Against The Odds

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  1. A sigh escaped an amethyst-eyed girl with short black hair who stood among the remains of an abandoned building. Puddles of blood of unusual hues and not of the usual crimson pooled beneath her feet. Some distance away, the sounds of gunfire and cries of battle, of agony and pain - if one could call them that, as they were more like screams and shouts - could be heard.

    Trisha Evans sheathed her blade into the scabbard on her back as she stared at the corpses she had just disposed of with disinterest.

    "Serves you right, you bastards," She muttered under her breath as she took to the rooftops once more.

    It never seemed to end.

    It had been a few years the organization who called themselves The Imperialists took over - or rather, massacred the royal family -and became the new rulers of the world. Each year, detrimental new laws were established. And each time, people got more and more desperate.

    So much that violence was the norm everywhere as everyone sought survival for themselves.

    Suddenly, something - or rather, someone - caught her eye.
  2. As she slid behind a solid wall, bullets flying past her, she panted heavily and cocked her rifle and took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She thought of what she could do and what could happen if she fails. As the three imperialists slowly advance towards her keeping their guns pointed on her location. The leader gets close -possibly a bit too close- as she pops around and cracks him in the head with the but of her gun, knocking him down as the other two immediately open fire on her. The bullets fly by as she fires a shot at the one on the right, as it rips through his chest leaving a large wound before he starts to collapse, his finger on the trigger as the bullets fly into the man beside him. Three bullets leave the gun and rip through his chest taking him down as he fires the rest of his mag until his gun makes a clicking noise. She wipes her head with a sigh as she starts to back away from the dead men and the unconscious leader, slowly. Her mind races and she is visibly shaking slightly due to the experience against her opponents, both shocked and excited that she survived the encounter. Mostly because of her age and build she didn't think she could do it, yet she knows it was just pure luck all that happened, but then again she is happy to be alive.
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  3. She watched, slightly impressed as the young girl took out the opposing forces. Trisha wondered what the girl was doing in a place like this - but then again, nothing had been the same since the the royal family's murder. Everything had gone straight to hell after that, and eventually became this spiral of violence that seemed never-ending. There were hundreds, if not thousands of children who had become orphans as their parents were forcefully taken into serving and working for the Imperialists and became the Imperial's slaves. Some were filtered into the military, some into the working class, others..disappeared into the unknown. No one knew. Those - they called the Lost.

    "Damn," Trisha cursed when she saw the approaching of an army. And they were moving. Fast. Towards the girl's position.

    Should she give her away her own position? She'd risk being seen by the enemy, but...

    Glancing down at the young girl below, the amethyst-eyed girl took a deep breath. It was these kinds of days that she despised having a conscience.

    "Hey, you! RUN, dammit!"
  4. She heard the voice and looked around as she saw a figure on a building and heard the yells from men and the barks from dogs. Her heart jumped as she stood there in shock for a few seconds before she snapped to and took off running fast in the opposite direction, away from the army as she tried to find a safe place to go to. She started to panic as turned down street after street, the yelling and barking not stopping as it seemed to get closer. After about possibly five minute of her running away the noises faded into the distance and into the darkness. She stumbled to a stop as sweat dripped from her and she put her back to a wall and sat down slowly. Her body in absolute pain from lack of sleep and hunger, her mind a mess from panic and confusion until she remembered the stranger who practically saved her life. Her mind started to worry as she looked around.

    "W-Who was that? Why did she want to help me? I-Is she still alive...d-did they get her?" She asked herself softly as she shook her head in disappointment of knowing the person who saved her could be dead. "I need to find out if she is alive....but how?"
  5. The moment, she saw the girl starting to run, Trisha pulled out a flask of acid grenade - personally made by yours truly - aimed, and threw it directly onto the attackers - which she estimated was a small one, albeit a party of ten to twenty with a few dogs.

    Their reaction was immediate as chaos ensued, and her sharp eyes caught the sight of blood pooling the ground.

    "Eat that!" Hearing the sound of barking fading to whimpering and screams from those who had caught the brunt of the poison, the amethyst-eyed girl smirked as she jumped, flipping herself forwards - once, twice and thrice. Landing behind them, blades in both hands, the girl wasted no time in decimating her opponents.

    Hack. Slash. Parry.

    She dodged a blade neatly, easily retaliating with a stab to the heart.

    Trisha swept into a round-house kick with masterful ease, sending one of the Imperialists onto the ground.

