After Heaven's Fall [Reaper Six-Bluemoon]

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  1. "Rand, you've got your target, check back as per Protacall. Good luck," came a voice in his earpiece.

    Fredric nodded at the unseen as he turned to the road. He started walking, following the prescence he felt towards the darkness. Any more powerful, and the Alpha Team, the founders of the Black Aces, would go after it themselves. This would be a dangerous hunt.

    He was dressed in all black, dark jeans, and a black jacket. On his shoulder was the patch, a silver circle, with a spade imposed on the center in black. To the supernautral world, this was the badge of the new sheriff in town.

    He found himself in a residential area, his wings hidden from view. An angel trait, willing your wings to dissappear to fit in among humans. He moved in closer, heading towards the center of the darkness he felt.
  2. Isabelle pulled her hood over her head a bit farther. She tucked her light hair back into the hood behind her. She did not need other people staring at her as she walked down the road, hands in her pockets. The young woman's blue eyes scanned the area and noticed no one was out.

    Well... It was late now and that was why she had picked this time to leave from her haven. Unwanted attention could cause damage and she could not afford to be causing damage for fear of... for fear of something she did not want to even think about.

    She continued to slink towards the darkness that was beginning to tug at her being. There was a distinctive chill in the air and she shivered, listening as a howl colored the night air. She was getting closer to her destination and her hand twitched towards her knife at her hip.
  3. Michael closed in on the prescence, seeing another being... Like him? Maybe. He slowly followed after them, staying a safe distance back. He felt slightly nauseous as he approached the dark prescence but kept his wits.
  4. There was someone else there and it made Isabelle's heart skip a beat. She turned her head to peer over her shoulder. A man was following her. She picked up her pace so she was almost at a slow jog now, entering the darkness.
  5. Once she ran, he knew she was either an angel, or a hunter. Neither was of consequence. He kept walking at the even pace, knowing that his heartbeat was key in making arrow shots from range.
Thread Status:
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