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    Earth had once been a world full of life. The planet had once been covered in green, luscious grass where animals of all sizes grazed. Sure, there were times where creatures fought for their life, but in the end, it was beautiful. Until we destroyed it. It was inevitable, that humans would destroy the planet they lived on. After all, they did not wish to change their selfish ways. And when the green was gone and the animals died, they left. They left behind the mess that they made and moved on to a new home. Few, however, decided to remain in hopes of fixing the problem, but communications with them and the new home grew few and far between. And eventually, the small group disappeared.


    Earth is now in ruins with harsh environments left to endure mother nature's wrath. The air is hardly breathable and barely anything grows. Animals survive on what was left of the food made by man, but, they are slowly dying out. Slowly, Earth is returning to it's original state. It's free for all.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.