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  1. Towards the ends of this school year, we went over astronomy, and talked about catastrophic events that would destroy Earth, and it got me thinking..

    What is going to happen to the universe after humans have died? What if we were the only sentient beings?
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  2. IF we were the only sentient beings in the universe, the theories are countless.

    Many people believe there is more than one universe, others believe there are parallel universes and dimensions.

    Say were were the only sentient beings in ALLLLL of what we consider existence, Billions and trillions of years from now after a far star implodes and gives birth to a new galaxy, another earth-like planet will form, nature will pop up and evolution will most likely do it's thing again, given the chances of our theories on evolution being correct.

    I sincerely doubt that we are the only sentient beings in all of the universe, or any other kind of universe for that matter. I am starting to think that were are not the only earth like planet with Human beings on it either.

    But that is because I think Aliens use earth like planets as Human Farms ^_^;

    There is Always a bigger fish.
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  3. *Hive-Fives Fijoli*

    You said everything I was going to. :D

    Well, except for the Human Farms part. >.>
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  4. I think the universe will get along without us just fine. Perhaps in the end the rest of existence will be better off without us. I mean I think anyone who calls humanity an intelligent and sentient species needs their head examined. We can't even look after one lousy planet. I think if we were to take to stars all we would do is spread the damage even further.
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  5. Satan will throw a victory party.
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  6. Why would it matter what would happen after the human race comes to an end? We're simply a bad case of fleas crawling all over Planet Earth. The universe doesn't suddenly come to a halt just because a single species stops existing. Hell, entire stars explode/implode on a regular basis, but we hardly see them until billions of years after the fact.

    The universe will do what it always does: take masses of matter, shatter it, and reform it elsewhere. We're not missing out on anything.

    It's not like we'll be around to see the aftermath anyway.
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