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  1. Aech was skipping class again. He did it at least twice a week, but none of his teachers seemed to mind anymore. They all seemed to be happy that he showed up, rather than get angry about the days he was gone. Running his hands through his hair, he sighed heavily, looking out over the landscape. He and his group were on the roof, Aech leaning over the railing while the others acted stupid.

    Taking a long drag from the cigarette he had, he breathed a sigh once more, letting the smoke leave his mouth. Snuffing out the butt on the edge of the railing, he blew away the ashes before throwing the butt to the wind.

    Running a hand through his hair, he glanced behind him, seeing Jay and Ryke drawing an anarchy symbol on the side of the roof access door with permanent marker, as well as other, more obscene things. Shaking his head, he gazed down over the front of the school, bored out of his mind.
  2. Angel was running late, well Jasmine too, only becuase of things. Angel said, " Please keep that as a secret... our older brother did that and no one seen her thighs ujnless she was in her swim suit and she doesn't swim around the guys considering.. she is a good girl and she of course was one and she had bruises...
    Jasmine nodded, getting her car parked and her sister got out, she never been late to her class ever. She sighed and looked around, she seen her boyfriend Jay up there, along with Lilly.
    Lilly liked being with the guys. She grinned softly looking and watching then draw the symbol. She tilted her head and ran her hand through her hair. She turned her head when she heard Jasmine said, "Angel! "
    Angel stopped and Jasmine said, " look... come on.. you are going to skip with us. "
  3. While Jay and Ryke were drawing on the door, Ryke's hand had dissolved and had gone through the door. However, he had been able to stop it before he fell or his whole arm went through the door. Having Jay stand to where Lilly couldn't see it, he made noises at Aech until he turned, sighing when he saw what it was. Thankfully, Jay and Ryke had been able to keep casual conversation going with Lilly, so she wouldn't notice how odd they were both acting.

    Acting as casual as he could, Aech strolled over to Ryke, placing his hand on Ryke's elbow. "Seriously, asshole?" he asked jokingly, his voice quiet so Lilly wouldn't hear him. Hardly noticing as the other two girls arrived, he muttered, "Dissolve," in the Old Tongue, imbuing magic into the powerful word. Suddenly, Ryke's arm dissolved again, and he was able to pull through. "Damn half-wraiths," he muttered, though he had a slight grin on his face.

    Facing the girls, he said, "Come on, she's skippin' with us already..."

    "Hey, baby," Jay said, kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. It seemed that the young vampire was as bad as the rest of them, except when it came to the girl he loved. When she was nearby, he was about as dangerous as a kitten, or maybe a bunny.
  4. Angel was getting nervous talknig to her sister, Jasmine. She then said, " No this feels weird though..." She looked over at jasmine. Angel gulped and wrapped her arms around herself, she was wearing a cute outfit, so they wn't see her thighs. She hated this. She looked at her hands, she looked over at what was happening, but lilly was just being with the guys, and when Angel came she was attacked She smiled and said, " Hey." She looked over at the others, " and I am being forced to... Jasmine said if I don't... then.." She looked down, and said, " you shouldn't worry about it." She wrapped her arms around Jay, staying close and knowing how cold he was, she never asked about it.

    Jasmine grinned, and tilted her head. She shrugged and said, " yeah because I'll make our older brother..... do what he did to your legs." Angel worried, she said, " What?!" She frowned and siad, " But Jas.... that hurt!" Jasmine grinned, " oh but it looks amazing on you."

