Against all Odds

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    Isabella kissed her father on the cheek then smiled and backed away. She stood up straight with her hands together in front of her nightgown. "Goodnight father. See you tomorrow." She said, not knowing she would never see him again after that night. The king smiled and waved her off as he always did. Isabella curtsied then turned and left the throne room with silent footsteps. She walked up one of the staircases that spireled around the throne room until she reached the landing. She walked down two long hallways before she reached a dead end. Opening the door on the right, she walked into her room and closed the door behind her. Isabella walked over to her bed and slipped under the covers. She rested her head on the pillow and after a few minutes she fell fast asleep.


    A heavily bleeding guard from the front gates collapsed in front of the King, struggling to breath. "My King, the town... We're under attack." The guard managed to say before deing from blood loss. The King stood up, startled and unsure of what to do. Suddenly, he thought about his daughter. If she were to be caught then there'd never be any hope for the kingdom. He ran out of the throne room and up the stairs but when he reached the first hallway, he came across the enemy king. "Well, well, well. Would you look at this. The king trying to flee, huh?" The younger man chuckled. His eyes then locked onto the King's, smirking. The King had a sword driven through his stomach. The King coughed up blood but a few seconds later, fell down dead and bled a puddle for himself. The younger King laughed like a crazed man as the Guards of Isabella's kingdom reached their King to late.
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  2. Knight Jasper was in the kingdom making his usual patrols, making sure everything was going well in the kingdom. Well, in all truthfulness he was visiting with the people in the market. Not much happened in the town so he often grew bored. He was in the bustling market, plucking a grape off of a cart and popping it between his lips. "Sir! Please buy before you eat!" the cart owner snapped angrily, but his mouth shut quickly when he saw who he had yelled at. Jasper's green eyes looked at him apologetically.

    "I'm sorry, I'd like to buy these," he began bagging some grapes, but the seller shook his head quickly.

    "Oh, no no, for you they are free, good knight! You work so hard keeping us safe," he insisted but Jasper refused.

    "Please," he smiled politely, closing the bag of grapes and handing the seller a heavy silver coin. The man's eyes grew wide at the sight of the money.

    "Thank you, sir," he whispered happily, cheeks pink with joy.

    "You're-" Suddenly a deafeningly loud blast shook the market, throwing Jasper to the ground. People began sccreaming and running, crushing him under their feet as they attempted escape. Jasper covered his head with his arms. Being a knight didn't matter when disaster struck. He crawled quickly around to the back of the stand, only to come face to face with the merchant, dead on he ground. A piece of the wall had fallen in the blast and hit his head, killing him instantly. The silver coin was in his hand. Jasper grabbed the coin and pushed it into the merchant's pocket, hoping his family could use it.

    He pushed back tears of fear, stading up between the barrages of cannon-fire. Just as another struck the other side of the castle, rumbling the ground under his feet, Jasper began running towards the castle. His duty was to protect the royal family and no amount of fear would stop him. He pulled his sword from his side, the blade glinting in the small fires that began to burn the hay-ridden ground as lanterns fell from tabletops.

    "Everyone get in your homes and under your tables!" He yelled over the panic, dodging escaping townsfolk. A crying child caught his attention and he jogged over to her, kneeling in front of the young girl. "It's going to be okay, find an adult and hide with them," he urged her. Her tears stopped, seeming starstruck, before running towards the buildings.

    Jasper continued his way towards the castle, fearing for the lives of the King and Princess.
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  3. Isabella's eyes snapped open at the sound of cannkn fire. She quickly sat up and leaped out of bed, running out onto her balcony only to see the village being destroyed. She backed up in horror then the thought of her father came to mind. Trembling in fear, Isabella ran out of her room. "Daddy!" She called at the top of her lungs. She turned a corner and saw the enemy King standing in front of her dead father. She put her hands over her mouth bit couldn't hold in the sudden sob. The enemy King looked over at her, startled. That's right. My parents never told any of the other kingdoms about my existence. Isabella thought. The enemy King smirked and quickly snatched her up by the hand. His grip was so tight she yelped in pain. "Glad you decided to join the party." He chuckled darkly then forced her to keep walking. The enemy Kind stopped at the landing of the spiral staricases where everyone below could see. Isabella was crying into her hands and the man held tightly onto her arm. "You King is dead now you pathetic fools. Now bow to your new King and Queen." He told them, his eyes becoming cold. The enemy King pulled her close, his hand in her waist and Isabella tensed. She didn't know how to fight so she was left helpless, trembling and crying like a child. Someone... Please help! She screamed in her head.