After All These Years Of Fighting

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  1. All powerful eyes have turned to the Western Colonies in the America's from Europe. Trade in the Caribbean has flourished and many pirates have found homes along with riches and a name for themselves. It's the Golden Age of piracy, lots of men making a name for themselves, giving way to famous pirates such as Blackbeard, Henry Avery, and "Calico Jack". Luckily for these sailors, it is easy to catch up to a Royal trade ship, whether it be of France, Great Britain, or any other nation, board their vessel and slaughter every last one of them until surrender has been announced. Not only did they gain another ship, but they also could take the supplies and trade them on the market at certain of not all pirate ports scattered around the waters to obtain even more money. Not to mention, if there is an officer of importance, they could always have fun with a bit of ransom.

    It's a golden age for those who break the law and fight for profit instead of for King and Country. Ruthless pirates roam the seas the most concentrated area is the West Indies, formally known today as the West Indies. For Theo Edwards, his fun has just begun. At the ripe young age of 17, he finds himself under a close eye from Captain Henry Khelp. He has long ago broken his ties to the civil world, it never being a place of his talent to become a pirate. Captain Henry Khelp, or Silver Beard, has taught Theo how to handle a sword properly along with firing a pistol or two plus other tricks of the trade. A unique trust has formed between the two and Theo is certain that he will become Captain of the Killer's Gold, Henry's ship, until the Dark Harlots came into the picture six years ago.

    A rivalry has sparked between the two factions, splitting ties as well as lobbing off heads. What truly caused this feud is not completely accurate. The Red Blade's (Theo's group of men) pinned the untimely death of Captain Henry Khelp on those Harlots. A new Captain rising even more ruthless than Silver Beard by the name of Tiras. Now neither faction can go so much as to glance at one another without a fight brewing. The Red Blade's retaliated to their Captain's death with the burning and sabotage of the Dark Harlots's ships as well as the stealing of supplies. Even today, they are still at war with one another but the wind is about to change.

    Standing bound within the tight ropes of the foremast shroud, Theo closes his eyes and lets the crisp air flow into his lungs. Remembering, long ago, Silver Beard had showed him how to climb the intricate ropes and hold on tight so the wind doesn't shove him off. Now he has matured so much, currently at the age of 24. Always finding the open sea relaxing, he can taste the salt on his tongue as the mighty beak cuts through the waves as if they're nothing but wet paper. Unbeknownst to him, the Killer's Gold is heading right for a cove littered with Dark Harlot members. Tiras' actions are clear in his mind for he has a meeting requested by the opposite faction's Captain.
  2. Thanks to the end of the Wars Of Religion piracy was so easy, and at first they never saw it coming. Seaborne trade was very big, and it was only until piracy became more common that other ships were on the lookout for pirates. Raiding ships were all too easy for Buccaneers as ships happened to be very foolish with their cargo, and pirates always easily outsmarted those around them. Telling truths that are lies and lies that are truths pirates are always cunning, and use trickery to their advantage.

    Over the course of years piracy had only been more common, and pirates have only gotten more knowledgable. To the other ships dismay it is improbable to win against many of these fearsome pirates, and their ships almost as deadly as they are. The captains are the most frightful and usually will show no mercy to get what they want, and they only care about a few select things. Themselves, cargo/ treasure, their ship, and of course their crew. A good captain makes sure he's the last off the ship along with keeping his crew safe, but a great captain will go down with their ship.

    Men are buccaneers, men are pirates, and men are captains. Female pirates are rarely heard of, but with the Dark Harlots that is not the case. Miss Evangeline Caverly had not always been a pirate, and had just always been a young girl of the Carribeans. When she was at the age of fifteen she was just one of the many young girls taken as a prisoner on the notorious Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge, and brought into Tortuga to occupy pirates life's. Evangeline along with many of the other females were quite tired of being used and mistreated, so they took matter into their own hands. Being the first all female pirate faction of their time, and led by the Infamous Gwendolyn Torrington.

    Nothing is to be feared more than a woman in scorn, and that is exactly what the Dark Harlots captain was. Gwendolyn was involved with The Red Blade's Captain Henry Khelp. She had found him with another woman in Tortuga, so she killed them both. The Red Blade's had a right to pin their Captain's death on her, but she does not care in the least. She is merciless and fears nothing and nobody, she teaches her crew to be the same. Especially twenty-two year old Evangeline Caverly, she has been training her the most in hopes that once she is gone Evangeline can take over as Captain. The Dark Harlots are very cunning and use themselves to their advantage. They coax men out of their money by their feminine charm, and use seduction to take over ships and kill the crew. The Dark Harlots don't just use that, but they are skilled fighters and train whenever they can.

    Evangeline joined the Dark Harlots when Gwendolyn was recruited in Tortuga, and Tortuga is famous for pirates to recruit there. Tortuga had always been a pirates favorite place to go, and it is always wild. Gwendolyn only recruited females and to be more specific Harlots as she was one of them in her prime, and that would be where she or the name of their crew long with the Dark being her heart as she claims there is nothing left of it. Evangeline was the last girl recruited to the Dark Harlots and Gwendolyn favored her as they are both of Spanish descent. All of the other girls being French and English. Evangeline was taught more things than she ever imagined she would be able to do, and with a lot of teaching she grew a similar personality as Gwendolyn's. A master of disguise, a ruthless con artist, and a charmer is what Evangeline is much like her Captain. She learned from the best, and right now Gwendolyn was waiting the arrival of their enemies though unlike their Captain she informed her crew of everything that was going on.
  3. Oh this has been a fine day to be at sea! Seagulls are swaking happily and making pleasant circles around Tortuga, the sea turtle shape surrounded by open sea. Cuba and Haiti are miles away, a pirate haven has been made here on this island. They're free from the jurisdiction of the Royal Navy as well as the East India Trading Company, something that these pirates celebrate in excess. For the island is a prime place to recruit new pirates but more importantly, it's a place for celebration and you can always find some large fists to brawl with. The brew on tap is always readily available for any seaworthy lad to drink his belly full until he is vomiting it up. With the cheering partying, of course, comes the mess. You can shoot, slice, and fight anyone on Tortuga. The stench of blood, sweat and other bodily functions act as its own cloud along with the smoke from cigars and pipes. After all these years at sea, Tortuga still holds strong, beckoning pirates in and mercilessly killing anyone else. Well, perhaps killing is too strong of a word but any outsiders are looked down upon and a fight is likely to spark up between the drunken men. Captain Tiras Grave loves this place and will be happy to be returning. The distrusting fellow though, always has Theo stay on board with other mischievous members of his crew. Leaving a few loyal members to outnumber the lesser ones.

    The ship closes in to port, splashing against the clear blue. From his perch up on the mast, Theo can see the creatures of the sea, well the large ones, circle around one another and zip past the ship. Taking in his last breath of fresh air, the smell of Tortuga starts to waft over the ship, causing the young mans smile to fade with the setting sun. Along with the whispers of the wind pushing the large vessel forward, Theo hears his name being called. Blinking, he can't help but glance down, heights never being an issue for him. When he was a younger lad, perhaps the sight of the small faceless yet clothed crewmen on the deck of the ship would have made his knees weak and his stomach turn. Now, he pees down and catches sight of a waving arm, signaling him down. The unique squeak of the strained rope helps the pirate down from the mast. Jumping for a nearby rope, Theo easily feels his weight shift and swing through the air to the higher deck near the wheel. Ignoring the few spiting comments from the few cewmen who would rather turn him in than help him out, Theo walks right up to the second man in charge.

    Victor clasps Theo on the shoulder when landing, never being good at giving men their space. "What do you think you're doing?" The grip on his shoulder tightens, Victor's fingernails digging deeper into his tanned skin for he rarely has a shirt on. But with that price, he has plenty of scars from glorious battles as well as less glorious bar fights. When on shore, Theo makes most of his money wrestling for pay, always getting a unique thrill at teaching those he hates a lesson with his hard fists. A hand moving idly to his knuckle bow cutlass, fingers slipping around the leather wrapped hilt. Proudly wearing it, his pair of cutlass' had been a gift from Silver Beard and by far his most prized possessions.

    Along the many belts he has, two wrapped around his waist and one across his chest, Theo holds a variety of flintlock pistols and a few grenadoes, his personal trade for Silver Beard had taught him how to make these powder flasks the first week of being on his ship. His boots come up to his knees, having the leather flap over itself in a classic pirate look. Buckles run across his toes as well as his ankle and under the flap. To complete his look, he has black orchid pants and a blue sash strung around his waist.

    That was also the week that Theo learned that, more than anything, reputation is key. If you make a name for yourself, you will go far. Since that day, Theo has gotten his. Wielding two blades instead of one, Theo comes across as a quick and agile man. This is surprising because of his average height yet not so average muscle mass. Wishing, as many pirate men do, to have the largest muscles, Theo has achieved his own cannons. Along with those, he has skin like sandpaper and a goatee or beard depending on what he prefers at the time. His green eyes attach him to the Netherlands, where his parents were from. Moving to England at a young age, Theo had been brought up to be a proper British gentlemen, his parents very well off with their riches. Luckily for him, Theo joined the Royal Navy and therefore threw his title away, seeing what it did to his paranoid and power hungry father. But father like son, he too holds the gene for wishing to have crowds around him, cheering his name and always being in command. Along with that, his temper is nothing to be screwed with.

    The idle chatting between Victor and Theo is short lived when the Captain comes up from his cabin. Dressed in his crimson doublet and his tri-cornered hat, the Captain takes no time in bringing himself to the wheel. "Set her to anchors." Comes his low growl and as soon as those orders are given, Victor is screaming from behind the wheel, turning the shit to lay into the wind. The flapping of the sails and whipping of the ropes clash, the wind itself stopping them from completely smashing into the shore. Captain Tiras turns his one eyed face to Theo, a look of utter distain in the one blue eye that is left in his socket. "You're coming with me, Edwards. Grab a jacket, you'll need it." The knowing smirk comes across the Captains face. Still in shock, Theo has never been asked to join the Captain and he can't help but get a feeling twist in his gut of caution.

    After moving to the lower decks, Theo swerves through the many crew men in order to find and pull on his tattered doublet. Getting off the ship using a small rowboat to get to shore with twelve men is the easy part. The harder part is finding the Dark Harlots place of residence. Still, Captain Tiras keeps his mouth shut about what the situation is but the sly smirk on his lips never fades, knowing he will be rid of Theo for good for he won't be returning with the other men to the ship.
  4. Evangeline ran her hands along the side of Deadly Vengeance, she was definitely a beauty. The grey almost black old wood of the ship, the dark red ridges of it, and of course the matching sails. The sails were almost the same red as the ridges on the ship, but they were a bit lighter. The sails had a few tears in the ends here and there, but that only attributed to its uniqueness and history of it. The intricate design of the ship to her was her favorite, she loved absolutely every detail of it. The way the lanterns lit up the ship at night, the creaks of the floor board when all else was silent, and the best part the hidden beauties of the ship. There were entries on this ship that the crew didn't know about, but she did since she was going to be taking the Captain role over once Gwendolyn either retires from her position or dies. Evangeline also knows where all the treasure, weapons, and keys are. Those are the perks of being the Captains favorite, and she was proud about that. The other girls were jealous and you could tell, but by orders of the Captain there would be no fighting against each other. Any girl who starts any quarrel with any crew member will be punished by either being banned, or killed right then and there. Gwendolyn again is ruthless and shows it, but if you abide by her rules and listen there will be no problems.

    Taking exactly five steps back from the ship Angie -what only she and a few select others call her- looked at the ship in admiration, she smiled before looking around the cove and closing her eyes. The smell of the water was addicting, she took in the relaxing scent as she let it take over her senses. The only noise as of now was the chit chat of some of the Harlots around, the sound of the wind rustling by her, the noise made when someone moved in the sand, and of course the waves crashing back and forth and ever so lightly hitting the ship. The slight wind was perfect weather blended in with the sun's heat, and it went through her hair making it blow behind her. Angie moved her long and curly dark brown hair to the side, she opened her deep blue eyes and headed over to Gwendolyn once she heard herself being summoned.

