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  1. Noa was kidnapped at 13 and forced to live in her captor's basement for 10(Can change) years. After 3 miscarriages and many escape attempted she became discouraged and depressed.
    After four years of captivity she became pregnant again. This one was successful and she bore her captor a baby.
    The baby gave Noa hope again. She started to care about living again.
    Noa started planning on at least trying to escape again. She knows she has to get it right the first time or she worries her captor may kill her child.
    Eventually they do escape, but sadly their captor also escapes and is never caught. Now Noa and her child, who has never seen the real world, must figure out how to live again after years of seeing nothing but the little cell in a basement.
    They meet another man who helped them escape and is very interested in them. Noa is afraid, but the child isn't. The man tries to befriend both, but is constantly pushed away by her.

    What will happen? Will they ever adjust? Will their captor show up again?

    I kinda want to play the girl(Which is why she has a name), but I'm looking for two to three more people to play-

    The Child(Age can be pretty much whatever you want. Preferably under 13. Gender is also whatever you are comfortable playing)

    The Captor

    The Guy Who Helps/Romantic Interest(RI)

    Some Rules/Points of Interest):
    1) Be polite.
    2) People have lives don't go speeding on without them
    3) Whoever who plays the RI- any Hanky Panky under the Blanky will fade to black.
    4) Have fun

    Sign Up Thread- INTEREST CHECK - Starting Over(Looking for two-three people)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.