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  1. The After
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    Closed for bios until further notice.

    It has been fifteen years since The Beginning. Things seem to be settling down now, though you should never let your guard down. That's when bad things happen. Most of the Infected are thinned out and slow enough you can out run. Mostly these days, you need to worry about the Others. Especially if you're under thirty.

    Fifteen years ago, within months, a virus leaked across the globe. Nowhere was unaffected. The cause of the first few transmissions is unknown. However, transmission now days doesn't take much. Some of the blood on your skin or an opening in the flesh, or a bite. Scratches from the Infected has a probability of causing you to contract it, but it isn't guaranteed. Those who are infected might die, or they may somehow live through the fever and the illness plaguing them. That's when they become Infected. They feel no pain, they lose the ability to think, and they become aggressive. They're their own species now. We don't consider them human, but they technically still are.

    The initial wave of infections wiped out two-thirds of the human race. The military bombed all main cities, whether there were reports of infected or not. Humans turned against humans. It's estimated that the actual infection took less than one-third of the world. The rest was by our own hands. Only five years after The Beginning, small civilizations began to appear. At first a group of people would create shacks and small villages in the middle of fields, forests, and islands. Then they began to take back small sections of cities that remained.

    Several 'farms' began to appear. It's rumored that it is the remaining government and military. The farms at first took volunteers who were healthy in. When fewer and fewer people volunteered, they began their Round-ups. Scientists, doctors, young children, fit men, and women under thirty are now sought in vehicles. They are taken by force. We call those groups the Others.

    Their farms are where they are re-creating the population by forcing the young women to have children. The men they put to work. Sometimes they build new cities or take over existing ones from the Infected and wildlife. The children, they raise in their bright, clean, cities. Never learning to fight or fend for themselves. While most of the remaining population is out in the Wastelands starving and dying, the Others are enjoying gourmet meals, fresh water, and electricity.

    Nobody knows what happens to the women who are impregnated. Supposedly they are sent to the cities to live a lovely life after three children. Nobody is allowed into the cities, though. Not unless you volunteer.

    Welcome to The After.

    CM your bios for approval. I will deny those who I don't feel fit my RP-style.
    I have a defined plot ready, but telling you will defeat the surprises!




    Pictures please, then add the following descriptions.
    • Height:
    • Weight:
    • Hair Color:
    • Eye Color:
    • Defining Marks:

    Only living relatives, please. Kept secret, as only Host (myself) will know everyone's family if they are not in your immediate party.


    Do you live in a New City by the government, old city that is still overrun, the Wasteland, a village, etc.
    Brief History:

    Give me an idea on your character's personality. What drives them?

    Provide two or more paragraphs as your character, demonstrating your writing and roleplay style.

    Anna Sophia by Myself
    Requiem by Requiem
    Fayda by PureKor
    Isabella by york
    Birdie by Scout
    Garret by MissOutlaw
    Randi by LyraWolf1991

    Name: Anna Sophia Whitacre

    Age: 22


    • Height: 5'1
    • Weight: 128
    • Hair Color: Medium Brown
    • Eye Color: Dark Brown
    • Defining Marks: Birthmark on left breast, long scar on left forearm.


    Kept secret, as only Host (myself) will know everyone's family if they are not in your immediate party.

    Location: The Wasteland

    Brief History/Character Description: Anna Sophia is tough. Often, she will allow herself to be weak in front of others, but can easily turn it off when she needs. She's agile and does well with a dagger and longsword. She's lived on her own for several years and isn't used to being around people anymore.

    Sample: I don't need to do this :P
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  2. The Gambler, darkred Name: Malachi "Requiem" Ruari

    Age: 23
    • Height: 6'2"
    • Weight: 185 lbs
    • Hair Colour: White
    • Eye Colour: Grey
    • Defining Marks: Tattoo on the back of his neck, and of course, his white hair
    Location: Wasteland

    Sample: "He's over here!" The solders shouted, running past Requiem's hiding place. It was almost too easy. Would've been easier with some help of course, but at least he was doing some good in the world. This was the third farm he'd attacked. He did his best to minimise civilian casualties, but he knew they couldn't be avoided. It didn't matter too much though, those people would have been dead without him arriving anyway. Or Worse.

    He slipped his way through the camp, carrying the assault rifle he'd picked up off of a corpse towards the main offices. Once inside, he placed a couple of explosives and checked the gate, which is where the guards had all run. It seemed that most of them were still there. A press of a button resolved that problem. Combined with the prior kills, that brought the camp down to about a quarter of it's efficiency.

