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  1. ~ Story ~

    Right now this very moment you have died. You have woken up in a world almost too good to be real, a world where you were given a second chance to fulfill the regret that had made you come to this world. Those in the afterlife can still feel pain as they did when they were alive,as well as dying again, only to awaken later fully healed.

    There were others like you, finding a way to get out of this crazy world. While most of the people lingering here were normal, created for this world and no longer humans but they look and act like the part. The only way to get out of here was to pass on, to fulfill your dream that you haven't done before you had died.


    The girl with light colored pink hair was walking around the park in the middle of the night walking around in circles repeatedly humming a soft little tune to calm herself down. It's been two days since she's been in this world, in afterlife, she fully remembered her memories and emotions before she had died. Now she has been lingering around here looking how she could get out of here.

    It's been hours since she's been walking around the park looking for a sign, and for hope. But there was nothing. Why would god even be so selfish? That's what she'd think. For every hour she stayed here she's been blaming the God himself for bringing her here. There must me someone who came from the real world, someone who was like her.


    ~ My Character ~

    Name : Eunisse Lane
    Age : 16
    Personality : Eunisse is extremely bright, cheerful and even a bit crazy at times. There's a part of her where's she's calm and collected whenever she's concentrated on something important towards her.
    Reason of Death : Her parents had entrusted her with her 3 younger sibling while they were to attend a meeting until a sudden attack of robbers came by their house and murdered her siblings while she wasn't looking. Once she was fully awake the robbers were already long gone, her parents went home seeing the police already in their house. With that a few days later she did suicide having the regret of not being able to help her siblings when they needed her the most.

    Appearance :

  2. Name: I am Areiz. Areiz Vine.
    Age: I am 17
    Personality: I usually keep to myself, as I'm fearful of injury, traumaphobia is the name of it. I am short-tempered, but friendly once you get to know me. As long as you don't get on my bad side, I'm pretty easy to get along with.
    Reason of Death: I..I don't like to talk about it, but for this, I will. I was driving along the road, and a semi spun across the road. Black Ice. January 15th. Winter. The semi hit my mustang, causing it to tumble off the side of the cliff. I died on impact.
    Appearance: [​IMG]


    Areiz tucked a stray piece of white hair behind her ear and crossed her arms loosely. She sat alone at the park, her feet pulled up beside her on the bench while she leaned against the arm. She watched people pass, staying silent. She sighed ever so slightly, wondering what exactly was she supposed to do. I just wake up...and I'm here... She thought silently to herself.
  3. Name: Hashimitsu Yuuka. (Last name for short)
    Age: 17.
    Personality: Will very often keep to herself and refuse help from others. Always with a blank face, smooth and straight forward voice, and gets right to the point.
    Inner Personality: Often intimidated, but hides her feelings behind a blank mask. Cares greatly for those she trusts and will give her life to help them.
    Cause of Death: Was attempting to stop a simple purse snatch when the thief had simply shot her in each eye. The first bullet killing her instantly, though the second was of a disgusting joke.
    Extra: Her eyes are a deep emerald green.
    Extra: She has asthma and will often puff her inhaler each half hour.
    Extra: She leans toward women, but will hide this by masking her emotions.
    Extra: Socially awkward, often getting into peoples space.
    Extra: Has a fear of anything electric, a simple phone making her unwary.
    Extra: Fascinated with water and could spend hours gazing into a stream.
    Appearance (open)
    Kurisu Makise! <3[​IMG]

    Yuuka sat up with a startled gasp, only to be pushed back down by a wave of dizziness, breathing rapidly, just short of hyperventilation. She felt a pain, the same terrible pain attacking her. She covered her head letting out a painful growl while curling up on her side. She had no idea that she was in a public park for all to see, all she knew was the pain.

    The memories hit Yuuka one by one, although the physical pain was fading, the mental was growing. Flashes of visions.
    Walking across the street, the old women and her dog, the shady guy watching from the distance and how Yuuka was stupid enough to actually confront him, even when he did nothing at the time.

    The last memory slammed into Yuuka like a bus, causing her vision to blur red along with the terrible sound of the gun. But that was the end of it, just as soon as it came it went away. This time when she pushed herself back up she was greeted by the fresh air of the park. Shakily, she reached down to where her inhaler was and thankfully, it was there. Putting it into her mouth and taking two deep puffs, sliding it back into her coat pocket.

