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  1. Only few remain on the earth after a terrible plague has swept through the land. There are slavedrivers, ones who find people to enslave, nomads, who are often moving around, lords, who are the rich people remaining, and cannibals, who eat. humans. Everyone wants to survive. But who will?

    Cassidy bit down on the flesh of a slavedriver. She didn't want to, but, she had to. She was starving. After the plague got her parents, who had taught her this, she had been on her own with her baby brother attached to her back in a backpack. Then, the bushes rustled nearby. She put the fire out, clumsily wrapping up the remaining meat. She had to run.
  2. A figure trudged through the bush. His shoulders sagging and breath ragged from the heat. The man sniffed the air. Smoke. That girl was near. The girl who took Benedict alway. Darrin crept closer towards the source of the smoke. Benedict would be avenged.

    Nothing. Nothing was there except the remains of the fire and the blood of his brother. He wasn't going to kill her. No, he wanted far worse, to capture her, to torture her, to enslave her and the child. She deserved it.
  3. Cassidy was already running through the forest. Her little brother was crying, alerting the whole forest that she was near. The slavedriver wasn't nearby, but for sure he would know where they were by now. She just kept running. Her legs were wearing out by now. She would be enslaved. Sold to a lord. Maybe separated from Michael, her little brother. Just because she had to eat. No. she had to keep running. She had promised her brother the best, and he would get the best. There was a tree nearby. She could climb it. The bark was rough, but there were plenty of branches to hold on to. Sh began to shimmy up the tree, knowing it was her last chance to safety.

    "Hush, little one." she whispered to Michael, and his crying ceased.
  4. Darrin wasn't giving up just yet. He was going to track that girl down and destroy her even if it would mean death. He snorted, she's a cannibal. Of course it would mean death. Death or revenge. His mother said that his foolishness would cost him. Darrin didn't care. That girl and the brat would be dead and Benedict avenged.

    The fire looked hastily put out. She was in a rush. The moist soil revealed her tracks. They were deep, telling him that she still had the brat with her. He followed the tracks, guard held up in case the cannibal girl attacked. He stopped a few meters before the tracks vanished in front of a tree. Soft whimpers fell onto his ears. The baby would be bane of the girl's existence. Darrin didn't want to startle his prey. It was polite that way. He quietly climbed up the closest tree. Correction, tried to. Blame his big build and the tree's rustling leaves.

    Death or revenge? Or nothing?
  5. She saw him getting closer, and moved to the next tree, and Michael started up again with his crying. It wasn't her fault she was a cannibal. When her family was still alive, they were often chased by slavedrivers. One day, a slavedriver had snuck into their camp. Her father found him before he caused any harm, stabbing him in the back with his machete. They were low on food that night, so he had made them eat the slavedriver, but her mom refused because she was pregnant with Michael. So, they fed her some bitter roots they had dug up, but as for Cassidy, she had to eat the meat. After a few weeks, her mother had given birth, and Michael was healthy and strong. The family had promised not to feed him human meat. He only drank the milk that Cassidy had saved from when they had a goat. And they were low on it.

    She kept on jumping from tree to tree, only stopping to look at the blurry map her father had made. There was a settlement nearby, although it was pretty far away, she could probably reach it by nightfall.
  6. He followed her. She stopped to look at what seemed to be a map sometimes causing him to catch up. She seemed quite unsure about her surroundings. Darrin smirked, he knew this place well. He knew where she was heading to. He also knew a shortcut.

    He diverged from the path. By tonight she would be destroyed.
  7. She turned to see him gaining on her. Her legs sped up, and once again she was leaping from tree to tree. She started to slow down. The sun was close to setting, and she could see the settlement in the distance. The bad thing was, that the settlement was in a massive clearing. If the slavedriver had a gun, she would be dead.
  8. Jeremiah Rae, a short slim man with short black hair was standing at the edge of the settlement. He was missing his left arm from a raider attack many months earlier and his right eye from a cannibal who tried to take his life three weeks earlier. But the cannibal was no match for Jeremiah's speed. Jeremiah was quite famous in this settlement for his quickdraw and the incredible distance and accuracy he could reach with his .45 magnum revolver.

    Jeremiah noticed a girl in the trees a short distance from where he stood. "Great, another Goddamn mouth ta feed." Just then, he noticed the man following her. "Hmm, maybe not."
  9. She had to keep moving. Little Michael wouldn't last a day without her. The slavedriver was getting closer, but so was the settlement.
  10. Darrin chased after her at full speed. Just a little more and he would have her. He noticed a man at the settlement's edge. He was none other than Jeremiah.

    "That girl's a murderer, a cannibal! Kill her! Just stop her! SHE ATE BENEDICT!" He roared.

