GROUP RP PLOTTING Against the World: The Rules

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  1. Alright, the numbers grow and I need to lace out the rules so the role players have an idea of my layout.

    Each character has a separate prologue, meaning that each of the heroes will have to show us a bit of their current situation, where they are and what they are doing, for example:


    If one of the characters, is, let's say a thief- the player responsible with create a little back story that will start the engine of our role play. The thief could be stealing from the evil and giving to the good via robin hood style or carrying out a special mission- the player then CONNECTS TO ANOTHER PLAYER . By this I mean that the person who created that character will have to write a little bridge that connects to another created character, be it by bumping into them or having them over for a cup of coffee- but the point of this is really to make things easier for the next character if they don't know what to do.

    Example: Thief steals from the rich (the role players take his point of view) -> the cops arrive and he/she flees or he finished his/her mission and he/she tries to act like a normal citizen -> he/she bumps into CHARACTER B -> Character B couldn't believe the thief's nerve as he/she bumped into him/her -> now the role players take Character B's point of view (we tell her/his story now).


    I for one is a Dialogue writer, I use it for the term for people who write more talking characters rather than actual descriptive scenes which tell the reader where they are or what they are doing. But here is the problem , as I go along- I hope it won't be offensive or unjust- that I make other characters talk. The reason behind this is my personal style of writing, I promise the cast that I won't make them say anything rash, I just want them to respond to my character or anything I've noticed, rather than my character looking like a lunatic as he talks to himself while the other members progress. Of course you can do the same , by all means- if you want certain words to come out as a response for another character then by all means go ahead and hijack their character for a second and make them respond- thus making it an actual conversation between them.


    As you may or may not have known- this RP contains some RPG elements - I have decided to implement them as fine twist to the usual RP, the factors that I have included are:

    Leveling Up:

    Each character starts at level 1 or by whatever choice you have input in the character sheet. But each time you feel like your character has achieved something or completed a very important job or deed- then heck? Why not Level them up? Like a reward or some sort:

    "It's over" Character A sighed, Character B placed his/her hand on Character A's shoulder.
    "You did well for a beginner" Character B smiled/ frowned/ shouted/ laughed.
    "I was worried actually- that we wouldn't be able to defeat them....."
    "But we did it- we defied the odds and overcame the obstacles, you must feel very tired" Character B muttered.
    "Not really- in fact! I feel a lot stronger!" Character A clenched his/her fist/hand "now that I know how to use my abilities against those creeps- I feel like I can take them all on!"
    "Now that's more like it!" Character B roared/shouted.

    Character A Level Up!
    Level 1 (Input Class) -> Level 2 (or even higher) (Input Class)

    Please no god like levels- we want these enemies to be somewhat of a challenge for the crew of heroes, thus deepening the plot.


    Each character has a class that represents what kind of character they are. This is pretty simple as any person could be a level 15 carpenter who uses tools to attack or even a level 26 princess who wields a magical staff. This is just a way to tell the reader what kind of unit your created character is.


    Yes, I typed it in a capitals- because this is OPTIONAL. Each character will NO DOUBT run into a stronger weapon than they have right now, so they upgrade by using the stronger weapon that they made or received, now here is a little example:

    Character C is using:
    Pistol named (Input Name) -> he discovers a Magnum Revolver named (Input Name) -> he/she knows that this is stronger thus taking it with them -> we notify the other role players with their choice, a small notice that looks like this:

    "This ought to show them!" Character C smirked.

    New Weapon for Character C!
    Magnum Revolver

    See? Not so hard eh? It's just a way of telling the other players what kind of weapons they are carrying so they don't mistake them for pulling out a weapon they don't actually have. Remember- THIS IS OPTIONAL, you don't have to do this if you're unsure or uncertain of what to do, but if you think you can give it a shot- then read the next topic- if not, skip it.

    WARNING: If the weapon your character is using is precious to them- then by all means don't force yourself to use a new weapon, that weapon they hold is precious for them for a reason, so they shouldn't let it go.

    Ultimate Weapons: As we proceed to the apex of our RP or nearing the end- each character should have their strongest weapon with them or a really special ability only gifted to him/her. This is OPTIONAL as mentioned above, you don't have to do it.

