After a day of socialization...

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After a day of socialization...

  1. I felt energized and I want to go out and do more!

  2. I felt energized throughout it all, but now I need to recharge.

  3. I felt exhausted, but I guess I wouldn't mind doing more.

  4. I felt exhausted and I need to recharge!

  5. I felt indifferent and I still feel indifferent.

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  1. I chose the exhausted and need to recharge option.

    Just the part of my job (graveyard shift security) that requires me to greet people and do a little small talk with them as they go through the lobby for the last 2 hours of my shift is enough that afterward I want to just be left alone for a while to stop being tired of people. Luckily it's real easy to just ignore the existence of other people on the bus ride home while listening to music and reading or doing things on my phone, so that works well enough for me most days.

    High school sucked. Social stuff pretty much constantly 7 or so hours straight, ugh. Always went and relaxed alone in my room for an hour or two after school.
  2. I chose the energized and I want to go out and do more!

    Cause it's fun.
  3. I chose "energized, but now I need to recharge". Talking to people (especially friends) tends to keep me fairly awake and perky, at least for a while. I definitely feel more energized than I typically do before I start socializing. Once I've been socializing for too long, though, it tends to get pretty exhausting.
  4. People drain my energon like nothing else.
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  6. Looks like we're a bunch of introverts around here. Surprise, surprise!
  7. I'm exhausted by the end of it, usually, so that's what I chose. The thing with online communities is that you're not actually... talking to them, per say, you're just typing to them. I'm not an awkward or shy person, a bit of socialization is always nice and makes me feel like I've got something going on in my life. But I'm not big on long parties or staying over at friends houses, because I always want to go home and sleep an hour in.
  8. I'm an introvert, so usually I'd like some time to recharge, though that's not always the case. On very rare occasions I'll be mentally exhausted, but still willing to talk to someone; it just depends on who that person is.
  9. I am a true introvert. Social interaction exhausts me to the point where I have to take a nap. I don't deal well with people at all, and depending on who I have to deal with, I sometimes develop headaches. We took the kids to go see my mother last weekend, and I ended up with a migraine that lasted two days afterwards and had to take a three hour nap when we got home to recover. I can go out of the house and feel fine, but the minute I have to start talking to a bunch of different people, my energy levels starts draining fast.
  10. People make me tired. If I'm around them for too long I get really moody and cranky.
  11. Socializing can be tiring, but I don't mind doing a little more if I'm not too tired.
  12. I always get super into hanging out and want it to go on as long as possible.
    To the point everyone else is tired and I still want to go on.

    However, I can still manage sitting infront of a computer for weeks fine.
    In fact, getting me to get out of the house to hangout tends to take some pushing and nagging depending on the day.
    But once out there it becomes a completely different story.

    Note: I meet up with friends IRL at least once a week, most often I do so far more frequently.
    So this isn't a case of "Barely see's people and relishes the chance" or any crap that like.
  13. I feel indifferent. I suppose it takes added effort? I wouldn't know. :ferret:
  14. It depends whether I'm socializing with people I already know and am comfortable with, or with more than one or two new faces.

    I appreciate my alone/recharge time after in either case, but familiar faces and places leave me much less drained afterward.
  15. Socialization can be draining on me, more so when it starts to be people I am not comfortable around and more people. It just starts taking more and more out of me.
  16. i couldnt vote becase it depends on the situation for me... when it comes to being introvert or extrovert, im in the exact middle...
  17. Closest option would be, 'I felt energized throughout it all, but now I need to recharge.'

    It depends on how excited I'm about socialising. If it is about networking for my studies I tend to be a little more enthusiastic than I usually am. If it is just plain socialising with people I try to match up with their excitement, though I can be plain grumpy as well when I really don't have the energy for it. Unfortunately this happens the most when I'm at my part time job. >_>

    Usually I don't notice how tired I'm while still in that 'socialising/networking' mode. Then when I'm finally alone/left alone the fatigue just comes over me in a wave with a nice throbbing headache.
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  18. I felt indifferent, and still feel indifferent.
  19. Wow, for once I'm not in a minority in these type situations. So this is what the majority feels like?

    I digress.

    As much as I detest people I do pick one day out the week to socialize then retreat back to my lair before I lose my shit. Socializing to most of you is draining but to me it is much akin to walking through a minefield.
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