//After Class Romance//

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  1. Yumi sighed, she placed her textbook down and looked over to her alarm clock. 11:45 PM. She really needed to head to bed soon, 'But I should check to see if I have anyone else lined up for tutoring...' She thought as she clicked open a new tab on her browser. She logged into her email and noticed a notification, interest perking she clicked on it and saw it was from one of her teachers.

    "Yumi, would you please help out a fellow student in one of your classes..." she read aloud, her voice seemed to quit her as she read the last of the paragraph. 'Oh Lord...why him?!'

    She was in a bit of a bad mood from the moment she woke up, and the slow ticking of the clock didn't seen to want to help her mood at all. Her hazel eyes glared at the mocking face of the clock above the teachers desk. Her auburn hair fell infront of her glasses as she sighed. Maybe tutoring for extra money wasn't such a good idea...

    The bell rang, signaling the last class, Biology. She got up and began walking out of the classroom and up the stairs to the next room. She wished this day would end, it was really bumming her out. As she walked down the hall she saw her Bio teacher walking towards her.

    "Hello Yumi, how are you today?" she asked with a pleasant smile decorated on her face, completely unaware of the inner turmoil she had caused her with her email.

    "Good..." Yumi replied, quickly searching the deepest folds of her mind for an excuse to not tutor this student, "A-About your email..." she began, feeling uneasy about wanting to not tutor him. It wasn't that she wasn't a nice person, it was just that the person Mrs. Ako wanted her to tutor was so...

    "Oh yes, you got that?" she interrupted, with her pretty smile, "He really needs help, so I arranged that you tutor him at least two days a week, starting after school today."

    Yumi's very soul sank. "Uh...okay..." she answered quietly.

    "Good, see you in class!" her teacher replied cheerily.

    Yumi wanted to disappear. 'Why me..'

    She opened the door to the room, mostly everyone was already seated, so she sat in the middle row where she usually did. She took out her textbook and binder and rested on them as she sighed once again, wondering what she was thinking in considering this as a somewhat job. The bell rang once more, starting class, her teacher walked in with her usual cheery grin. "Hello class!" she greeted happily, "Please turn to Chapter 4, today we are going to learn about cell division!"
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    Damen walked around the hallways of school wearing a flirty smile on his face. Surely, any girl would fall for him and his charms as it always happen. He have been about to skip and ditch school when he heard the bell going off. "Too late for that" he said disappointingly as he headed back towards the classroom. He knew he was late but he did not care.

    Once in front of the door of his Biology class he smiled mischievously. "Oh Yumi, I bet you know already that you are tutoring me" she said to himself lowly as he opened the classroom door. All eyes on him and he looked over at the teacher and put the innocent act. "I got quiet lost..." he said to her smiling charmingly.

    "Go back to your sit Mr. Roy" she said but her expression was open and friendly.

    He hurried to the seat beside Yumi and smiled at her, waving his hand in a gesture of friendliness.​
  3. As the door opened once more, Yumi was the only to not look over. A quick calculation of the present students would tell her who it was already. She rolled her eyes as he spoke up to the teacher, grumbling quietly to herself as he walked over. Her hazel eyes looked over to him with slight annoyance as he sat beside her and waved. She narrowed her eyes ever so slightly, trying to firgure out if he was trying to be genuinely friendly.

    she replied, looking back to the teacher as she began talking about the chapter.

    Blinking, she lost herself in her thoughts, wishing that she could just go home and not have to do anthing else. She sighed quietly as the teacher talked on about cell division. She looked down to her textbook to make it seem like she was actually paying attention, she could just read the textbook later. Class dragged on and after a while the bell rang once again. Yumi quickly stood up, packing her books into her bag, not making eye contact with Mrs. Ako.

    "Ms. Urashi and Mr. Roy, please wait after class." she said in a pleasant voice.

    Yumi groaned inside her mind, stopping her packing as the rest of the students went out of the classroom, talking about what they will be doing for the weekend, by the sounds of it, they were all going to a party. After everyone left, Mrs. Ako looked at the two remamining students.

