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  1. I've made my way back to the shores of Iwaku. It's been a little while since I took a step back to focus on other things and I now find myself in a proper space to make a committed return. I've very much missed you all and I do hope to work my way into a few stories and give my imagination a proper work out. So, how has everyone been keeping?! What all have I been missing??
  2. Well, I'll hit the hyper-tl;dr button.
    1. There was terrible drama of many sorts which resulted in some folks eating a banhammer and the debate tag being deleted.
    2. Some people got more popular, some people got less popular.
    3. GD is now filled with Halloween stuff, which I like. A couple months from now it'll be filled with Christmas shit, which will drive me completely insane.
    4. The general tone of this section is now far more about bubbly but ultimately fangless topics.
    5. Libertine still looks something like this.
    6. Myself and many others still pretend to be far more important than we really are.
    7. Role plays are no longer section divided and are now steam piled into a giant clusterfuck of one section per category. (At least groups are.) Which makes browsing by IC for a new RP a nightmare.
    8. RP OOC threads now have one additional tab in another section of the site called the "Overview", this is where you're supposed to recruit people. The only way to keep it relevantly on the front page is by update bumping it. It can add additional tabs, such as cast list and rules list, which are really neat though.
    9. Everything is different and now it sucks. So sayeth the ferret jester about the owl queen.
    Aside from that, there really isn't much to tell. Welcome back.
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  3. Hey Brovo, good to see and hear from you again! Thanks for taking the time to write all of this out, making it easily digestible. I suppose some of the news doesn't surprise me and some of it are just marks of forums trying to do something new. I'm going to have to figure out the whole RP listing system that you mentioned. I hope it's not as confusing as you've made it sound but then again, you do have pension for accuracy in whatever you post, so it might just be. As for the Cthulhu vid: that was pretty amusing, if not a bizarre mishandling of the source material. Not long ago I made the mistake of listening to the Necronomicon collection in a single go. Nothing can make Lovecraft seem more boring than listening to 21 hours of audiobook.
  4. Lovecraft is all atmosphere, so if anyone's going to emulate him, they have to have quite the verbose vocabulary in describing the overpowering, unrelenting shadows of the unknown and the unknowable.

    "The voracity by which such entities behaved is yet beyond the comprehension of even a masterful wordsmith, as my eyes beheld such pustules shifting and changing from various shapes and colours, a menagerie of chemical compounds that defied all reasonable explanation. Its form was beyond anything of this terrestrial world, a terrible myriad of implements that withheld what my primate mind believed to be a voracious set of sensations from the grotesque and unimaginably terrifying behemoth." <- Closest I can get to Lovecraft without using a thesaurus. I still don't quite have the vocabulary sufficient to construct sentences about the unknown to such a degree as he did.

    The RP system, all jokes aside, is functional. If/when it can also include IC threads along with the OOC thread attached to the overview tab, it'll be beautiful. Unfortunately that doesn't work for a set of technical reasons, so it feels almost half-finished. Nonetheless, once you get used to it, it does enable you to create quite a bit of content and keep it organized. So it works well for giant world RP types like myself. Maybe for 1x1 RPer's to write a long laundry list of things they want to do. Not sure about anyone in the middle.
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  5. That's the thing though, I don't think your vocabulary has to be all that great to emulate him. He tends to repeat himself quite a bit and utilizes a handful of keywords to inform the narrative. If anything, his vocabulary sounds extensive because it's, by this time, dated. This becomes readily apparent when you've listened to a lot of his work read out loud. One of his favorite spooky colors is Green, his favorite type of spooky architecture is Cyclopean masonry, his spooky monster catchall are tentacles and most of his climactic or particularly spooky moments are described as, "unspeakable horrors", "cosmic horrors" or other equally vague descriptions. Lovecrafts best contributions were his ideas and not necessarily the execution. But my point of view might be due in part to overexposure.

    I'll have to give the RP section a look soon :)
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  6. *Shoves this other person out of their own thread*

    I'm back too. I still hate all of you.
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  7. Hah! Welcome back :)
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  8. Oh god, it's you. Welcome back, Ozymandius.
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  9. Also Iwaku celebrated its 10th birthday :D
  10. Oh wow! Happy birthday to Iwaku!
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