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  1. As a kid Leon never put much thought into what he was going to do once he turned the age of maturity. He remembers with a small sniffle, that the days seemed to go by in an endless river of nothing. He never cared for dates and numbers despite what his teachers taught him and what the scholars say. To him it's just a bunch of foreign letters that he'll never really understand, so he pretends to care just to please his instructors and doesn't question it. He's not stupid-his studies will justify that for you- but he's not super smart. He's on par with everyone else in his age level, but that can change when you're working with a machine that a billion times smarter than you'll ever be. To say he's average is an understatement nothing about him stands out when you really get to know him. He rolls his eyes as he thinks of his mother and Aileen and how they put him on this weird toadstool. He shrugs as he remember that all mothers and their partners think like that.

    His age never meant a lot to him. He knows how old he is of course, but the thing is he doesn't really care. All he knows is that today on August of 3017 is that he's getting a partner. A Draco or Anguem once you reach the age of intellectual maturity. He doesn't care which one his tests say-if he does take a test the rumors are always different each year- he just wants to get this over with. It's not like he dreads this day, more like he's imagined it enough in his mind that he's tired of thinking about it. He just wants to get his partner and leave so he can advance in his grade level and start his career depends on what type he's getting. There are more than those two of course, but he's too tired to think right now. He glances at his clock and groans. 3:20 A.M. The schedule told him to be on the train by 3:13 and he just wants to go to bed. He's heard enough stories about how his bond with his partner will change his life or how he'll be different. A certain sadness creeps into his chest as he remembers his sister, leaving for her career as a trainer for newly formed bonds.

    The train rumbles against his bum sending vibrations running through his body as the city passes by him in a blur. It's hard to make out the shapes as the colors whirl by in a collision of patterns and lights so he doesn't try to look out the window. It only causes him to be nauseated. He Reuters back to his book, "World War 3' by Victor Smith and scans the pages without really reading it. He can feel the bubbles of excitement in his chest and the heaviness of the situation. He doesn't like going into things blind, like taking tests or pop quizzes, so taking a test that decides his partner for the remainder of his life is a little...stressing to say the least.

    He flips the page before closing it with a a sigh. "I'll just go with all C's"
  2. Dei hates tests. He was never good at them; hell, he was never good at anything school related. He's a worker, not a scholar, and he's always known that. He wishes his teachers would stop treating him like an idiot but all anyone ever cared about were the stupid books. If only he could work with the Aguenum for the rest of his life, and not have to be bothered with people in the least. He wants to be a rider, like his father, who always used to say riding was about the feeling, not the reading, whenever Dei would get nervous as a child. If only everyone thought like his father... But everyone doesn't and if he doesn't test properly he may not be given a partner at all, according to his Headmaster.

    Your skills are lacking, perhaps another profession altogether?

    Dei grit his teeth. Not one of his peers had even seen a Draco or an Anguem up close, and none of them had been taught by a dragon rider how to establish a true bond with one. No one wanted an Aguem as badly as he did, so why couldn't anyone see that?

    Perhaps you could try helping another, more capable rider instead?

    That would truly be hell. To be the son of a rider and never ride? To be forever stuck to some other rider as a clump of dead weight? He can't do that. He stares at the page before him, and his heart sinks. Aura isn't here to read to him there's no denying it. He can stare at the page for hours, but he will never be able to make sense of those letters.
  3. Of course Leon's heart almost stops as the train slows down,the images on the window becoming more and more decipherable as it slows. Of course he licks his lips nervously and starts to dart his eyes around the small carriage and get goosebumps on his arms. He can already feel them tingling up his arm as he swallows the remaining spit from his otherwise dry mouth. He tries to focus on his book, but he can't seem to read them. It's as if the page is all jumbled up in a haze of black italics and bold prints. He closes his eyes and breathes in slowly, remembering his mother's instructions and Aileen's soothing words about how quick it will be and how easy the process was for them. But I'm not you, he wishes he would have said that earlier instead of sitting there in the dark silence of the night before he had to go. He risks a glance outside and his breathe catches in his throat as if he swallowed thorns.

    The First City is a dark grey in the early morning dusk. Steam pours from the roof of the building and arises into the air only to flow into the clouds above in a multi-colored rainbow almost. He thinks back to his History lessons about this place. He tries but the only thought that remains is that the smoke is powering the creatures. He shudders as his heart pounds in his chest, threatening to leave if he doesn't shape up. He sighs heavily and tries to place his mind on the architecture of the building. It's dome shape with a black old tattered flag at the top; the keep a reminder of the old and to remember the fallen. He can't tell what color it is from the darkness, so he doesn't try. The windows are huge and imposing, threatening to kill all who dare to look through them. That is if they get past the guards and their own partners, he shrinks at having to past by the blacker shapes that line the area.