    Character's Limit:

    Each person has their limit, no one is invincible. We all have weaknesses and limits to our strength, we can't be all Mary Sues who brandishes a weapon of mass destruction strong enough to wipe out every enemy that he/she encounters. I DON'T WANT THAT- AND IT CERTAINLY RUINS AN RP TO BE HONEST. Remember- the characters that we control have a limit- they aren't a walking deus ex machina.

    Now, I know this is a LOOOOOONG post, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows what to do whether they know it or not- I just wanted to make sure.

    If you are new to this then go to my character sheet if you are interested in signing up, the link is:

    Or if you are an existing cast member then post here if you have any questions regarding this post, thank you for taking your time in reading this.
  2. Due to the ever growing size of the planning page, I will paste the characters here for the convenience of good and fast accessibility.

    Full Name: Vyse McKine

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: American
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Family: twin sister: Gave him the will to fight. She was headstrong and independent. She taught him to think for himself and not let anyone dictate your actions.

    History: He wasn't a very privileged child. He didn't have much other than the family boat. He was born into a family of sailors and fishers that accepted their fate. His sister rebelled and was quickly put down for it. This shocked Vyse into leaving the family and running away. He pursued his own dreams and beliefs, similar to his sisters. HE soon took to sailing and reading, learning about heroes of old fighting for his beliefs.

    Hobbies: Sailing, Fishing, Reading

    Personality: Strong and Independent. He refuses to back down from a fight and will use dirty tactics. He fights for people's rights and

    Current Goal: He was pushed around and bossed long enough. Having read many novels about pirates and robin hood he would take after them. He steals from those who don't deserve all that wealth and power and helps those in need. He spreads a message of freedom and Independence

    Class: Lvl 1 Pirate

    Weapon: Dual Cutlasses

    Equipment/Armor: Light armor. Long trench coat and a cloak that covers his lower part of his face.
  3. Name: Logan Smith

    Age: 33

    Gender: Male

    Family: (Childhood Friend) Cecilia: 31 years old, Cecilia has patched up Logan too many times to count, always there and ready to help him patch up his injuries due to his reckless nature.

    Aretha Smith (Wife) (Deceased- discarded)
    Silvia Smith (2 year old daughter) (Deceased- discarded)
    Louis Smith (Brother) (Deceased- discarded)
    Lila Smith (Sister) (Deceased- discarded)
    Monica Smith (Mother) (Deceased- discarded)
    Garth Smith (Father) (Deceased- discarded)

    Nationality: Irish

    Race: Unworthy (Humans who are marked unworthy and is referred as scum and dirt by the chosen ones)

    History: Being born into a poor family, Logan did all he could to support his struggling family also being the eldest child out of three weighed him down as he works three jobs just to support his siblings. But a rich philanthropist struck a deal with the mayor of the town and began checking their "worth" by extracting a blood sample from each individual. Unfortunately, Logan's family wasn't deemed worthy and was told be disposed to the slums where the rest of the reject were being delivered, Logan, furiously retaliated as they cuffed his family with shackles- security attacked back and caused Logan grievous injuries. Eventually, Logan passed out and was delivered into a separate camp from his family, there he met his childhood friend, Cecilia, who apparently patched him up from his injuries, frantic, he demands his family to be shown but no one responded, leaving him cold and alone...... with a burning anger deep inside him.

    Hobbies: (Prior his capture) Pushing Silvia in her favorite swing, embracing Aretha and visiting his family. (After being captured) Working out, smashing bricks with his bare hands and plotting ideas of rebellion.

    Personality: (Prior his capture) Kind, forgiving, really comical and cheeky. (After being captured) Cold, apathetic, relentless, mournful and unforgiving.

    Current Goal: To hunt down every single person who imprisoned his family and friends- whatever the cost.

    Class: Level 1 Revolutionist

    Weapon: Handgun named Lucy, Logan's trusted handgun that was modified countless times.

    Equipment: Dark Clothing, clothing worn by those who are rejected, symbolizes their worth- nothing.

  4. Full Name: Razzy Blackskull

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Russian

    Race: Goblin

    Appearance: Small, green skin, big ears and nose and hairless. Has a few small scars across his face and most of his upper body. Has the tip of his right ear missing.

