After the Fall

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  1. As the story goes...

    In 2521, Man was able to genetically engineer artificial humans in labs. We created the perfect soldiers, unable to feel emotions such as anger, love, fear, etc. The soldiers were fast, strong, and some have their own abilities. The soldiers came to be called Homunculi. There would be no more unnecessary sacrifice of valuable human life.

    Things went as planned for the first decade or so. The soldiers did what they were created for; war, killing, destruction. In 2533, one malfunctioning Homunculus attacked and slaughtered a few lab techs, but was later captured and locked away for the safety of the public. What they didn't realize was that this Homunculus was carrrying an extremely toxic infection, which started infecting other Homunculi. All it took was a bite to infect others. Soon, the HCC (The Homunculus Creation Centre) was overrun with infected Homunculi, which eventually found their way out into the open world and began infecting others. Many human and Homunculus lives were lost.

    It's now 2583, fifty years after the outbreak at HCC. The world mankind once knew is gone; cast into eternal darkness caused by our own hands. Towns, cities, and homes are now nothing more than rubble, abandoned and dangerous. Infected Homunculi are now the dominant species on Earth. However, some Homunculi remain untouched by the disease. They have developed more human personality traits, able to feel emotions just as any human.

    The infection has also changed over the years, now able to infect humans just as it did to Homunculi, making them deadly, bloodthirsty hunters. As the infection gets worse, the human flesh and tissue begins to change and deform, making them lose their human shape and become more like monsters. They come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. They have different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, but all are deadly and must not be underestimated if you wish to survive.

    Humans and Homunculi began to despise each other for their differences, and for the Fall being the fault of the Homunculi in the eyes of the humans. Homunculi wish to be treated as equal to humans, and not like the infected, which both species fear more than anything. Humans don't want to interact with Homunculi. So the species divided up, refusing to deal with one another. Some humans and some Homunculi choose to try and survive on their own, while others know their best change for survival is with their own kind, in a group. They take shelter wherever they can.

    How will you choose to survive? In a group or alone? Will you learn to accept the differences of the species or will you destroy each other on sight? Something must be done to insure the survival of one species, or both. It's your future.

    • Homunculi have one ability other than their enhanced physical attributes, if you so choose.
    • Homunculi have extended lifespans (about 200 years) and can reproduce, so it is possible to have some from before the fall and after. They also may have small "odd" things about their appearance that a human wouldn't have, such as sharp teeth or claws or something little and useless like extreme eye colours.
    • Humanity and the Homunculi do not generally get along; humans blame the Homunculi for the apocalypse and also fear their power.
    • A Homunculus and a human cannot have a child.
    • Obviously it's set in the future, so if you have some cool gadget you want to introduce, go ahead! Just remember, it's still a post-apocalyptic setting.
    • It is possible for a Homunculus to get infected and not change, other than the domineering bloodlust. They can spread the infection. (An infected character that does change over time, though... that would be interesting.)
    • The infected can look like anything you set your mind to! They are not recognizably human, however.
    • Also, this is not my original roleplay. I was in it a long time ago on another site and it died. I have no way to contact the original GM, so if you happen to be her somehow, I'll take it down if you wish/give credit.

    • The usual: no godmodding, powerplaying, etc.
    • Oh, you should also know Iwaku's rules by now.
    • For now, only one character per person. This might change, depending on how many people join.
    • Your character may die. It won't be a common thing, but it may happen.
    • There is no posting order.
    • I don't expect everyone to post once a day, but one every couple of days seems manageable. Let us know if you have to leave (temporarily or permanently)!
    • As for posting length, I don't care too much, just give us something to work off of. Shorter posters, don't be discouraged! The only thing I'm going to say is no one-liners and no bashing post lengths. Help someone grow if they want it.
    • Decent grammar/spelling/whatnot would be nice.
    • IC located here.


    Race: (Infected Homunculus, Homunculus, or human.)
    Biography: (Don't worry about the length, just as long as there's something.)
    Ability: (Homunculi only.)
    Other: (Anything else you feel you need to add?)