    Evangeline was noticeably Spanish, she had naturally tanned skin which wasn't from always being in the sun. Evangeline had the dark hair to match, but the only thing she was missing was the dark eyes. Her father had light blue eyes though, but it only gave her Spanish appearance a more unique look. The blue eyes may also be why Gwendolyn chose Evangeline as her favorite, and Gwendolyn herself had blue eyes and brown hair as a pirate of Spanish descent. Gwendolyn had dark brown hair but it was still lighter than Evangeline's, she had so dark of brown hair that many thought it was black. Evangeline sometimes would slip into Spanish, she never meant to but it would happen. Usually when she was either angry, surprised, or seducing men it happened. Nobody seemed to mind it, but she always would have to repeat her words in English. Evangeline indeed was a very attractive woman just like pretty much every girl in the crew, and after all they were all chosen by Gwendolyn because of their looks. Their looks and them being Harlots is what got them n the faction, and from there Gwendolyn taught every one of the girls to fight and be tough. It was fairly easy considering these were all women tired of men being in charge, so they worked twice as hard to get where they are now.

    Now she was just waiting for the Captain of the Red Blade's to show with whoever he selected to bring, she of course knew everything since Gwendolyn told her. Gwendolyn told Angie pretty much everything, so she knew a lot of things and secrets she wasn't supposed to. Gwendolyn was basically almost like a mom to her, so yes they were very close in that sense. No she was not her mom as Evangeline was taken from her family, but that she had gotten over once she was seventeen which was when she was recruited. It was interesting to see the transformation in her. Evangeline came from a prim and proper family, she was often dressed in corseted dresses such as any young lady would be wearing of her time. Now being a pirate she wore a blood red corset top, black leather pants, and of course black boots. All of the Dark Harlots worse similar clothes as this, but they each worse a specific colored top that was different than the other.

    Once the two men had arrived Evangeline looked at the Captain, and then to the man with the Captain. Did they expect the two to honestly get along? She wasn't sure if they did, or if she would get along with this man. The male species was disappointing to her, but after being used by them for two years it's no surprise for her to think that way. She winded if this treaty would be a good idea, she wouldn't go against her Captain's wishes. She also definitely will not be the one to break this treaty, so if her and this man don't get along then she might provoke him to be the one to break it so she gets off. That would be something Evangeline would do, but she had the feeling that this guy was smarter than that.

    "This is Evangeline Caverly. She is the best I have and will ever have. I expect she will be very promising alongside yours." Gwendolyn spoke clearly full of confidence, authority, and all thinks that make up a great Captain. Evangeline only wished she could be as great as her when she became Captain, she would keep the faction to Gwendolyn's wishes and the Dark Harlots will live up to her name when she would be in power. "Pleasure to meet you." Evangeline said to the two with a forced and practiced smile since it was hard for her to be nice to them, but she was trying here at least. "As you may or may not know we are here today to sign a treaty. If your Captain has not informed you of what is happening then he can happily do so now." Gwendolyn said as she looked to the young man then to his Captain, she doubted he informed Theo of what was going on and why he was here. "I have already told Evangeline all she needs to know." Gwendolyn added considering she told her more than she needed to know, but she always did that anyway.

    Evangeline listened to her Captain speak, she did wonder why Theo's Captain wouldn't inform him if he didn't already. Then again they are men, and men are not the best with communication. Honestly she was glad the Dark Harlots were an all women faction, she was pretty sure it would not work with men on the ship as well. There would be a lot of people getting involved, and not to mention an abundance of affairs. Then again how often did you see female pirates anyway, so most probably never had to worry about that. It would probably just turn out to be a big killing spree between those involved and having affairs, she smirked at the thought since it would be amusing at least. Evangeline put the thought out of her head, she immediately went back to focusing on the task at hand.
  5. Not caring enough to look back behind him at the recently captured ship, the Killer's Gold finding rest in the deep waters of the Caribbean. She, Theo knew, wouldn't have made it to shore with the damage from an open sea battle with a Spanish Frigate. The wood is definitely in a better condition than most of the ships out there for this new boat with two decks of gun ports and a glossy auburn finish to the prime cut wood. This rowboat is nothing glorious, it's merely a container to get the crew from point A to point B. To anyone watching them, this would be thought of as an honorable gesture. No one wishes more than to be standing next to the commander of the vessel. The spray from the ever moving sea splashes against the tiny rowboat, covering the lesser crew with the salty waters. Angry pirates mutter their curses, licking the salt from their lips but Theo does not budge. "Quit your complaining!" He bellows after seeing the Captain's brows furrow at the sound and his mouth open. Thinking this would start to mend ways between himself and Tiras, it did the exact opposite. A fist comes to Theo's stomach, forcing him to keel over and exhale in pain. "Never." Is all he says before hopping the gap between the boat and the docks.

    Not wasting a single moment, the wide torso expands and falls as Theo tries to gain his breath back into his gut. If he had his voice, he would curse out the Captain like he usually does. Having to remain strong, Theo's misty green eyes rip through the Captain, his distain shown. Ever since Silver Beard had died, no, not died. Ever since Silver Beard had been murdered by no other than those damn Harlots, the crew has spiraled downwards. Captain Tiras took no chances, if he smelt a rat on one of his men or a hint of mutiny, they would be sent overboard or properly lose some fingers. Theo knew this is a disadvantage to the rest of the crew for if men are losing fingers left and right, who will be able to grip a sword? Who will be able to load a cannon, fire a pistol? Whip them, flog them, force them to hold onto the mast for an entire night but don't disadvantage yourself from your enemies.

    The rest of the crew makes a crescent around their Captain once they meet the gaze of the Harlots. Looking at the state of the room they are in, a candle by the single table dripping streamy wax everywhere. It seems they have been waiting for a while. The rectangular shape of the small cabin at one of the residential inns on the island, this one called the Black Flag, causes Theo's nerves to shake. Without even realizing it, his hand grips the hilts of his swords, uneasy about this whole situation. The walls are filled with little gimmicks and small trinkets from pirate exploration. Perhaps it's a map on the dark walls or a giant wheel. Theo is not sure, his eyes locking onto the Captains' of the Harlots. Immediately he feels his blood pressure rise. Right at this moment, he is staring into the face of his enemy and he starts to unsheathe his swords when Tiras gives him another tough punch in the gut. "Treaty?" He gasps out, this time foreseeing Tiras' natural response to something he doesn't desire.

    "That's right boy. Sadly, the only way to win is to pair up with some whores who call themselves pirates." comes the snarky voice of his Captain, turning to Gwen. "But what beauties they are!" He exclaims happily as Theo recovers from his punch, standing up straight. It's then that his eyes lock onto the pair of bright blue orbs belonging to Evangeline and he loses his breath for a moment, forgetting to breathe. It has been many months at sea and a lady, especially one as fine as her, has not been a daily sight for him. Captain Tiras pushes his long black hair aside, forcefully gripping Gwen's hand and, doing his best to be polite, kisses her fingers. Well, from Theo's perspective he slobbers all over her, infecting her with his saliva. "Let's sign this damn thing and send the two off on their way, hm? I'm sure your Harlot can explain to him all that will happen. For we, my dear," He runs his filthy hand across her face, "Shall win this war together. Such a radical idea, is it not?" Tiras then places another wet kiss on her but this time, it's her cheek.

    Theo's nose pinches slightly in disapproval to his Captains actions and words. Those green eyes of his turn dark for a moment, seeing his own Captain scribble away on the identical parchments. One for them and one for the Red Blade. Saying nothing this whole time, Theo stands tall, the brightness of his blonde hair illuminated by the candlelight. He is not believing his eyes at what he is seeing, Captain Tiras is willingly making a treaty with the people who killed Henry. Therefore he is a disgrace to the man's name and legend. It doesn't help that Tiras is a distant cousin to Silver Beard, most of the late Captain's features glowing in the flickering candlelight. Perhaps that is why Gwen allows him to feel around her, his desire for her seen as clear as day in his hazy eyes. Knowing Tiras drinks his fill, Theo can only predict that he must smell like shellfish, for he had just eaten, and rum. Lots of rum.

    Standing in the distance, Theo looks back to Eva, seeming to study her closely for any faults. She is surely a contrast to what he may think, the dark skin and hair allowing the emphasis of her ocean blue eyes. Not seeing a woman in so long, Theo can't help but stare and yet he says nothing. His hand is idly on his stomach, feeling the throbbing of the blows to his stomach settle down as the Captains make very short small talk. He is handsome enough, the shadows blocking most of his stone features. Those eyes though are still unkind and would rather rip both of them apart then even speak to them. It's not that Theo can't speak, he chooses not to.
  6. Upon seeing Theo go to draw out his sword Evangeline moved to beat him to the fight, but when Gwendolyn had barely lifted a hand Evangeline stopped. Gwendolyn had her girls very well trained, and not to mention how good of fighters they are. Which was why Evangeline had been so quick to retaliate even if he hadn't got a chance to attack. Most would think women could not fight, but they were indeed wrong and these women proved themselves to be just as great as men. Yes men may be stronger than them, but fighting was more about technique and skill than strength. Many would argue that especially most pirates, but if it were true that they weren't great fighters then why were so many pirate factions afraid of them? They were dangerous and all knew not to anger them. They did have their enemies which were the only factions to not be fearful of the Dark Harlots, and the Red Blade's were one of the three. Or should we say two now considering they will no longer be enemies. Even if their minds and thoughts say differently, and Angie knew she thought differently as she will always consider them enemies. "Patience my child." Gwendolyn said to Evangeline, she could sense that she was tense and wanted to just kill the both of the two men.

    "Oh Tiras how we are more of pirates than you and your men will ever be." Gwendolyn said with a smirk before running running her finger up his arm, she knew men all too well. They were weaker then they appeared, and she had shown her girls that. She had taught them by just tempting men they could coax any guy to get to what they desire. Seduction was the one thing they had over men, and it was something women could do that men couldn't. It was all too easy for them as they lived the lifestyle, so they used it up to their advantage. The Harlot lifestyle was something many women chose to get more money, but then if you're like Evangeline you had no choice. Being taken as prisoner by one of the most fearful pirates in history is not something an innocent fifteen year old girl could exactly fight. Though with the feisty hot Spanish blood that ran through her gains she did try to fight the pirates off when they took her, but at that point in time it was no use and one earned a hard slap to the face. Just thinking about that made Evangeline angry, she had hated pirates at that time. Then everything changed when she meant Gwendolyn, she was shown the pirate ways and felt more herself than anything though still had a disdain for male pirates. Most females did though which is why they were always often alone, and sought women like themselves for company.

    Evangeline glared at the man as he called them whores, she would love to just kill him right here. Also what was up with the two Captains, she wondered what Gwendolyn was thinking or rather planning as she signed the treaty. Their captain was a filthy man in her opinion, she did not perceive how Gwendolyn could stand to be touched by him. When Tiras had kissed Gwendolyn's fingers she discreetly wiped her hand on her bottoms when he dropped her hand. Gwendolyn was just smart and didn't say anything about it, she would love to show him what it's like to be a real pirate. Many would say she is a disgrace and gives pirates a bad name, but this guy gives them bad names. Here he was signing a peace treaty with an enemy who killed their captain and his relative, and that's a disgraceful move to her. He didn't deserve to be Captain, she was obviously better. Gwendolyn killed their Captain and instead of them getting proper revenge she gets their faction to sign a peace treaty, she would like to see some other pirate be ale to pull that off successfully. Now the deed was done, and the treaty signed by both Captains.

    Turning her head away from the treaty Evangeline set her hand on her slim waist as she was slim, but she did have a curvy body with every curve a woman should have. Evangeline looked over to the younger male, he wasn't as revolting has his Captain. He was appealing to the eye for a male pirate, but that definitely did not mean she would be take a liking to him. No she would really just rather fight with him, she actually enjoyed fighting since to her it was not only entertainment but practice. Evangeline couldn't help but to notice that he was staring at her, she could feel his eyes on her which was making her upset. She sent him a death glare that said stop staring, she didn't care if they hadn't seen women in a while it was irritating. Evangeline didn't care about their male needs, she found it petty and only yet another flaw in men. All she thought was that he better keep his hands and whatever else to himself, she unfortunately will be stuck with this guy for who knows how long. Exciting...

    "Let's go." Evangeline muttered to Theo as she walked past him bumping into him purposely on the way, she made it seem like an accident but they both knew it wasn't. Evangeline knew her mission and was told exactly what to do, she was just trying to execute a perfect plan. Women were also better with making plans, she noticed that men went off of improv and trial and error. She would rather take a few minutes in her mind making the perfect plan then executing it, she wasn't going to waste precious time. "We have to get a tome in a deadly cavern in the west ports before the enemy does, and if they get to it before we do then they win and we die. We need to work fast and diligently. Are we on the same page?" Evangeline asked as she looked around, she would do her best to lead the way to this unknown area. Evangeline had all the information thanks to Gwendolyn, and because Theo's Captain never told him anything that just means he needs her to win this. As for her she doesn't need him, but it will be much faster and easier with another's help.