    The battle ended rather quickly. It wasn't new to her, anyhow. She had been fighting the Imperial for years. Ever since...

    Shaking her head to rid herself of the thoughts, the female took to the rooftops once more - debating internally whether if she should check on the girl she had saved. Shrugging lightly, she came to a decision.

    "Might as well," Trisha murmured. "I have nothing to do anyways."

    A few minutes later, she spotted the girl with her back to the wall.
  6. She rubs her eyes and lays her head against the wall struggling to keep her eyes open. Being on the run for the past few days she hasn't gotten any sleep nor much to eat as it is really starting to take a toll on her as she sighs and looks around. She stands up and starts to walk along an almost destroyed street as she cocks her gun again. She then yawns and wipes her eyes as she pouts softly.

    "I can't keep doing this, I'm so tired...but I can't sleep if they are after me..." She says softly to herself as she throws her gun over her shoulder with a sling. "More importantly I need to find some food and water...or at least a safe place to stay for at least a night." She says and stretches slightly as she stumbles, almost tripping and falling, as she walks. She fixes her stockings and boots as she looks off at the setting sun and shakes her head. "What has this world turned into?" She asks as she sighs and looks down at the ground with a soft pout.
  7. It was obvious from the way she walked (and stumbled) that she was tired. How young was the girl anyway?

    Perched upon a chimney, Trisha mused to herself as she quietly observed the girl from her position. The gunslinger couldn't be more than sixteen, much less her own age that was eighteen. Which brought her to the next question - what on earth was she doing in this place? It was crawling with the Imperialists' army - machines, dogs, soldiers - as they were ransacking the city, reaping it of its worth, name and everything that it had been - its livelihood and values - before the murders of almost, if not all authority figures that occurred after the royal massacre.

    "Hey, you." She called out.
  8. She wiped her eyes and looked around before she spotted the figure on chimney. "Are you the person who saved me?" She asked in response as she stood there, one of her hands going for her gun just to be safe if the stranger was here to kill her. The voice was familiar but then again it could be her mind playing tricks on her....she just couldn't trust anything at this point. She stood vigilant -somewhat- as she awaited her answer from the stranger. If the stranger said yes, or came down from her post she would probably let down her guard.
  9. She was cautious. And vigilant.

    That was good, Trisha mused approvingly. It showed that she had a level head, at the very least. Plopping herself down on the chimney, she let her legs dangle lazily. The current area they were in was actually the 'slums' of the city, where not many ventured. The Imperialists were in the main and sub-par areas of the city, if she recalled right. She knew because she had studied them - fought them, for quite a few years now Three? Four? She couldn't really recall, having lost track of time as each day melded and merged together, in an endless cycle.

    "Yes," The short-haired female nodded. "I was."
  10. She still doesn't let up. "Could you possibly get closer so I know you're not going to hurt me....its hard to trust words these days....easier to trust actions...and people you know." She says as takes a step back and digs her foot into the ground just incase she needs to run at any second. Her red hair a mess and her arms are cut up from glass and shrapnel. She is skinny from lack of food and there are bags under her eyes -she almost looks dead- as she stands there staring at the girl who says she helped her, not wanting to let down her guard.
  11. "If I do that, how do I know that you aren't going to attack me?" Trisha pointed out logically from her position. "As you said, it's difficult to trust these days." The amethyst-eyed girl remarked on the other girl's comment. "Anyway, if I wanted to harm you, I would have let you died back there in the first place and not warned you." Trisha said with a slight shrug. "Either that, or I could have killed you without you knowing."

    She looked like a mess - baggy eyes and ill-fitting clothes. But she was still standing. However, the cuts and bruises on her body made Trisha sigh.

    "I'm only going to offer you this one time," She informed the girl. "You can follow me to get yourself treated properly, or refuse. If you refuse, well - then I'll leave you alone." Leaping off the chimney, the amethyst-eyed female landed on the ground with ease. "The choice is yours."

  12. She staggered back and fell over as she slowly got. Everything in her body told her no, but she was desperate and just wanted food. For the past week she had barely had anything and is willing to trust almost anyone. She walked a little closer. "Well I don't really have's either I go with you or I die I wanna go with you." She says softly as she settles down a little bit and stands up straight. "So you lead the way then." She says softly as she looks at the girl in front of her and can tell easily that she is doing very well for herself and knows whats she is doing.
  13. Nodding, her sharp eyes took note of her appearance and body language more carefully now.