    Malice Anson
    Annie Beverly
    John Hemingway
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  2. Name: Calliope (kall-ee-oh-pay)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race: Infected Homunculus
    Biography: Calliope was raised until her teen years by her parents, until she was bitten while foraging for food. She tried to hide it, but eventually went mad with bloodthirst and attacked a human. Her parents found out, but didn't have the heart to kill her, so they cast her out and ran away, fearing they would become victims, too.
    Weapon: An array of knives she carries and a set of attack discs (3) -- thin, hovering discs with ultra-sharp edges, made of a durable metal compound that won't dull easily, have a large hole in the center for manual use, and a computer inside that allows it to do rough targeting and return to the area of its docking station. The docking station is attached to her belt, adjusted to her side, and looks like a round, metal card holder.
    Ability: Sound manipulation.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Other: Her teeth are pointed, like a shark's, and her eyes glow.
  3. Name
    He was raised by a group of survivors when he was still a boy. As the years went by he started to become more human like thanks to his makeshift family. He was the only survivor from a brutal attack of the infected that killed everyone in his camp. He now travels searching for survivors who are in need.
    Claw blades that were crafted with military issued bayonets
    Speed Enhancement

    He think he is a human.
  4. Looks good. ^^ Hoping to get a few more people before I make the IC.
  5. I want to join but I might be on and off for a couple of days. I'm not even close to being healthy yet since two weeks ago, but I will try and post as often and as fast as I can (despite having really long posting lengths. qq)

    We're gon do dis a special way today!
    just to make it more interactive, I like interactive stuff.

    • Malice Anson
      An infected Homunculus

      Malice Anson, that's me, the one who's gonna rip you to shreds.

      My name's Malice Anson, a Homunculus who's been infected by this virus. I guess it's not TOO bad. There's others who I get along with, some I don't. Most of the time, I choose to be own my own. When I'm on my own, I look for you other non-infected Homunculi and humans. Nothing's really changed in the past five decades, hm?

    • This is what Malice looked like before he was infected (open)
      Prepare your eyeballs (open)
      Don't say I didn't warn you (open)
      It was the first picture in google images (open)

      Before all of this happened, I think I used to be a happier humonculi. As said of this picture I now despise and must dispose of now.
      Now, I do recall other humonculi having almost zero to no emotions, but my creators put a dash of... How would you explain it... happiness in me? Not too much, all the said to do was smile in that picture... ugh.

      So while I was having lunch, the person beside me started acting weird. His eyes were crazed, as if he were bloodthirsty. I didn't have enough time to move away, though. He bit me on my shoulder, and then, I can't remember anything that happened during that scene. All I remember is standing ontop of sweet... blood bags as I laughed in agony. Ah, the life.
      Not much happened afterwards. Not even in the 50 years that passed. Yeah, I'm 67 years old. Got a problem?
      But it wasn't until my 67th year did I see any more infected Homunculi. I'm still new to this...

    • Oh, you want to know about my weapon, do ya? I've got three of 'em tucked in my belt for safe keeping, you know?

      imagu (open)

      NOTE: They don't have any special powers, he's just good at aiming at stuff. The first one though, has a cord just in case he needs to curve it, but can be severed easily and needs to be replaced.
    • none, lel
  6. Haha, very nice. Those spoiler tags. xD
  7. its not like im scared or anything but i hope we get more non infected
  8. Of course you're not scared. I mean, who would be scared of bloodlusting, possibly pretty emotionless superhuman engineered beings?

  9. I have a question on the homunculous. Do they have to eat and drink or anything to survive?
  10. Yes.

    For the infected, it'd just be blood. They can eat real food if they want, but it does nothing for them. They can only hold about half a gallon to a gallon in their stomachs at any given time (depending on the size of the person) and only need to feed once a day. Though they'll try to feed more if the opportunity presents itself. They can go a day without feeding before it affects them significantly -- weakness, decreased power control, and decreased control over themselves.

