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  1. Hana.

    It's a parody anime, you silly grill.
  2. That's the

  3. "but they are real, they come and go here and there and they dont ask. They never ask. I mean Dr. Scott asks but then he just takes. He always just takes and tells me that he is making them go away." Lara stopped talking and let out a sigh as she pulled the blanket down. Her eyes found Alex. She tried to smile as the took his hand.

    "Umm lets go eat.. I still have my card from Dr. Scott and he said I can use it, so lets go eat, lets go to the top of the world and eat everything .." Lara smiled and looked almost child like. "Come on, you can thank me later... she giggled as she flung the covered back and stood up.
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    I've added more to my sheet and I think its pretty mcuh done so I'll add it up to the character sheet now
  5. Lara smiled as she tucked some of her hair behind her and leand into him as they got to the door. "The top of the world, they are open late, its where I first jumped off, or got found or whatever it was.. it only hurts the first time" she spoke so plainly and sweetly that her words and expresson didnt match as she stepped out into the hallway.
  6. Alex walked down the hallway a smile plastered on his face. He was looking forward to going out with Lara, and where they were going didn't matter. He was so lost in the though he didn't notice the oddness to her words, and the fact that he had never heard of the restaurant didn't matter. "where is this place?" he asked looking down at her.
  7. Lara giggled and pointed toward the night sky. "its up there, they will give you anything you want, you only have to know the code." her smile warmed into a blush as she nuzzled into him. "Come on, they wont hurt you they only like me.. but they will feed you too.. I promise.." Lara walked toward the alley and jumped up the grab the fire escape ladder. "Come on, this way." she lead him up the first escape and up onto the flat plain roof of the bulding next door. "See its that one now hold on and dont let go" Lara took his hand and then stood up on the edge of the building. She smiled and only looked up and not down as the cars raced below them. There were about 5 stories up and anything misstep would kill her. But she didnt even seem to be worried about that as she hummed softly and closed her eyes.
  8. Alex stood next to Lara, gripping her hand tightly. Above all else he would not let her fall. Was this really it? From what she said they where coming. He wasn't ready, he needed time. He looked don't at Lara, the sight of her calming him, slowly, uncertainly he nuzzled her, drawing comfort from the contact. "Lara.." he whispered, "I won't let them hurt you."
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  10. "Lara noo." Alex called as they fell, he fought to get to her, then they where in a lobby. He stared at the creatures, "I'm not so new. Five years ago, Riverside park." he said sneering. He put an arm around Lara holding her close to him. He would not leave her side.
  11. An older gentleman stepped forward and looked down at the pair. "Do you have a reservation?" the man asked then looked at Lara and blinked. "Ah.. you have her, well I suppose we can allow this sort of thing one time." The man stepped aside as Lara clung to Alex. "Ducky I think I made a mistake. I got that song in my head and brought you here. Im so sorry, please dont hate me.. Im so sorry.." Lara wanted to say more as silver walls and dim lights lit the corridor. It was clear this was not resturant.
  12. "This is quite the place Diane. I didn't expect you to be a person to enjoy looking towards the city of mortals however." he smirked. "Diane, do you like looking at me, or are you angry?" Aeleosir finally said when he saw her glaring at him.
  13. The man that was leading them down the hallway stopped and opened a door. "You too wait here.. and dont touch anything." He snapped. Once inside Lara turned into Alex and hugged him tight. "I just wanted to show you my world.. Im sorry if Ive hurt you or made you mad." Her voice was timid and full of worry.

    The room they were in looked a lot like his place only it was filled with femine things. Her clothes were tossed over, boexes with stuffed animals and a table filled with empty coffee cups lay all around. There was a bed but it looked like it hadnt been slept in. The small sofa was covered with drawns much like his and a pale green throw. Lara nuzzled into him praying he wouldnt let go. "Its my place she said softly I hope you dont mind." Lara looked up at him and smiled softly.
  14. Alex looked around the room, it definitely wasn't what he was expecting to find.Everything here seemed so.... normal. "Of course you haven't hurt me, you have nothing to apologize to me for. He smiled down at her as she began to nuzzle against him, and he circled his arms around her, cupping his hands in the small of her back. Her place, did she actually lie here with them? Something wasn't right either, they looked different. He was uneasy, but as he held Lara, everything seemed so right.
  15. Lara slowly pulled back from him and tried to smile but it quickly turned into a small frown. "Oh no, I dont hear the music anymore... oh no.. its gone.. they... they are gone.." As Lara spoke she grabbed Alex's hand as everything went black and it got very cold. "Oh.. Alex.. " she was scared but knew what was gonna happen next, it was just like the last time and the time before that.. She worried that Alex would know too and would blame her for them dumping him again in a dark park. Lara moaned softly as she landed with a small thud on the cold wet grass, of Riverside Park. She wasnt moving but the hard fall she could feel from head to toe. "Alex...?" she tried to move but it hurt as her right arm reached for him in the weak light from the lamp post near by.
  16. This is where it all begins, post away to get a feel for your character before going into the main Arcs together! This is where you feel your character out, develop story, history, and relations with your character and others as well. It all starts here.
  17. Lara blinked and looked at him with a soft blush as her stomach growled again and sounded like a strange animal in the night. She giggled and touched his face. "Im sorry about that Ducky, I have to stop listening to their music.. its so hard to hear anything else.." she said with a faraway tone. Her eyes were damp but she didnt cry she only blushed as to how close he was to her.
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  19. Lara nuzzled into him and touched his face.. "Ducky, do you ever hear their music? I mean please tell me Im not the only one.." she looked to him for answers to the things she had never told anyone. Why was he the only that seemed to know her and not fear her. He seemed to not be scared or angry with all the madness that lay in her wake. She was blushing as the night air ran a sharp chill up her spine. I gripped her and made her whimper like someone had stabbed her in the spine. She began to shiver but said nothing as the waited for her Ducky to reply.
  20. Alex put an arm around her, hoping to offer a small measure of warmth, “I did hear them once.” he said slowly, “The night I saw them, its a haunting melody isn't it?” he asked. I almost wish I could remember it

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