After-After Death

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  1. Knock knock. Neva looked at her door, then back to her studies, debating on answering the door. The knocks sounded again, more persistent this time. She sighed and stood up. "I'm coming, I'm coming..." she called, but she took her sweet time getting to the door. She opened it to reveal her friend and fellow councilmember Aranath. "Long time no see!" she greeted joyfully, wrapping the elf in a tight hug. Her friend had been so wrapped up in family business that he had all but completely disappeared for a few weeks. They laughed and she ushered him in, quickly and casually closing her notebook. There were dangerous ideas in there; her ideas for Outworld exploration. He disagreed with the idea, and so she kept him out of it, not wanting him to fall if she were somehow found out.

    They talked for a while, eagerly catching up, before another round of knocks sounded. Neva groaned and threw open the door, scaring the poor messenger.
    "Yes?" she asked impatiently. The kid handed her an envelope and took off. She closed her door and looked at the envelope curiously before ripping it open and reading it. She groaned again. "Emergency meet. Deren's trying to do something about the carta again," she explained, tossing the note to Aranath. "Go get ready; I'll see you there," she said, tossing the note in the trash can and getting her meet clothes out. Once he left, she dressed in her councilmember garb: simple black pants, a green shirt with silver lining, and a necklace with a Tree of Life. All of this represented what she represented: the elves. Aranath would be in similar clothes. For each race, excluding the dwarves, there were two councilmembers. The dwarves had one for each of their noble houses.

    As soon as she was ready, Neva left. She arrived at the Assembly, and after waiting for a few more members to show up, they finally started. Deren, the human representative, started the meet by explaining why he called it: some family member of his was just robbed by a carta member. She jotted down a few notes in her notebook, but stayed out of the ensuing argument, not bothering to waste her energy. Everyone said almost the same thing anyways. The humans were the most upset about the carta, but there was nothing that could be done about them. Crime existed in all societies, and the carta was a part of Jorgennar's crime. After what seemed like an eternity, the meeting was forcefully ended, after the majority agreed to it. What a waste of my time, she thought, filing out of the Assembly Hall with everyone else. Before returning home, she decided to go to the market district. There was this bracelet she was eyeing the other day, and she intended to get it, now that she had the money. She held her notebook tightly and made her way to the store she saw the bauble at.
  2. Yesung whipped his tail around standing on the rafters. He listened in on the argument making sure he wasn't seen by any of the council members. It seemed that no plan against the Carta was to happen soon. He smiled once everyone was left and jumped down gracefully before snapping back into his human form. He wore slightly baggy clothing to hide the fact he was wearing thin elven armor underneath. He smiled walking out of the room thinking about the house he robbed last night. He laughed at the fact it was part of Deren's family and skipped out unnoticed.

    The Kitsune skipped around the market place sneaking objects here and there when shopkeepers had their backs turned. He took a small bracelet and pocketed and passed one of the council members with a wink. He took off his hood and shook out his hair and calmly walked out of the market place and into the slums to headquarters. Jarrim Erbal, the leader of the Carta met with him in the front hall and asked for a brief explanation.

    "Well, the groups are too busy to make a plan with all that arguing but I do believe that the humans are planning something," He said pulling a book out of the folds of his clothes and opened it. "Here, read it, they are planning an attack"