    Evangeline wasn't stupid or foolish, so she wasn't going to get rid of him. Yet. Sooner or later they'll end up going at each other, she was sure they were going t get into at least two fights. As long as the peace was kept between Captains it was fine, so that's why she was sure her and Theo would get into some fights. They weren't Captains as of now, so they will probably bend the rules. Not like the other would care, she was pretty sure the man wanted to fight her as much as she wanted to fight him. Maybe they could 'test each others strengths' yeah that's excuse enough, but they were actually going t need to know each others strengths and weaknesses. They were bound to come across pirates, and others who will be in their way. Even if she didn't want to say it they were going to have to be a team.
  7. Tiras, muttering something about the Harlots pretending to be something that they'll never truly be - speaking of their piracy - Theo finds himself actually hoping that Gwendolyn actually slaps him across the face. For women, in his opinion, are not even man enough to punch. They have to slap their way daintily out of a situation. At least that's how Theo thinks of it. For all the gold on him, Theo doesn't even think a woman can throw a proper punch. They may throw one but their hand won't be properly balled up and, because of their size, they might as well just break their fist or wrist before even trying. Thinking a woman a delicate creature, Theo has been told that their bones are smaller and less robust than a man. And therefore will break easier. But, Theo ponders as he stares at Evangeline, not in a loving tender gaze but in one of contempt, perhaps these ladies are different. Unlike most pirates, he shouldn't immediately pin them, because of their sex, to be inferior.

    Most men trip over their words and fall with a loving gaze at so much as a woman showing her knee. For men, Theo knows too well, are easily sold when it comes to Harlots. Most of his crew, along with 'good ol' Captain Tiras' ... that bastard, will use a woman as if they're a towel. When your needs are satisfied, such as drying your body off, you don't think twice about hanging them out to dry. Studying Gwendolyn carefully, Theo sees her wipe the soiled hand from Tiras' kiss on her lower backside. Smirking, Theo can't help but agree with her, he too, if in her position, would do the exact same thing. Theo is as sharp as a tack when it comes to spotting out the little details. It all started with his parents' care, telling him to slow down and take a breath. To live the world that he is a part of instead of rushing and passing it by. This advice, Theo knows, is what has given him such a Swashbuckling reputation. Unlike most men who run with their gut feeling, he is more of the kind to sit back and study something and really understand what he is going in for. Always being prepared is something he lives by but now, he is at a disadvantage. Out of his comfort zone.

    Having Evangeline try and crash into his shoulder, the pirate hardly moves, letting her have her glory. For he knows that with that one bump, she ought to feel the raw power that lies underneath his tanned skin. Perhaps it will be a signal for her not to mess with him too badly. Seductive trickery is what the Harlot's do best, Theo is well aware. But Theo can't help but quickly admire the balls she has for purposely crashing into him. His fingers flexed on his sword hilts, almost letting them completely free of his scabbards. Theo knows full well that he and this Evangeline, no matter how seductive she may try and be, will not make him foil. He can sit back and laugh, watching his Captain get slapped in the face, figuratively, by that whore. But Captain Gwendolyn killed his Captain. Therefore, no one under that Harlot's command shall ever be a friend to Theo. This attractive girl may have her own mind but she is a favored one under Gwendolyn and therefore just as guilty as her Captain.

    Did Silver Beard actually take another woman to bed with him? Most likely. How can Gwendolyn blame a man such as that? She outright killed him! But they're pirates and they'll take anything they can grab their hands on. The men know this full well but women put way too much feeling into what they do. For a woman pirate's weakness is her emotions, women having a whole arsenal that is ready to blow at any second, men can control themselves until the day they die. Women may think they can seduce men with their bodies but all it takes is a little discipline for a man, such as Theo, to resist. For men have strength on their side and can easily outmatch a woman no matter if she is a pirate or not. It's the way they're created. Women are slim and curvey, not having nearly as much potential to grow muscle. Unlike men who have an unfathomable amount of strength that will only grow and grow with more and more training.

    In order to best this pirate, Theo will have to stay calm for his heartrate is about to burst out of his veins right now. Having to follow the orders of a damn woman is disgrace enough but having it be one of -them- is another step down. Keeping the solid line on his lips, Theo is sure to show no emotion for women feed off of reactions and sorts. More then anything, Theo just wants to wrap his arm around her neck and squeeze until he feels the breath flow out of her body. Holding onto his bicep, she will not be able to wiggle her way out, Theo drawing the upper hand. Yes, he wants to kill her just because she is one of Captain Gwendolyn's whores. Not even bothering to hide his eyes, he gracefully looks at her backside once she exits the small room, leaving the two Captains there to chat, Theo smirks only slightly, enjoying the sight before him. Having to not let her body overcome him, Theo straightens up and follows her, adjusting the belt across his chest, the smell of the worn leather exiting the room along with himself. Those dark green eyes stare at her, not being scared by her death glares nor her attempts at showing her strength to him.

    Those broad shoulders of his easily keep up with her, perhaps even passing her as they walk with his long legs. As she lays out the plans, Theo cannot help but wonder why his Captain had left him in the dark. Did Tiras really want her to kill him? Is that why all this time, he has been plotting a damn treaty with the enemy? For a damn book!? Theo's face twists down in utter disgust for what is occurring. Knowing full well that his fate is in Evangeline's hands, since he has no prior information on their purpose for being together. Clenching his jaw, he looks over to the girl who is easily a head shorter than him. Always being on his guard, Theo nods his head as her words spit from her mouth. By the way she holds herself, Theo can only imagine that she isn't too keen on this mission together as well. Finally bringing in a deep breath he holds out his hand demandingly. "Map?" He orders her, knowing full well if she refuses he might just have to pick a fight. Not giving any shits if they're at a treaty now, Theo did not sign and he hates his Captain. In his eyes, the treaty doesn't matter to him.

    "It's no wonder that they're sending their -best and brightest- on a suicide mission to obtain some tome." Comes his coated voice, rather smooth for a man of such gruff looks. Perhaps it will surprise Evangeline to find it attached to such a daunting looking man? "And, mind you, just because we're working together, it doesn't mean that I have to play nice. Your Captain killed Silver Beard and you listen to her without even thinking twice. Therefore you are at the same fault line. But be warned," His hand comes up to her face immediately, flinching out of the way if she tries to swat his touch away. The rough fingers of his experience at sea slide down her face to her neck, gently squeezing as a warning. "You try -anything- and you'll end up as a dead body floating out to sea. Just because you and your Harlots use their bodies and wit to seduce men doesn't mean that -some- of us don't have self control. I'd like to see you seduce me, woman."

    Those eyes of his are a second warning even when his mouth shuts. Looking for her reaction, he will study it and see what her true nature is for the eyes tell the truth when the mouth speaks sludge. "Tell me everything you know." Comes his next order, shaking his head lightly, "And don't think I actually -care- about this stupid tome or my Captain for that fact so therefore I would rather carve out your insides than be at a disadvantage. For, you said it yourself, we will have to work quickly in order to complete our task. I can't be a wondering leg on this war machine. In order for me to work at my best, I need every single fact you have. For us to be on the same level." Crossing his arms over his chest, he waits silently for her to answer and to give him the information he desires. Knowing just as well as she does that this isn't going to work. They will be fighting and when that time comes, he will be glad to put a few lasting scars on that pretty little face of hers. Nothing right now will make him hesitate for he feels like he is on his own right now. Anything comes inbetween his survival and her safety, he will take his own life and leave her to rot. It's the pirate way, look after yourself before anyone else. There is no point in risking his life for a woman who follows such slimy orders from Captain Gwendolyn.
  8. Evangeline ignored his request for a map, she even laughed a little. Did he really think she had a map? Cause she definitely didn't, she had everything in her head. Evangeline took it upon herself to remember every single detail of the map to get her to the tome, she had been aware of this mission for a very long time. Before they were going to sign the treaty even, she knew her Captain was going after the tome as she was going to be the one to get it regardless. This is something Evangeline has been working on for a while now, but she was smart about remembering every detail. Theo would have no way of knowing anything now, and even if she told him everything she knew there would be no way he would remember it. All of the information took her a very long time to remember, she even remembered the day she was going to go on this mission earlier. Though once Gwendolyn heard their enemies were going after it she planned this whole thing, so it was a surprise that Tiras went along with it. Evangeline knew that if she was him she wouldn't go along with it, and not to mention Tiras didn't even read the treaty. Evangeline noticed he just signed it which is not smart, she knew Gwendolyn put something in there that Tiras would later regret. That's just how Gwendolyn was, and Evangeline found it to be cunning and smart.

    When Theo's spoke and put his hand on her that was not going to slide, she didn't care about this guy at all. If he was going to be this way she will gladly kill him and take on the mission alone, she hated wasting time and this was wasting time. He could pick a fight with her after they have the tome, but now was not the time. Evangeline pulled out a dagger and set the blade right against his -most likely nonexistent- heart, she glared up at him before speaking as he moved his hand to her neck. "Don't believe I won't think twice about driving this dagger right through you, I suggest you take your hand off of me or I will make sure to give you a slow and painful death." The only thing her eyes showed was hate and determination along with strength, she was not bluffing and was only looking out for herself so if killing him made her reach her goal then so be it. Evangeline was in no way scared of this man, he may be stronger than her yes but that didn't mean she couldn't fight. Men didn't think women could since they weren't as strong, but then again has any woman tried to actually full on fight a man? No, so she would gladly be the first and show them women could be just as strong.

    When his hand came off of her though she took her dagger off of him, she could tell he underestimated her and that wasn't the wisest thing to do with someone like Evangeline. "My Captain may have killed yours, but if we are not as strong as you men claim then your Captain shouldn't have been so easily killed by a woman. Seems very careless and foolish of him to let his guard down if you ask me. I will gladly listen to Gwendolyn, she knows many things that you men don't even think of. Just remember every pirate only thinks of themselves." Evangeline said with a smirk since yes she learned a lot from Gwendolyn, and Gwendolyn was motherly in a way but she wasn't her mother. Evangeline wouldn't think twice about crossing her, and that's exactly what she planned to do with this mission. There had to be a reason Gwendolyn wanted the tome so badly, and she kept trying to pass the Captain position over which made Evangeline skeptical. Why would she be so keen on giving up her title? There had to be some greater importance than just a book, and Evangeline would find out.

    "Me try anything? If I have to say so myself you're just digging your own grave, so I suggest that you not try anything. Just because we Harlots use seduction to our advantage doesn't mean we can't fight men. Once we obtain the tome I will gladly engage in a fight with you. No weapons, seduction, or any other means. A fair and true fight." Evangeline said with a cold tone, she was a good fighter if she had to say so herself. He wouldn't be the first man Evangeline has fought, he may be stronger than the rest but that didn't mean she couldn't take him. Strength wasn't the key in a fight, and it was only part of it so strength alone would not get him very far. He can underestimate her all he wants, but that doesn't mean she can't do it. "I bet you would like to see me seduce you, but don't worry I wouldn't give you the glory." This guy apparently doesn't know who he's dealing with, and just because other women may be weak doesn't mean she was. Men also seemed to think women had too many emotions that made them weak, but to be truthful Evangeline didn't care about anyone besides herself. Her family was gone, she had nobody important so what was their to be emotional about? Nothing, she didn't care. Let him think what he wants though.

    "If I tell you everything I know our mission will fail. The enemy will get to it before we do. This is information I have required over a long period of time, information that will take me who knows how long to tell you, and even if I did you couldn't remember it all. I have no map you can check, and I have nothing to lead me there except the information I have remembered. I can tell you that this tome has to be very important for Gwendolyn to want so bad, I know that the book leads you to something desired by every pirate everywhere but that's all I know about that. Gwendolyn herself doesn't know what it leads to, but every pirate is after this tome so I'm sure it is very valuable whatever it is." Evangeline would love to know what this tome led to, she could only imagin what it would be. A higher power maybe? Riches beyond belief, everything she could want, and maybe so much more. She wouldn't know until they got the book though, so they had to et that first or else they will never get to whatever the item was. Hopefully it will be something worth this deadly trip, she will be enraged if they go through all of this trouble for nothing. It would have just been a waste of her time.