    Family: Mother: Arna Blackskull, goblin healer. (Dead)
    Father: Drenz Blackskull, high ranking member of the Russian mafia.
    Brother: Anro Blackskull, messenger for his father.

    History: Razzy was raised in a very crime-filled environment, and learned a lot from it. Early in his youth, he was accepted into the mafia, as a simple thief, and has been doing that for most of his life. Yet one day, when he was 19, something went terribly wrong. Messages getting mixed up ended up with Razzy robbing a rather important person in the mob, with said person in the house. He was discovered, yet barely managed to escape. Drenz got Rozzy out of Russia as quickly as he could, in an attempt to protect his son.
    Since then, Rozzy has been almost constantly on the move, afraid of what would happen if the mob ever caught up with him.

    Hobbies: Collecting things he finds interesting during his robberies.

    Personality: Mostly a coward trying to be as average as he can, yet if he finds someone he starts to trust, he'll open up a bit more towards them. Or, if cornered, he'll do what it takes to get out of it.

    Current Goal: To stay out of the mob's vision, or, if possible, make up for what he had done and go back home to his family.

    Class: Level 2 Rouge

    Weapon: 1 Dagger (almost a shortsword to him) with engravings in Russian, given to most members of the Russian mob, and a few syringes with different kinds of poisons.

    Equipment/Armor: Jeans, a white, sleeveless shirt, a dark leather jacket and a black flat-cap. Normal clothing for a person trying to appear as normal as possible.
  5. Full Name: Serenity Auburn

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Half American Half Faelin (?)

    Race: Half Human Half Fae

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Mother – Dead

    Father – Never knew him
    Step - father - Dead
    Step - sister - Dead

    History: Serenity was a bit of a surprise for her mother when she returned from Ireland. Her mother, a young artist studying abroad, met a man that was both exotic and mysterious. Not knowing he was a fae, she had an affair with him which end with a result of Serenity. After that, her life was pretty normal. Her mother found a husband and they had a beautiful baby girl together. The only thing that caused her life grief was the fact she was born with two different eye colors. Both were very unnatural colors and kids would pick on her about it. One day, when she was attending high school, she got into another fight with a girl. She was furious and was going to throw a punch when suddenly fire burst out from her hand and lit the girl on fire. Terrified, the people who were watching ran and Serenity began to panic. She ran home. Later that day she realized that she not only had the ability to control fire but ice as well. The next day she dropped out of school. She sat down with her mother and she told Serenity about her father and who he was. Angry, but more afraid than anything, she ran away from home. She was gone for a few weeks, but soon grew guilty of treating her mother and family that way. She returned home to apologize but when she walked up to her house, she saw nothing but the ruins of a burned down building. Apparently, the hunters came looking for her and when they didn't find her, they burned down the house with all the occupants inside. In the end, her mother, step father, and step sister died in the fire. That day she swore she would fight to stay alive, for their sake....

    Hobbies: Being a hobo and stuff, making little ice sculptures using her powers.

    Personality: Very kind hearted and friendly, a bit of a rebel but is willing to work with others. Doesn't want to get to close to others in fear of losing them like she did her family

    Current Goal: Keeping alive

    Class: Level 1 Magic user

    Weapon: The ability to control ice and fire and her hands and feet (mix martial arts training)

    Equipment/Armor: White tank top, blue acid washed skinny jeans, black sweat band on arm, old dirty high tops

  6. Full Name: Katerina Kovalevski

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Russian

    Race: Human

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Family: Mother (deceased) Father (deceased) "Uncle" Ivan Oborski (Alive. He is not related to her by blood but he was a very good family friend and was treated as blood. He often gives her aid in various forums thanks to his numerous cantacts.)

    History: Katernia lived a normal life, growing up in Moscow with just her mother and Father. They weren't rich but they made enough to get by and live comfortably. When she was 17 her parents were murdered by a notorious serial killer while she was out. Devastated at the loss of her only blood relatives, Katerina swore revenge. She ended up becoming a bounty hunter, an extremely skilled one at that. She may not have been able to catch her parent's killer, but she's caught many other dangerous criminals to prevent something like that happening to someone else's family. At 26 she ruined everything she worked for by assassinating the Russian Prime Minister. She had found out he was directly and indirectly responsible for hundreds of deaths and other crime and took it upon herself to bring justice. Of course the world didn't see it that way. That's how the hunter became the hunted. Katernia now travels the world 'taking care of' corrupt individuals. She is now in the top 5 most wanted list in almost every major country.

