Against All Odds {adoption/family}

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    • I'm not all that particular about post length, and I typically match my partner.
    • If we choose to provide pictures for our characters, they must be real life ones.
    • I'm online to do replies daily.
    • The adoptive parents can be a lesbian, gay, or straight couple.
    • A single parent would be fine.
    • I will be playing Merida.
    • I'm good with playing multiple characters, so doubling or tripling up is a possibility.
    • If interested, PM me or reply here. I have no preference.

    Against All Odds

    Merida doesn't give up. Whenever someone tells her it can't be done, she immediately sets out to prove them wrong. The other children at the children's home often tell Merida she has no chance of getting adopted. Merida is determined to have a family no matter what anyone says. Each time the girl has come close to being adopted, something went horribly wrong. Merida is an exceptionally bright child who loves making things and going on adventures. She is prone to getting herself into trouble, but she always means well.
  1. I could do this. Would it be okay if the parents had a few adopted kids already?
  2. The parents already having adopted kids is good with me.
  3. Okay! Shall I send you full character sheets then?
  4. Yes, go ahead and send them.
  5. Before I do, can I ask how old your character is?
  6. Her age tends to vary a bit, but I think I'll make her nine for this one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.