    Clearly Darrin hated cannibals. He thought the practice of cannibalism was disgusting. The thought of eating another man made him sick. He hated it more now because of Benedict's death.
  11. She kept going. Step by step, towards the settlement. Just a bit longer. Hang in there, Michael. We're almost there. Michael didn't seem to hear her. He was too busy crying and screaming to care. She was so close to the gate. So close. She was right there.
  12. She kept going. Step by step, towards the settlement. Just a bit longer. Hang in there, Michael. We're almost there. Michael didn't seem to hear her. He was too busy crying and screaming to care. She was so close to the gate. So close. She was right there. She ran right into the gate, her fists repeatedly thudding on the sheet of metal that kept her out of the settlement. She cried out.

    "Please! Please, let me in! He's going to kill me! Please! Please!" she screamed. Michael joined in with his cries. The gate didn't look like it was going to open anytime soon.
  13. Jeremiah looked over at the girl trying to get into the settlement. "Now you wait jus a min girlie, I see tat yer being chased, howeva we got a strict policy on outsiders here at ta settlement. If you want in ya gotta prove that you ain't gonna hurt nobody. We only take in ta kind hardworkin' honest folks. And also them folks who've got money. So, what da ya say, missie?"
  14. Cassidy quietly listened to him, even Michael stopped his crying. I may never need to eat humans again. She looked up at him.

    "I'll be hardworking, but please hurry and open up the gates!"
  15. Jeremiah was talking. But to the girl? Didn't he hear about Benedict? That girl was doing it again wasn't she? First she would act all innocent and helpless. Just a passerby and a baby trying survive. Then she attacks.

    If Jeremiah wasn't going to do anything about her and the brat, he would.
  16. "Hold it right there!"

    A woman would shout towards the ones coming closer and closer towards the settlement. Her eyes holding a great mass of danger as she stared at the two jumping trees like damn monkeys. Her presence was close to the boy who seemed to have done nothing to help with the situation that was being caused by the two. She stood five foot and eight inches while she weighed about nothing at all judging by her slender figure her blood stained hands holding a 44. Anaconda revolver in each fully loaded as well. She was not going to have this especially in the presence of young ones for many civilians flooded the gates just to see what was happening.

    She held a gun pointed at each of the outlanders before she shot a glare towards Jeremiah for his careless behavior. Obviously he was worthless in such situations. Her sky blue eyes then shot back towards the other two as smirk care across that pale face of hers. She was not the type to be sincere of care for she had no heart left in her to even feel sadness or guilt. Her mind was being crowded with thoughts as she debated on weather or not to just shoot at the others and get back to normal living with the other civilians behind the gate.

    Her long back hair crossed her eyes while her black trench coat fluttered within the afternoon wind that blew against her person. People addressed her as Rebecca but they also called her Becca for short. Her black combat boots were smothered in dried dirt and her black skin tight jeans gave her mild rashes as the fabric rubbed against her skin causing it to burn. "Humph, Seems as if this game got a little more interesting. ." She mumbled under her chilling breath while keeping her aim upon the woman with the child and the man who so happens to be chasing her tree to tree. The people near the entrance gates watched in fascination as Rebecca became more and more mysterious.

    She was bound to protect and serve for the civilians locked within the settlement and she was not going to have some outcast run in and destroy what she has created. Especially since children are her weak point and if a child was eaten alive then it was immediate death towards the Monster who dared to even lay their hands upon a child. She waited in silence just to see what these people had to say for themselves as a excuse to enter the settlement. With a single word spoken from behind her lips the civilians retreated away from the gate. She was like the commander of the settlement but mostly the protector of the people within it's walls.
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  17. Jeremiah looked over at Rebecca and shrugged. "I su'pose it'll be up ta you on weather er not they can get in. If I was you I'd let em in. I reckon they won't be causin' ya too much of a problem."
  18. "I wouldn't be too certain of that Hun, I know people of today and I know what kind of filthy Monsters they have turned into. .People looking for revenge upon those who ate their loved ones and those who lost sanity and became animals. ." She never took her eyes off the two while keeping her revolvers pointed she was not about to fall for any sort of tricks they had to offer for she has learned many before. "Plus, Who knows what type of people these two are. .They could be what I despise the most. They could be those filthy monsters. .Cannibals. ." She grumbled while her fingers tapped against the triggers of the weapons within her hands.
  19. "Well, perhaps you ought ta let er in the settlement, till we get things all sorted out between them? It'd be a shame if she happened ta be a nice young girl an ended up dead. Also, with a pretty face like that she'd fetch a nice price from some a them nobles."
  20. "Or another tasty meal. ." She mumbled before lowering her weapons and looked over to Jeremiah with a glare for if he was to be wrong about it he would be losing a finger just for being wrong. Her eyes them shifted back towards the others and ordered the gates to be opened. She then gave a gesture of her right arm allowing the two enter the settlement as she eyed them carefully and silently. She was not certain about this idea so she was promising herself to keep a close eye on these two just in case they are what she suspected them to be. And if her assumption was right and clear they she will not hesitate taking their lives.
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