    He saw that many were running now. He'd won. He collected the papers of value regarding other farms in the area, and headed down to the armoury before blowing the offices. He didn't want any officials coming to collect their paperwork. Once he'd cleared out the armoury of stuff that he could use, he blew that up as well, and left.
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  3. Interested, good possibility I will join.
  4. Wonderful :)

    Send me your bio when you finish with it. I would ideally like at least one more person before we begin.
  5. Hmm, I think I can fill in that role, count me in! It'll take me a bit to come up with a proper character though :S
  6. Hey guys, I really need some bios up! Also, if anyone has any suggestions for the RP, do feel free to speak.
  7. Sorry! I've hit a bad case of writers block! XS But I'll try and get at least something down tomorrow...
  8. Name: Fayda Singh

    Age: 25
    Weight: 132lbs
    Hair colour: dark brown
    Eye colour: deep green
    Defining Marks: punjabi characters Tattoo on her right hip and a mole just above her lip.Also a scar line on her right upper arm.

    Family: none alive that she knows about.

    Location: Wasteland

    Brief History: Fayda had a life full with ups and down but she learn it the hard way that she isn't a quitter anymore. Her father was originally from India which married a white woman.So she was mixed raced after all. Despite all the background, her dad thought her how to defend herself since Fayda was a little girl.

    Personality wise, she has a strong power of will, self control but sometimes she can be brutally honest. Also Fayda is hot tempered at times,still a quick thinker when is necessary.

    Fayda is the kind of person which not to many dare to approach just based on her deep green eyes look and the bad attitude that comes along in most situations.

    However, deep down she has a sensitive spot that she doesn't show to just anyone.

    Sample: At times like this she could totally use a cigarette. Her throat was dry as a dessert, making her heart to pound louder which each breath taken.

    "Damn it! I can't believe that he forgot again.." Saying to herself with a sigh, reaching inside her pocket to take out her car keys.
    Fayda looked one more time at the start sky, small clouds took form as she was exhaling the air inside her lungs. The nights were getting colder night by night.
    "I guess I have no choice. " whispering to herself she entered the car closing the door and starting the engine.It didn't start at all.

    " Great.. I need to find somewhere to go right now.." She said slowly opening the door and sliding to the ground, she crawled to a near by tree. She heard some faint sounds in the distance,with a slow movement Fayda rose to her feet and took a glance around which seemed like gates to a town.With a deep breath, her right hand touched the crossbow which hanged around her other shoulder.

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  9. (Sorry it took this long! >.<)

    Isabella (She likes to call herself "Isa") Luton



    • Height: 4'6
    • Weight: 70 lbs
    • Hair Color: Reddish brown
    • Eye Color: blue-ish green
    • Defining Marks: A scar, one that used to be a good sized gash that runs a little down her left cheek, a few more circular scars that can be seen on her legs, arms, and on her body in some places


    The wastelands
    Brief History:
    Once a resident of one of the "farms", Isa lived her life not knowing anything about her mothers whereabouts, not what had happened to her. She was quite bored of the life she had, constantly worrying about the others that weren't as "lucky" as her. Often times thoughts of running away from the city she was living in, but she never acted on it despite constantly having (sometimes outrageous) plans to do just that. Then the day came when she was sneaking around her city with nothing better to do, and she stumbled across a gruesome scene where a young woman was impregnated. From what she heard the men saying, she realized this would happen to her in a few years, and naturally, it didn't sit well with her, and she ended up running away that very night, taking a survival book she managed to sneak out of the library with her. Learning from the book, and from personal experience, she managed fend for herself scavenging what she could off the land, and hunting (or at least trying to) what she could eat. Isa tends to be strong willed, trying to act fearless even if she gets scared at times, she has a selfless nature which she only shows around people she's close with, but these days those kinds of people are rare since not many wander around the wastelands anymore.