    For the uninfected, food and water are necessary. They can survive fine on about what a human would eat, but ideally they would actually have a higher calorie diet.
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  11. (0.0) come bro we need non infected, we are nice they are evil dont let me be alone
  12. And humans.
  13. I'm gonna create a human o.o
  14. aah, this hasn't been posted on in a while, but i'm still very interested in it! may i join? i'll post my character below~
    if this doesn't kick off, i'm more than okay with doing a 1x1 with any of you~

    Name: Carme (named after one of Jupiter's moons)
    Age: 19 years
    Gender: Female
    Race: Infected Homunculus
    Weapon: None.
    Ability: Hyper flexibility, strong despite her frame, can jump really high.

    Biography: A homunculus that was born to one infected and one pure homunculus. Shortly after she was born, her infected father chased her non-infected mother off and devoured her. Somehow, Carme managed to survive. Despite having been born as Infected, she still maintains some aspects of humanity: she is generally childishly curious, accidentally rough with everything, lonely, hopeful, and most certainly confused. She'll often wonder why the animal she'd been playing with is suddenly broken and bleeding before her. She is wholly distraught at these findings and has yet to figure out that it is her fault. Her memory is in shatters; she can't remember anything from over a month ago, and she always forgets when the Infected part of her takes control. She can only speak in fragments of English despite being well-read; she spends the majority of her time scouring over books that remain in the humans' ruins. She named herself.

    Appearance: 5'1", short and petite, a-cup, and banana-shaped. She is olive-skinned with some patches of white (vitiligo). Her eyes are light blue and her hair is pink; it is very long, drags on the floor, and super messy because she doesn't understand how to take care of herself. Her teeth are very sharp and pointy.

    Other: She is asexual and grey-aromantic. She doesn't understand the concepts of love, but it could certainly be possible for her. She is presumably gifted with good luck, as she has escaped harmful situations numerous times.
  15. Name: Annie Beverly
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human

    Biography: Annie was mostly raised by her older brother, since their group of survivors was ambushed when she was only two. They traveled together until she was fifteen, when one morning he had disappeared from that night's camp. She was hesitant to leave, and even stayed there an extra day in case he came back (he never did). She's been alone ever since.

    Weapon: She carries a staff - like weapon which can shoot a long spike out the end with the push of a button, allowing it to double as a spear.

    Appearance: th.jpeg

    Other: Nothing major that I can think of at the moment...
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  16. I can be an uninfected homunculus. But it takes a loooooooooooooong time for me to make a character sheet. So off I go!
  17. Yes, it's still happening! Sorry for not replying right away, I was out of town over the weekend. ^^

    Though I'd like to hear from the others, see if they're still down. @KAZUAKI @District @D3M0NIX

    That's okay, PostingOwl, I shall wait happily. ^^
  18. im still with you
  19. Name: Ajax
    Age: 24
    Gender: M
    Race: Human
    Biography: He was 14 when things went to shit. He survived by doing what no one else did. He stayed in the city, The epicenter. It was the perfect place as no one thought to look there. Now he drifts around looking for someone, anyone to survive with.
    Weapon: Automatic shotgun with different types of ammo from slugs to tranquilizers. He also has rounds that he made himself that are a mix of 98 octane, rubbing alcohol and styrofoam pellets. Napalm rounds basically, but he only has a few as they are hard to make.
    But with goggles around his neck and an old camera that uses to document the devastation of the world.
    Other: He doesn't necessarily see homuculi (the sane ones) as an enemy, but more of an evolutionary rival.
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  20. [​IMG]
    Name: Charlie Vanegen

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Biography: (Don't worry about the length, just as long as there's something.)
    Weapon: Charlie keeps two loaded Glock Semi-Stack pistols on either side of her hip, as well as a
    Ability: She has no special ability (unless you count the ability to be super annoying at times)
    Appearance: Charlie likes to keep her long black hair down, or secured in two low pig tails. She always wears some
    kind of scarf, but prefers her black one. To keep her warm when traveling, Charlie constantly wears a faded blue
    hoodie with a dark leather jacket over it. Black jeans and combat boots
    Other: (Anything else you feel you need to add?) sorry will finish later*
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