    "Holy mother of-" he's cut short as he starts to hyperventilate, an alarm signalling the end of the ride and the dead pan voice of the conductor.

    "First City. First City. Please remain seated as other exit the machine." Leon blinks twice, maybe even three times as he hears the shifting and whispers of other around him as they load the bus. He can hear Sarah Davis as she cries on her friends shoulder; he can see Jace Thomas' shadow pass by the curtain. Only discernible by the mop of wild long hair and the imposing height at which he stands at.

    He stands up slowly, hurriedly packing his things as the line starts to move slowly. He cracks his knuckles-shoulders shaking as he hears the symphony of bones- and pulls back the curtain. Eyes dart to him and seem to sneer as they look down at him.
  4. Dei ended up filling out an obscure pattern with the remedial test bubbles. He left the testing arena after practically shoving his test into the face of the Proctor, who had smirked at him knowingly. He grinds his teeth, turning his head to the morning sky, which calms him some. He loves First City.

    His father used to take him here all the time. It was where he saw an Aquenum for the first time, a massive, muscular serpent of muscle and iron. They were beautiful creatures, and he loved watching them glide in the aquarium tanks, bodies glowing in the water. He remembers that day well, and thinks it might of been his sole reason for driving so hard to become a rider. He hasn't been to First City since his father died, there's no way for him to get in anymore. He passes the train station, watching the year's dragon partners filing onto the City bus. How lucky. In a year maybe he would join him. 'Not after that remedial test.' He shook his head to rid the thought from his mind. If he could just pass. He was ready!

    He stared longingly at the students filing onto the bus. Imagine what it would be like to hop on and know that after a single test he would have a partner. The thought is almost painful. Why is he so stupid? Why is everyone so focused on that? He would do anything at all to get a partner, if only he could pass the bar! But he wasn't smart like these students, and it was a pity.Most look frightened, or at least less than happy.

    He supposed he would be a little nervous about his partner assignment, but he really wouldn't care much what he was assigned. If he received a Draco so be it. There was something about all dragons that made him feel alive. Such cold skin, with burning life just at the center. Lethal beauties of an entirely different world it seemed. He continued to watch the bus; if he stood long enough he could almost see himself boarding it.
  5. Normally Leon would be the first to finish his test. He could lost count how many times he received a test knowing the answers and already filling the bubbles in before the instructor can blink. He can count on his fingers how many times the other students would glare at him with slightly envy. He can also count how many times he's been shoved into the streets by others just because he studied and they didn't. He doesn't think about it at first as one person sits up and hands in there test and walks away. He glanced at the second person and bit his lip in irritation as he roughly erased his answer and glared at the question. He would stare at a question and glance up at the twitch and sound of paper turning or the footsteps leaving the hall. He'd grind his teeth and had swallowed back tears as one girl glanced triumphantly at him as she passed his table. He almost walked out after that one.

    So, he sits alone with only the instructor and the ticking of the old clock to keep him company as he re-reads his answers again and again for Pete's sake. He bites his upper lip as he erases his answer and the sound of his pencil scratching the paper fill's his head as he furrows his brow in frustration. There's no time limit Leon, he remembers the sympathetic whisper of the instructor as she lays a hand on his shoulder softly and the clack of her heels as she walks away. He glances upward the wonders briefly about the train and will it leave him. Shaking his head he turns his focus back on the problem and hopes that the answer will come to him magically. It doesn't as expected and he's left wondering what in the hell he'll do next. He turns the page over and checks how many he's got left. 26. 26 problems he most likely has no answer for. He decides to circle the problem he's on and come back to it later.


    Finally, as his fingers are just starting to throb he raises his hand numbly and looks up to the instructor. She glances at him once as she reads her book and blinks in confusion for a second. Her eyes lighten up and she puts her book down and she hurries across the hall, the sound of clacking in her wake, and she stops beside him. She glances at him for permission to hold his paper and he nods, she smiles and whispers a good luck to his ear as she winks and scurries toward the back door.