    Isa was alone now... All she had on her was her small backpack, some food left over from her dinner, a small water bottle, and that survival guide she sneaked out of the library... No-one reads that thing anyways, the other kids have always said it was worthless since they'd never have to fend for themselves. She hated that, she hated being around the other kids in her city, she loathed the city even more now that she realized what had probably happened to her mother... She continued walking through the desolate forest, most of the trees were stripped of their leaves with moss growing on them, she looked back at the city one last time before continueing further into the wastelands. They weren't as bad as others had said they were, "Those liars!" She thought to herself "They just wanted me to be scared of leaving the city, just so I can end up like my mommy!" she thought angrily.
    The area she was approaching was actually somewhat full of life, with a pond full of clean water, at least from what she could tell. After a few minutes of walking, she manages to reach the edge of the pond, it had a small beach, granted it was covered with a few twigs, stones and some debris, but nonetheless a beach. She sighed, sitting down and opening her survival guide, it was quite an ancient one somehow still kept in decent condition, the first page was information on survival needs; food, water, warmth, and a shelter. The next page was about a quick way to make a fire, with a few basic diagrams, and some pictures of what flint stones looked like. She looked around for one, spotting a few around on the beach thankfully, then she started gathering some sticks, opening her survival guide every now and then to make sure the twigs were the right size. Gathering some more stones, she managed to make a orugh firepit following the survival guide's illustrations and instructions, now all she needed to do was light it...
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  10. Am I still able to join? I would like to post up a Male character. Is this Mature or just going to be set into a normal Scifi Rp?
  11. I believe Normal, but we never really discussed it. I don't know how old the other two are even. That aside, you can join

    EDIT: Yeah, York isn't old enough for Mature
  12. Question .. How do we know ifour characters got accepted ?;)

    I think even if at this state.. Being as a survival situation it will be like horror scenes or gore lol. For me is for a mature audience even if we may not be able to describe uhmm .. Other things more mature. If you get my point ;)
  13. @MissOutlaw - Do feel free to join! This will not be a Mature Roleyplay by the site standards. Yes, there may be blood and gore, but no incredibly graphic details, and no sex scenes.

    @PureKor - Your character is accepted.

    @york - Your character is accepted. However, I do ask that you up the weight just a little. It is just too incredibly low without having major side effects. Unless, of course, you are including weakness, fatigue, weak immune system, etc. Otherwise I ask that you have it, at least, to 65lbs. Also, I ask that you send me PRIVATELY any family that may be alive.

    I will begin the opening post tonight and should have it up within a day.
  14. Thank you very much ^^ * noms an Oreo biscuit in a corner *
  15. Whoops XD sorry about that weight, she was originally 10 but I forgot to change the weight o-o, I shall fix it!
  16. Name: Margaret “Birdie” Augustine

    Age: 24


    Show Spoiler

    -Height: 5ft 5in

    -Weight: 135lb

    -Hair Color: Black

    -Eye Color: Left is a caramel color, right is grey.

    -Defining Marks: Tattoo of a magpie and its nest on her right shoulder. Her eyes.

    Location: Wasteland

    Brief History: Birdie was only 9 when the rumors about the virus began. Once the bombings of cities began, her father packed up their lives and moved to a safe haven he heard about with their neighbors. They successfully made it to the safe town; however Birdie’s mother, Lorelei, died during their journey. The oasis they lived in was relatively small, so there weren’t any rumors about it floating around, which eliminated the possibility of it being bombed. Years passed and the townspeople lived in peace, but it also grew in size. The sudden growth managed to get the town on the military’s radar. Three months ago it was raided. Some got away—including Birdie—and now live in the Wasteland, some were captured and sent to the farms or the New City, while others were killed.

    Birdie spent her last three months fighting to survive in the Wasteland. She does what is needed, and no extra. Due to the need of food and water, she has become very frugal with her food, water, and even weapons. While she lacks physical strength, Birdie is very agile and fast as well as having a large amount of stamina. She only engages in physical combat when it’s absolutely necessary (including sword melee), other times she attacks from long distances with a gun—she’s a very accurate shot. Birdie is very serious, level-headed, and almost detached when she’s with other; however she is always looking out for others and helping then when it’s needed because she would want someone to do the same for her if she’s ever in trouble.

    Sample Post:

    “Big Papa calling in to Little Bird. What’s your status Little Bird?”

    The radio in her hand buzzed to life, relaying her father’s message to her. It had become customary to carry radio sets with one another whenever they were separated – her father insisted that they always know where each other was. Sometimes it was a bother, but Birdie fully understood why her father insisted going to such lengths to ensure she was safe. She was all he had left; her mother died during their move to this little oasis and she was their only child, though they always talked about having another. A boy named Robin to satiate her father’s obsession with birds. She was named Margaret after all, a name that was thought up as an ode to magpies. Her father was named Wren and her thought-of brother was named Robin. Her mother, on the other hand, was named Lorelei, which messed up the flow of the whole ‘bird family’ thing they had going on.

    Her thumb pushed down the talk button as she brought the radio up to her mouth, heterochromatic eyes looking out the window and down onto the street. “I’m still in my room, dad,” She replied back with a sigh, rolling her eyes. While she fully understood why her father went to such lengths to always have contact with her, she didn’t appreciate the immaturity in which they communicated with one another.