    Lilly was so lost, she blinked and looked around, she blushed. She glanced over at them, honestly, she can act really well , he acted t obe distracted and not know what happened but she knew what happened, she was a mermaid. she was in the girls part of the NOSC. She glanced over at Jasmine and Angel she grinned. She said, " Oh did you actually make her get the tat... we were talking about. " Jasmine nodded. Lilly giggled sweetly.
  5. Aech enjoyed watching the girls go about their business. They always took his mind off of NOSC, and he could ignore Jay and Ryke for a few minutes. That is, until Jay had a slip-up and tried to bite someone or Ryke phased through a wall. But other than that, he could feel like a normal teenager and not a recruit who was practically raised in NOSC with the vampires, werewolves, and other things humans didn't need to know about. As far as he knew, he wasn't any of those things, but that didn't explain why he could normally pick out a paranormal creature from a regular human or animal. Strolling over to the railing once more, he hoisted himself to the top one, and sat on it, simply watching his friends.

    Nuzzling his nose in his girlfriend's hair, Jay inhaled deeply, liking the smell of her conditioner. "I don't have work today," he murmured. Of course, by 'work', he meant that the NOSC wasn't going to keep him inside that night, and let him go enjoy the night by himself. Of course, the tracker would let them know if he got out of the city, but he didn't care. "What do you want to do tonight?"

    Ryke tried to play it cool that his arm hadn't gone through the door. Teasing danger, he leaned his back against the door, crossing his arms over his chest. It appeared that no one noticed, though, so he sighed and let his arms drop. The guys who worked with NOSC had been trying to get his phasing under control, but it was difficult to actually make himself turn into the gaseous form at will.
  6. Jasmine crossed her arms softly, she watched the two, she giggled She didn't know what to do. She closed her eyes softly and thought. She looked at Aech. Blushing she looked away before she glanced over at Lilly,who was staying distant and looking at the water Jasmine raised an eyebrow, but grinned. She remembered about how Lilly had a big swimming pool, at her house. and she knew about how she was a beautiful mermaid. She grinned but looked down and thought.

    Angel giggled lightly, as she felt this, she looked over to the side to look at him, " Really?!" She asked him sweetly. She bit her lower lip. She had ideas. She didn't know what to do, " Maybe we should watch a movie." Of course she was a angel, she didn't know what he was trying to get her to do. She smiled softly. " I have been wanting to watch Warm Bodies... the one about the zombie and the human. " She glanced over and looked into Jay's eyes. She was so happy.
    But then her phone went off, she looked at Jasmine as JAsmine looked at her.
    Angel sighed and stepped back a little and answered it. She gulped softly. It was her father. She looked over at Jasmine, jasmine shook her head, " No... Angel.. don't...."
    " I- I have to you know the consequences. " She looked at the guys, " I'll be right back.. okay.."

    Lilly was sitting on the edge, she didn't know what to do. She wished not to be a mermaid, but it was cool, talking to fish and have an engaged conversation with them.... She turned and looked at them and seeing how sad Anggel got and went to walk down the stairs

    After Angel went down some guy was yelling, it was her father, and he was abusing her she was screaming in pain. She din't know what to do. She was thrown against the wall and bood was coming from her head and she was getting abused bad, and he brought out his knife.
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  7. Seeing Angel leave, obviously upset, pulled at Jay's heartstrings. If he'd had a heart that actually beat, it would certainly be clenched in worry. Frowning, he couldn't help but wave towards his friends, wanting to comfort her. As soon as he started down the stairwell, he could hear the yelling and Angel screaming. Immediately feeling his fangs dropping at hearing his loved one screaming in pain, he balled his hands into fists.

    As he got closer, he could soon smell the blood, and worry filled him further. "Angel?" he asked, before turning a corner and seeing the glint of a knife. "Get away from her!" he shouted, stepping in front of her. His eyebrows pressed together in anger, he took a protective stance, even though the smell of her blood excited his primal instincts. Blood, the beast inside him screamed, and he had to swallow the feelings of hunger. He would die if he drank her blood, or else be seriously hurt. He had seen what happened to vampires who drank blood with the tracker on. It wasn't pretty, and it made Jay's stomach turn at the thought.

