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  1. Post War / AU

    Voldemort has been defeated, his reign of massacre and hatred has finally been stopped by the combined efforts of countless Witches and Wizards of various age ranges. His demise came directly from Harry Potter, but the lad has refused to accept full credit for ending the war. He considers everyone that fought a hero to some degree.

    Harry has been humbled by his experiences with Voldemort and merely wishes to have a normal life for once. Now the truly difficult task comes into play, rebuilding the lives that have been shattered and traumatized throughout the war.

    [x] My Character is already developed, she's an OC
    [x] I'll happily play ANY canon character in exchange for my partner playing George Weasley <3
    Hayden Amy Brooks

    Twenty-Two | Ravenclaw - Graduated | Half Blood | British - German | Patronus: Snowy Owl | Boggat: Her Father

    * Mother
    (Pure Blood / Estranged - Missing)
    * Father (Muggle / Deceased)
    * Maternal Grandparents (Pure Blood)
    * Paternal Grandparents (Muggles / Estranged)

    Enrolled at Hogwarts the same year as the Weasley twins and was sorted into Ravenclaw, which she'd already expected to happen. She enjoyed her 1st year at Hogwarts and was completely enthralled with her studies. Although she didn't socialize frequently, Hayden managed to make a few close friends while attending school. Her closest friends became Cho Chang and Professor Flitwick, her Charm's Professor and Head of House. Hayden's introductory year went smoothly and she was eager to return home so she could display her new knowledge to both parents. However, this is where the problems of her childhood began.

    Considering her father is Muggle, their relationship has always been estranged from the very beginning. Before Hayden even got accepted into Hogwarts, she showed promise in the magical arts and this greatly displeased her father. He willingly married a Witch, a Pure Blood, but wanted to banish his wife's heritage entirely from his life.

    So when Hayden began her studies at Hogwarts, she was discarded by the only father she's ever had. Upon her return home, Hayden's father suddenly started adopting abusive behavior towards his daughter and this escalated to physical abuse within a single summer vacation. A mother's natural instinct is to protect their children, but Hayden's mother felt so incapable that she was overwhelmed by the traumatic situation and allowed the abuse to continue.

    - Hayden's 2nd and 3rd years at Hogwarts consisted of mainly her studies and attending a few Qudditch games. She kept herself fairly isolated from the general population and spent hours within Professor Flitwick's classroom. Hayden refused to go home for the holidays and instead stayed at Hogwarts. When the term finally ended, she returned to her father's abusive hands and felt betrayed by her own mother.

    - 4th year is when Hayden developed her inner strength. She began learning defensive magic and even got permission from Professor Flitwick to study advanced magical arts. This is how Hayden became capable of perfecting her talents with Charms, Jinxes and Hexes at such a young age. During this year, Hayden began showing an interest in socializing. She started hanging out with Cho Chang more often and even attended visits to Hogsmead.

    - 5th year was a time of awakening for the young Witch. Hayden's father broke her right arm and upon that happening, her mother suddenly stepped forward. She immediately filed for divorce and moved herself, along with Hayden, out of the household. Although thankful to be away from her father, Hayden knew she'd never be able to accept her mother's prior actions that permitted the abuse to continue for so many years.

    - 6th year is when she joined Dumbledore's Army. Hayden expanded her knowledge of magic under Harry's guidance. Within a few short weeks, Hayden successfully produced a Patronus Charm. When Harry realized that Hayden has extensive knowledge in magic, he asked her to join the twins in keeping the club from being discovered.

    Hayden kept herself separated from the twins whenever possible, but she did assist the brothers in preventing Umbridge and her rat squad from locating the Room of Requirement for several months. Hayden and the twins got along famously, once she opened up to them and broke down her guard. When the twins decided to abandon the school, Hayden stayed behind. She managed to obtain an early graduation at Professor Flitwick's behest and left Hogwarts at the end of term.

    Hayden prefers not to speak about her family and considers herself an orphan. She is still very introverted and isolated from society, including the Weasley twins. After George lost his ear to a Dark Curse and she began staying at the Burrow, Hayden kept a constant eye on his condition.

    Knowing a vast library of Healing Herbs, Potions and Spells...Hayden offered to help him whenever he needed. When it came time for Fleur and William's wedding ceremony, Hayden watched from the background and refused to be involved further. She escaped from the Death Eaters and fled back to her broken down apartment in Diagon Ally. Although frightened beyond belief, Hayden joined her fellow classmates at the final battle of Hogwarts. She fought alongside everyone else and has sustained horrible scars for her efforts.

    Hayden's back has claw marks from her altercation with Fenrir Greyback's claws, she tested negative for the Werewolf gene.
    She's completely blind in her left eye, after fighting against a Death Eater.
    Hayden has never been romantically involved with anyone, although she has feelings towards George Weasley.
    Her father is believed to have died at the hands of Death Eaters, her mother is missing and Hayden isn't phased by this knowledge.

    After Hogwarts:
    Following her graduation from Hogwarts, Hayden bought herself a small apartment with some inheritance she got from her mother's Pure Blood side of the family. They have always been supportive of her, despite knowing that she's a Half Blood. They don't share traditionalist beliefs and welcome Muggles into their culture. Hayden hasn't spoken with her mother since her final year at Hogwarts. She doesn't want to be in communication or contact with her mother. When the war began escalating and engulfed all of England, Hayden was recruited into the Order by George and Fred, who happened to see her wandering the streets of Diagon Ally in disguise.​
  2. I really like this idea and I'd be happy to make adjustments to include my partner's OC if they wish!​
  3. I'd love to give this a go, although I'd need to brush up a bit on my HP knowledge. I've read the series several times but it's been awhile since I read it last. If you are willing to be a bit patient with me I'd like to give it a try.
  4. Absolutely!

    Also, I can answer any questions you might have. ^_^ I'm not expecting anyone to play George perfectly, just give it their best. If you need some quick help, watching YouTube videos with the twins scenes is advisable.
  5. Well then I will accept the role, and promise to give it my best. I will make sure to at least brush up on the Weasley's in particular, so I don't feel out of my element.
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  6. Thank you so much! Seriously, I've been dying for this roleplay!

    Shall I make the thread and begin things off? Or did you have any immediate questions? Anything at all?
  7. Don't thank me! It will be a lot of fun. :)

    Yes, by all means start us off. Nope, no questions that won't be answered soon enough.
  8. Awesome, almost done with the intro.
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