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  1. The Second Wizarding War has finally, after several years of agony and massacre, come to a conclusion. A week has passed and those unfortunate lives that were murdered at the scene of Hogwarts have been buried beneath the ground. A cemetery was built on the campus, its located near the Black Lake and a monument stands guard over the fallen souls of innocent wizards/witches for eternity.

    Now comes the most difficult time....rebuilding the community that was shattered by Voldemort's reign. Students, both current and former, have joined together in efforts to reconstruct the damaged castle that they happily call their home. Hogwarts is not abandoned.



    * Searching for ONE partner that's comfortable playing OC & Canon roles of either gender.

    * This role play is going to be long-term. Another words, we'll likely be continuing this role play until either one of us, or both, loses interest.

    * No one under the age of eighteen! This is a Mature role play and will include themes not appropriate for anyone underage.

    * I welcome family dynamics, since the war is over and everyone is trying to progress with their lives. If you wish to have children, you'll be responsible for playing them.

    * I appreciate a partner is that engaged with the plot and offers their suggestions for the future of the role play. I also like to communicate with my partners and get to know them. Otherwise it's very uncomfortable to role play with them.

    * Please be active. At least one post per day, but I encourage you to post whenever you're able and have the inspiration. I understand real life obligations and delays, just keep me informed please. That's all I ask of you and I'll do the same in return.

    * Don't drop out without letting me know in advance and explain why you're leaving.

    * We both will take on several characters, either OC or Canon. Please be comfortable playing various roles. This includes male and females as well. I shall do the same.



    (I'll be playing my OC and her son, but I'll also take the role of a canon character that my partner wishes to be romantically paired with. I expect my partner to play my OC's romantic interest too, who happens to be GEORGE WEASLEY. As I mentioned, we're going to eventually be playing many characters and when we've decided whom, we'll make profiles for them as well.)

    Cynthia "Cyn" Martin
    Twenty | Former Hufflepuff | Metamorphmagus - Muggleborn

    Martha Martin (Mother)
    Richard Martin (Father)
    Jacklyn Martin (Younger Sister)
    Lucas Macmillan (Son)

    Gramps (Paternal Grandfather)
    Papa (Maternal Grandfather)
    Gran (Paternal Grandmother)
    Grannie (Maternal Grandmother)

    Squib Ancestor (Deceased / Unknown)

    The Martin family has a secret. Centuries ago, hidden from record, a female ancestor married a man with Pure Blood heritage. However, this mysterious man was not gifted with the art of magic himself. Sadly, much to his own families dismay, he was born a Squib. Unable to preform magic of any kind, he was disowned and lived out his life as a Muggle. When he married into the Martin family, he took their last name and kept his own legacy beyond their knowledge. He never wanted anyone to know.

    For generations the family remained Muggle and it wasn't until the birth of a daughter that magical blood inherited through the genetics. This darling baby was blessed with both magical talent. Her mother nearly died of fright when the baby's lovely blond hair suddenly changed into a shade of neon lavender. No one understood why. As the child grew up, her hair was always hidden from sight. She wore hats and scarfs around her head to keep the secret of her ever-changing locks.

    When she was eleven years old a letter arrived on the doorstep. It explained everything, including answering the family's confusion regarding their daughter's shifting appearance. They learned she not only inherited magical abilities from a Squib ancestor, but that she was also gifted with the talents of a Metamorphmagus. They couldn't be happier. She was accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Hufflepuff upon arrival.

    1st Year At Hogwarts:
    * Sorted into Hufflepuff.

    * Communicated with her family frequently through writing letters.

    * Became best friends with Hannah Abbott, a fellow Hufflepuff.

    * Learned about the Dark Lord and befriended Harry Potter, but found forming a friendship with Hermione impossible.

    2nd Year At Hogwarts:

    * Became a Chaser for the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team.

    * Discovered the truth behind the word "Mudblood" and was horrified.

    * Strengthened her friendship with Harry Potter, but began questioning if he was the heir to Slytherin after the incident with Zachariah in the Dueling Hall.

    * Was delighted to learn her parents were expecting another child.

    3rd Year At Hogwarts:
    * A majority of her time was spent studying during this term and she received news that her mother went into labor and left early for Christmas break.

    * She became an older sister to Jacklyn, whom she nicknamed Jackie.

    4th Year At Hogwarts:
    * She was excited when Cedric was chosen as the Hogwarts' champion, grief stricken by his death.

    * Discovered that her sister was also showing signs of magical talent, although it was much weaker than what Cynthia's had been at one year old.

    5th Year At Hogwarts:

    * Began a relationship with Ernest Macmillan, a fellow Hufflepuff, and joined Dumbledore's Army.

    * She discovered her Patronus to be a Polar Bear. It's a symbol of healing and personal strength. It's also a symbol of direction and being able to know what path is truly right for yourself.

    * Her Boggart is a Dementor, implying she fears death.

    * She was seventeen during this year and began an intimate relationship with Ernest a week before Christmas break.

    6th Year At Hogwarts:
    * Discovered she was pregnant and was given special treatment by Dumbledore.

    * When Dumbledore died, Ernest realized his responsibilities to Cynthia and began preparing for his approaching life as a father to their child.

    7th Year At Hogwarts:
    * She gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy that she named Lucas and added Ernest's last name out of respect.

    * They were a happy family, while still attending their final year at Hogwarts. When she was busy with classes, the house elves supervised and cared for the baby boy.

    * Cynthia and Ernest graduated at the end of term. Considering Ernest's family is a Pure Blood and fairly wealthy family, he had the financial means to support his new family and bought a modest house in Diagon Ally.

    Battle Of Hogwarts:
    * Cynthia refrained from attending, caring for her baby, but Ernest went to fight.

    * Lucas was only two years old at the time, having recently celebrated a birthday, and never saw his father again.

    * Ernest died in battle and was buried the following day.



    Lucas Macmillan
    Two | Half Blood

    Cynthia Martin (Mother)
    Ernest Macmillan (Father - Deceased)
    Jacklyn Martin (Aunt)

    Martha Martin (Maternal Grandmother)
    Richard Martin (Paternal Grandfather)
    Gramps (Paternal Great Grandfather)
    Papa (Maternal Great Grandfather)
    Gran (Paternal Great Grandmother)
    Grannie (Maternal Great Grandmother)

    Squib Ancestor (Deceased / Unknown)

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