    After seeing Angel and Jay leave, Aech frowned, but didn't move. Instead, he sighed softly, and swung backwards on the railing. Holding on by his hands, he looked at the landscape upside down, his heart racing after the feeling of falling. "Ryke?" he asked, hearing the half-wraith walking over to him. "I'm thinking we should just leave...I'm not feeling like going to school today. What about you girls?" he asked, raising his voice so Jasmine and Lilly could hear him.
  8. Angel had deep cut wounds. Which was making her blood pour out fast. She looked over at him. She gulped. " C-careful" She whispered. She frowned and gulped. She was laying on the ground. She whimpered. She was in so much pain and she felt she was spinning around and she felt her trying to fight for air now.... HEr father glared, " You better move, boy!"

    Jasmine being worried, she closed her eyes softly. Wanting the best for Angel. She heard yelling. Her eyes widened. Oh no. She looked at Lilly, before looking at Aech. She nodded. " Y-yeah.. but shouldn't we check on Angel and Jay...." She blinked her eyes.

    Lilly lood over at the boys and nodded, she was so worried, she looked over at Jasmine and agreeing. " yeah.. especially hearing a scream..."
  9. "No! I won't move," shouted Jay. "You'll have to kill me first. I won't let anyone hurt the girl I love. Never!" He bared his fangs, showing off the glinting incisors. His eyes flashed red for a moment, something that didn't happen much anymore, due to the lack of blood in his system. A healthy vampire tended to have red eyes, but for Jay, who hadn't had blood in two years now, his eyes had turned to a hazel color.

    It's probably just Jay being an idiot. I'll be walking down the stairs to find Jay in a silver-coma from drinking his girlfriend's blood, and then I'll have to call a cleanup crew... Aech sighed, before swinging up to a seated position again. "I guess we should go see," he muttered, pushing himself off of the railing.
  10. Angel was starting to choke from the blood coming from her moth. She was close to death.....
    Her father glared. " YOu better move if you know whats good for yer." They all had an accent. Angel frowned,, she felt really weak.
    Jasmine and Lilly nodded to each other and grinned. Before they skipped down the steps. But when they got down.. they seen all the blood coming form Angel.. Jasmined gasped and hid in Lilly's hold.
  11. "You can't make me!" Jay shouted, before rushing forwards. Disarming the man in one quick motion, he quickly threw the knife away from him, before kneeling down next to Angel. "I swear, if you move, you piece of shit, I'll kill you," Jay told the man. Cradling Angel's head, he tried to breathe through his mouth, but that proved to be worse than breathing through his nose. Deciding not to breathe at all, he picked her up into his arms. "Aech, man," he said, after seeing him. "You gotta take the tracker off. I..." he swallowed, almost fearfully. "I'm gonna turn her."

    "Wait!" Aech yelled. "You can't, there's all sorts of protocols, and NOSC is gonna kick my ass for taking off a tracker on a vampire. Christ..." He ran a hand through his hair, frowning as indecision crossed his face.
  12. Angel gulped, or tried to. She looked up and seen her lov> she gripped onto his shirt She didn't know what to do. She tilted her head. She closed her eyes, feeling so weak, her grip on his shirt was weak. She blinked softly. Her heart was slowing down... She could barely hear since she was on the urge of dying. She whimpered in pain...

    Jasmine and Lilly both looked at each other. Lilly knew what he was talking about but Jasmine was confused. Jasmine looked over at Lilly with a confused look, but hearing vampire. She tensed and stayed silent.
  13. "Do it, please!" Jay shouted, tears filling his eyes as he looked at all the blood. As Aech followed his gaze, he closed his eyes for a long moment before finally saying, "Fine."

    Kneeling next to Jay, he took a hold of the wrist with the tracker on it. Placing his index finger on the print scanner, he said the password, "Release Level Three." As soon as he uttered the last word, the bracelet popped open with a slight hiss.

    "Thank you," Jay said, with watery eyes, before propping his girlfriend up to a sitting position.

    "Ryke, take Lilly, and get out of here. We'll probably have to take her to the NOSC division after this, too."

