After Death

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  1. [size=+1]There are a lot of things that you can have done with your body after death. The most traditional method in western culture is, of course, burial. However, cremation is also widespread and a common option. The funerals of dead sailors will sometimes involve interring the body in the ocean instead of in soil. There are other options, though.

    Some people's blood is bottled and turned into fine wine while others can use their bodies to help keep their music alive.

    What do you want to happen to your body after you die?

    Seriously though, if its reasonable I'd like my organs donated to help others and my skeleton placed in a school to teach others about the wonders of the human body.
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    Ocha's post made me think of the Body Farm. O.O Ahhhh forensic anthrpology, perhaps I'll return to you when my stomach is made of iron.

    Well my boyfriend and I want to be buried together but he wants to be cremated while I want to be buried.
  4. Organ donation- and whatever's left to be cremated- scatter my ashes where I can be happy- like a park for young lovers.

  5. I initially wanted to be cremated to avoid all the nonsense that comes with being buried, but on the chance that something awesome/supernatural/not-likely-to-ever-happen happens, such as like in Yu Yu Hakusho where Yusuke's soul is returned to his body... It would suck to be just a pile of ashes. >:|
  6. I want my body to first be an organ donor...
    Little boy who needs a new heart... you're so welcome....

    Then i would like a ceremony like a regular funeral....

    Afterwards i want my body to be cremated and made for something that will give life!
    Like soil to be made into a big beautiful tree!

    i say a regular funeral because i wouldn't mind having a tombstone by the tree....
    And i say cremated because you never know when the zombies will arrive and before long you will be chewing the brains of your own daughter!
  7. Nothing says true love like dropping the corpse of your loved one through the atmosphere of the planet you once lived on.

    So, if any of you crazy people really love me, you'll see my dream come to fruition! It might be costly, but it'll be cremation *and* spreading of ashes, all in one fell swoop! A two-fer! You can't go wrong there!
  8. ...I want to be...burned in fire.

    Why? Oh, no reason... >>
  9. If someone needs my organs I'd like them to be used. Then they can put me in a biodegradable box 6 feet under.
  10. I think what happens to my body will depend on how and where I die, but If I had a choice one of those burning ships like the vikings do would be cool. So Metal.

    Also For no religious reasons, but maybe I am just selfish...I don't want my parts harvest after I die....just in case.
  11. I want to be buried in a coffin filled with honey, while I myself had been stuffed with honey.
    I then want to be unearthed a hundred years later, so people can use my marinaded corpse for whatever purpose they have in mind.
  12. I want to be cremated and then I want my ashes mixed with some soil and seeds. :] I do not know what plant I want yet. My thinking is I will become a tree of some kind, and so will my lover. We want to be two trees growing side by side.

    This is where I read about this idea:

    I am Atheist. I don't believe anything will happen to my energy/spirit after I die. Anyway... I've taken from nature, so I want to give back to it. (Some of you know I'm an environment hippie, some of ya don't.) In my wake, I do all sorts of good deeds for the environment. In my death, I'll become food, oxygen, shelter, and a part of pretty scenery. That's beautiful to me.
  13. Honestly, I have no idea. I would probably wish to be buried in the traditional way, but if I had someone that I could save via organ donation, depending my cause of death, I would probably want to do it. I do not really like cremation, so that is not the way I want my funeral to be. But then, I have heard that appearently, scientists have figured out an (expensive) way to turn your ashes into a small diamond designed for cutting. That would be definitely a cool afterlife; living as a diamond that is also a self-defence weapon.
  14. I would love it if my body could be burnt on a ship just like they did to the vikings x3 But I don't mind being cremated. As long as my body aren't rotting in a graveyard then I don't really care what happens to it. It just feels better to burn it to ashes so that I know that I won't be waking up in a coffin x3