    Yuuka glanced around, hoping that no one had seen whatever she had been doing. Only one person seemed to notice her, who was raising his eyebrows questionably, and in return she flashed her inhaler at him and hoped that would convince him she was fine, it did.

    Yuuka drew her knees to herself and began to think, while taking in the landscape around her. It was obvious she was in a park, a small swing set to the far left and a fountain a few feet in front of her. But how did I get here? She thought, which definitely dumbfounded her. She thought back to the morning, she left for school for six hours, went to the gas station for her lunch break... Then the memory of the burglary came and she tensed expecting another flash of pain, it never came. After sitting there for a minute, two, three, she finally allowed herself to relax and explore further.

    It's just too real. Yuuka thought, she never had a dream as real as that. She never felt anything in her dreams and the colors were always out of place too. She sat there for at least an hour, slowly coming to realize that it wasn't a dream, that she had actually died and was right there, alive as ever, without a single clue that there was at least two others who shared her fate.
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  4. Areiz glanced at a man who mumbled something about a girl shaking. She looked around the park silently from her bench, noticing the girl sitting in the grass. I wonder if she's like me... Areiz thought. Nah..probably not.. She looked down, sighing lightly.
  5. Yuuka's eyes locked into the gaze of the others girls and began to wonder if her eyes had changed during her panic. Tearing her gaze away, she rested her head against her knees and stared directly down, willing herself to gain control of her emotions. Which confused her, why did she suddenly 'know' that her eyes changed? But dismissed that thought quickly, she had to figure out where she was, and if the people here even spoke English.

    Putting on her emotional mask, she stood and strode over to the girl and was about to speak when a thought occurred to her. It would probably be somewhat strange if she was asking where she was, and what if the girl actually didn't speak English? Yuuka took a mental breath and in her usual even tone asked. "Where am I?" Trying her best to make it seem like the average thing someone would say.
  6. Areiz looked a little fearful that the girl walked over. "I..I.." she paused, looking down. "I don't know." she said truthfully, pulling her knees closer. "Do you?" she asked quieter, looking up at the girl. That sounded pathetic..what if it was a test? What if she's going to hurt me?... Areiz looked back down, trying to calm her fears. Once she was calmer, she looked up at the girl again.
  7. The question completely caught Yuuka off guard, and confusion broke through her mask. "'Do you?'" without even noticing she was thinking out loud.

    Yuuka shivered from a slight breeze and drew her jacket closer. "I... Eh... I don't know." She said truthfully, lowering her eyes down to her feet. "But why? Why can't I..." She trailed off, loosing herself to her thoughts. But just as quick as she looked down she bobbed her head back up, and with renewed eagerness asked. "Did you wake here too?" Knowing exactly as it sounded, but ignored the insanity behind the question and trailed her eyes over the other girls, searching desperately for any answer, clenching the side of her jacket hoping that she wasn't as crazy as she sounded.
  8. Areiz shrugged. "I...I don't know..and..yes.." She said quietly. She looked up at the girl. "I-I'm Areiz. Areiz Vine." She introduced. "Y-you are?" She pat the bench beside her, a friendly gesture for Yuuka to sit, even though Areiz felt very wary of this strange girl, she figured it would be hard to find someone in the same boat as she was. Maybe we can figure out what's going on...
  9. For the second time that day, Yuuka felt her heart skip a painful beat. She didn't know either! When Yuuka heard the girls name she promised herself that she would write it down somewhere. "Yu-...Hashimistu Yuuka. But, I would to be called Yuuka, if you don't mind." She rushed that last part in with a more friendly tone. Warily, she took a seat next to the girl and stared straight forward.

    It wasn't because Yuuka was putting up an act, or because of her mask, but because she was thinking. And normally whenever she was in thought she blocked out most of the world. She was staring at the fountain for at least ten minutes. Watching the ripples of the waves, the water spouting from the top, the difference when it hit either concrete, grass or water.

