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  1. Peering down at his now official boyfriend, it was pretty obvious that he did genuinely adore the former angel with all he had.
    Okay, so maybe the demon had a major reputation as a flirt. A big flirt, who held nothing back at all in making his attention of someone known, and while this was his personality for the best part of a century, it was also a source of embarrassment for senior officials in the Kingdom. But how were they supposed to approach the King of HELL and tell him that he was an embarrassment?
    In short, they couldn't. But Eden was, in that case, a blessing. He was a way in which to stop the outlandish flirting Lucifer proceeded to show, and monogamy would, hopefully, engage the King in a sense of loyalty and love, helping him, as a result, to focus more on the people and, of course, the oncoming drum of war.
    But despite the love the man understandably had for his lover, and the sense of right that would come from it for the people, it wasn't entirely... expected that he would continue with monogamy. Heck, he'd lived a lifestyle of relaxation and impulse for years now, decades even, so was he capable of at least forming a relationship with Eden that would last?
    And evidence of that answer being no came from his unsubtle admiration of his former wife only seconds previous, but the fact he had at least had the 'decency' to hide it from Eden did portray a sense of love. In other cases, with other people, he wouldn't care about their feelings, but when it came to Eden, protecting him was key.
    And wasn't that a sense of love?
    Quietly hitching his daughter up into his arms again once recognising her little yawns and shuffling of her feet as a indication of tiredness, he held her as though he had experience with her - though had only seen her once before now, as a newborn, as awful as that truth was. But he didn't expect it to happen again, given Eden's like of her.
    "How about we go that little cafe for breakfast?" He asked, pointing out a small, yet up-market little cafe built into the smoking volcano nearby. "They serve the best pancakes, extra servings of caramel I can get for free, for obvious reasons. Not just the fact I'm a King-- I'm awfully handsome, ay? They can't refuse me a freebie~"
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  2. Rolling to face his lover, Eden easily snorted at just how cute the whole scene was. His boyfriend, the king of hell, pressed close to him with his daughter easily snoring in between him. The image was just so... DOMESTIC, it was hard to not just burst into a fit of laughs. Clearing his throat, the former angel readjusted to get a better view of the giant man before him.

    "Do you plan on looking like that when we go? I'm sure they'll give you a freebie if that's the case, you're terrifying babe. You're literally, like, three times my height. I may not have been here for too long, but you're the largest demon I've met." For emphasis, he let out a huff as he stretched his arms to try and wrap them around his lover's torso. "I mean, I may not be on the big side but I can at least wrap my arms around people usually.... But yeah, the cafe sounds perfect. Cute, even! I'm sure Luna here would love it too. Does Hell have chocolate here? Or is it something else? Because in Heaven, we had the darkest and smoothest chocolate we'd put in sweets... And I'd love some chocolate pancakes right now. With some eggs and whatnot. I always wondered- where exactly do you get most of your food after all? We would import it from Earth, there's not many things that grow up in the sky, hm?"

    Ceasing his babbling, Eden watched intently while waiting for the other's answer, all the while oblivious to the other's thoughts of his ex. How was he suppose to know that the other was sort of cheating on him? Well, not physically... But mentally was important to. Thoughts of someone else like that was cheating just as much as having sex with them, in his eyes.
  3. "We make most our food. We're not entirely all bloodthirsty and evil, blah blah. We have a thriving community of demons who grow food, make stuff," the man murmured, opting to answer that particular question, rather than focus on the emphasis on his current form. Why? Because as proud of it as he was, he was somewhat embarrassed by it at the same time. He wasn't exactly the same as other demons at the moment - he was pretty much the tallest, the strongest, etc. Not perfect, by any means. His past defeats to Eden were evidence of that, but nevertheless, a force to be reckoned with all the same.

    Even if the form was to indicate his royal status as a supreme power, and to single him out as the ruler, he did rather like being in his natural form in a relaxed environment such as lounging in bed beside his youngest child, and his clearly loveable boyfriend. Opting to outstretch his arms, that of which were expectantly chiselled and built to a degree of perfection, he moved to wrap them easily around both Luna, who was unaware in her dosed state, and the angel, shooting a cocky grin over. He may be slightly embarrassed by the compliments, but he sure as hell wasn't so embarrassed that he didn't show off a bit.