    "Okay, so Damen, Yumi will be tutoring you for this class. You can decide where you would like to study and when, but you will be starting today." she said, "Have a nice weekend!"

    Yumi watched jealously as her teacher walked out of the classroom, taking her stuff with her. 'Well. Time to get this over with.' she thought as she turned her hazel eyes towards Damen.

    "Well. Where did you want to study?" she asked him.
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    As the class finished and the bell rang dismissing all the students, Damen got up and attempted to walk to the door until Mrs. Ako called him and Yumi over. She told him that Yumi has to start tutoring today and to pick a place out. As Mrs. Ako left, he turned to Yumi with a big mysterious grin.

    "My house, your house, it does not matter to me" he said looking at her annoyed face. He knew she did not like him one bit but that did not matter. Damen was going to make her fall for him one way or another. His actions as a big flirt did not make it any better for him to get her but he have always liked her and fancied her.

    Stepping closer to her, he leaned until his lips were right by her hear and whispered "I am sure that I won't cause you trouble darling." His voiced had sounded inviting and a little sincere which it was. The least he wanted to do was to make her have a bad time with him. Damen wanted her to enjoy it, and hopefully he would finally get to kiss her.

  5. Yumi looked at him, studying his face and keeping track of all its movement as he spoke. His reputation had got him into her bad books since the beginning of high school, she hated guys like that. She sighed, deciding already that he didn't want him in her room, or livingroom...or even kitchen for that matter. Especially since her father would be home and he had an annoying habit of bugging her whenever a guy came around the house.

    Yumi bit her lip gently as Damen leaned in closer to her, she could feel his hot breathe on her skin and she felt an odd shiver creep up her back. She shook it off, moving a way as he finished speaking, muttering a whatever as she began to walk towards the door, a barely noticeable blush on her cheeks. "Your house. Where do you live?" she asked, frowning slightly as she turned back around to look at him.

    She had to admit, she did at one point have a bit of a crush on him, but that was long ago, and things changed. She blinked, waiting for him to either lead the way or tell her.

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    A smile appeared at Damen's face when she walked away from him.' Yumi is playing hard to get, I like that about her' he thought. "Just a heads up, no one is at my house, and do not worry hun, I'll take you." he said to her as he signaled her to be the first one out of the classroom. He had manners, one of the things girls also fell for him. Once out the classroom he walked right beside her until they stopped in front of a black Lamborghini at the front of the Seniors parking lot. "Care to go for a ride? We can stop at a restaurant and eat first..." he trailed of as he looked over at her. His parents had money, his dad was working as the major's assistant and his mom was a Doctor at the hospital downtown. They always gave him everything but he was not a spoiled boy, in fact they just wanted him to play the perfect child.
  7. Yumi looked back over at him, mentally cursing whatever god was creating this day for her. "Fine." she replied waiting for him before leading the way outside. Once outside, Damen led her to the extremely fancy car. She knew he was wealthy, but she had no idea what kind of vehicle he had. She sighed, thinking of her 1999 Sunfire back at home she almost laughed at the mere image of her car near this one.

    She looked over at him as he spoke again, shifting her bag on her shoulder. She thought about this for a moment, she did like his car, a lot, and she was a bit hungry, but his actions still seemed a bit suspicious. "Sure," she replied, "but them we should really get on with the tutoring." she added looking back at the vehicle.
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    Damen half smiled at Yuki and went around the car , opening the passenger door for her and waiting until she buckled in to go around and do the same. He turned on the car and drove away at the speed of limit. He was not one to race or anything like it. After like five minutes of driving in silence since he did not want to disturb Yuki or make her uncomfortable, her parked in front of a fancy looking restaurant. It was Italian, one of his favorites. "Have you been here? It's amazing.The food is like nothing you have taste before" he said trying to start a conversation.

    On the way in, a waitress greeted them and showed them to their boot. The inside of the restaurant looked sophisticated with low lighted lamps hanging from the walls which were colored with a dark evergreen.

    "What would you like to drink?" the waitress asked friendly as she held a small notepad.

    "I would have...water" he said as he looked over at Yuki waiting for her answer.