    Hobbies: Sketching/Drawing. She's sure if things had gone differently she would have become an artist of some sort. She's quite fascinated with art of all kinds.

    Personality: Katernia is stand-offish at fist and, understandably, isn't very quick to trust or let her guard down. She's snarky and a bit cold and distances herself from her emotions to varying degrees of success. Katerina says she's a loner, but really she just fears others getting hurt because of her or being hurt by others. It's easier for her to work alone. Although she seems harsh she does have her soft side. She's especially pron to showing it around children. She takes what she does seriously and can't stand people who do otherwise. She doesn't have much patience for other people or their emotions.

    Current Goal: Eliminate the corrupted beings who threaten the safety or well being of the people. Oh, staying alive and an un-captured is pretty important too.

    Class: Level 3 fugitive.

    Weapon: Guns and blades. Lots and lots of guns and blades.
    Equipment/Armor: Red tank top, brown cropped leather jacket with various removable straps for weapons (namely her sword), camo cargo pants, leather gun holsters, steel-toed combat boots, various dog-tags.
  7. Full Name: Droplet (Previously known as 'Xeloc Mandara')

    Age: 21 years old.

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Canadian

    Race: Wolf-born
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    - Xyra Mandara (mother)
    - Xenos Mandara (father - deceased shortly after he was born, due to a thermal illness)
    - Leon Blue (steph dad - mother remarried to him)
    - Kyle *unkown* (best friend / fake brother) (gave Xeloc the name Droplet after Xeloc had let go of his previous life)

    History: Xeloc was born in a simple family. His kind was not looked to fond at, yet society had at last accepted them. His family lived in peace, but knew that it wouldn't last forever. Xenos, the father, had an unkown thermal illness and his condition got worse and worse. He died on a bed in a house and got cremated. After that, the mother had to look for a job, but having no education or skills whatsoever, she couldn't find any good jobs to support the family. To save Xyra from living on the street, she married a widow nobleman called Leon. Leon was not a nice man, to say the least. He dominated both Xyra and Xeloc and abused them, even though he still supported the family, even if it was for his own good.
    Xeloc ran away from this family and started living on the street, which was far more difficult than he had anticipated. The first moments were difficult, but after that he learned to steal. During one of his thefts, he got caught by a boy 1 year older than him, named Kyle. Kyle didn't beat on him, but rather learned him how to survive on other ways than stealing. They hang out together and taught each other things, but soon, Kyle and his family left, being expelled.
    From then on, he started traveling from city to city, living on the good of people, the things he got taught and every now and then, stealing. He never stays long in a city, afraid to lose someone again.

    Hobbies: Hanging out with people, climbing, playing with things he can find, fooling around with people he sees on the street, playing pranks on the aristocrats.

    Personality: He has a very typical smile. His real personality is caught up with a mask of happines, hiding the pain. He is very kind though and likes to interact with people socially. He can be a bit socially akward and is often ignorant of the world around him. He is also impulsive at times. He sometimes shows his other personality with dark sarcasm and other interesting dark undertones. This can vary from jealousy to a happy family, to his vengeful feeling towards the aristocrats.
    Another interesting personality trait is that he has completely has left his past life behind, or tries to, yet still holds on to it subconsciously. He has no mementos to any releative though.

    Current Goal: Conciously he has told himself that he wants to prevent others from suffering the same life as him, thus wanting to stop the expelling. However, subconsciously he wants to take revenge on aristocrats, and specificaly on Leon.

    Class: Level 3 Thief / Thug

    Weapon: He carries none. He relies on his speed, his ability to freerun and the different kinds of mixed martial arts Kyle had taught him, which he would 'need' in order to survive.

