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    Name: Garret Mitchell

    Age: 21

    Element: Fire

    Height: 6'0


    Name: Beatrice Montaigu

    Age: 17

    Element: Air

    Height: 5'6​
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    Name: Dhalia Gates

    Age: 20

    Element: Water

    Height: 5'7


    Name: Jacob Fall

    Age: 21

    Element: Earth

    Height: 5'9
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  4. All Melody ever wanted was to have a proper family. Yes, her grandparents gave her a home and more important, love. But there was always a hole inside her heart from not knowing her parents. On her 18th birthday she finally found out the truth. Her parents were defeated in battle against the creatures of shadow. Unnatural beings that had the power to wield darkness. They have existed for thousands of years, with a goal to destroy every living thing. And mother nature fought back, choosing some humans to be presented with her gifts. They had the power of her elements. Water, earth, fire and air filled with light, to fight against the creatures of darkness. Melody was born with the gift of water, with the duty to protect the part of world she lives in. Among thousands of other protectors. On her 18th birthday her powers showed. Three other elements were unlocked at the same time hers was, where are they now? Where is Melody's team?


    It has been two years since Melody found out the truth about her parents, the truth about herself. For two years she was trying to get a hang of this stupid water thing. She expected after two years she would wield it perfectly, but she still found herself sometimes failing. Grandma told her she unlocked her powers at the age of 11, her mother at the age of 14, and her father at the age of 13, and that Melody needs time to understand the water. It didn't make Melody feel any better, she unlocked her powers so much later after the rest of the protectors in her family. And after two years she still didn't know where the other two elements were. But grandma also said it took her five years to find her group, so there still was time. Melody met Jacob two months after her 18th birthday, he had unlocked his powers at the age of 16. Again, before her. But at least she found him.

    Since then they have encountered the shadows around 24 times. The first time Melody saw one she was alone, and almost got defeated. It was in the back of her garden. Thankfully she was saved by her grandmother, who after that doubled Melody's learning classes. They have been having a session every week, Melody's grandmother, just like her mother did, also wields water. And she was trying to teach her granddaughter. It seems the gift is passed down by family. The sessions/classes have been a lot of help to Melody, but she still wishes she could progress faster.

    Another thing has happened in the past two years. A girl named Selena, who was visiting her uncle in this small town. Melody thought she would be a new addition to the group, but Selena was also a water wielder, and her arm mark was different than Jacob's and Melody's. Still, Melody was so happy to meet someone like her, and for the two weeks Selena was in town the girls practiced together.


    The sun was about to set, the sky bathing in shades of orange, red and pink. Melody was returning from her part-time job at the CD shop. She was walking through the woods that surrounded her small home town, Daytown. The small town is surrounded by the woods, the air always fresh and the place peaceful. This isn't a place where you can make it big. Everyone knows everyone. There are no malls or anything like that. It seems Daytown is hidden from the rest of the world.

    A branch snapped and Melody stopped, slowly turning around. ''Hello?'' She eyed the surroundings, trying to see who was following her. It was unusual for people to walk around these parts. Melody only did it because her house was in this direction. Except, the thing that was following her wasn't human. A shadow appeared from the sky. Then another one. And another one. Three shadows. Melody took a step back. There was no way she could handle all three alone. Two, maybe. Maybe. But three? Never. And Jacob was nowhere around. She will have to make a run for it.

    Raising her hand the small drops of rain, that were all around the ground from last nights storm, flew up and formed into a big water shape. The shape stretched and took the form of a whip. Melody made it snap at the shadows, and they backed away for a few centimeters, only to lean back in. They were ready to attack. What was left of the whip Melody turned into a thick fog with a few circling movements of her hand. It gave her a few seconds to run, and she did. But not for long. In the next moment she felt a punch in the back and she fell onto the moist ground. The shadows have thrown a ball of black energy at her, bringing her down. The three encircled the blonde girl, who got on her back, looking up at the evil things. She was trapped.
  5. Garret's grandfather had been a fire wielder, so it wasn't much of a surprise for his family when Garret unlocked his power at the age of seventeen. His grandfather had told him that it was a great and useful gift, though Garret viewed more of a curse than a gift. Having just unlocked it, he had no control over it what so ever. Sometimes he would make little movements with his hand and fire would blast out of nowhere. It had frankly scared him. What if he accidentally set something on fire or worse, someone of fire? Unfortunately his fear became a reality when he had went to the small market a few blocks away from his house. His grandfather had sent him to buy some eggs and milk for their breakfast. It would have been a quick trip if not for the fact that he set the place on fire. It was a horrible experience that still haunted and tormented him till this day. He would have constant nightmares about the incident. Not long after it, his grandfather began to help Garret to master his power. Four years have passed since then and during those years he had met a young girl names Beatrice.

    He remembered the day clearly when he had first met Beatrice. He had been at a party and he had spotted the girl seated by herself away from the crowd. He thought nothing of it and continued on, until she came out of n where and pulled him into one of the bedrooms. Garret obviously got the wrong idea and was going to leave, but she stopped him and showed him the mark on her forearm. The same mark he hand on his own forearm. Knowing that she had his attention, she proceeded to tell him about her power and showed him. Since then, the two have been inseparable. They trained together and practiced using their powers together. They were practically like sibling, they knew each other like the back of their hand.

    Garret's first encounter with a shadow had been when him and Beatrice were heading back home from a party. He had been twenty at the time and Beatrice had been sixteen. They had defeated the shadow, though the fight against it had been hard since they were both inexperienced in fighting with them. Beatrice had ended up badly hurt. Fortunately, Garret had gotten her help right on time. Now, she had a long scar across her stomach. When she recovered, they trained even harder and encountered a couple of more shadows since then.

    Now, Garret and Beatrice were searching for the other two elements to complete their little group. Water and Earth. Town after town and there was still no sign of their group members.

    "What if we never find them?" Garret questioned as they walked through the woods, heading to the next town on their map. "Stop being so negative. I'm sure we'll find them soon." Beatrice commented as she looked over to Garret, who rolled his eyes. "You've been saying that for the past five towns we've passed through. I'm sure we should have encountered at least one of them by now." Garret was tired of traveling, he just wanted to go back home and relax. "We've come this far, Garret. I am not going to go back home and have this whole journey be a was-" The sound of something cracking, made Beatrice pause and she glanced at Garret who had a confused look on his face. Clearly he heard it too. For a moment the just stood there, before rushing towards the sound. Breaking through the line of trees, Beatrice looked around and her eyes caught sight of three shadows surrounding a girl who was on the ground. The woods abruptly lit up as a bolt of fire shot out towards the shadows, making them scatter. "Careful you idiot! There's a girl there. Now, cover me." Beatrice called out as she rushed forward. "I know what I'm doing!" Garret rushed after Beatrice and made sure to keep the shadows away from both girls. "Hey! Are you okay?" Beatrice rushed to the girls side and searched her body for any wounds.
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