    "Oh, I'm going like this. Everyone needs to realise I'm the big guy, their King, y'know? Plus you find it hot, so that's the biggest reason I wanna go like this," he snorted to himself, his cockiness somewhat defeated by him leaning inwards and pressing a kiss against his forehead, the scene nothing short of domestic bliss at the moment. "I think you love it, to be honest."
  4. "Oh, I DO love it..." He whispered, his eyes fluttering closed briefly from the kiss before shooting open once again. "Let's be honest, I have a thing for power. Is it a kink? Sort of... Though I haven't really figured out which end of the kink I'm on yet. That's besides the point, because there's a whole lot more to you than you're power, babe. While you're not necessarily a caring father, you're honest about it. Plus you're good at taking command, and you're okay under pressure. Those are qualities people try to gain their whole life!"

    Adjusting to his position, he easily set his head on the crook of the bigger man's arm. Most of the time, especially since coming to hell, he craved to seem more powerful than he really was. He wanted to seem tough, like a GENERAL, but angels were notoriously small compared to demons and their real forms. But, in the moment? He loved the way he easily fit against the other's larger frame. He was perfectly covered, protected from hypothetical elements, and it was lovely. Perfect, even.
  5. "I'm not okay under pressure, hon," he corrected with a laugh, one that indicated nervousness and slight embarrassment. He'd built up this image now, of a big, scary demon with a soft side only for Eden, and while he didn't want that to be destroyed, he couldn't continue it when that wasn't necessarily the truth. Nobody was perfect, even the proclaimed King of Hell, known for mass killings and a nonchalant approach to empathy. Though, that was back a few decades ago.

    "Let's be honest, okay? Here's a little insight to your boyfriend," he laughed again, turning onto his side with dark eyes inspecting his boyfriend's face, wanting to make sure he wasn't going to think any less of him. Eden wasn't shallow, not entirely, but he had made fun of Lucifer before, targeted his newly formed relaxed personality and begged to see the former King at his best, and that did worry the man when about to admit how truly cowardly he could be. "When pressure appears, I usually... run. I just leave, and... I usually go to Ruby, because as much as I hate her, she helps me-- though this was before I met you. When I have pressurising people on my back, be prepared to see me run to you in fits of nervousness, alright? This happened an hour before the war centuries ago, Eden. I freaked out, got scared. I ran to Ruby, and... and that's why I lost. I was scared."
  6. "... I don't think that's the only reason you lost." He replied, smirking as he reveled in his own cockiness. "Your men weren't the best, you know. They were scared too. The thing that people don't realize with angels, is that we've already died once. We're not afraid of it, at least not completely. Everyone's a little afraid of death... Don't worry, okay? I won't tell anyone you're stressed, as long as you don't tell anyone about the person I was when I first came here. It's embarrassing, to say the least, and a five star general should at least give off a somewhat confident appearance." And, to stress his point, he offered a gentle kiss to the other's lips while caressing his cheek. "I love you, and I want you to feel comfortable talking to me, so just... Come to me when you're nervous, not her."
  7. "I'm not having that. My men were trained to an inch of perfection," he scoffed, albeit with a knowing smirk, those dark eyes seeming to glitter behind his rather bed-ridden, dishevelled locks, absently pushing his messy hair away from his forehead, and suddenly with a thoughtful hum. Of course, he took in what the other had said, wasn't self-absorbed entirely not to take in the caring offer of understanding, the fact he hadn't made fun but instead offered him the ability to take out his stress by ranting to him, and the gentle kiss. Even if he did plan on going to Ruby a few times -they did have a bond hard to quit-, he most definitely accepted the other's words.

    Yet, didn't respond beside that small smile. Instead, he was focusing more on... well, himself.

    "I'd like to dye my hair, I think. Black does not suit my skin tone. I'm practically grey in this form. I look too odd and scary with black hair. Ash blonde would be adorable, I think~"
  8. Knitting his brow at that, he moved to rustle the tuft of hair above the other's head. "Jeez, I'm trying to have a heartfelt conversation and you care about your hair! Way to ruin the mood, dork... "

    After a moment of clear aggitation, he grew huffed in defeat and buried his head in the other's chest. "I think you'd look good with red, not going to lie. Blonde is so bland, but a bright red is beautiful. You wanna be UNIQUE, right? Be a cool king of Hell?"
  9. "No, no! I get what you're saying, and sure, I'll come to you if my inner-coward kicks in and I'm in dire need of some reassurance," he scoffed, fiddling with Luna's platinum hair affectionately - sure, she was the spit of her mother, but that didn't mean he had to push her away.