    "I would care about this if I were you, but not for your Captain. We are Pirates, and honesty is not one of our strengths. Do you think I'm going to go on this deadly mission to only bring the tome back to my Captain? No I will carry out the search for whatever the book leads to myself." Evangeline stated as she gave him some information, she couldn't leave him out in the dark like she wanted. His help would be useful since there would be many other pirates they'd have to kill and get by, but she did let him know she wasn't planning on going back to give their Captains the tome like they were told to do. If he wanted to go with her on the search to whatever it was the book leas to fine, and again the help would be useful. However if he wanted to take it back then looks like they'd just have to fight over it. Either way Evangeline would be finding out why this was so important, she can't help but to want whatever the item is. She has known the pirate way for so long that it would be very unusual if she didn't care about what it was, and that would probably be why every pirate was after this book since they all wanted what it led to.

    Evangeline looked around once more to find the way she remembered over and over, she spotted where to go and looked at Theo. "Now can we move on and get the tome, or would you like to stand here and spit words back and forth. Lets just get the damn book and fight about it later." Evangeline started walking once again, and if he didn't follow then that was his choice. He could just walk away now and o back to face his Captain, and he could even tell Gwendolyn that Evangeline planned on crossing her for all she cared. Gwendolyn would not believe it, and she found it foolish that the woman trusted her so much. That will be the downfall of her, but Evangeline wouldn't kill her. If she trusted people as easily as she did with her then she will get herself killed, but other than that Gwendolyn was quite smart about things. Evangeline still planned on being Captain of the Dark Harlots though, she wanted that title and she wanted whatever this tome led to. If it led to something very valuable then she could easily take that role as Captain, but if it was not as important as she thought she would just tell Gwendolyn they couldn't get to it and she will be Captain still anyway.
  9. It is a slight hope of Theo's that she would actually show him the map, let alone have one readily on her. That valued information would be for her eyes only, and he us aware of that, being stowed away in some ships cabin or deep within the layers of clothing. As he listens to her tell him that she is his only means of finding this tome, he chews on his lip, his frown growing. Captain Tiras really screwed up this time, sending Theo into this situation completely ill prepared. His rival here has been training for months in order to achieve the goal of finding this all powerful tome or whatever it might be. Blinking, he cannot believe his ears, not believing that she could memorize all that information. Then again, who knows when it comes to the Dark Harlots. Their reputation exceeds them and now Theo has to think about what he is stepping into. He has no footing so therefore he must be extra cautious when dealing with Evangeline here for she can turn on him at any moment. Why is she even bothering to bring him along if she can do it all herself? Theo ponders that internally.

    Hearing her spite his old Captain, Theo lets out a low growl, trying to hold his tongue but it fails. "Captain Khelp." He starts to brood, the features of his face darkening but he soon waves his hand in the air. "It's not even worth it to argue with you. You'll pick your Captain's side and I'll pick the side of the man I served under. You can call him a weak man and careless but I know the man that I knew. Just as you know your Captain Gwendolyn so well." Marveling on the stupidity of Captain Tiras, Theo really is more angry at him right now. Captain Khelp has been dead for several years and Theo has moved on. "Along with my Captain's death, his reputation has been solidified. That's all we Pirates care about. He is known for his tactfulness and adaption in battle not to mention his riches. My battle is not with you even though I would -love- more than anything to take you up on that fighting offer to see how great you really are at handling a blade. I'm used to brawls - it'll be a delight to see you lose."

    Feeling the cold steep creep up to his chest, his grip finds and tightens around her wrist within a blink of an eye. If it were a fight, he would twist her arm until he either breaks it or she lets go. But this situation is different, the tightness of his fist around her wrist most likely leaving a mark. Not even the strongest man would be able to move the blade closer to his flesh so Theo is certain that he will live to fight another day. Just as a precaution though, he will sleep with one eye open. Who knows what will occur once the sun dips under the horizon. "I never doubted your bloodlust for a single moment, Harlot." He chides her, shaking his head and shoving her bladed hand out of his way. Gwendolyn did say herself that he and her are the best of their kind meant to find this item together. In his eyes, they are yin and yang, without one, the mission would fail. There still is the fear though that a capable woman such as Evangeline would be able to get to this tome without him. He is, after all, putting his life into her hands.

    "I would expect no less from a fellow Pirate." Comes his cool breath over her face, following her as they move down to the docks. He too is having his thoughts about what this tome will hold but since this is the first time he is ever hearing of it, he has no idea -what- to even think. The part about such a loyal member of the Dark Harlots turning on Gwendolyn within a blink of an eye doesn't surprise Theo as much as her sudden change of heart. In Theo's eyes, he blames her for starting the spat. Clenching his jaw once more, the Pirate follows her, the tails of his doublet licking at the back of his thighs. "Fighting about it later seems like a grand plan." Comes his unenthusiastic tone, knowing full well that a fight will ensue sooner then expected. He can already tell that Evangeline wishes to prove herself a strong woman and Theo serious doubts her abilities. Perhaps killing a few enemy pirates together will change that fact. "The sooner we're done, the sooner I can move on to something that actually peaks my interest." He comments slowly, jumping down to the docks below while Evangeline uses the ramp.

    Waiting for her at the bottom, she finally arrives and leaves him to a small ship that can be manned by a crew of two. The caravel sits proudly in the water, the wounds proudly being shown from its capture. Theo completely doubting the reliability of such a vessel to get them to their destination but unlike most men who would point and utter their comments, he keeps quiet. The less he has to speak with her, he feels, the better off they will both be. The lanteen sales, both the main and the jib, are neatly rolled up as the hull of the ship is slapped by the incoming tide. The usual sound of the strain of the ropes comes creaking as the ship is carried away in the current and then brought back to the dock, a good slam heard from the wood on the wood. "Well, tell me what to do, Captain. That is if we're setting sail tonight. You seem to be in such a rush to get away from this lively place." Theo remarks coldly, not really considering her the Captain of the ship but she does have command over him so therefore he has to foil to her command. In essence, yes she is the Captain but Theo would never allow her to think she was. Jumping onto the ship, he starts to inspect the mast as well as the knots holding her to port. Every order she barks at him, he would comply with, hating himself internally for listening to her but knowing that it has to be done for them to be underway. The blackness of the wood comes in handy, having them fade with the night. So much for his first trip to Tortuga!
  10. Evangeline just ignored Theo the rest of the way, she frankly didn't want to hear his voice anymore so she just didn't say anything. She really wished times like these that she could just do everything by herself, she knew that's how most pirates got themselves killed though as they tried going on deadly missions thinking they didn't need anyone. It was tempting to think like that, but Gwendolyn had told her many times before not to have that mind set. Evangeline was honored to learn everything she did from her Captain, but unfortunately she would not stay loyal to her Captain. Evangeline knew any other of the Harlots would stay loyal, but she was just different in the way she thought. Maybe that's why Gwendolyn liked her so much too, she knew that if Gwendolyn was in her place she would do the same exact thing. She actually hated being compared to Gwendolyn, she despise it really. Everyone compared the two, she just smiled through it. It started out as an honor, but as she became her own person it got annoying. Evangeline always felt pushed aside and in a shadow because of Gwendolyn, so she took this as her chance to come put on top.

    Once they got to the small ship Evangeline frowned a little, she was told it wouldn't be anything magnificent but she still didn't think it would be this bad. It wasn't the worst she has seen, and it could be worse so no complaints. The only thing that Evangeline was scared about was this ship failing them, she hoped with everything the had there would be no storms. The water is usually rough though, she doubted it could last. Evangeline didn't want the ship to crumble beneath them, and they would surely die that way. Gwendolyn once said if you ever doubted your ship for a second upgrade, she took those words seriously and thought over her options. Was it worth taking the risk? The color was good for the night yes, but she was sure she could find another ship that was black. Evangeline climbed aboard the ship, she ran her fingers along the edges of the boat and looked at it all. Very plain and not worth much, she thought they could do better. Why would their Captains give them such a deplorable ship? Well to her it was anyway, she wanted a nice one. Hell for agreeing to this suicide mission they'd we served better, so this ship could sink to the bottom of the sea for all she cared.

    Evangeline snapped her attention to him when he called her Captain, and that made her very mad. In her book it would be a disgrace to Captain pigs like him, she would never in all her time recruit any men for her crew. "No me llames capitán, yo nunca sería suyo!" Evangeline had no idea if this man spoke her language, so she rolled her eyes while running a hand through her hair. "I am not your Captain. I am nothing to you and you are nothing to me. We are just forced to work together, so let's keep it that way." Evangeline said more calmly in English, she couldn't help but to be snappy or feisty sometimes. She grew up with an all Spanish family, and they happened to all be that way. No hard feelings it was just how they were, but she was trying to refrain from that right now since most who did not know the Spanish way could take it differently. "This ship is useless. If a storm hit I'm pretty sure it would not survive the smallest of storms. I say we abandon this one, and do what we do best. Steal a ship. There are many docked in Tortuga lazily being watched over, and I have a plan. Or we could simply just go and take one, but I suggest going with my plan." Evangeline knew if they just tried to take a ship it would be very very bad since they were on an island full of pirates, so if they were caught stealing one they would have so many pirates after them. Though if they took a little extra time going with her plan they could successfully steal a ship without being noticed until it was too late for anyone to do anything about it.

    "I was thinking I stead of angering every pirate in there and easil be outnumbered I could distract the men watching over the ships while you worked to untie the ship. We will have to go for the smaller ones yes, but I can assure you it will be much more sturdy than this. Many men come by themselves with a ship they can alone operate, so I'm sure we can find a decent enough one that can be sailed with just the two of us. It would surely be ale to last through any storms that may occur, or even at least be manageable in an attack. Evangeline got off of their current ship and looked to Theo, and hopefully he would see her point and cooperate. Why wouldn't he cooperate though would be her question, she didn't think he would like to die because their ship wasn't strong enough. That would be pretty sad if they failed their mission before it even began, and failure wasn't in her book as she was sure it wasn't in his. At least that's what she thought, she knew pirates in general did not like to fail but from what she has observed men didn't like losing. Evangeline definitely didn't like losing, so she understood that quite well.

    Gwendolyn warned her about the ship, and how it wasn't the best of qualities. Evangeline was pretty sure she was hinting for them to steal a different ship, and now she knew why. Thinking it over once more she started walking to where all the ships were docked, she was sure Theo would agree not like he had a choice anyway. All she needed him to do was work to steal the ship as she distracted the men in charge, she would catch up with him after he gets it sailing into the water. Evangeline would just have to stop inside for not even a second to get a dress, but of course it would just go over her clothes she was wearing now. Everyone knew that the Dark Harlots didn't wear dresses like the other females, so the men wouldn't trust her if she wasn't in a dress. Evangeline happened to be a master of disguises so this will be no problem, she would get the dress easily and just pin her hair up. All of that would only take or even a minute, she didn't have to pin it up well considering the women were always a mess from alcohol and messing around with men. Once Theo would get the boat sailing she would just simply leave them and jump in the water, and lastly climbing aboard the ship. It seemed to be a promising plan to her if executed right, but if he had any better ideas she would maybe take them into consideration if they were good enough.
  11. With a smooth grin to his face, Theo thinks of what to say back to her. Sailing around the Caribbean for so long, he had learned to pick up the Spanish language for Spain controls a large part of the Americas as well as a spot or Portuguese, French, and of course his two native tongues, Dutch, his family teaching him his heritage at a young age and English. Not fearing what she might say, he simply puts on his best smile as he inspects the state of such a run down ship. He too believes that she wouldn't last through the night for there are warped boards, cracks evident as well as a tattered sail. "Mis disculpas, señora, pero yo sólo estoy... haciendo un poco de diversión para mí. No te preocupes, tu pequeña... mente con mis declaraciones sin... sentido." Comes his best attempt at trying not to mix up his languages.

    Being rusty with Portuguese and French he knows just enough to get through a simple conversation. Spanish on the other hand, he hears all the time, a group on the new ship native to Spain. But understanding what someone is saying is completely different than actually having to speak it himself. When he speaks Spanish, he has a horrible English pronunciation of words but he tries his best to roll the R's off of his tongue and annunciate the proper letters. Unlike most pirates who will give up, Theo has a rooted sense of dedication to a project. One he starts, he will do everything in his power to make sure that he achieves the highest level of familiarity as he possibly can. Perhaps that is one of the reasons he followed Evangeline to the docks and is now letting her speak to him. Staring at her again, he just keeps smiling before patting his palm to the ship's mast and feeling the soft wood beneath his skin.

