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  1. The world is run by a somewhat peaceful military organization called Enforcement For Future Development, or EFFD for shot. Their mission statement is simple, ensure growth for tomorrow by regulating today. They constantly create robots for many purposes, such as surveillance copters to enforce traffic laws, or security bots to prevent thievery. The most infamous bot, however, is the police drone. It was designed to capture wrongdoers by whatever means necessary, including dead or alive. Originally these bots were designed to capture a specific person- a member of the military who volunteered in an experiment and went rouge afterwards. The experiment was to blend a soldier with a robot, and it was an apparent success, until the cyborg of sorts ran from the military. He was captured soon after, thanks to the police drones. Due to the quick success of the drones, the military implemented their use world wide.

    Looks: Please write a description, no pictures. Use full sentences.
    Personality: Again, use full sentences.

    My charrie-
    Name: Leone Valcrosse
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: None
    Species: Snow Leopard Cyborg
    Looks: Once upon a time, Leone used to look like a decent guy. Unfortunately, life happened.
    His fur is a cool steel grey color, smooth and soft to the touch. His leopard spots are generally small, lightly dappling his fur. The fur on his face below his nose is snowy white in color, as is the fur on his belly and chest. His right eye is cold blue grey. The left side of his face is often what shocks people the most- where fur and his other eye would be, cold metal took their place. His left eye is completely cybernetic, giving off a light blue glow unless he's falling ill. With this cybernetic eye, he can tap into wireless security cameras and switch to infared night vision. The metal ear on this side of his head doesn't move, which severely limits his hearing on that side and can often act as a handicap. His right arm and left left are robotic limbs, and his arm can transform into an energy blaster if need be.
    In order to blend in with normal society, Leone often wears a black hooded jacket with the long hood pulled up and covering his face, simple black gloves that go half way up his forearms, dark jeans, and black combat boots.
    Personality: Leone is very quiet, dominated by a fear that by interacting with the public, he'll be discovered and hunted down all over again. He's plagued with nightmares of some event that he just can't get a grasp on. He believes that it has something to do with the fact that half his head is some kind of supercomputer.
    When he fights, all his insecurities disappear, as if the robot part of him took possession of his body for a moment. His attacks run with a mathematical precision, and his defense is very deliberate and taunting.
    He rarely remembers his fights unless they leave him with a noticeable amount of damage.
    Themesong: Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides
  2. Name: Neon
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: DJ, Hacker, Writer
    Species: White Fox
    Looks: Basically, he has a semi-nerdy build with hair (a slightly red-ish white) in the style of almost every goth band lead singer out there. Has black headphones with neon lights shaped like N's in the center of each earpiece.
    Personality: Has a really neutral personality. Tries to please and is really attached to music. However, he doesn't work really good socially.
    Themesong: Steal The World by Backwall ft. Sir Llewy Project
  3. Name: Iris White
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Professional Thief
    Species: Half Serpentine Half Human
    Looks: Iris had long black hair that passes her shoulders with light purple tips at the end. She stands at five foot two with a sort of pale complexion. Her eyes have a bight yellow intensity to them with a light green around the edge of her eye, and instead of pupils she has slits. She also has snake bites in her bottom lip with three piercing in each ear with a long serpentine tattoo extending from her left shoulder blade to her left hip.
    Personality: Iris is a very cynical person who has major trust issues with other people. Since she's been a thief for majority of her life she is a very sneaky and flirtatious person and uses her looks to get what she wants when she wants it. She can be very stubborn and moody when she's had a bad day and when you first meet her. But she can be a very caring a protective person when she let's you in.
    Theme song: Dance With the Devil by Breaking Benjamin
  4. It was a peaceful morning, the city was calm enough for Leone's likings as he walked through the park located in the middle of the city. His posture was calm and relaxed as he quietly strolled along on the pedestrian path. His hood was pulled up, hiding his face. Only the faintest glow could be seen coming from cybernetic eye, completely unnoticeable unless you were specifically looking for it. His tail slowly flicked behind him, and a very faint limp could be seen as he walked. His gaze rested steadily on the ground.
    Living in hiding was probably the hardest part of living. Why was he even living in hiding in the first place? He just couldn't remember. He remembered waking up in a strange place, and then he ran, and then they were chasing him. There had to be more to the story than that, though... Right? He had a set of dog tags around his neck- that's how he knew his name. He tried to search his name before, but nothing useful ever came up. It was like he never existed at all. But of course he existed. He was living and breathing and struggling just like everyone else in this fine city.