    Yuuka sighed, putting her elbows on her knees, and her hands around her head supporting it, staring down at the dirt below her feet. "Please tell me I'm not crazy." It was more of a thought, and she didn't even realize she spoke it loud enough for the other to hear.
  10. Areiz nodded. "hi Yuuka." she said quietly. I wonder where we are..still.. she looked around. Areiz looked at Yuuka when she spoke. "You're not crazy." she answered quietly. "Unless..we..both are." She sighed and looked down.
  11. Yuuka blinked when the girl said "You're not crazy." Had she heard? She must of, considering she answered Yuuka's question. Her eyes flicked left and right, trying to figure out where she was, an occasional shuddered breath escaping her throat. She was surprised she didn't have an attack, considering the amount of things that happened in such a small amount of time.

    Yuuka looked up and leaned backward on the bench, brushing back the hair that fell into her eyes. She didn't know what to say, either if she should ask what the other girl knew, or just try to have a simple conversation. So in the end she decided neither, and just stared into the space in front of herself, eyes flicking about at varies things.
  12. Areiz looked at the fountain, then around the park. " you come from?" She asked quietly, looking at Yuuka a little nervously. she wasn't used to talking to others, especially someone she just met. She sighed silently, staring back at the ground. I wonder why where here....where is here? What's going on? Wait..I've been asking myself these questions for about six hours and I still haven't found the answers....uuuuuuuuuuggghgghhhhhh
  13. "I'm from England." Yuuka herself had problems talking with people, being too... Weird, around others. She often had problems keeping a conversation normal rather than keep it going, so she chose to keep quite most of the time, figuring silence was better than teasing. So she did just that, onyl speaking when she was spoken to.
  14. Areiz nodded. "That's a nice place. I was born in the US, but I was raised in Russia ever since I was 5." She said quietly with a sigh. "What's your favorite place in England?" She asked, curious to know more about Yuuka until she could trust her. I hope I'm not being to pushy for info.. She thought to herself.
  15. Yuuka glanced over to the girl next to her. Russia? She didn't know many people who were from Russia, although she wasn't necessarily from Russia she grew up there, so that applied as well? "I've... I've never explored the U.K. Nothing more than my home town." She reached for her inhaler again, taking another breath from it before returning it to her pocket. "Do you know where I can get another one of these?"

    Yuuka knew that she was going to need a new one sooner or later, because it wasn't going to last forever.
  16. Areiz looked over at Yuuka. "Same.." She said quietly. Maybe we're somewhat alike.. She didn't say anything while the girl used the inhaler. "No..I'm sorry.." she said quietly. I hope she'll be okay.. She wondered about the inhaler.
  17. "I should probably get going..." It was obvious Yuuka wasn't helping the conversation go much further, and she also wanted to figure out where in the world she was. She stood, fixing her jacket as she did so that it hung off her in the usual way it did. Though she stayed there to see if the other had anything left to stay, but Yuuka kept her eyes glued to the ground.
  18. Areiz nodded. "Where are you going to go?" She asked curiously, shivering slightly as a cool breeze drifted by. she pulled her knees up closer to her chin with a silent sigh. She'll probably wander around like all the others...none stay in one place.. Areiz thought silently to herself.
  19. [​IMG]
    Name: Vincent Sonata, accurately named as his entire life seemed to revolve around music.
    Age: 17
    Personality: Very quiet and reserved, the only time Vincent ever really expressed himself was when he was around his music.
    Reason of Death: An unfortunate accident where the roads were slippery with ice and his car skidded off the side of a bridge, although the ice was not the only reason.


    Vincent opened his amber eyes. He was alive? But this didn't make any sense. He saw his car smash into the water below. There was no way he could have survived him, but this was no illusion. He sat up and found that he still had his phone in his hand. The same song was still playing and he was still wearing the same sweatshirt and jeans. He let the rest of Hindemith's Sonata for Clarinet and Piano finish playing before he got up onto his feet and walked towards the building that looked suspiciously like a school. Perhaps there were some instruments there that he could find, or perhaps a secluded room where he could sing. He needed to sort this out... Maybe he would run into someone who knew what was going on.
  20. Yuuka opened her mouth to respond but nothing came out. "Where am I going...?" Her head tilted downward in thought. She didn't know where she was, or how much time had passed if any. For all she knew, she was transported fifty years back.

    Yuuka blinked at that thought, and quickly looked around her. Lights... A laptop... Cellphone. She let out an audible relieved sigh, and slowly sat back down. "No where..." She brought her own jacket closer to to herself during the same slight breeze, huddling her chin into the front of her shirt while stuffing her hands back into her pockets. "What about you?"
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