    “Aw, come on, Little Bird. Live a little!” She heard a sigh from his side of the radio. “I’ll be home soon with dinner. Stay safe.”

    Birdie didn’t bother replying to her father. With a sigh of her own she fell down onto her bed, making a point not to curl up on her sheets because she had her shoes on. Her arms stretched above her head, hands running under her pillow to touch the cool metal of her handgun—another insistence of her father. Another sigh. Eyelids closed and her thoughts slowed down. In a matter of minutes she fell asleep.

    “Big Papa to Little Bird. Little Bird, do you read me?”

    Birdie was brought to by the annoying crackle of the radio. She groaned and slowly got out of bed, stretching her arms and back to force the sleep out of her bones. A hand lazily brought the radio to her mouth to reply, thumb pressing down on the button. Just as she was about to speak she was cut off by the panicked voice of her father.

    “Dammit Birdie! They’ve come for the women. Get the hell outta here!”

    Black eyebrows furrowed together out of confusion. What was he talking about? Who’s here? Why did they come for the women? And why does she have to leave? Her mind was influenced by her sleep and still running slow, and after a minute of pondering her confusion lifted away to panic. Her eyes widened and she jolted into action. First she grabbed the gun from under her pillow before going to her closet. It was then that the alarms were set off, warning the townspeople of danger. From her closet she withdrew a large black backpack filled with nonperishable food, a large knife as well as another gun and multiple clips for both guns.

    Birdie slung her bag over her shoulders and grabbed her radio before running to her father’s room. She grabbed his bag as well for when they met up in a safe place and began pushing his bed to the side. Underneath was a trap door in the floor, leading to escape tunnels just in case danger ever befell the town. Birdie fearlessly jumped down, skipping the ladder altogether, and grabbed the flashlight at the bottom. She flipped it on and began to make her escape.

    The tunnel led her a mile out of the town, far enough away from the raid. Birdie pushed open the exit door and immediately turned her attention onto the town. Despite being so far away she could still hear gunshots being fired and screams from those getting injured. She took out her radio and brought it up to the mouth of her dirt and grime covered face.

    “Little Bird to Big Papa. Do you read?”

    No answer.

    “Dad, it’s me. Can you hear me?”

    No answer.


    Still no answer.
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  17. Name: Garret Law

    Age: 28

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    • Height: 6'6
    • Weight: 293 lbs (athletic build, tight, toned and muscular)
    • Hair Color: Dark Brown (sometimes mistaken for Black at night or in dark shade)
    • Eye Color: Dark Green (Earthy Emerald color)
    • Defining Marks: Several bullet wounds, knife marks and cuts that have scared over time, littered all over his body. (though only visible when he wears a T-shirt, tank top or shirtless)
      He also has a collection of various tattoos across his chest that all but lost their meanings long ago.

    Lilly (his deceased daughter), Mira (his wife, also deceased) and Mother died during birth, failure for supplies and proper medical assistance caused her to inevitably bleed out and expire.


    Lived in the Wasteland for most of his life until he, his wife Mira and their daughter Lilly, made it into one of the 'Farms'. After the 'incident' Garret fled the city without his beloved family, their last bit of life only existing in his darkening heart. Garret now oversees an old city that is overrun, but it fairs well for him because he is alone and is able to reap all the benefits of a fair kill. (Human, infected or otherwise)

    Brief History:

    Garret was a quiet and distant man most of his life, keeping to his own but having that subtle hint of kindness and good in him that would only show every so often. Years of solitude could drive a man mad, but too many rules and regulations would also force one to become a raging beast locked in a rusty cage, just mere moments from breaking loose and becoming chaos in itself. Mira was a gem in this rusted world of blood, sweat and infection. The only glimmer of hope that shined in the bleak and dark world that Garret and the rest of the human race lived in. But their love was a short lived event and after their child's 5th birthday they had no choice but to forfeit themselves to a 'Farm' to ensure their survival. For a time it worked out and Garret slaved away to keep his family happy and healthy. With a place to call their own and food always on the table Garret was gaining strength that he had lost over the years due to malnourishment. He was bulking up and because of his work ethic it kept him in the good graces of the least for a time. Mira was a gorgeous woman with long blond wavy locks and bright blue eyes. Her body was shaped like an hourglass and she herself was quiet fit. Their daughter Lilly inherited both complementing traits from her parents and it wasn't hard to tell who her kin was. But most of the men within the 'Farm' leered over at Mira with lusty eyes and even though Garret already volunteered to work and be one of their 'Breeders' he didn't ignore the threat that was looming over the three. That day hell came to him with all its fury, stealing away everything he loved and had a reason to live for. Now he lives only to exist and exact his burning revenge upon the Others...