    "She is rotten." He advises Evangeline, turning to face her once she tells him that she is no Captain. Letting her words hang in the air for a moment, he then responds with a simple, "Aye, aye, then." Comes his grumbling as he unsheathes a sword, giving her a look that he is not going to hurt her and that she can calm the fuck down. Placing his ear to the mast, he taps the hilt harmlessly to the wood, leaving a large hole because of its state. Not even checking to hear the unique echo of rotten wood, Theo blinks and focuses on the hole he made. The evidence is clear and he picks at the hole as she speaks, listening intently even though she may think he isn't. To prove his worth, he speaks once she is done, every so often looking to her and nodding his understanding of her plan. "This ship won't do at all, you're correct. Perhaps a nice distraction will do us some honor?" He carefully asks her, biting his lip in an attractive way even though it's just his outward signal of deep thought.

    "That's a solid plan," Starts Theo, glancing around to the other ships at the large port, "But I'm not sure you can distract all the men on one ship. We'll need a strong hulled one that can easily slice through the waves. Sadly, most two manned ships are for quick transport form port to port and not on the open seas. We may have to work harder but I suggest we pick a larger ship, perhaps one that is crewed by five or ten, that way we know she will last on the roaring waters." Pausing for a moment, he glances to Evangeline once more, seeing if she likes his additions to the plot thus far. "It's not that I doubt your skills as a Harlot, because I don't, trust me, but to gain a larger ship will mean that they'll have a larger crew abroad. Scouting out our options will be our best bet before diving right into it with swords blazing, slicing anything that moves." Placing a scarred hand to his chin, Theo chews on his lip once more, trying to think of something else that might help. Snapping his fingers, he too easily jumps from the ship's railing to the dock with so much as a sigh of breath.

    "This ship won't do anyone any good. Perhaps it can be utilized as a distraction for any other men around the port. Some flint and steel should light the baby up easily. I'm sure we can find some oil or other means to light 'er up. That way we have a guarantee to slip out while all eyes are on the burning ship on the other side of the port." Waiting to obtain a response from her, Theo wraps his arms over his chest. The fabric of his washed out blue doublet is itchy to his touch but will do the job of keeping him warm on the windy nights at sea.

    Upon the slim chance of her actually agreeing to his plan, Theo nods his head, "You get changed and I'll find the means to light this baby up. Once she is burning, I'll throw some rum at her with a wet cloth stuck in the end so no one knows it's me. Trust me," Theo pats the unlit bombs at his belt, completely forgetting he has had these. Looking down, he must know what is on her mind. Why would he take the chances of having to find something flamable if he can just light up a simple bomb and throw it at the boat. "To answer your question," He starts, "I'm saving these for use on the mission for once we're out at sea, I won't be able to make others unless we find some blast powder and other materials. Saving our resources for when we need them the most. Right now we have a whole damn port to screw with so let's get to it."

    Starting to walk away from her, he looks over his shoulder only to comment, "Meet you at the ship," His finger pointing to a fine selection, "Third pier, sturdy and you can tell from the woodwork that she is new and will do us well. One you see the flames, make sure that the people go to the ship, the others who stay on you can easily get all naughty with." Not even giving her a chance to respond, he knows that his selection -is- the best out of all the ships. Studying them when he was brought into port seemed to be silly at the time before he had been punched in the gut but now he is rather thankful for the turn of events. Running along the boards, he hears them give way and gasp underneath his weight. Gathering up some supplies, he returns to the rotten ship and prepares her to be ignited. Stealing from the local shops, Theo has found a goldmine of oils whether they be from the collection of dead animal organs, animal fat and or resin. Making sure everything is in his place, he saunters his way to the bar and takes a bottle of rum for himself, slipping out before anyone can notice he didn't pay a cent for it. Drinking a bit on the way down, Theo tries to see how Evangeline is getting along, if he can make out her unique curves anywhere nearby.

    As soon as the rum is a quarter of the way done, Theo stuffs a tattered cloth into the nozzle and tips her upside down, letting the cloth soak up the rum. The fire tipped bottle is lobbed up into the sky, years of practice making it easy for Theo to estimate distance and how hard and high he has to chuck the container. Hearing the smashed glass, Theo knows he has hit his mark dead on, gripping his hand into a tight fist and shaking it before his face. "Take that!" He whispers to himself upon having it run smoothly the first time around.

    Moments later, he sees the heat of the fire rise up, gobbling up the mast for all its worth and spilling from the cracks in the wood. Some pirates are shouting, wanting to get the flaming beast away from shore before she burns the dock and the rest of the ships. Meandering in the darkness underneath the upper levels of Tortuga, Theo easily crosses the dock undetected as pirates angrily row with one another to try and put out the flames. Sadly for them, the fat burning will only spread the fire. Perhaps Evangeline is too quick to judge his smarts - he knows the grease fire will occupy the drunken sailors for a while. Most of them don't even know how to douse a proper fire, let alone one from grease.

    His plan is unraveling smoothly, knowing that Evangeline will most likely be mad at him for just walking away and telling her his plan. Hoping that she still is keeping up with her side of the deal, he makes his way to the ramp of the larger vessel. Easily jumping from the ramp, he latches onto the side of the boat, using the various port holes from cannons and such to place his footing, holding onto beams and ropes. With an easy slash of his sword, he starts to chop the ropes, therefore letting the bow of the boat free. The whole time, Theo makes sure to keep his ears open for Evangeline to see if she is still on the ship or if she has convinced the sailors to go to shore, the others most likely seeing the flames and running off. At least, that is what Theo can hope happens.
  12. Evangeline listened as Theo spoke about her plan, she was glad to hear that he thought it was a solid plan. Though he started changing things, she didn't know how she felt about it. Evangeline almost didn't bother listening, but considering he listened to her plan she would listen to his. He wasn't sure she could distract all the men on one ship? He was very mistaken then, she had done it multiple times. Especially when they've been drinking it's much easier. They would crowd around each other to try and see her or even touch, but the way to ensure she had all of their attention was to put on a little show. It would distract many men as the ones in Tortuga came here to see that specifically, so they were willing to be distracted as that's what they wanted along with rum and whatever else they seemed to want.

    Theo was right about getting a larger ship, but her only concern was not being able to control it with two people. Evangeline didn't think that they couldn't do it, she was just unsure considering she has only controlled a ship with a crew. Never alone or with one other person, but it would just be more work. More work Evangeline did not mind at all, she liked to be busy anyway. Besides if they were going to be together for a while it would give her something to do to not be near him or talk to him, so she thought that getting a larger ship may be more beneficial altogether. Evangeline looked around wondering which one the should take, but she would leave that judgement up to Theo as she had to focus on her task at hand.

    Using their ship they planned on abandoning as a distraction was smart, but she wouldn't tell him that. Evangeline didn't need him thinking he was so great and so much smarter than her, he may have some good ideas but this was her call after all. Theo was just planning on sailing out in this worthless piece of wood, but she thought better of it. He probably noticed it too though, but he didn't say anything about it. Setting the ship on fire? Evangeline listened to his plan on how he planned on setting the ship on fire, she did wonder why he wouldn't just use the bombs at his belt. She wouldn't ask but he answered the question for her anyway so she just left it alone, she decided to just let him do whatever as she didn't care at this point. They had a plan and that's all that mattered to her, she agreed that they had to get to it though since she wanted to get to their destination as soon as possible.

    Evangeline watched him start to walk off before she even agreed to this little plan of his, and that didn't make her too happy. What ship? Was the question in her head, but before she could ask he once again answered her question which annoyed her. Evangeline's deep blue gaze followed to where he pointed, she studied the boat closely judging his pick. The ship was larger as desired, it was more than decent, seemed sturdy enough, and like he said looked new from the woodwork. The woodwork was also fairly pretty and by far the best out of the others, she was pleased with the pick. Evangeline looked at the other ships, she was sure she would have chosen the same one if he let her pick right now instead. Evangeline went to comment that she agreed with his selection, but when she turned back to look at him he had already walked off. Grumbling under her breath she too got on the move, she needed to stop by and see an 'old friend'. More like someone who was in debt to her, she could easily get a dress from this woman. This woman she has known for a long time as she was one of the other girls that were taken from her hometown along with Evangelie.

    "Es hora de pagar las deudas antiguas. Me toca estar en necesidad de un vestido, y sé que usted me puede ayudar con eso." Evangeline went to Cordelia as she had a collection of dresses in her shop -if you could call it that- which would help her, and they were the finest around. Because she owed her Evangeline knew she would have to help her, and she wouldn't even need to pay for the dress which was the best. "Evangeline Ah, cuánto tiempo sin verte. Será un placer, voy a dar lo mejor que tengo. En rojo, por supuesto." Cordelia responded and if Evangeline may say so herself she thought it was sarcastic, she was pretty sure Cordelia was not happy to see her therefore it was not a pleasure like she said it was to see her. Cordelia did know her well enough to know she would not take anything that wasn't red, she followed her to the back room where she was handed a dress. Evangeline looked at the dress carefully, she needed to make sure it would grab the attention she needed. The dress was indeed very showy like she wanted, she thought the accents on the corset made it just right. There were fake diamond accents around it along with a few floral prints as most dresses were floral, she was fine with the ties in the back but Cordelia will be helping her put it on. It looked like any other dress that a woman -specifically a harlot- would wear and she needed that, she needed to look like a harlot and not a Dark Harlot.

    "Usted tendrá que quitar eso." Cordelia gestured to Evangeline's top and she was right, she had told her she would have to take her top off. The dress didn't fit or look right with it on, but she was hoping to just put the dress over her clothes. Evangeline just took it off anyway, but she left her leather bottoms on as it held her weapons which would fit under the dress so no worries. Evangeline got the dress on and Cordelia tied it, she looked in a mirror and pinned her hair up leaving some curly strands down. The dress definitely accented her feminine features all too well, and was by far the most showy dress she had worn as she hadn't even worn anything like this when she was just a harlot. It would work though as she didn't doubt that at all, she much to her displeasure would have many of the men all over her. The worst part was that they think they could just touch her as they pleased and her personal opinion did not matter, she definitely did not miss that lifestyle in anyway. Men knew not to touch a member of the Dark Harlots, but today she was not playing that part.

    Seeing some of the men go to the flames on their abandoned ship, she noticed that there were a few pirates too drunk to care. Those were the ones she would be distracting, she tore their attention away from the vessel as the focused on her. The normal whistling as she did her best to keep their attention, and they weren't looking away. Evangeline was easily seductive and had them practically eating out of the palm of her hand, she knew this was all too easy for her. With one man's hands on her hips in front of her, one man's hands on her that was behind her, and another she took his hand placing it around her chest as she talked to them. The rest of the few that were there just assessed her body standing next to the other pirates, she did not enjoy their touch at all but it was something she would do to get what she wants. Evangeline ran one of her hands on one of the pirate's chest as her other hand moved up and down ones arm. They were completely drunk she could tell, so she would give them the glory of letting their hands roam as she waited for Theo to get the boat. Evangeline convinced the men to go down to put out the fire with the others, she told them once they put out the fire she would grab some of her friends and they could all have more fun together for the men being so brave. Yeah right Evangeline could probably put out the fire by herself easily, but she wouldn't say that.

    Once the pirates were gone and the vessel Theo picked was in the water Evangeline took that as her time to go, she made sure nobody was looking before going to the end of the dock. Evangeline dove into the water and now that it was darker out the water was extremely cold, but she did not care since it wasn't like she hasn't been in the water before. She would normally swim much faster, but this dress was definitely not helping. It was pretty heavy so it made it harder to swim, but Evangeline would never let something so simple stop her. Once she swam over to the ship, she grabbed a hold of the side of the boat and climbed up it. Again the dress made it harder and she slipped multiple times because of it, but she just kept climbing. Evangeline was a pirate who would let nothing stop her, she was extremely persistent and would not stop until she reached her goal.

    Evangeline finally got to the top and got on board along with Theo, she was dripping wet yes but hey at least she made it. Evangeline wrung out the soaked dress so it wouldn't be as heavy, she knew it probably would only help a bit since it was still wet but she would take what she could get. Unfortunately she could not change out of the dress, but she also didn't plan on staying in it. The corset was fine, but it was just the long lengthy poofy dress that bothered her. Though it wasn't poofy now considering it was wet, but once it dried it probably would be again. Getting an idea Evangeline took out a dagger, she cut into the dress before returning the dagger to her belt. Evangeline tore the dress part off of the corset, she threw the remains of the dress into the water and felt much more comfortable as well. Now she just had her leather bottoms and the red corset top, but it was still showy which she didn't like and still wet which she also wasn't happy with. As for her hair, she took out the pins letting it fall back down over her shoulders. It was still curly as that's just how her hair was, but they were loose curls but she still hated her hair being up.