    Equipment/Armor: As shown in the picture. The jacket was given by Kyle and the rest he obtained himself. Mostly just comfortable, easy to move in and also often dirty clothes.
  8. Full Name: Steve J. Weatherall

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: British

    Race: Caucasian

    Appearance: Steve is 7'6'' tall in his Lycanthrope form, which is his most prominent form. As usual for a were beast, he has a intimidating build and visage, two yellow eyes, with dirty brown fur covering his body. He sports a torn and tattered fancy looking tuxedo top, with a red tie that hangs loosely, along with this he has a leather satchel tightly strung against his torso, holding a pair of trousers, a few sodas, and room for a few other small items. In his Human form, Steve is a rather thin looking Caucasian male of approx 5'6'' with a sleepy stare, unkempt brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

    Family: Unknown - suffers from amnesia from earlier points of his life. | Biologically created government clone used as an attempt at a more efficient soldier.

    History: Not all is clear about Steve's background, even from his perspective. Originally from England, he spent a good part of his life solitary. Due to being a biologically pure Lycanthrope, he has the ability to willingly choose which form he appears in, much preferring the werewolf form due to the cost of replacing torn clothing. At one point he was captured by the U.S. government after being shot at for stowing away on a ship in his beast form, and going on a batshit rampage from being hit in the eyes with the bullets, after observing him in containment for a good while, and realizing he was sentient they went about making a special translating collar for him to better get and understanding from the shaggy wolf-man. They promised to help him, they promised to help him remember who he was and other fallacies of aid to the confused man. Now knowing the Government, these where completely blatant lies and all they really wanted was to use his DNA to make more efficient soldiers. Soon however they realized that infecting a human with his curse/disease only allowed them to transform on full moons like in the myths, after a brief hiatus of testing, they decided to attempt to clone Steve to get a pure blood. Steve who upon overhearing what they where doing wanted nothing to do with the project, and was disgusted as being seen as a weapon decided he'd had enough of these deceptions and did what he did best. Mauled the guards, tore off a SWAT officer's arm, and hauled as much ass as he could away from the facility. Trekking from the facility hidden in the Shasta mountains through California, eventually getting down to San Francisco where he has currently been living on Alcatraz island, occasionally coming to the city for a bit of scrounging and sight seeing.

    Hobbies: Steve enjoys chess very much, he often spends his time sleeping, carving wood with his claws, or playing with an old GameBoy Advance he had found with a Super Mario Land 2 Cartridge in it.

    Personality: Steve is a rather passive individual who spends most of his time in his own thoughts, he prefers to be civil and kind about things despite his imposing demeanor. He does not like being in Human form because it is far more vulnerable, and clothing is hard to get. Even though he may behave civil, he still has very animal-like mannerisms such as sniffing the air for scents, scratching himself, more or less canine habits. When angered to much or sent into aggressive retaliation Steve can be as brutal as necessary, disemboweling foes with his claws, dismembering, biting out their jugular, when sent into a full on rage, he goes full on Werewolf brutality spree.
    He is offended by people's fantastic racism against a creature of his kind, and being compared to non-sentient creatures.

    Current Goal: Staying alive, avoiding being recaptured and most likely dissected, recouping some of his lost past, causing as much strife as possible for the people hunting him.

    Class: Level 4 Pureblood Lycanthrope

    Weapon: He utilizes his body as a weapon, anything he can pick up or rip loose, he will attempt to use temporarily.

    Equipment/Armor: Translation Collar wrapped around neck, tattered torn Tuxedo with equally torn undershirt, and loose hanging red necktie. | Brown Leather Satchel strewn around torso containing, a few soft drinks, a gameboy, and a pair of pinstripe trousers for if he needs to go on the down low as a human.
  9. Full Name: Anyu

    Age: 75 but looks to be in his early 20's

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Inuit

    Race: Caucasian

    Appearance: Blake is 6'3' tall and is unusually pale, even for a half Ice Elemental. He has solid light blue eyes with no pupils and thin, snow colored hair that falls to his shoulder. He wears a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He also carries around a backpack.

    Family: His father was a fullblooded spirit of Ice and his mother was a human. His father left after his conception and his mother died in childbirth. The villages Inuit shaman took him into his home, believing him to be a demigod.

