After the End

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  1. White slumped down on the wooden bench, letting out a sigh. At age 16, she was currently the youngest Champion in Unova history, which you think would sound great. But after one year of the job, she was getting sick of it. Hardly anyone ever challenged her, meaning that she would sometimes spend days in the Pokemon League, doing nothing. And when someone did finally show up, she and her Samurott could always take them down.

    And besides that, there were endless meetings she had to go to, involving useless things-well, useless to her, anyway. What was today's topic...oh, yeah. Clay was arguing for his bridge to only be opened on his okay, which helped water trade, but not deliveries by truck...ugh! Whivh was why White was grateful to get out of there, even for fifteen minutes. Any time away from those bozos was much appreciated.
  2. Kota was eighteen and already the Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh champion. He was the strongest trainer there was. He had tan skin and brown hair. His eyes were bright blue-greyish, he was about five-seven and weighted one-forty. He wore black boots, some black jeans and a white tee with a leather jacket over him. He was watching television one day, hearing about the Unova region. He saw a trainer named White. She was the Unova champion. He was determined to take that title also. He standed up and dusted his self off. He told his mother, "Mother, I'm leaving to the Unova region. I want to versus this trainer. Her name is White." He walk to the door, then his mother stopped him, "Honey, you are a three region champion. Why are you going to face that trainer? What's special?"

    He smiled at his mother, "To became a four region champion. She is powerful, I can see that. A lot of potential. She and her Samurott is a match for me. Plus, I have my friends with me. Infernape is my best friend, Pidgeot, Pikuachu, Golduck, Meganium and Entei." She looked at him proudly at what he became, "Please be careful. Make sure you have food for you and your pokemon, and be careful with your money. Use it incase of a problem you're in." He spoke to her at a caring voice, "Yes mother. I love you." He kisses her forehead and hugs her and she does that same. He opened the door and walked out of it hearing his mother saying, "I love you too." He closed the door and looked up at the sky. The sun was at it highest and there was no clouds. Only clear skies. He thought where to start when he gets in the Unova Region. He already has different pokemon out of different regions. He wonders about what he can catch in Unova. All different species of pokemon. He thinks, this going to be a beautiful and exciting adventure to find White and versus her.
  3. Nearby the park, N was looking in the forest seeing some new Pokemon, some he never seen before. It seems since White became the champion more people seem to have brought strange Pokemon from other regions to the Unova region. N then petted some Deerling and other Pokemon as he saw a familiar face not too far from him. N wasn't too sure he wanted to see her quite yet not until he actually had changed like he promised, but N couldn't help himself. He missed White so much. N then went over to the park bench and sat next to her, and with a smile he told White "Hello, it's been a while...since we last saw each other..."