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  1. In 2037, the world ended.

    Of course, it's not quite as simple as that. If it was, how could anything come after it? Also, I say "world" but it's more "everything but the world". Stars don't exist any more, nor galaxies nor planets nor meteors. You look up to the night sky and you'll see nothing but blackness. Not even a moon or cloud will break the monotony. That's not all that was lost though - most of the rest of Earth has been destroyed and is left ravaged and lifeless. There is one city left, which is an amalgamation of everything that managed to survive. This city is known as nothing but "city", for why does a city need a name when its a unique existence? The city has a population of about 100,000 people and is built in what was originally Mombasa, a city in Africa. Raw materials are very rare, and the city is little more than a giant shanty town.

    The most unusual thing about City though, is its wall. City is surrounded by a thick, low wall. The wall is about 500 meters tall and about 4 kilometers wide, although no one has the technology to measure it properly. The wall is hollow, and inside is a place where belief must be suspended. Should one suspend belief, they'll find themselves accessing unbelievable abilities. The World Inside the Wall can take any form, though no one knows what controls which form it takes. It acts as a battle arena of sorts, and is both a defense and a hunting ground. The city is a desert without the slightest trace of water. Nothing grows and everything must be obtained from within the Wall. Creatures inside the wall may drop various items, from technology to food to pornography. What is dropped is random, although you are guaranteed to get one day's worth of food from each monster.

    No one knows what exists beyond the wall. No one can fly over it and no one has ever found an exit that doesn't open into the City. It is believed however, that monsters exist beyond the wall and are invited into the wall to sustain the population of City. As such, hunting is one of the most important jobs you can have in City, since you're responsible for everything the population needs both for survival and entertainment. It has been 7 months since the founding of City and the literal overnight appearance of the wall, and people are beginning to get curious about what really does still exist, and about what the wall is.

    The characters would take the form of a group of people investigating what the wall is and what is outside the wall. They can be pretty much anyone, although keep in mind that tech levels are relatively low. Weapons that have been found have never been from after around 1940. As for unbelievable abilities, please keep them unbelievable. I'm looking for really wacky and out of the box ideas. Don't worry about practical use: The wall will make sure it only invites creatures that even the most impractical of unbelievable abilities can work against.
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