    " want me to let you that it, " asked a hushed voice, rough and rugged, full of masculinity and threat. Hanging upside down, caught like a rat in a trap, was a man in Uniform dressed for Round-ups. The gear he had would prove useful, but his talk could provide more if Garret could get him to. Crouching in a corner of an empty building was he, shadows cloaking his figure and masking his expressions from his captive. If the scent of fear was possible for the human sense of smell to pick up the surrounding area as well as immediate would be filled with its thick musk, enough to make a maggot gag. But instead it was only the wretched smell of over perspiration and urine. What a horrible mix, it was insulting to his senses but he had to simply bare with it, his victim would pay soon enough for his poor hygiene. The tap of a metallic weapon clicked against the ground, echoing softly throughout the small room, letting its deadly presence known. In his hand was a machete, long, lethal and sharpen to the point where it would require nearly zero effort to rip through a man like a hot knife through butter. But this wasn't for his victim, it was for the rope that held him over the enormous hole in the floor that lead straight to the basement of this building. The fall would definitely break bones but that was the least of the Soldiers worries. Down below, shuffling quietly with aimless movement were the infected, hungry and waiting patiently for their weekly meal. Yes, Garret fed these things to keep them alive, to keep them kicking. Though over time they loose their aggression when it came to seeing prey or hearing noises, but if food dropped into their lap like Garret would provide the aggression would come back ten fold, as if it had built up over time. Scattered bits of clothing, bones and rotting scraps of flesh covered the ground they tred on, most of them all former 'Farm' military officers. This is the reason his captive was in such a panicked and pitiful state, because Garret had done this before, several times to be exact. Perhaps Garret was nothing more than a murder, a cruel man with a twisted sense of justice, a man with a black heart and no soul. But the things done in the 'Farms', what they call 'Civilized' behavior was far more vile than anything Garret could ever conjure up. This wasn't cruelty, this was just the price they paid for the lives they took, enslaved and destroyed. Garret saw it as a fair trade, in fact he saw it as not fair enough. To him they were getting off easy being tortured and left to die, living through pain that would only last for maybe five minutes before they'd go into shock and pass out, dying from the loss of blood and gaping wounds. This was him being kind, this was his mercy.

    Yet again the sound of metal clacked against the cold cement floor and he finally rose up to come into the light and draw near his victim, "Do you honestly believe...someone like a damn about what you want?" Even though his captive was strung up high and well above the ground Garret still loomed over him like an ominous shadow of death, his size and height making him look like a hooded demon sent from hell to carry out his execution. Judge, Jury and Executioner, this was Garret and his form of Laws. Anyone willing enough to sell their soul to the 'Farms' was willing enough to stand beside the Devil, he was simply there to send them on their way to him. At least, that is how Garret viewed it. Instead of prowling around the room, pacing like a jungle cat lurking in the dark, Garret was still like solid limestone, his stillness almost inhuman as if time itself had paused only on him making him frozen in that frame. But soon his lips came to part and the reality struck his 'company' dead in the chest, "I am going to say this only once, I won't repeat myself. You are going to die here whether you want to or not..." His words feel like heavy boulders down a Cliffside, his calm and tone of voice made it evident that he was making no buff on his promise. When he continued the Solider started to sob, knowing what he had said would eventually come true, "You can make this fairly easy on yourself. I can make it quick, make sure you're dead long before you reach the bottom. can do what the rest of your 'friends' had done so before and I'll still get what I want out of you. Either way, you won't survive past give it up, give up on your empty hope. It'll only make letting go easier for you to grasp." Waiting in the silence of his own mind Garret blocked out the soft muffles of crying his victim made, the groaning growls of his 'pets' below, the whistling of the wind howling outside. All of it, it all fell away. He simply let his breath come out calm and let his mind set itself up for the event he had planned...

    You call it Brutality...I call it Mercy, because you have no clue what else I had thought of beforehand.
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  18. Are mine and Scout's character accepted?
  19. I think we have to wait for the GM to answer that :)

    There will be a post here if you are accepted, I'm sure you'll be anyways ^^. Your character sounds awesome in many ways he reminds me of Shaun from The Walking Dead.
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  20. Well, technically speaking, everyone was supposed to message their sheets to sincere before they posted them, but that seems to have gotten missed by everyone