    History: Soon after his birth and his mother's subsequent death, the village's Inuit Shaman, Aglakti took the nameless child into his home. All though the other villagers were untrusting of the child, Aglakti treated him with fear and admiration,believing him to be a son of the god of the sea and not some worthless ice spirit.
    Although during his first ten years of life he grew normally, his aging drastically slowed upon reaching ten leading to the other children to ridicule him. Regardless, when the naming ceremony came, he received his name, Anyu, despite his youthful appearance. It was at the age of twenty, at that time he looked barely eleven, that his mentor, Aglakti died.
    With no one to turn to and with tensions rising as the Inuit's hunting efforts failed and winter roared on, he was run out of the village out of fear that he was the cause. He spent the next few months travelling South, managing only to survive because of his immunity to cold. However, he was not immune to hunger. He learned that he could control the condensation in the air and create snow or ice, or he could manipulate already created snow or ice.
    He managed to arrive in Canada in the early 1960's. He managed to hide out there for nearly a decade before the ever advancing civilization urged him Southward and arriving in Michigan. Here he discovered there was more to life than he had previously believed. He spent several months mastering the English language and the customs. He was infuriated to discover that in only a few years the customs and language had changed. Eventually he gave up trying to change his speaking.
    It was in the 1970's that he discovered that he wasn't the only one different then humans. He came across a pack of Orcs living in South Carolina. He was even more startled to find out that they had nothing but contempt for him. He barely escaped with his life and has since harbored distrust with both human and nonhuman beings.
    In between the 1980' and 1990's he became less then a novice at his element and learned that warmer climates didn't harm him as he once suspected. It was the early 21st century where he landed in the city of Sacramento and moved to San Hose and eventually settling in the city of San Francisco. He had acquired quite a fortune over the years and was able to keep himself relatively comfortable. Still he could not remain still. He was about to leave San Francisco, if it wasn't for the inumerous police cars he saw racing towards him, he would have too...

    Hobbies: He prefers making ice sculptures but has been known to make murals of multi colored ice.

    Personality: Silent unless spoken to, Anyu does not talk unless he believes their is anything to be said or responded to. Although he hates injustice he feels apathetic about trying to achieve any sort of justice. He is quite cynical and sarcastic if continually spoken to and he is adverse t being touched.

    Current Goal: Keep moving.

    Class: Half Blood Ice Elemental

    Weapon: He mainly utilizes his Ice creation ability to form weapons. Mostly spears and knives

    Equipment/Armor: He carries around a gallon of water in his backpack just in case he get's parched or requires moisture to create ice. A light black backpack which holds his gallon of water, some precious jewels and about 2K.
  10. Full Name: Caldur Sallow

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Canadian

    Race: Mer-human

    Appearance: Caldur is of average height, but extremely skinny from the lack of proper nutrition and sustenance. He has a very pale complexion, almost like a ghost. His hair is a deep brown, often filthy and matted from the lack of care. His eyes are a sharp contrast, being an unusual icy blue. There are several piercings on his ears, some a bit disfigured and patched up from infection. The clothes he wear are often dirty and ragged, wearing a short navy trench coat and skinny jeans. His footwear are heavy dark boots almost completely smothered with grime. Strapped tightly to his body and carried on his back is the home of a double bass, the case itself covered in stickers and photographs of places he's been to. He often ties little knick-knacks onto the hand and top, which creates small clicking sounds whenever he moves. Around his neck is a fancy cross, along with a black satin choker. The choker hides the slits in his neck, which are his gills. He will take it off when swimming to breath underwater. Although he is a homeless man, and it clearly shows, he is surprisingly handsome with a well-shaped face and nice looks. (When he actually cleans himself up, that is.)

    Family: Caldur himself is not quite sure if any of them are alive, and honestly couldn't care less even if they were. (Mother is dead, father alive but on life support, step-father is dead. His half-brother is alive and a vicious murderer, and his one and only half-sister is alive.)