    ((No humans exist in this world, Kathrine.))
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  6. It was a hard life for him. The fact that he was already losing sales due to a British Big Room Artist, and that his girlfriend just died, this was the week from hell. The whole world seemed to be falling apart. Slowly. Firmly. And Horribly.
    "Alright. You just got to think of another thing...but what N? What?!" He told himself untill he ran into....
  7. Leone grunted as some kid crashed into him. He'd quickly shifted his weight to his bad leg to keep the guy from getting a shoulder full of metal arm, but his balance wasn't all that great on the robotic limb and he nearly fell. Fortunately he caught his balance before anyone got the chance to hear what a half robot half leopard sounded like bouncing off the pavement. His cybernetic eye flashed brightly under his hood as his temperament got the better of him. "Watch where you're walking!" He growled as he lightly brushed himself off.
  8. He was shocked. Scared at what he just did. He put his hands up, with papers and pens, covering his face.
    "S-S-Sorry Man. I-I don't know what got in me! My House caught on fire and all my family's dead. I-I'm sorry!" He started to cry not of the incident. But of the pain he's felling physically. Falling face first on a concret road with broken glass and tar hurts like crap.
  9. Guilt instantly hit Leone the second the kid started to cry. "Hey, easy there..." Obviously he wasn't a grief counselor from whatever life he might've led before his memory blanked. He bent down and helped the kid pick up his things. "Do you have someplace to stay at?" He asked the kid worriedly.
  10. "Nope." He stated as he helped himself up. A shard of glass was impaled in his right eye, bleeding slightly. When he noticed it, his notebook he was holding fell with idea's and notes for at least 100 songs we're there.
  11. Leone knelt down to get a better look at the kid's face, probably revealing his own face in the process. What harm could a kid do, right? Still the scared little voice in the back of his mind nagged at him for revealing what he was to the kid. What if he caused a scene now? "Hold still." He spoke in a bit gentler voice. He pulled off the glove to his good hand, and unsheathed the claw on his index finger and his thumb. Very carefully he reached up and removed the little piece of glass from the kid's eye. "It should heal up on it's own if you keep your eye shut for a while." At least he knew about how things healed. He picked up the kid's notebook and handed it to him. "You're welcome to stay at my place, if you don't mind the fact that I am what I am..." He spoke gruffly as he struggled to stand up again. His robotic limb didn't cooperate all that well when it came to crouching and getting back up:
  12. He looked at him puzzled. He seemed fine. Hell, he looked perfect. There was surley nothing wrong. need a place to stay though. Badly. God, this would be a total mishap if he said No. He would be in total hell without a home. And even worse...he would be stuck at a boy orphanage. Also, your eye is hurt like f***. I mean, come on! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, DAMMIT! He let out his answer.
    "T-T-T-That would be nice. Thank you...who should I call you?" He asked.
  13. "The name's Leone. Yours?" He asked as he started to walk back to his modest two bedroom apartment. His steps were slow and steady, but his mind was racing. Was this really a good idea? The kid didn't have anywhere else to stay... Of course, it could be a trap... But it didn't feel like one.
  14. He looked at the leopard. He still didn't know how he could trust him. He seemed fine. He looked okay. But it was strange that his one arm was not being shown. It was better not to ask. And hopefully this would be an adventure he always had dremt of.
    He didn't know how right he was about that. That, and the two would see the world in a whole new perspective. For the boy....Quite So.
    As they we're walking, a bubble gum pink liquid started oozing from his eye. The leopard noticed it immediately.