the guy wasn't unfamiliar with stealing or robbery. The fact that he had that dagger on him only gave him more reason to. Also, he revealed that he was low on money himself.
    Slowly his head turned down as he lowered his voice a bit. "I don't know who you are, and I don't know what your goal is....But above all else, I'm sure some money would come in handy." His glance turned upwards to look at him. He needed to see the facial expression, asking something this serrious. "I'm going to breka into one of the higher ups houses. Wanna come? Could help you gain some money yourself." He said softly. Nervously he waited for a responce, which seemed to last like an eternity. He wasn't sure if he could trust him, but going together was never a stupid idea. That's something he did learn by experience.
  14. Razzy just looked at the man opposite of him for a few moments. "You truly are an odd one, aren't you? Asks strangers to borrow money or go to work with you!" He shook his head slightly, chuckling. "What if I was an undercover cop? Obviously, I'm not, as you're still not cuffed. But what if? Or someone else who doesn't like your line of work?" Razzy gave the man a moment to answer, but he spoke again before he man had a chance. "But you're in luck. I'm not exactly broke, as then I wouldn't be sitting here, buying you dinner. But rejecting a chance at a big payoff like that? I'm not that rich!" He said with a smile. "There is just something I want to know before I say anything more. Who are you, volk?" He asked, leaning a bit on the table towards him.
  15. As soon as the goblin awnsered, worry appeared on his face, though it soon returned to a relieved smile, since he was willing to participate. That is, if he was able to tell who he was....Which quite sadly was gonna sound a lot more vaguer than he wanted it to. "I've gone by many names. Friend, brother, child, thief, thug, traveller, but the one I most commonly use is Droplet, so call me that. My reall name has long been forgotten by the world." He said with a normal smile on his face.
    "Asking you this was quite a risk, but I'm impulsive, and aside from that, I dare to put a lot at sta-." He stopped when the worker came with their food, placing it near them on the table. Droplet didn't look at him, and waited for him to leave. It must've been strange to give someone food who just asked you for free food. "And who are you? I already figured you're not your average joe"
  16. Somewhere across the diner sat a young woman, hunched over a table, talking to a mysterious looking man in a black coat. They spoke in a suspiciously hushed tone in a language that was defiantly not english. If you listened closely enough you might be able to tell it was Russia.
    "So they're expecting me..." Katerina scowled at the table. She should have known it wouldn't that easy. If she took the flight to Tokyo in the morning like she had planned, no doubt every force the Japanese government had control over would be waiting for her.
    The man across the table nodded. "Seems like one of your 'trusted' informants betrayed you." That was exactly what had happened and Katerina knew exactly who it was that betrayed her trust. She never trusted that old man, but she was desperate for information. Now it had come back to bite her.
    "That's all I have." The mas stared at her, waiting for her response. After a while Katernia sighed and slipped a few bills across the table. The back-clad figure wordlessly took the money and stood up, walking across the diner and out the door.
    Great. Perfect! Here she was hoping for smooth sailing when all of a sudden a storm was thrust in her path. It would be a long time before Katerina would be able carry out this mission, there was nothing left to do but lay low for a while.
    "Мудак!" She cursed, a little louder than necessary, causing more than a few to turn and stare.
  17. His rendezvous with his uncle had not gone as he had expected. He was blatantly turned down, his uncle hearing of his parents disowning him after he left. Anger washed over him. He wasn't angry at his uncle, but at the world. Why did it have to take his sister and judge everyone's worth. He walked dejectedly from his uncle's apartment and decided to walk down his favorite street. The street just so happened to have the diner they were in, unbeknownst to him. He had gone to that diner as a kid when his father went to visit his uncle, which is why he was so familiar with the streets of San Francisco.

    He stood in front of the door way pushing open the door as it rang the bells. It alerted the waiters to his presence and they calmly walked to serve him. He ignored the person who had cursed in the corner, what she did was her own business. He caught a glimpse of what looked to be a goblin in the corner. He smirked since he has not seen one in a while. He sat down on the counter ordering his favorite meal, an 8 oz. steak cooked medium well.

    He had thought about his priorities and what he needed to do next. He had to assemble a crew. He couldn't start his pirate career with no crew to help him. He couldn't be a band of robbers with one person in it. And he needed others people's support to bring the world to light of it's incrimination. Maybe he could change the world, but it seemed so far off and he felt so insignificant. Still, he took it one step at a time. His meal arrived as he decided that a crew would be assembled under his banner, but the problem was where to start.
  18. "Move it" a gruff voice muttered, an employee of the diner shifted in fear and anxiety as a big man stepped in the diner- looking left and right.

    "Hm?" Katerina wondered, the man was muscular and big framed- his cold stare examining the empty seats, without further hesitation- the man sat behind Katerina's companion.

    "W-what will you be having t-today sir....?" a waiter stuttered, the man rotated his right shoulder.

    "I'll just have a burger......"

    "O-okay...." the nervous waiter backed away before hurrying to wards the kitchens, Katerina, who was curious of this man- saw something that she didn't see before, the man eased his shoulders and exposed his neck, there, a small tattoo of a bar code was etched into his neck but the numbers were too small for Katerina to tell and squinting forward would definitely cause more attention.

    "This man..... he's not an ordinary man..." Katerina gripped her pistol and-

    "I wouldn't pull it out if I were you kid...." the man responded, Katerina halted in shock.

    "But how-"

    "I can tell- let's keep it civil around here eh? Unless you have something against poor ol' Logan here.....?"

    Katerina felt a small sting of irritation, she pushed her pistol back to the holster and leaned back in her seat.

    "This guy...... Logan.... he's sharp enough to detect me...."

    Logan sighed and resumed his waiting for his order- with Katerina observing him from behind.
  19. Katerina had been thinking about leaving the diner shortly after her informant, but there was a new factor on the table now. She watched Logan carefully. He may not have wanted trouble, but if he was quick enough to sense her there was no way she was relaxing even slightly around him. He probably noticed that too, she thought. She quickly found herself getting even more curious about the man; was he friend or foe? What was that tattoo?

    Now that she thought about it, this Logan guy wasn't the only interesting customer here. Across the room there was a Goblin talking to a young man with unusual ears. A wolf-born she was pretty sure. They had both walked in after her but she hardly even noticed at first. That was bad. She needed to be more aware of her surroundings. Stop rushing things. Slow and careful, Katernia. Slow and careful.

    "Place is full of characters tonight." She commented, not really to anyone in particular, but just loud enough to be heard by anyone close by. The man in front of her in particular.
  20. "Hmph..." Logan snorted, Razzy's Droplet's ears perked up as the woman on the other end of the diner raised her voice.

    "That woman....." Razzy breathed, Droplet turned around and saw Logan, grumpy as ever, looking out the window, clearly someone Droplet didn't want to sit next to.

    "Maybe she's talking about that shady guy over there? The one looking at the window.....?"

    Razzy leaned over "Don't look at them- they will suspect us!"

    "O-oh yeah....." Droplet chuckled with worry, without warning Razzy leaned forward even more.

    "Listen up, here's my plan......." he whispered, on the other end, Logan felt the daggers behind his head.

    "What's the matter kid? Something stuck behind my back?" he said loud enough for Katerina to hear.

    "....." Katerina didn't respond, she simply took another sip of her drink.

    "I guess I should have worn a collared shirt today......." Logan sighed, Katerina smirked in satisfaction.

    "This guy is sharp...... but cocky...... he even knows that I was examining his tattoo...." she turned to the open window beside her "at least he's not pulling anything....... I'll be at ease..... for now"