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  1. After the Escape

    Everything was fine in the shining elven country of Ashanti. At least, to the young king, it was. He was only sixteen, the youngest king Ashanti ever had. So, Jasille, his personal bodyguard, had his everything from him. That had been their downfall.

    When the peasants revolted and began killing the country's nobles, Jasille knew he had to get the young King Dimaethor out of the country. They barely escaped for their lives, and traveled through the snowy northern country for two weeks before coming upon a town in the nearby country Liran.

    But the general that ordered Dimaethor's execution is following them--with an army. Will war follow? Or will Dimaethor and Jasille find asylum within the borders of Liran?


    • Swearing is okay.
    • Magic is very limited in this rp. Pm me if you want to have a magical character.
    • Don't leave anyone out, if someone isn't interacting with your character, pm me and l'll try to help you out.
    • Romance is fine.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.