    "Took you long enough." Evangeline said once she directed her attention to Theo, and it was more lighthearted than other things she has said to him. Though that was only because he did his job well which made her mad, she wouldn't tell him he worked well since she didn't like that. Evangeline looked around the vessel to see how good this ship actually was, she nodded her head since it was a nice ship. Fortunately it would get them to where they wanted to go safely, she thought about the possibility of attacks but she thought Theo and her could handle it. Hopefully anyway, she looked up to see which direction they were heading as she mapped out their destination in her head. Evangeline noted they were currently going the right way so she didn't do anything to change the direction or tell him to, but when the time came she would be calling out the changes and would keep him updated on where they were so he could know his territory.
  13. Not even bothering to look back, Theo slips right down to the edge of the docks, easily maneuvering underneath the lip of the creaky boards. His tense muscles keep him upright as his fingers creep along the dock, his boots licking at the sloshing waves. Soon enough and without being seen, since no one looks down at the docks, he jumps his way across and does a 180 so that he ends up hugging the side of the ship. Mid air he grabs a hold onto the nearest rope, letting his body completely lie flush against the wood of the new ship. His chest underlaps the sound of the moving water, the thudding sound not even audited by the drunken crewmen. "Hurry up." He groans, his arms tingling from the constant strain. Sneaking along the side of the ship, Leo pokes his head up above the railing of the boat, seeing plenty of dancing crewmen. Cursing to himself, he lowers his head as to not be seen and keeps his fingernails dug into the small wooden lip.

    Hearing Evangeline call the boys over, he takes his moment and moves away from the pattering of footsteps down the wooden plank. A fresh full moon has started to rise, giving him the advantage of the blanket of darkness. Easily heaving himself over the lip of the ship, he makes contact with the deck wood. Luckily for him the sea, chattering, screaming and hooting of the men on the docks are enough of a distraction for Leo to unsheathe one of his swords and bound down the ship as to start chopping the ropes. Easily keeping three ropes taught, he waits for Evangeline to grab the boys, taking a glance down before cutting off the last three, having their boat become mobile once more. The sparks of fear alight in his arms as he charges for the wheel, glancing up and around as he runs, trying to see if the sails are in the proper placements. "Good, good." He mutters under his breath, easily replacing his sword in its resting place before moving to the wheel.

    She is a beauty, made of fine pine wood and carved by a delicate hand. There is a small inscription on the surface but Theo hardly pays attention to it. For all he knows, it's most likely an inscription for the French navy. The craftsmanship of this vessel can only be made by the French for Theo has seen many a ship like this one. For all he knows, she is strong and sturdy, able to get them across the seas at a swift pace. Chewing his lip, he uses all the strength he has left to grasp a hold of a wooden peg protruding from the wheel and heave it towards him. This motion goes on until the bow of the ship as completely turned around. Relief comes over his body as he jumps to the nearest railing, tightening or loosening a few of the ropes within a blink of an eye before redirecting the ship on its course. An easy slip of a knot wrapped around one of the pegs should be enough to keep them heading East. Evangeline is bound to have actual orders once she shows up.

    Looking behind him, he attempts to climb the mast to see if he can change some of the sails so that they may cup the wind and set them well on their course. Before he can even grab the first rope latter, an arm wraps around his jacketed torso. Theo has been so caught up in getting her on course that he forgot to check if all the men had left the ship. Within a blink of an eye, he pushes his chest downwards. The weight on his back is lifted up into the air and comes crashing down on the lined beams. He lets out a horrible gasp of air, Theo not hesitating to draw his blade once more. When it comes to life or death, Theo has no problem in killing to keep himself alive. This is the way of most pirates, it's kill or be killed. "I'll kill you for stealing my ship! You can't man her alone, boy!" The saucy grin of the black haired man only widens, "You'll be burying yourself in the sea along with a wreckage. Turn back and I'll consider not killing you." For as he spoke, the man recovered, jumping right up and drawing his own flimsy sword.

    "Consider not killing me? I'd like to see you try," Comes Theo's own silky words, grabbing the hilt of his second sword and releasing all his fury upon this man. The clanking of steel on steel is heard and all of Theo's movements are swift. Before the man even gets a chance to fight back, his sword is swirling on the deck of the ship away from his grasp. Theo charges at him, taking no time to bury him stomach full in steel. "Who is the one at the bottom of the sea?" He whispers into the mans ear, pulling his swords out. The man lets out a painful groan, hands trying to pat the blood from seeping from his stomach. Easily, Theo's foot comes up and kicks his chest, sending the man tumbling over the rail. "Say hello to Davy Jones for me." He chuckles, moving back to his business after wiping the blood from his sword.

    Seeing a dark figure come on board, Theo almost rushes at her but cannot mistaken those dripping folds of clothing as a man. Squinting he sees it's Evangeline. With a nod, he doesn't even bother to ask why she is wet for he knows the answer. Thinking it lesser of him, he turns a cold shoulder at her comment to him, thinking it's best that they don't start a fight. "You did your part well and I did mine." Holding his tongue on any other comments, he can't help but snicker to himself, grinning as he turns his back to her and starts for the tied up wheel. "What direction are we heading in?" He asks, moving her right on course. As the night schleps along, Theo finds himself becoming a tad more comfortable with Evangeline once she stops her pointless stabbings towards his fellow pirates, the Red Blade members. This doesn't mean that he will be asking her any personal questions for he knows, and figures she does too, that they aren't ready to be exactly friends. For all he knows, she will kill him in his sleep if she got the chance to take the treasure and run. When she barks orders at him to change course, he complies, easily turning the wheel with his power. It's smooth sailing from here. But sooner or later they'll have to get some shut eye.

    "We can always lay anchor in shallower water." He suggests after a while in silence has passed, "That is if you can navigate in the blackness of night just fine." Not being an impatient man, Theo finds calm in the water, not even thinking about talking to her.
  14. Evangeline ignored his comment about her doing her part well and him his, she was not here to get along with him. Evangeline saw no reason to be nice, but she would just have to tolerate him for now. That bugged her since she didn't like to have to tolerate others, she was a very stubborn girl which could clearly be seen. Her whole family was pretty much stubborn though, but she only took what she wanted from Gwendolyn. Evangeline didn't want to be just like her, so she only learned from her what she wanted and just tossed the rest of what she learned away. It was complicated really, or at least that's how Evangeline made it seem. She made it seem to everyone that her and the Captain were so close, but then in a heartbeat she would turn on her. The other Harlots would never do that, but Evangeline never took authority from others quite well. Even as a child she was disobedient.

    When Evangeline was younger all the girls her age would be in dresses, and they were all learning to cook and clean. Evangeline would throw the worst fits ever since she didn't want to wear dresses, and whenever it was time to learn she would hide. She was never found wither unless she wanted to be found, and because she was small she was able to hide in smaller places where others wouldn't think to look. She was always sending them on endless hunts to find her, but eventually they just gave up on her altogether. Her mother was always so mad at her, but she refused to be like her mother as she did whatever her father said to do. Evangeline wouldn't even listen to her father, she was always sneaking off to watch the boys fight. That was always way more interesting to Evangeline and she actually learned quite a bit by watching, but all of this was when she was little. Once she got into her teen years she started to behave more, and listened to what her mother and abuelita told her to do. Though once she was taken she got back into her mentality she had when she was younger, and that's what led her to rebel and join the Dark Harlots.

    "West. As of now we are heading the right way, but once we need to change courses I will make that call." Evangeline spoke once he asked her what direction they were heading in, she looked at the water then the darkened sky. For now she was good with sleep, but she couldn't stay awake all night and day. She wanted to be well rested to prepare for any fights, and there would be plenty of those which she did not mind at all. The only thing she was unsure about was him, she knew he couldn't get far without her but that didn't mean she still didn't honk he would try to hurt her. If she angered him enough she was sure he would not hesitate in starting something, she would most likely do the same thing anyway. Evangeline figured he felt the same way though, or maybe even more so than her but as of now she would not try anything.

    "Whenever one of us feels like we need to rest we can stop so th-" Evangeline stopped speaking and listened intently, she shook her head before heading down to where the cellars would be on the ship. "Debería haber imaginado." Evangeline said to herself as she looked at the prisoners, she wondered what they had done to get here. They were men so they had to have done something to anger these men on the ship, she could tell the ones that had been here a while apart from the ones that have recently been imprisoned. The older ones were very skinny from lack of food and were pretty weak looking, but the younger more recent men were more gruff and didn't seem weak at all. They seemed a little confused as to who she was and why she was on the ship, but the elder men thought she was just a hallucination. Evangeline was sure they were all trying to think about whether or not the ship had been stolen, but she wouldn't give them answers and would only leave them with more questions.

    "Ein Engel von den Göttern oben!" One of the elder men spoke breaking the long lived silence though she did not understand the language, she was guessing German because that is one she did not know as she knew a few good languages. German however was not one of them. "Translation." Evangeline called out looking around knowing one of them had to understand. "He thinks you're an Angel." One man mumbled which just made Evangeline laugh, she was definitely not an angel. "Are you?" Another man asked, but he looked more like a boy than a man. At most maybe fourteen and he seemed to have some hope. "I'm no Angel." Evangeline responded before heading back up, she left the men to whisper amongst themselves on who she was and where the other guys were. Maybe they would figure out what was going on or maybe they wouldn't, but if they couldn't then they weren't worth her time as it should be daily obvious since why else would a female neon their ship. She obviously wasn't here to keep their Captain company or anything because if she was then she wouldn't be down here, she wouldn't be allowed down there period and shouldn't even be on the ship.

    "We have company. Prisoners." Evangeline told Theo wondering what he wanted to do with them, she could really care less since it did not matter to her. "Some of them are too weak to do anything, but some could be put to good use. Though I'm sure they can't be trusted, but I will let you play 'Captain' with this situation. I do not care what we do with them." Evangeline said as she traced her fingers along the edges on the ship, she was pretty content with this ship. It satisfied her enough, but she still wanted the Dark Harlots ship. She had grew pretty fond of that one, she loved the color and style of it. So far she hadn't been able to find a ship she liked more, but that could always change if the right one happened to ever come along. Evangeline highly doubted one would, she likes the history with the ship if anything. To her the history of a vessel could be just as good if not better than the appearance of it mod course it still had to at least be appealing to the eye to her, but she went after history the most.
  15. "And the sun rises, oh yes rises, in the East for you, my dear.
    Why can't we, only why we drink and solemnly cheer?
    For you know that we are in the sights of our enemy.
    So why, my dear, must you cry. Those streaks down your face.
    For the sun, yes the sun, rises, rises in the East.
    But we know, yes we know, that for the sun to stay at its peak.
    There must be those of us, those of us, praising to thee,
    For once the day is done, he must comply.
    For the sun, yes the sun, oh it sets in the West. By and by,
    The day is done, day is done, the moon shall shall be our guide."

    From the throat of Theo comes this unique song for he closes his eyes with each repeat, his foot stomping against the wooden floor. His voice, however is like molasses, smooth and sugary. It's just loud enough to be heard over the crashing of the waves against the hull of the ship, drowning out the creaks of the ropes around them. Yet, Theo is not too loud as to disturb Evangeline as she gives him the orders. Complying with her, Theo's spirits seem to have lifted, even momentarily forgetting that they are brutal enemies towards one another. So it can be done! Whistling through the air, Theo nods his head to her, signaling his understanding nature of what she has to say. "Where are you going?" He bellows, gripping onto the wooden pegs but not moving. Letting out a long sigh, he figures that if she wants to get in trouble, it's her business.

    Chuckling, he can't help but play different scenarios of what may be down there waiting for her. Seeing the red of her corset dip beneath his line of sight. Going back to his whistling, Theo wonders if he will hear a gunshot or the slashing and crying of a wounded man. More importantly, he hopes that it's Evangeline's blood that is spilt so he can sail this ship into whatever harbor he may please and start anew. For he knows his life as a pirate is solidified and he is sure that he is a wanted man upon the shores of the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese nations. None the less, he wouldn't just go to -any- port for he would travel back to the pirate's paradise and start fighting once more. Some of the best payment has been received from his sparring. There is a pride there that won't set with the sun and rise in the morning. At any moment, he can utilize his knowledge and defeat an enemy who is attempting to end his life.

