After the Ellipse

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  1. Prologue
    "It came suddenly, without warning. The Kanto region was the first to succumb to the sickness. At first it was a plague, sweeping through villages and wiping them bare. Luckily, this disease was easy to isolate and cure- or so we thought. We are weak, foolish people... we rely too much on the pokemon. Because of this, we have grown soft-" Phlegm and blood spotted his threadbare tunic as the old man coughed, each gasp for air unsteady with both anger and sickness.

    These coughs were becoming more frequent -and much longer in duration- the hooded guest noted over the past hour. Thunder crashed loudly, shaking the shutters that barely held the torrential storm at bay. He leaned on the door, if only to keep it from splintering against the wind. The old man was once a champion, a conqueror of the Elite Four. He hailed from Pallet Town, bringing home with him fame and fortune. But even the strongest could not combat the horrors upon them now.

    "...I only wish I had known sooner. Even my own pokemon have turned feral on me. This is not the work of nature, young one. This is magic. Dark, dark magic... worse than Team Rocket." The old man turned bloodshot eyes to the boy, peering at the shadows that hid the youth's face. "Tell me son... what's your name?"

    "I-I was named after you, sir. Many were-" a wild shriek echoed through the patter of rain, causing both men to go silent. "Was that...?"

    "Hnngh!" A strong thud on the door forced the younger boy forward, slamming into the table and knocking the wind out of him. The old man stood up weakly, steadying himself on his chair and peering grimly at the door as it shuddered from another blow.

    "My time is done here, young Ash. Go into my room and hide in the closet, now! Stay there, no matter what you hear. Go!"

    The boy clambered across the wood floor, panic-stricken. His footsteps seemed unbearably slow as wood began to splinter from the door. The old man wiped blood from his mouth, putting a shaking hand into his pocket. He waited.

    "SREEEE!" Lightning lit up the scene, casting a sickly yellow light on the massive raticate that appeared out of the debris of door. Its fur was soaked in water and mud, its red eyes glimmering with anger. It charged the old man, hissing angrily as it slipped on the wet floor, instead barreling into the opposite wall. The man shoved himself away from the beast, pulling out the one pokeball he couldn't bare to destroy. The raticate hissed, overgrown teeth chittering angrily as black ichor poured from its mouth. The disease didn't only effect humans...

    "Pikachu, I c-choose you..." the old man murmured as his vision began to blur. The pokeball in his hand opened, just as the man's world went black.
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  2. Name: Persephi

    Age: 16

    Starter: Pidgey

    Bio: The rich daughter of a successful pokemon professor, Persephi was born on Cinnabar Island, but was sent to live with her grandmother in Pallet Town while her father fervently worked on a cure for the strange sickness that the ellipse brought. Her pidgey was a gift from her father, so they could keep in touch.
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  3. anime guy-jacket, knife, pill.jpg

    : Roy

    Age: 18

    Starter: Growlithe

    Bio: The sickness had a huge impact on his life. His mother ad died from the sickness, his father had been attacked by his own pokemon. Growlithe was still just an egg at the time, the child of his fathers arcanine. Roy escaped the carnege with the egg and met his uncle in Vermillion city. He's been there since then raising the growlithe.

  4. The sky was a pale grey, the brightest it had been in months. A long year had passed since the Ellipse struck Kanto, and hope slowly budding in the hearts of the people. Hope that Persephi wanted desperately to share with her father, had he not exported her off to a godforsaken ghost town with a senile old hag for company. The sky is clear, it must be a good omen. Persephi thought as she carefully closed her front door. she flinched at the loud click of the lock despite herself. Though her grandmother was near deaf she always on guard around the lady- especially when she snuck out.

    The gnarled wood steps creaked as the young girl left her porch. Fresh dew still clung to the grass, leaving Pallet Town looking very serene. A knot formed in Persephi's stomach as took her first steps to freedom. Although she complained about the small town, it began to feel more and more like home over the past year. She had cried writing her good-bye letter to Grandmother... and looking back at the haphazard arrangement of houses tears threatened once more.