    "You haven't been eating for awhile - probably about a week or so, am I right?" Trisha observed. Without pausing, the dark-haired female dug through her pockets and pulled out a piece of fruit. "Here. Eat this. It'll help settle your stomach. You won't feel hungry for a couple of hours." She said, handing it to the girl as she started walking.
  14. She swallowed hard and took it as she took small bites from it. Not wanting to eat it all real fast and wanting to savour it as long as she can. "D-Do you mind if I get your name?" She asks softly as she starts to follow her slowly. She wipes her mouth and takes another bite as she watches the girl in front of her. "I understand if you would prefer to wait till we got to a safer place." She says softly as she then looks down as she feels she is starting to get a little annoying and decides to shut up as she takes another bite of the piece of fruit, not much of it gone since she is taking small bites.
  15. "Trisha. Trisha Evans."

    The amethyst-eyed girl replied as she led the girl through a maze of roads and alleys, ignoring blood-stained windows and destroyed buildings that had became ordinary sights, the smell of gun powder and blood in the air. Cries and screams could be heard in the distance still, as the sun set, descending upon the city with shades of crimsons, orange and yellows.

    Finally, she spoke, "What about you? What's your name?"
  16. "Y-Yoko...Yoko long have you been in all this...I'm only fourteen and just escaped a group of them a week ago." She says softly as she takes another bite of the fruit as she continues to follow Trisha slowly. Knowing her name now she feels a lot more safer than she did before and start to calm down a lot more and ease up. Still keeping her guard up, but not as much as before.
  17. Fourteen? That was unexpected..

    Seemed that Yoko was merely a year older when she herself started fighting, Trisha mused privately to herself. After all, she herself had been fighting the Imperialists since she was thirteen. The amethyst-eyed girl was seventeen this year.

    "I've been fighting them for four years," She replied as a familiar scent came by, motioning for Yoko to stop. "Stop. There's a party of them in front." The girl warned the red-haired girl, readying her blades.
  18. She stops dead in her tracks as she grabs her rifle and gets it ready just in case Trisha needs help. She looks around to see if she can possibly spot them and maybe get a drop on them. Sadly she can't as she sighs softly and sits there keeping her rifle ready for a fight if needed. She takes soft breaths and doesn't move a muscle as she waits for Trisha to tell her what she needs to do and when she needs to do it.
  19. "There," She whispered under her breath as a figure arrived, followed by others.

    One of them was holding the banner of the Imperialists, a large crimson flag with a pair of inverted crescents melded together. An embroidered onyx raven sat in the center, seemingly brought to life with its realistic piercing gaze and appearance. The Imperialists were all but attired in their armour of steel and chain that were of the utmost quality, weapons at their ready. A small party of dogs - about three to six, were leashed and under the Kennelists' command. The Kennelists' were the dog breeders, in charge of caring and breeding the dogs they used for search parties, for battle. Maces were their weapon, as well as shock-guns and small blades.

    The ones who bore the blades were the Soldiers or Bladers, whereas the ones whose weapons were of heavy weapons were called the Raisers. Archers, those who were to the way of the bows and arrows and long-range weapons were usually called the Marksmen or Furtherers due to their choice of long-range weaponry.

    It seemed that the Stalkers were not present today, Trisha noted with slight relief. They were usually the toughest to defeat due to their agility and endurance. Especially their flexibility which made them more difficult to defeat. And that was not even mentioning their use of poisons and traps as well.


    A leader was there. He was differently attired than the others, as his armor seemed to be of onyx steel.

    Leaders were more difficult to deal with, as they were stronger and had to pass numerous tests before becoming one, Trisha recalled from her experience in dealing with them. Well. This would be...difficult.

    Still keeping an eye on them who were gradually approaching from the distance, Trisha spoke without taking her eyes off them.

    "Pick off the Marksmen first," The amethyst-eyed girl said grimly. They couldn't escape this one - the Imperialists were blocking them off. "When you're done with them, aim for the others. And whatever you do, do not go to the front."

    "I'll confront them directly. Good luck," Trisha said as she scaled the walls and took to the rooftops silently.
  20. She nodded softly as she loaded her rifle and aimed down her sights and shot at the marksmen, the shots landing and killing in almost rapid succession as she then turned her aim towards the leader. The bullet ripped through his chest leaving a massive wound as a larger shell than usual falls out of her gun. The then shoots and kills three of the dogs with one bullet and then a dog holder with one. "That's all I can get right now I need to reload!" She yells as she pulls out another mag from her boot and starts to reload. Taking some time as it is a very large gun.