    History: Caldur wasn't the child his mother wanted. When he was born, the woman was expecting a healthy, lively baby but only received a scrawny little thing that she couldn't quite make out what it is. He was malnourished and unhealthy from the start, and it frustrated his parents on how much hospital fees had cost. After arguments upon arguments of arguing over the family's finance, the two parents had divorced and soon his mother re-married to a much wealthier man, who was soon to be the father of his much more energetic and promising half-brother. After the new child's birth, Caldur was cast aside as a 'failure' and constantly emotionally abused by his own family, who taunted him and compared him to the greatness of his half-sibling. The only family what ever talked to him and played with him was Talise, his half-sister who was born quickly after his brother's.
    After years of torment and pain, Caldur finally mustered up the courage to run away from his home by the river, travelling into the city instead. Without any money and items, he quickly became a homeless boy who slept on the sidewalks and occasional safehouses he came across. To make a living, the boy eventually stole a large double bass from a music shop that was going out of business, and taught himself how to play. Although he wasn't a professional, his playing was decent enough to earn him a small income of a few dollars every week, which he spent on food and old clothes. He lived like this all the way into adulthood, filthy and ragged on the bustling streets.
    It was during his 20th year that the police began to suspect him of drug abuse and chased him down. Forced to flee Canada, he traveled down the border and past numerous cities until he reached California, where he decided to reside by the beach. He met a couple of nice people there, who suggested he attend a music festival in San Francisco so improve his music skills. Agreeing, he traveled down and enjoying the atmosphere of the area, decided to live there.

    Hobbies: Humming, playing music, scratching little images onto the ground, flipping coins, watching the ocean, looking at fish, and making friends.

    Personality: Caldur is quiet, almost too quiet. He rarely speaks, in fear of offending someone or making bad impressions, and will usually just nod or shake his head as answers. He is a coward, and will willingly do whatever someone else tells him too in order to make them happy. Having dropped out from school at an early age, his knowledge is well... He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is still wise in his own way. He loves animals, especially fish and puppies, and will joyfully follow a dog around just to pet it. Although his music is good, he cannot read sheet music as everything he learned was self-taught, and will struggle to understand what music books are trying to tell him. (He can't really read all that well either. He's around a third grade level.) Although he has a great love for the ocean, he is completely intolerant of saltwater. He can swim and breathe in the ocean for about a half an hour before his skin begins to stretch and swell, and when he's been in for about an hour he will begin to die. However, he can swim without breathing with his gills. (which is incredibly hard and inconvenient for him.)

    Current Goal: He doesn't quite have one, per say. He just doesn't want the police to chase him again, and to just live a happy life.

    Class: Level 3 Musician

    Weapon: His trusty Double Bass, affectionately dubbed "DB". He simply grabs the case and swings it around to send others flying. He will also take it out of it's case and play extremely high notes to make people's ears bleed.

    Equipment/Armor: Just his dirty, ragtag clothes that are described in the Appearance section. He doesn't wear any fancy armor or clothing, since his double bass is heavy enough.
  11. Full Name: Alriska Majorie

    Age: Appears to be 17-19 years of age but is about 32

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: German

    Race: Albino (Caucasian) Ragdoll

    Appearance: Alriska is about 5'04" and appears to be somewhat malnourished. Her long silver hair stops just above her tail bone and is often quite disheveled. She appears to have Heterochromia as her left eye is red while her right eye is storm grey. Her skin is fairly pale and her body is covered in stitch marks from her reattaching her limbs. Her face, hair and clothes are often caked with dirt as she is an outcast, always running away. Speaking of her clothes she wears a simple black sweater and dark, well worn jeans. Over this she wears a light grey lab coat with several pockets over flowing with pens, pencils, erasers and other various things.

    Family: Mother-Deceased(died giving birth)
    Older Brother-Deceased(Killed)
    Little Sister-Alive(Serial Killer)

    History: When Alriska was born she was healthy and fairly normal. The only signs of her difference were her oddly colored eyes and albino skin. However another oddity was revealed shortly after her mother returned home with her, Alriska's father was highly abusive and often drunk. When he saw the abomination that was his new daughter he tried to chop the child's limbs off in an attempt to kill it. This failed when Alriska's arm was amputated only to stitch itself back to Alriska moments after. The drunk father, confused and baffled let her and her mother go.

    As she grew up Alriska was bullied and teased, often only finding solace with her older brother. Who like Alriska had unique abilities, he made her feel at ease when her father threatened to hurt her and when bullies abused her. When her mother died after giving birth to her fairly normal(or so it seemed at the time) little sister, the only person she had left that would take care of her without hurting her was her big brother. However, seven years later after her sisters birth, her brother was brutally murdered; by none other than her little sister. At this time Alriska was just turning 17.