    A soft coo made Persephi start. From a nearby tree, a small pidgey took flight and landed nimbly in the grass close to it's trainer. The bird gave her an inquisitive stare, tilting it's head as if sensed her hesitation. Smiling, she scooped up her pokemon and continued onward without looking back.

    The route to Viridian City had become overgrown since the Ellipse, making travel hard for even the veteran travelers. Most of the mutated pokemon have been dispatched, or live in seclusion. That did little to comfort the girl after coming across a torn backpack; no doubt the belongings of another trainer. She considered rummaging through it, but thought better.

    It was not her first time going to Viridian. She made monthly trips to the city, to pick up things farming town couldn't produce. Back then, the route was patrolled by professional trainers and police. Now, it was just her. Her... and the statue.

    A new construct, the gold statue was erected in the name of the town heroes, Ash and Gary. Once upon a time, two prodigy's had risen and made it to the top from Pallet Town, and the villagers were in shock. Sometimes people come and visit the statue. The pokemon seem to be attracted to it, at least. Especially her pidgey.

    The bird flew out of Persephi's arm, landing on the base of the monument. She sighed, following the bird into the small grove. "I still need to name you." she called out as the pidgey took flight, forming circles above her head.

    "Omph!" she grunted, not paying attention to the ground in front of her. Her eyes widened as she realized she bumped into a someone, not a something. "S-sorry... I didn't realize you were there."
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  5. Roy never could just stay in the village. He was always wandering the routes outside of the village with his growlithe. They never went any farther though, returning home each night. Roy hated the dark outside of the village. It reminded him of the nights he ran through the forests escaping the pokemon in and around Celadon city. He had cut straight through the forest, ignoring the routes. Wheather or not that had been wiser or not he never would know. There had been many close calls with infected pokemon. Luckily he had made it safly to viridian city where his uncle lived. He had stumbled into his Uncles door with nothing but his clothes and an egg. The Egg had been Growlithe.

    Today had been such a nice day Roy had decided to go a little farther south on the more peacful route. The statues of Gary and Ash standing tall and proud. Soon he had dozed off leaning against a tree with growlithe in his lap. This nap was interupted though when someone kicked him. Roy heard a qucik apology and groaned awake. Growlithe moved in his lap a little from the disturbance but kept sleeping. Lazy pokemon couldnt even warn its trainer. Roy cocked his head up opening his eyes.

    It was a girl, close to his age infact. Wait a sec he knew her. She picked things up from viridian and took them home to pallet town. He never had gotten her name though. However... "You may be due for some glasses if you couldnt see me." Roy yawned and streached out his arms waking up from his nap.

  6. Persephi eyed the sleepy male in front of her, heat rushing to her cheeks at his off cast remark. "Well maybe you shouldn't be sleeping in the middle of pokemon territory. Only a fool would do something like... that..." the girl's indignant tone diminished into one of awe as she spotted the young growlithe, mimicking it's trainer with a big yawn. Impulsively, she knelt down and ogled the ball of fur.

    "You have a growlithe?! Where'd you get it?" she whispered excitedly, all traces of hurt gone. This was what she left for. She wanted to see the world, and all the exotic pokemon that it held. Anything besides rotting away in Pallet Town. Reaching out tentatively, she let the pup sniff her hand. "Ah, my apologies." sje added insincerely. "I'm Persephi, or Perse. Have I... seen you before?" She squinted slightly, taking a long look at the boy before turning her attention back to the growlithe nuzzling her hand. She's certainly never seen this little guy before.

    A sharp chirp from Persephi's pidgey briefly upset the wildlife, causing raticates to scuttle in the grass and other pidgies to take flight. The bird flew down and landed by the trio, hopping uneasily. "You oka-"


    The growlithe bared it's fangs, eyes focused on the area the young girl was standing in moments earlier. Persephi looked at the stranger questioningly, scooping up her pokemon and preparing to stand. She was all too aware of the dangers of the wild, and they've been lingering far too long as it was. She recalled her necessity to get as far away from Pallet Town as possible, and was angry that she bumped into this man. She couldn't deny that she felt safer, at least. "What's wrong...?"

