After Years of Humiliation

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  1. Aqua Man has become the greatest super villain of all time. Below is a list of actions and links to videos to prove this case.

    He killed Steve Erwin.

    Fresh Water fish attack people more frequently these days.

    Google Shark Attack Videos, shouldn't have to post them.

    More fatal jelly fish stings have been reported.

    Let us not forget the Titanic. Now, people are going to say, "That was a glacier, how could Aqua Man possibly do that?" He used penguins and littered the glacier with tiny ice fish so they'd slowly push it into the path of the ship!
    Whales don't do that without being forced to do it! Jump to one minute an thirty seconds in.
    You see that! All Aqua Mans doing right there.

    The most laziest sea animal I've ever seen - the seal... Go to about one minute in.

    Here is another whale being controlled by Aqua Man. One minute forty seconds in.

    You're not even safe from your own pets!

    The gentlest creature of the sea - the Manatee attempts to chew a mans hand off!!!

    And another manatee goes for someones leg!

    We are doomed... DOOOOOOOMED!!!!
  2. I suppose he's also behind global warming, so the area in which he can wreak havoc is greatly increased over time...
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  4. ... If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of my paranoia increasing.

  6. Who will stop him?

    Superman, though he can breathe in space - can not breathe underwater. Even though he could hold his breathe long enough to find Aquaman he can not get past Topo - the Octopus Super Pet that has all the same powers as Super Man but four additional limbs.

    Batman tried with his submarine, but, it was sadly crushed by a colossal squid. Batman survived somehow - but it will take time to build another submarine.

    Peter Parker aka Spider Man recently died from the green goblin and has been replaced by a new spider man that isn't ready for such a challenge.

    I can't think of anymore super heroes at the moment. But though Flash could kick the living shit out of Aquaman - once again he can't breathe underwater. Plus Topo might grab him.

  8. except, perhaps, that Peter Parker isn't superman nor is in this continuum at all.

    Flash could kick his ass AND doesn't need to breath underwater, he'd move so fast he'd create a air bubble around him.
  9. Not even Peter David can make him cool. Poor Aquaman.

    In other news, Brave and the Bold Aquaman is the best Aquaman.


  10. See! Look at that face and pose. Tell me that isn't the perfect villain picture.

    Yeah - flash can move super fast. But he doesn't have a lot of strength. Therefore he'd just hit the wall.

    Of Fish.

    Er, I shall go back and fix my error - but you are quite correct that Peter Parker is not Superman.
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    Well, there's always Namor.