    Scared for her own life, and angry about what her father and sister had done Alriska fled. She ran out into the streets and began living on her own. She didn't have many skills at that point and was forced to thieve and hide. She hated having to do this but there was one thing that kept her alive. Alriska wanted to capture and expose her Father for the abusive jerk he was and her sister because she is a murderer. She also made a personal promise to herself to protect those abused like her from abusive people as much as possible.

    Hobbies: Sketching, Protecting the abused, running, making good use of her unique ability, hiding, playing little kids games, reading children's books.

    Personality: Alriska is fairly shy, but not in a timid sense, more in a closed off sort of way. She doesn't mind interacting with others but she hates divulging her past or special abilities. While she is fairly kind and works well with kids she is also capable of violent outbursts due to her constantly being abused and bullied. Overall she is fairly laid back and easy to get along with as long as shes respected, and treated nicely.
    Shy||Quiet||Secretive||Kind||Works well with children||Can be violent||Easily upset over simple things||Laid back

    Current Goal: To get revenge by putting her sister and father behind bars, as well as pay back everyone she has stolen from.

    Class: level 5 Medic

    Weapon: Large retractable Scalpel shaped blades which are strapped to both arms under her coat.

    Equipment/Armor: Light Armour; Wears a fairly durable light grey labcoat, dark jeans and a black sweater.

  12. We can do other RPG-based things like 'modes' or 'forms' and stuff right? ;^;
  13. Also, can make up some general RPG stuff that everyone can use? Like...just really general things for modes that each person can manipulate their own way to make it more personal? Something like this (just an example, I can edit if it's accepted...) :

    Against the World RPG character modes:

    Kiokure - The character goes into this mode when he or she is mildly stressed from shock or from surprise. This mode will only be activated when she is already slightly provoked into a light nervousness by circumstances, such as dangerous situations, and that nervousness is then added onto by a sudden occurrence.

    In this mode, the character might behave strangely from usual, becoming more violent or irrational or timid. In some cases this mode can lead to the activation of other modes available. If the character is aware they are in this mode, can intentionally switch to the Hagayui mode upon will.

    Hagayui - The character can either go straight into this mode, or transition from Kiokure into this mode. Essentially, i the character will intentionally direct all attention into inflicting as much damage as possible to the threat or enemy in a short-lived outburst of anger. This mode can last from a few seconds to a full minute depending on the character's level, skills, race, abilities and even personality.

    In this mode, a character's special non-melee attacks are 50% stronger than usual, and the speed of the character will increase by 10%, this already including agility and accuracy. (If the character has no special attacks and only attacks via melee weapon, then their melee attacks will double in strength instead)

    Gekido - The character can only enter this mode transitioning from Hagayui or straight from Kiokure mode, unless otherwise provoked by special items (example: rage pills, cursed talisman, ect.) During the duration that the character is in this mode before transitioning into forms or other modes, they will have an increase of 50% in accuracy, 100% in agility, 70% in melee attacks, 120% in special attacks and may be able to collect enough experience points to level up during battle.

    In this mode, a character may be able to unlock certain forms that were perviously unavailable or undiscovered.

    (If you guys wanna make up forms of your own, here's your chance! XD )

    Kyoujin- The most dangerous mode there is. The character can only transition into this mode if provoked to extreme measures from the Kiokure mode. It is therefore also the hardest mode to achieve. It is not possible to achieve this mode from items (as mention earlier), so it purely relies on a character's situation and personality-based reaction to their situation. A character's rationality decreases by 95%, however their special and melee attacks both increase by 300%, along with accuracy. Agility however only increases by 50% such as in Gekido mode.

    In this mode, the characters will uncontrollably switch from any forms they have available to one another until all enemies are desecrated beyond recognition. However because rationality has greatly decreased, it will be extremely difficult for a character to refrain from hurting his own party. This mode has no time limit, and will only be deactivated when all enemies in sight have been eliminated completely. This is also the only mode that retains its effects while the character transitions into any other available forms.

    No experience is gained from this mode.
  14. Otaku- we need to discuss this later with rest of the group if you're interested.
  15. Okay!