    And again, if he was honest, and regardless of how much he genuinely adored Eden, he would always have that bond with Ruby, and when she had the habit of being able to persuade him to do things, it could easily result in them in bed. But he did somewhat hope Ruby would be out of the picture, despite still often fantasising about her.

    "I can't rock red, love. Blonde seems a nice, neutral, inoffensive colour~"
  10. "But you're the King of Hell, why would you want to be unoffensive?" He snorted, his hands slowly trailing down the other's cheek once again. "You're kind are notorious for being offensive, I don't think it would change how people saw you... At least, not in Hell. Mm... Do you think I should change my hair? I mean, it's pretty bland... And its growing out a bit too much for my taste. I want a trim, short haircut. Something that'll show others that I'm tough and serious, you know? I am a general, after all!
  11. "Because I'm not all for being this hard-headed, cold asshole anymore, okay? I want to be respected, and I don't think a bright hairstyle would do that. They'd think I was just taking the role with little care, and that's far from the truth. I'm serious about being King," he reminded, at least, he had changed his mind since getting intimate with Eden and realising how serious he was about his job.

    It made Lucifer a tad embarrassed about how lax he had been on the job, really.

    "I think your hair's fine... maybe could do with being shorter..." He pondered thoughftully, running a hand through the other's longish locks with a hum. "I like it as it is, though."
  12. "They liked it long, at the Office. Said it made me look cute, and I guess I SORT OF agree... But I don' t want to look like a child." He huffed, rolling to face away from the other. "I just want people to take me seriously, here. In that sense, we're sort of the same, right? We both want people to perceive us differently than they do now. Hmph... Let's just order breakfast, okay? I'm starving, and I get pissy when I'm hungry."
  13. "Don't listen to angels," came his gruff response, any insight to the angels, or any mere mention of them clouding his good mood immediately, if only momentarily once food was brought up. As well alcohol and, lately at least, sex, food was a great love of his. "Yeah, I'll get a maid in in a few minutes, probably apologise for killing another in front of her-- oh well. She's hardly gonna argue back and refuse my apology."
  14. "You still should apologize, though." He replied, pursing his lips as he began to climb off the bed. "Hn... In the meantime, would you like to take a shower? I feel sweaty and I know you stink too, so it would work out in our best interest if we both left, hm? Not to mention, I've been wanting to have a shower with you in awhile, please?"
  15. "I don't think that's necessarily wise," he responded surprisingly, motioning to Luna, who, for warmth and for the subconscious recognition of this man being her father, had cuddled intently into his side and was softly snoring away. "I don't wanna wake her-- I want to be a good dad. She's my youngest. The others are all teenagers, it's too late with them. She's a kid, you know? I... can sorta change and make a difference, make her like me. Plus, I want to. For Ruby and for myself, and obviously for Luna."
  16. "Luce, you won't be any less of a father by taking a shower while she's asleep." He reassured, offering a soft smirk. "Honestly, just make sure she's tucked in and she'll be fine. We'll probably be done by the time she wakes up, don't worry! It's not like she'll think you abandoned her from being in the other room. Trust me."
  17. "If she wakes up, and wanders in, it'd just be embarrassing. Honestly, wait until she goes home with Ruby," he sighed, stretching his arms out quietly, and wrapping them around Luna as if to make it evident he wasn't intending to leave her side at the moment. "I'm sorta happy enough lazing about here, to be honest."
  18. "Yeah, but you smell like armpit!" He insisted, whining. "Fine, well... I'll go tell a maid to start on breakfast, huh? I'm already up. What do you want? I'm sure Luna wants something like pancakes and eggs and such... Seriously, the one time I want to get flirty with you, you shoot it down. Rude."
  19. "You shoot me down all the time. I'm entitled to some payback," he laughed, even if he could really only recollect one occasion he had been shot down by the other... though one time, seemingly, was enough. "I smell manly, you won't know a thing about that, Mr. Feminine. You're honestly so light and delicate and perfume scented, aren't you? Just like a typical angel~"
  20. Scoffing, he offered a smirk to show that he wasn't actually that offended. Only slightly. Folding his arms, he pinched his nose to show just how bad the other actually smelled.

    "Well, this feminine and light angel kicked your ass in the last war you were in, so I'd be quiet hm? And besides, there's nothing wrong with wanting to smell nice! Not everyone likes to smell like smoke and brimstone like you do. I prefer my floral notes... That's one thing I miss from Heaven, actually. And the food."
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