    Hearing some shouting in what he has no idea is German. Blinking, he cannot understand how such a gruff sounding language. There is a hard emphasis on certain syllables, making nearly everything someone says sound angry. Tilting his head back, Theo lets out a hearty chuckle to the wind, imagining a man professing his love to his lady only to be rejected because he used that nasty sounding German tongue. Having a deep hate for Germans, Theo knows that their rivalry is all but kind and optimistic. His blood doesn't allow him for all he is worth to be a speckle of kind to Germans. There is a deeper reason, not just hate for them because of his people, his Dutch roots, but for his family. There is a reason they moved to England. Perhaps it's fear of a powerful German aristocrat? Perhaps not.

    Seeing Evangeline's usual curves walk up the wooden steps to the deck, Theo shouts across the way at her. "What is going on below deck?" When she arrives up to the stern of the ship, she will be able to see that he is keeping a steady course for the Westerly direction. "Everything is smooth sailing so far. No tricks, no rocks, no nothing. Having to maneuver this ship through a grave of jagged rocks will absolutely be ... impossible. With just the two of us. Does your map in your head there remember anything about swift movements? Obstacles that we'll have to face one way or another. They're sure to have food on board so keeping up with our hunger is no problem. But here puts forth the question of if we will have a need for more manpower. Should we feed these prisoners below and treat them as such? Or should we just throw them overboard and hope they drown?"

    Waiting for her answer, Theo cooly smiles, quickly looping a steady rope around the peg of the wheel. Seeing a sail that is hardly being put to its full potential, Theo grabs a hold of the nearest ladder upwards and starts to climb. Half way up to the sail, Theo expertly climbs around the ladder, putting his back to where he wants to jump. She must think he is nuts for attempting such a strange position. Theo easily spins around mid jump to land perfectly on the small ledge, hardly even flailing his arms because of the imbalance of his jump. Grabbing a hold of one of the ropes he carefully loosens the sail, having the wind brush up against its fullness. Grinding his teeth together, Theo has trouble wrapping the rope back where he found it. "Dammit, you stupid thing." He breathes, really putting his back into it. Finally when he is finished, he easily hops to the rope ladder again and causes the boards of the deck to shake with a smart jump back down. Moving to Evangeline's side, he takes the wheel once more.

    "I thank you for letting me play Captain but this is a duel effort if you like it or not. Do we need to utilize these men for anything or can we just..." running his finger over his throat, he makes a hissing sound, signaling them to kill all of the men.
  16. Evangeline thought it over a moment, she went through the mapping in her head before closing her eyes. Oddly closing her eyes made it easy to picture everything out better, and it also made it easier for her to keep her guard up considering it made her focus on hearing. The floor of the ship would make noise with your every step, so she did not doubt she could hear if someone tried to attack her. The only one that could though was Theo, and if he tried to do that it would be pretty superfluous of him if she had anything to say about it. She was not trying to start a fight, but only get their course in her head to see if there would be problems up ahead. Evangeline had thought about this before though, she thought over all of this before. She was just remembering those thoughts, but once she got to them she would be perfectly fine. All it took was one little tiny detail, and then all of the other information jut came flowing in with that detail. Theo probably thought she wouldn't even have to think about it but we will just have to acquiesce her judgement.

    "Nothing in the water should pose as a threat. There should be no rocky paths, or anything of the such. We do have to worry about other ships and especially warships, I'm sure we will run into at least one or two of those. It's bound to happen at one point." It was true there seemed to be ships out everywhere and would definitely attack, and especially if it was another pirate ship going after the same thing. Evangeline thought that was what they would be on the lookout for the most, she has had run ins with other ships even time at sea. It's just how it seemed to work, and not to mention the vessels crewed by men who only wanted to execute all pirates. Evangeline would never let them get this filthy hands on her, she despised any nobles and royals. Commodores were the worst as they held themselves on a pedestal, and found everyone beneath them excluding the ones above them. If she could rip apart each and every one of their throats she would, she was quite the rebellious type so anybody who held power over her always made her uneasy about it and she only wanted to put them in place.

    "There is one other thing. The wretched weather. I'm sure there will be plenty of storms for us to deal with, and you know you can start by putting a cessation to your whistling." Evangeline said apbefore crossing her arms, she believed in some of the pirate superstitions and that was one of them. She obviously didn't believe that having a woman on board was bad luck, she was pretty sure that was only a superstition because men probably couldn't focus and wrecked their ship. They could be easily distracted at times, so she assumed that's why men said women were bad luck, but if they could control themselves it should be fine. Besides the women probably ever brought on board were most likely dim witted and were just trying to mess around with all of the men, but she was here for work. Evangeline had her eyes and mind set on the prize, she was never one to mess around. "Wouldn't want to 'whistle up a storm' now would you?" Evangeline asked Theo since she believed whistling would make that happen, she was pretty sure of it. Evangeline always noticed that when people start whistling the weather turned into a storm, and she did not want to deal with any storms that were unnecessary.

    Evangeline had a plan, and a small but devilish smirk appeared across her face. "Feel free to make modifications, but I propose we use some of them. Only the ones with great fortitude as some men are pretty weak and would not be of any use. With storms or attacks we may need some more power around here, I would like to think we could manage through everything alone but I will not make poor judgement. We use the men that are useful, and we will make the others just walk the plank. Once these men help get us to where we need to go we just kill them. They will only be in the way once we have the tome, so we take what we need and then get rid of them when we no longer need them. After getting the tome it will be an adventure of sorts to figure out where exactly it leads us, and what it leads us too as well." Evangeline found it a good idea since they might as well utilize some of the men's abilities and not let them go to waste, she examined each and every one of them to see what they could be capable of. They probably didn't realize it, but she was though it was unnoticed as she planned.

    "In the long run it would be the wise decision." Evangeline added since they would just be killing them in the end anyway, but this way they at least would have more power. Evangeline didn't worry about them not listening to her either since she's a woman, she would not be one to mess with or disrespect. These men would find that out immediately if anyone tried anything, and she was sure she would surprise them all. Evangeline was not just a pretty face, she could be pretty lethal when she wanted to. She didn't think she would have to try much though since she had an advantage with weapons, and because they're prisoners they have nothing. Even without the weapons she cold still instill them taking her seriously in their heads, she would fight any one of them if she had to and gladly win if anything. Evangeline was sure Theo would do the same if any of the men found themselves to be a stronger fitter than him, she was weaker in strength than men she would admit yes. Skill and tactic she did not lack however, and mixed in with what strength she did carry Evangeline could be just as good of a fighter as any one of them. Hopefully they would see that and she wouldn't have to prove it, she didn't want to kill a man who could have been someone good to keep to help sail the ship.
  17. A relieved sigh comes from Theo's lips as he actually smiles this time after Evangeline speaks. "Well, that's good! It's nice, for once, to hear that there shouldn't be any other threads other than the elements themselves but we men, us humans..." there is a light pause as he takes in a breath of air, "We cannot break a cloud with a thunderbolt for that is for the higher elements to decide. If a storm shall come, it will be of it's own accord. Rocks, oh those damn graveyard is never a good time when crossing." Closing his eyes, Theo thinks upon the men below deck. "If you think it's right," He says in a neutral tone, "then we should just keep the strong ones incase a storm does hit us. There is no way we will be able to keep her moving if the clouds turn black and the waters respond with turmoil. I mean, we could try our best but there is no hope in keeping us on course that way." Glancing over to Evangeline, he notices if she agrees with him or not. It's not as if he cares too much for her opinion, but like her, he knows they have to work together even if they both want to chop one another to pieces.

    "If we fight an enemy ship, I am sure those pirates down below would sooner kill a seaman of the Royal Navy than the two of us." His eyes flicker with a sort of challenge for them to come across an enemy ship, be boarded and win a battle. Theo craves battle, wanting more than anything in the world to hold his swords in his hands and rip through body after body. Even though in his opinion, he would rather feel the opposition beneath him, having every single inch of control over them. With a sword fight, there are all these other factors coming into play for you have to worry about footwork and the skill but an added weapon to the mix. Theo doesn't see much of a difference between the two, you're still trying to best your enemy but just with a different style. Looking back to Evangeline, he can't help but smile, those live eyes of his pondering how she will be in a fight. Before she gets uncomfortable, he looks away as a gust of wind comes to push them along smoothly.

    When she scolds him for whistling, Theo can't help but utter one last whistle just to push her buttons. With a locked jaw, he moves back to the wheel. "Oh come on, no whistling of mine has ever brought a storm upon my men. For such a tough girl, I would have never picked you as the pirate to be all over those silly superstitions." Rejecting her thoughts, he waves his hand, chuckling before almost starting up his tune once more. Instead, he doesn't want to get run through with one of her blades so he just quizzically looks over to Evangeline, "Is -humming- alright, your majesty?" The scented breeze comes back over the ship and Theo turns his head to the sky, taking in a deep breath. It's obvious that he isn't paying attention to anything she is saying if she comes with a retort to his statement. Not actually thinking she is royalty, he just one up's his Captain comment now with calling her majesty for Theo is one to push and push until someone snaps. Before the command of his ship and Captain Silver Beard was killed, Theo used to torture the prisoners. With that sort of experience, he has been ripped to pieces and sewed back up to become a man. No longer does he flinch at the sight of blood, the taste of the sweetness on his lips nor the splintering effect a cannonball has upon a man when making contact with wood and flesh.

    Hearing her speak of her judgement, Theo nods his head. "Then we use them until we don't need them anymore." Turning around to squint through the blackness of night, he raises a brow. "Should we take them up one by one and... hm, perhaps have them fight for their lives? It would make an interesting duel. I'm not saying -all- of the weak men but perhaps just those we think would be a fair fight." Chuckling, he shakes his head, smoothing a hand over his face. "And by fair fight, I don't actually mean fair but more entertaining for our measures." Feeling the rattle of the floorboards against his feet, Theo cannot help but smile, "Or perhaps that would be a bad idea." Shrugging, he just threw out the idea for the hell of it, not really caring if she liked it or not. "I just know you have been itching to thrust your blade right through me ever since we met. Believe me, I would love to see your head roll across this floor, but we have to work together. If we cannot contain our anger towards one another then we are as good as dead. This chance will at least give us the opportunity to fight any man who can stand and wield a sword. They have nowhere to run for we will throw them overboard anyway."

    Pondering the men below, Theo has not had a chance to look at them as Evangeline has. "How many are down there? Are there -any- that are capable of turning this ship on us? I am more than happy to let those few starve. Let their stomachs eat away at their muscle until they grow weak. ... How long, do you think, it's going to take to get to our destination? Weeks? Days?" Sighing, he cannot help but curse under his breath, the thought of being stuck on this ship with Evangeline and now a number of angry men only to add to the mix. At least he will get some sort of entertainment if she agrees to fight them, one by one. For having this solo sort of fight will give either himself or Evangeline a chance to jump in and easily kill the fighter if they actually best one of them. Theo thinks this fact is highly unlikely but there still is a chance. Never-the-less, he can't help but smirk, knowing that if he watches her fight, he will be able to learn her style. Where she likes to strike, what blocks she prefers and, most importantly, where she keeps herself open for attack.
  18. "I do think it's right. Keeping the strong ones would be beneficial for the time being, but the weak will get in the way and are not needed at all. We wouldn't be able to manage this ship with just you and I in a storm. I would love to say we'd be able to, but I will be quite candid in saying we wouldn't." Evangeline said looking around the ship, she looked up to the sky playing out what they would need to do in a storm. She liked to have things prepared, so most planning happened in her head. Evangeline kept a lot of things in her head, she thought that was the safest place for them. The older ideas and plans she would just forget about, and then she would memorize newer details. She was a pretty detailed person in the sense that she pays attention to everything, she is very vigilant of the world around her. Being trained the way she was though most of the women in the crew were pretty vigilant, but that also came with being a woman since they are genetically more detailed with certain things than men.

    "I'm sure they will kill them, but I'm also sure we would love to kill them as well. If anything we will be the ones doing more of the fighting in that situation, but backup will be needed of course so we aren't outnumbered." Evangeline would love to take down other ships, she lived for fighting. Everything about it she always found intriguing, and working with different swords were always fun. Battle is essential in her book, and after all glory comes with war. She is in no way a coward which is obvious considering she says and does things other women would never dare to, but Gwendolyn of course as well as the other Dark Harlots. They were all pretty much brave, and craved for the kill. Death is a victory. Evangeline looked over to Theo, she could tell he was thinking of how she was in battle. What man wouldn't since she is a woman? She didn't doubt he probably thought she was weak in combat, but she wouldn't prove him wrong. Evangeline knew she was good, so she only needed to prove herself right and to nobody else. They weren't important, so no need to prove anything to anyone unless it's herself.