    "Angel," Jay said softly, tenderly. "I need you to want to live with all you have, okay?" He softly moved the hair away from her neck, feeling slightly high from the blood fumes in the air.
  14. Angel winced when she felt her body moved. She looked at the tracker thing. She closed her eyes tightly. She held onto him, fear in her eyes. She was always scared about death. She had so much she wanted to do. She looked at him. But she slowly nodded at what she can. She gulped. Feeling scared as she was having more trouble breathing.

    Hearing how they were needing both of the girls to get out of here, so they both were led away from that area. they were all confused Jasmine said, "" b-but.."
  15. "This will hurt a lot," Jay murmured, taking a hold of Angel's hand before softly kissing her. "I love you, and I'm doing this because of that." Closing his eyes, he moved his lips to her neck, kissing the soft skin lightly before sinking his fangs into her. As soon as he tasted her blood, he was pretty sure that his heart had started beating again. Drinking her blood until she was near death, he waited until he felt her heartbeat drop drastically before pulling away.

    Aech had already retrieved the knife, and he handed it to the vampire. Cutting a thin, horizontal cut on his wrist, he moved it to her mouth. "Angel, you've got to drink my blood for this to work."

    Ryke said, "Jasmine, we'll explain this later, but we're going to have to take you to a building nearby...They'll probably be able to explain it better there..."
  16. Angel was so scared She bit her lower lip and sighed, leaning back. She felt so weak. She blinked when he began to move, but she stayed still. She gasped as she was bitten. She gulped hard but she gasped and feeling this.. She was confused. but hearing him, she opened her mouth and barely able to say, " Oh." she closed her eyes feeling weaker..

    Jasmine looked at him, and she didnt know. She said, " but," She sighed lightly. She bit her lower lip as she was being worried for her little sister.
  17. Letting out a soft moan as Angel opened her mouth to his blood, Jay closed his eyes. Her body would know when to stop, and the change would happen over the course of twelve hours. It would be a long, painful experience, but Jay told himself that he would be there for her through the whole thing. Once she had taken her lips from his wrist, he licked the cut to seal it before taking her into his arms. "You'll be okay, I promise," he whispered to her, smiling sadly.

    Aech was already on his cell phone, calling for a cleanup crew. All this blood at the school would surely draw unwanted questions. "The crew's gonna be here in five minutes. Let's be gone before then." Watching as Jay picked up his girlfriend, he called up the stairwell for Ryke. "Let's go, guys. Liza at NOSC is probably gonna be pissed at us..."
  18. Angel opened and feling the blood. She held onto his wrist as she took some blood why did it start to taste good? She gasped he pulled away, but she felt some pain. She gulped. She held onto him, she closed her eyes tightly. She stayed silent though. She looked up at him and kissed his lips softly. Before she felt her body being picked up. She held onto his shirt.
    Lilly was Liza's little sister. Yes, so that would make her a mermaid too. So she stayed quiet. She smiled lightly and shrugged
    Jasmine looked at Lilly before her sister, she looked like she was in so much pain. But she looked down.
  19. Leaving the school, Aech made sure that no one saw them. Once outside the school, in the student parking lot, he led them to the plain black van he drove, where there would be enough seats for all of them. Hopping into the driver's seat, he let Jay have the entire back row, so that Angel could lie down. As soon as everyone was settled down, he began driving, speeding down the streets.

    After about twenty-five minutes, they arrived at a guardhouse and a chainlink fence, gate and all. Rolling down the window as the NOSC guard strolled over, he flashed his ID before saying, "There was a situation at the school...Is Liza in? I think she'll try to beat me up when she hears what happened..."
  20. When Angel was put in the van, she was laying, but her head was on Jay's lap. She was still in a lot of pain. She didn't know when she was going to stop feeling this. She gulped lightly.

    Lilly and Jasmine was only looking at each other. Lilly knew that Liza was there, she was texting her. She sighed, texting her sister. Well We are at the gate... waiting to let him to let us through.
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