    The world answered the girl's words as wind seemed to appear out of nowhere, heavy gusts of thick, sulfurous air. The sky seemed to blacken- twigs and leaves fluttered away in the tumult, some assaulting the group. Persephi tried to speak, but her words were lost in the noise. The fear of a Black Storm dawned on the girl, causing the blood to drain from her face. If that's what this is, we're as good as dead. If we survived through the weather... there's the mutts to deal with... She shook her head, willing herself to remain calm. She stood up and looked behind her, seeing that the male had already done the same.

    And not a moment too soon.

    The air began to circulate, honing down on an area only a few meters from where they stood. The sulfurous smell became so potent that Persephi had to cover her nose. A strange humming assailed her ears, a peculiar sound that began growing louder. Like a bomb. She thought she heard the boy behind her say "Let's go", but the wind was too strong. Her eyes were fixated on the anomaly as it began to take a physical form, distorting the very air around it as if it were syrup, swirling into a very dark, black emptiness.

    She felt a strong tug behind her, and she stepped back a few paces. Fear bubbled within her... but curiosity still kept her from turning tail. She clung to the pidgey tightly, shocked and dazed by the magic in front of her. "The air... it feels... wrong..." she whispered, taking a step back on her own this time. The black tear began expanding, gaining speed with each wave of energy. Persephi gasped as she felt the sudden pull, as if it were alive, sucking in everything it could. And then.... a foot stepped out of the tear.

    The spell had been broken.

    She ran.
  7. Watching her face turrn red from frustration was kind of amusing. He couldn't help but grin a little. Her attitude changed though as she saw growlithe. The little pup has been woken up with all their talking and was a little miffed at his trainer. The girl bent down putting her hand out to the growlithe. Never being one to be mean he greeted the new person. They seemed nice and growlithe showed no mistrust to her. She must not be so be so bad if growlithe likes her. Roy thought to himself. His growlithe got the same reaction of wonderment this girl was giving now alot. He wasnt exactly a common find. She kind of apologized for reaching out to growlithe but Roy didnt let it bother him. He was about to respond to her introduction when everything around them started to act weird. The most alarming was growlithes growl.

    Roy slowly started to stand eying the bushes and open land around them. "What is it growlithe?" He finnaly followed its gaze to a spot behind the girl. The girl seemed to speak also and the world returned its answer to her. Roy braced himself and kept looking around them. Nothing seemed right everything was so... dark? His eyes shot straight up to the sky. Where did all the clouds come from? It was sunny a moment ago. The wind buffered them more and the hair on Roys neck started to stand on end. He knew this feeling.

    Roy's hand reached into hsi jacket for a knife, his other hand reached for the girls shoulder. "Lets go!" The girl didnt seem to hear him. His hands tightened asroudn the knife. He was scared witless but wouldn't leave her behind. His eyes moved to the spot once more as she stepped back. "What the hell." What was he looking at, the air seemed to soldify, it seemed to twist and turn. Darkening with the passing of each second. The darkness seemed like it could swallow anything up. Roy gitted his teeth as he changed his stance due to the sudden pull. He was being gently pulled toward it but not moving. It probably did want to swallow him up. Roy raised his knife a little not out of courage, but out of fear. His eyes wide and focused he watched the spot.

    A foot stepped out of it. Roy stiffened up, what the hell was that. He only saw the foot, the girl wasnt there, he couldnt even sense the wildlife around him. A leg started to apear, more and more when pain rushed from his leg up. Roy snapped out of it and looked down to see growlithe wimpering and biting his leg. It let go knowing its master had seen him and rna off after the girl. Roy followed closely behind. What the fuck was that thing?!
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