    Evangeline was looking out of the side of the vessel once Theo had spoke, she turned her attention to him once he whistled once more. Really? Did he want a sword through his mouth? "Okay so no whistling had brought a storm upon your men, but look around. Do you see your men? I'll help you out. No, you don't. That is the only superstition I truly believe, I myself have experienced it too many times to believe it to be coincidental." Evangeline said as she shook he read at him, she was not looking forward to being around him 24/7. Evangeline gave Theo a you gotta be kidding me face, she had no idea why he would call her that. Just to push her buttons? She could do the same, so maybe she would just annoy him. "Yes your humming is aloud." Maybe that would backfire on him that she wasn't bothered, she didn't feel like he was much different from what she's been thinking. Evangeline did not believe she was actually royalty which she wasn't, but his pointless purpose in trying to make her upset was not needed. Yeah not gonna happen, but maybe because of that it would push Theo's buttons. Evangeline usually had a purpose for doing and saying things, but his purpose was just aimed to aggravate her and that was real nice for teamwork. Sarcasm fully intended.

    Theo's idea was not too terrible, but she had one detail to add to it. Evangeline couldn't help but to laugh at what he said about working together, she thought he should clean up his act then. "Why yes I have wanted to silence you permanently for a while now, and I must say it is very appealing to just end your life right now. That is my insatiable thirst for killing talking though, but I'm positive you can agree that you would do the same with me. However if you want us to work as a team then start acting like one. As of now there is no sense in trying to anger me. That will only cause problems, so maybe you should take your own advice. I'm controlling my anger, so you pull your weight and control yours." Evangeline challenged calmly, she agreed with what he said but he wasn't following what he was telling her. "I'm not saying we need to be nice to each other, but we will need to tolerate each other for now." Moving on from this subject, she decided that conversation was over. "As for your idea I like it, but I think instead of us fighting them they should fight each other. Those who stay alive will get to live and help us carry out our mission, and those who don't will just be thrown overboard to visit Davey Jones. If they fight each other as well then we can study how they fight which will be beneficial when we decide to get rid of them, and if we fight them then I'm sure we would just end up killing them all. That's not the best of plans. We have some benefits with keeping some of the men, so let's use that to our advantage." Evangeline suggested, she didn't know what he would think of that. To her it made more sense though.

    "There are around twenty men. Some will be useful, but most not really. If they prove themselves enough though we could always put them back in better health, they've clearly been deprived of everything. I personally do not care, up if they are a good worker they could be useful. I do have to say there are a few select men who seem to be quite strong, but I think we could handle them. Of course we will have them always at work so they don't have all of their strength, and cutting back on food will definitely help. However we have to make sure they're strong enough to man the ship, and fight off enemies as well." Evangeline said before closing her eyes though not letting her guard down, she thought about how long this trip would exactly take. She knew it would take a while, but there was really no specific time. "My personal goal is in a week or two, but with some stops for say getting more food or a quick break will take longer. Especially if we waste some time fighting off enemies, and storms could set us back as well as potentially putting us off on the right track. Hopefully a week though. The sooner the better." Evangeline said befor nodding and opening her eyes, she wanted to make sure they got the tome before any other pirate did. This had to lead to something at least worth a decent amount, she found no other reason why pirates everywhere were going after it.
  19. Nodding, Theo understands her words. Adding his own conscience, he is quick and to the point. "It's not like the men won't help us if there is a storm. Fear of death is what drives people - fear of never waking up from an endless slumber. They will assist or they will die." Smirking, he gazes at Evangeline for a moment, thinking to himself on how she prepares her thoughts. "I have not been on -this- ship before but my last," he takes the wheel and turns it ever so slightly, the waves pushing them to the left. There are no birds to greet them, only the rhythm of the waves lapping up against the hull as the mighty maidenhead slices through the waves, "ship is a very close model. Captain Silver Beard ordered me and a few of the crew members to man a small vessel so that we could easily bombard an enemy on both sides with cannons, making them sink in the water with ease." Standing on the castle at the stern of the ship, Theo takes in a long breath. Not because he is bored or tired but it's more calculating than just a yawn.

    There are two main masts, foremast and mainmast, as well as a a lateen sail placed behind the wheel. The strong rectangular sails curve with the wind, making it easy for them to glide on until the dawn. That is, if they so desired to. "If a storm does come, she will be touch to navigate. My last ship took a real beating from those black clouds and the rain, nearly running itself up on the rocks of a nearby coast." Not really knowing why he is sharing this information with Evangeline of all people, Theo just continues. "As long as the crew know what they're dealing with, I have no complaints or doubts that we will be able to make it through. Again, it's the fear of death that will make these fellows below work." Chuckling, he hears her comment about having them fight one another, lifting his head to the sky as he does so. "Brilliant! That way we don't have to waste our energy -and- we get a show." The only satisfaction he gives her though, is a nod of his head. Ignoring her comment completely about whistling. He need not concern himself with such matters right now - knowing he only meant it to push her buttons and he rightfully sees that he has done just that.

    "I am sure you'll get your chance to fight me later but as of right now, you -should- think about playing nice. You're a Harlot after all." Internally he spites her but stops himself before he says, aren't you meant to entertain a man? Come on, let's see a jig. Use that body you have been blessed with for my entertainment. If only they were in a bar somewhere and Theo had a bottle of rum in his hand, cigar propped in his mouth, the soft orange glow illuminating his face with each drag. Shaking his head, he comes to the reality that Evangeline is not just a whore but a crafty whore at that. Theo knows, or at least thinks he knows, that she has slept with many men only to end their lives or steal from them once the morning came. Pah, those filthy Harlots. They'll go to all ends to steal and ravage. Looting from fellow pirates while they lie in their beds napping. At least kill them if you're going to go that far. Sneaking around and killing does nothing for your reputation. People have to see you at your worst. Fear you when you walk down the street.

    "Then by all means, Evangeline." He offers a strong shake to hers, "Let's start over," Even though you're a filthy Harlot. He actually smiles to her, doing his best to be as civil as one can be when dealing with the enemy. "I'm Theo and I don't work for the Red Blade. I am just a lone pirate trying to make his way through this world." Thinking if they set aside their differences, they might be able to find some common ground and actually be fruitful. "Well, for the next week or two, I will be assisting you in finding this tome. Not for any Captain's sake nor any connections you may have to the outside world. Right now, it's just you and me." His eyes move from hers to the lower cabins, "Aaand all those," his teeth bar for a moment, a concentrated frown on his face, "... prisoners down there. We are the masters of our own fate up here." A muscled arm comes out to the sky above them, revealing the illuminated stars. "We are the captains." Now that she knows what he -truly- acts like, his true nature, he tries to keep it up, actually placing a delighted grin to his face. Thinking it actually worked, he knows that it will take them lots of time before they can accept one another.

    "Would you mind taking the wheel, Evangeline?" His one hand still wrapped around the sleek peg. "I'm going to go see our numbers downstairs and get a good idea what we have to work with. This is a merchant's vessel so there is bound to be some food or stock laying around. Are you hungry?" It's so difficult for him to be nice to her but he keeps smiling through the raging pain spreading throughout his body. His conscience is screaming at him, knocking him hard in the chest to stop but his heart keeps thumping away. That organ knows that this is the only way they'll open up. Theo knows that they'll never be friends, that is the last thought in his mind, but at least they can be acquaintances or just partners working for a common goal. He knows he is bound to be stabbed in the back sooner or later though. Keeping an open eye and not letting his guard down is high on his list even though his face and eyes might shine with acceptance.
  20. "Our crew not only needs to know what they're dealing with." Evangeline motions to the ship, she agrees they need to know how to navigate it. Though there is more than that, so she continues. "They need to know who they're dealing with." Evangeline finishes referring to her and Theo, she will not accept any disrespect from any of those men. She wouldn't flinch once before stabbing them repeatedly, so of course she would not deal with anyone she didn't want to. Evangeline was also pretty sure Theo would not accept any disrespect from those prisoners either, he also probably wouldn't think twice before killing one of them. Evangeline feels no sympathy for the men at all, she knows what it feels like to he a prisoner but that does not mean she will sympathize with them. No Evangeline could care less about them, she is not like most women who couldn't kill someone because of their stupid emotions. Sure Evangeline had emotions, but usually they were drowned out with her wants. She wanted many things, but she mostly just wanted the things she couldn't have. When she got them she was usually done with them, she finds no thrill in what she has.

    Evangeline was glad he liked her idea, she did not want to waste her time fighting those unworthy prisoners. Plus she would be able to see their fighting style, she thought that would be an advantage for her and Theo. It would also be entertaining to see them fight, she loved entertainment. Though upon hearing Theo's comment, she gave him a sharp look. "I should think about playing nice? I have no reason to." Evangeline said with a shake of her head, but she would gladly take that chance to fight in when the time came. Why he thinks she wouldn't be a fair fight just because of her gender was far beyond her, she personally believes in underestimating nobody. Even that fourteen year old boy down there she won't underestimate, she didn't know what he may be capable of. "Oh yes because being a Harlot makes me a filthy whore, so if anything maybe you should play nice." Evangeline said with a smirk and an amused expression, he could think he knows her all he wants but he doesn't. Evangeline would cool down with time and she knew that, but it was just hard to when he did some of the things he did or said what he said. It got annoying and exhausting, but if he lightened up she was sure she would too.

    Starting over? She knew it was best, but that still didn't mean she wanted to. Though Evangeline accepted his shake, she still wasn't quite sure about this whole thing. Well she finally learned his name at least, he had not given it before nor did his Captain introduce him. He said he didn't work for the Red Blade, but then why was he agreeing with this mission? That confused her since if she wasn't with the Dark Harlots she wouldn't be doing this, she would do it for herself but not for Gwendolyn. Evangeline was doing this for Gwendolyn at first, but the older she got the more she wanted to be her own Captain and in charge of herself. Even as a kid she didn't like others being in charge of her, and that wasn't just a phase she went through. She found it strange that she could relate to Theo in a way. He was trying to make his way through the world, and that's what she was trying to do as well. Evangeline didn't want to relate to him, so she chose to ignore it.

    "Well Theo, as you know I am Evangeline." She says reluctantly returning his smile, but it didn't last long. Evangeline was finding this odd, but she figured she should introduce herself since he was. "I am a member of the Dark Harlots, and I joined to get out of being a Harlot." Yes that is why she joined, and yes she was being truthful. Many think the Dark Harlots just sleep with men to kill them, but they're wrong. Gwendolyn does not make the girls do anything they don't want to, and they are just known for that since it's assumed that's what they do as Harlot is in their crew name. The reason Harlots were in the name was because all of the girls in the faction used to be Harlots, and they joined so they didn't have to sleep with men again. Gwendolyn gave them that on the condition they went through her training and grew strong. Evangeline hated being a Harlot, she was forced to sleep with the men she did. Only three were by choice, and no woman liked being a Harlot whether men could see that or not.

    "If I may ask why are you assisting me if you do not work for the Red Blade?" Evangeline was curious of this, and she had her own suspicions. That was he also wanted this treasure, but she would keep that to herself. If they had to fight over it she would make sure she came out on top, she was not going to let everything slip from her fingers because of him. It put her at ease though knowing he didn't work for the Red Blades, and that he was just making his way. Not completely at ease as she still thought of him as the enemy, but she could try getting along for now knowing that. It crossed her mind that he was lying and just making all that up, but she forced herself to trust him for the sake of getting along. At least she would force herself to trust him or now, she would be very vigilant to make sure he wasn't trying to cross her or anything. As he mentioned they were the Captains Evangeline nodded with a small smile, she could accept that. Sharing the title for now as they went through this mission, she found it fair.

    "Not at all." With that being said Evangeline took the wheel like he asked, she did not mind steering since she had done it many times before with their vessel. Evangeline wondered why Theo wanted her to take the wheel, but he followed up with an explanation. "Not really, and look for the youngest boy I believe he has the most potential." Evangeline was not hungry, but she did think the oh had the most potential. He seemed to know more than he led off to Evangeline. She thought he was secretly a pretty good fighter, or something at least. She could be wrong, but usually she isn't. "Oh and Theo I know we are trying to put our differences aside and start over, but we do not need to be overly nice to each other." Evangeline explained giving him a shrug, he kept smiling and she found it strange if anything. She hoped he didn't expect her to be all smiley and super nice t I'm, she definitely wouldn't be. Evangeline would try getting along yes, but no sense in always smiling. All she could think about was this was going to be a long trip, but she was prepared for it.