After the Purge


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It wasn't exactly a secret that magyk existed in the world. Actually, a good amount of the population had magykal blood within their family, but that was before the Purge. For so long there was peace in the world, no fighting, no major conflicts, no civil unrest, no nothing. This era of peace was for many, a great relief to the masses, but not some. The man's name was Mr. White. A self-proclaimed 'ruler of the world', Mr. White wrote to world powers describing how he'd soon rule the world and dispose of 'unwanteds'. To the world, he was another nut job. Despite his insane proclamations, the world began to listen to Mr. White. He was soon the star of news programs for all the wrong reasons. This didn't seem to please Mr. White. He grew more insane and his threats more radical. Soon the world saw him more as a common psychopath instead of some nut job worth listening. This made Mr. White even more unsettled and displeased. While his threats growing more detailed and elaborate, the world had moved on to the next sensational. Little did the world know that he could actually make good on these threats. As the world went on Mr. White cast a powerful enchantment on the world which wiped out most of the world's population. Why? To rid the world of 'unwanteds' or 'unclean blood'. The only ones to survive were those with magykal blood, either active or dormant. Of course those with active blood, also known as conjurers and magykans, were blamed. A rift appeared between those with active blood and those with dormant. As the world fell into disarray, Mr. White appeared as the one who would rule. His solution, separate the active and dormant bloodlines. Those who were mixed were tested to find their magykal potential. If they passed they lived in the rich, high society. If they failed they'd be cast out to the small, scattered villages and towns that thrived on manual labor. This didn't last long since Mr. White died only 20 years after the Purge. But in this time, the pool of active blood conjurers/magykans grew exponentially. No longer were they the minority. This soon caused many wars to erupt around the world. The war lasted for nearly a century. And in that span of time the population of earth was diminished to a small population in each group. Finally there was a truce to allow the world time to heal, but that truce was very shaky. There was still fighting and 'witch hunts'.

Damon was a youth of 18 who was finally allowed to go on his own hunt. This was to find and kill a witch and bring their head back to the village. While this sounds primitive, this is what the world was; a crude, blood-thirsty world. Damon was all too eager to follow in his family's footsteps and make his village proud. He was the most hopeful of the fledglings because of his ability to sense magyk being used. Unlike many others born from dormant blood, Damon was able to not only sense the magyk but also identify it. This was due to his blood being on the boarder of active and dormant. If he had been born into a magykal family, he probably could have been a witch himself…but he was not. For now Damon is a witch hunter whose only goal is to eliminate the enemy.

For almost three months, Damon was getting close to a magykal encampment. He knew in what general vicinity it was in, but there was no visual evidence that supported his intuition. At the moment, Damon was forced to sit and wait until his suspicions were confirmed and he could confidently call in backup. Most fledglings would have already gone back to the village and informed the elders and began to plan the attack, but Damon wanted to be sure. This made him go much closer to the city than is advised. He was alone except for his bloodhound partner, Harry. Magykal resistant twin pistols were strapped to each thigh and a long dagger on his side. Damon was confident in his ability to fight, which might have been why he made such a grave error in his hunt.