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  1. "Last night was so crazy we got chased by something." "Really? and it didn't catch any of you?" "Sheesh David, you make it sound like you wanted something bad to happen." No but if you go out after dark you are just asking for it." David replied. "Well, Brandi claimed she got shoved by something but it was raining last night and you know how much of a clutz she can be." "Hey I am not a clutz something did shove me down the stairs!" Brandi protested. David smiled same as Carl. "We are trying to get a lot of people together to go into the old building and explore," Carl spoke.

    The three walked into their first hour still talking back and forth about how fun and dangerous it could be out after hours. This wasn't just an isolated conversion the school buzzed with stories and rumors of students "seeing and hearing things." It was a beautiful last summer morning, the ground was still wet with precipitation that had fallen the night before. "So how many people so far said they were going to go? David questioned. "Well, after the moment we only have 3 of us, Jessica said she was going." Brandi replied giving David a look. Jessica is going really?" David asked in an excited tone. "Oh does that mean you will be coming with now?" Carl asked, with a knowing smile. David just glared, and looked up as Jessica came in.

    Jessica was cute, her chocolate eyes, and highlighted brown hair complimented her tan complexion. She smiled as she saw Brandi and immediately came over sitting down in a desk beside her. "Hey! Jessica we were just talking about you." "Oh? what about?" Her eyes darted over to David and back to Brandi. "Nothing special just was saying that you are going to go with us into the old school building." Jessica smiled and shrugged*
  2. A Few Days Earlier

    "So, did you guys hear about that really creepy old building near the school~?" A young woman chirped excitedly as she sat down at a cafeteria table with a few friends.
    "Haha, kind of hard not to here.. you and I both know that news about that crap spreads faster than freakin' wildfire." A male spoke halfheartedly, scooping a spoonful of rice into his mouth before continuing,
    "Its kind of annoying actually, so don't talk about it around me."

    The girl gave the boy a sour expression, pursing her lips in disappointment. "Oppa~ Don't be like that, you have to admit that this 'crap' is actually quite interesting."
    "Jan Di, what did I just say?" the boy asked in a light, yet irritated tone. "I don't want to hear about those ghost stories.. or old haunted buildings.."
    Just then, another male slid in close and giggled lightly, "Oi, Tae Kyung! If I didn't know any better, I'd be thinking that you're afraid of ghosts!"
    Tae Kyung shot a glare at the boy, deflating his cheery mood. "Ji Hoo. Say it again, and you die." he said, dropping his spoon and allowing it to clatter on the tabletop as he stood up to leave.
    Jan Di quickly latched onto his arm and tugged slightly, "Oppa~ don't go, he was just kidding!" she pleaded, looking up at him with sad eyes.
    Tae Kyung jerked away, releasing his arm from her grasp, "I don't care, you're all beginning to annoy me, bye."

    The boy simply trudged away, keeping his back to them as he raised a hand in a way of saying that he was leaving.
    Jan Di stared idly for a few moments as the other kids at the table began whispering among themselves, Koreans were suckers for gossip it would seem.
    She returned her gaze back to the food before her, but she had lost her appetite. "Oppa.."
    Ji Hoo then leaned in and spoke, "Sorry.. about Tae Kyung and all." His apology had completely lacked vigor. "Are you gonna eat that?"
    Jan Di scowled at him before turning the other way and sighing deeply and pushing the lunch tray toward him.
    "Thanks!" the boy shouted before digging in.

    "I wonder why he got so mad.. Tae Kyung.." she whispered to herself.

    Present Day
    Tae Kyung sat lazily in a desk in the corner of the room where a group of boisterous students were discussing different ghost related incidents, his feet propped up on desktop.
    His soft raven hair and doll-like face were covered by a brightly colored bill cap, however, his expensive punk styled clothing made it evident that it was most definitely Kim Tae Kyung, one of the most popular guys in school.
    He squirmed in his seat for a moment, finding a comfortable spot in the plastic chair.

    Normally, he would have already passed out, but some kids in the room continued to talk about their supposed ' paranormal experience' from last night.
    When a brunette walked in and sat down with them, he spoke up. "Hey, do you guys mind?" He paused, attempting to gain their attention by raising his hat slightly so that a piercing set of black eyes was looking ruefully at the group. "I'm trying to sleep here."

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    NOTE: "Oppa" is a Korean term when relating to an older brother, boyfriend or someone you really look up to.
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    In this context, Jan Di and Tae Kyung are dating.
  3. David turned, "Why do you mind your own business." he stated. "David!" Jessica scolded as her glaze shifted to Tae Kyung. Brandi smiled, "Ghost stories not your cup of tea?" she asked. "No one ever goes into the old school building at night, even in the day time the doors remain closed. It would be a great place to explore. But I suppose you have better things to do, that doesn't involve having fun." Jessica said raising a eyebrow. her pink lip gloss teased David and pissed him off that she wasn't paying attention to him. "He doesn't what having fun is, gotta always be so serious and uptight," Carl stated. Jessica and the other turned toward each other and began to plot. Jessica ever once and awhile would glance at Tae Kyung. They weren't really whispering what they said could be heard. "Yeah, we should all meet in the courtyard after you get out of your dorms. From there we can sneak our way to the building and try the front doors and see if they open," Carl explained. "and what if they don't open?" David asked as he practicly was staring at Jessica "Then we find another way inside dumby." Jessica said without even looking at David.

    "Then it is settled tonight, none of you are going to chicken out right?" Brandi asked as the whole group turned and looked at David. "What? Hell no, I'll be there. David said almost studdering.
  4. Tae Kyung stared angrily at the group of kids, his eyes squinting down into a furious glare.
    "Mind my own business?" Tae Kyung brought his feet to the ground and stood from his seat before placing his hat on his head.
    "I'll show them 'minding your own business'.."

    As the kids continued to speak with each other, Tae Kyung up behind David and tapped him on the shoulder.
    "Y'know, if you don't want people in your business then you should talk in private and not in a freakin' classroom!" he simmered, furrowing his brow.
  5. David turned his shoulder and stood up as Jessica spoke. "I don't know what your problem is, we are minding our business and talking among ourselves. Our conversion isn't being disruptive, so unless you have something positive to add to it, you can sit back down and leave us be." Brandi, Carl and David all turned to look at Jessica she was already grabbing a text book from her backpack and placing it on her desk. The tardy bell rang, but the history teacher was yet to step into the classroom. The rest of the class had gotten quieter, it was a rarity for Jessica to speak in such a tone. Usually she was all smiles and giggles. David turned and glanced at the black haired boy. He didn't say anything, less Jessica's words become directed at him.
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