    He cracks his knuckles and sighs to himself as he packs up his things. He supposes he won't get a partner. And the thing is....he's okay with that.
  6. Dei spends the afternoon collecting scrap metal from the west edges of the city, where excess parts are dumped in the waste stations. There are other people there, scrounging around for parts. By now he knows most of them are amateur builders and scrap artists. The amateur builders are a more intellectual type, and he tends to stay away from them; their group is too exclusive for him. The artists, however are a different story, especially Black.

    "Youngblood!" Dei has no idea why the man calls him that, but the older scrap artist intrigues him. He has a mane of long, black hair, that swirls around his bony face. Back is thin, deathly so, and his movements are like a spider as he makes his way to where Dei is rummaging through the trash. "I haven't seen you here in a while. Where've you been?"

    "Remedial testing." Black's deep blue eyes darken even further.

    "Eh? Testing? I didn't think you were the type of guy to care about that sort of thing."
    "What type of guy?"
    "I dunno...just seems like you could be a scrap artist yourself. You act like one." Dei is surprised by this assesment, but he supposed it held some truth. Scrap artists were famous for the way they so single-mindedly sifted through the rusting bins, climbing in and through what the rest of the world saw as trash to create their own individual visions. He supposes, in a way, Black might be right. His hands are flecked with rust and grease, but this has never deterred him in the past. After all, he has a purpose for being here, much like his purpose for putting every ounce of effort he can into his classes, even though he continues to fail.

    "I want to ride dragons, and I have to test out of remedial to do that."
    "Huh. A dragon rider," Black studied him closely. "Well don't lose your head where your heart is." Dei frowns but the man is already loping off, back to his own personal mission. He's always saying such strange things...

    The sky brims with clouds, the grey forms rolling overhead, threatening rain. Dei pulls himself from the scrap bins. He has enough metal now. He makes his way to the train station and boards, ready to go home and begin what he's been waiting all day to do.
  7. "You're talking to yourself again." Rhea says, flicking the hair out of his eyes causing him to bat weakly at her hand as she grins. "Why don't you stop stressing and let loose a little bit? The test won't come back for a another week." he doesn't miss the dismissive tone in her voice as she trails off adding emphases on the word, 'weak.' He bites his tongue before he lashes at her, gripping down the sharp retort that was hot on his tongue as he glared at her. She met his gaze evenly and narrowed her eyes, dark green with flecks of blue, and raises a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

    They stare at each other for what seems like an eternity, never blinking, each holding the others stare as the tease each other. Leon can feel his eye twitch as the wind rolls over him from the window of the train and feels the breathe of laughter inside his throat. He can tell by the way her shoulders start to shake that she's about to start laughing, but she keeps her eyes focused on his. Breathes mixing together he can smell the faint scent of eggs on her breathe and wrinkles his nose. Blinking softly he rested his eyes for a moment before opening them to see her grinning in triumph.

    He can practically hear her thoughts as if she were speaking to him. She wants to gloat. He knows it. He can tell by the way her mouth opens just for a second to consider what will hurt him the most and mischievous look in her eyes. "Shut up." chuckling under his breathe he turns away from her though he can still feel her watching him. Silence falls between them like a blanket, but neither are bothered by it.

    "We both know you passed." it's not meant to be answered. It's more of a fact that she tells him as if he's stupid enough not to believe it. She whispers it under her breathe just enough for the both of them to hear and not for other ears. Leon considers for a moment not to look at her, but his mind fails him and he turns his head to glance at her curiously.

    With her gentle features and smooth skin she looks like a princess out of the old tales his mother used to read to him. Brown hair in graceful ringlets and perfectly manicured nails she certainly is a looker by other's standards. She a frail looking creatures with an even fragile spirit and careful hands. She draws the attention of every person in the room as though she commands it and holds it to a degree of respect he's never seen before. But Leon knows not to underestimate her. She's armed with a sharp movements and an even sharper tongue that she-and only she- knows how to use. Leon thinks that's why he likes her as a friend so much.

    She's sitting there silently, eyes scanning the white table before them as if it hold any interest to her. She seems to be thinking and breathes in for a moment and her eyes trail back to him. She blinks as she as if she's considering what she's going to say next and shakes her head slightly. Leon smiles and breathes out the breathe they're both carrying together, so his shoulders slump against the seat in a somewhat melodramatic display and she grins as she watches him.

    They both watch each other as they ponder what the other will say next. each not daring to say the wrong thing out pf fear that they might offend the other. Leon blinks as he looks down at her hands and frowns. He chooses to say nothing.
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