Afraid of the Dark

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  1. Warning: Extreme violence and gore. 18+ only.

    They promised that they wouldn't turn the lights out if you came in the caves with them. They promised that the wouldn't let the darkness surround them.

    They lied.

    What's wrong, you scared?

    You're heart is pounding.

    Don't be a baby, only little kids are scared of the dark.

    The suffocating darkness is pressing in on you.

    Afraid the Creature is going to come get you?

    Your eyes play tricks, twisting the shadows into monsters as you struggle to regain the precious sense of sight.

    Need a diaper, baby?

    Every sound is something coming; every movement is Evil coming closer.

    Hey, let go of me, weirdo!

    As you cower in the corner, struggling to understand what's going on around you, you hear the screams of your friends as they're dragged away into the darkness.

    Help me, please!

    Don't let it take me away!

    You tried to warn them. Darkness isn't just an irrational fear. Especially not here. Here, in this hell hole they call a hangout, darkness means death. And death is only the beginning.


    You and your friends have taken a trip into the caves near your home. You were one of the very reluctant; and therefore you are one of the survivors. You understood the old myths around these caves were more than myth. You knew that it rang with truth, what the old ones said. But now you're trapped here. Stuck in the dark with monsters all around and no idea where the way out was.

    The Myth

    The Creature was never given a name, though it's said it had one long ago. A dark thing that no one had seen in the light; it was just whispered fear. something so misshapen that it only vaguely looked human at all.

    They say it was a man once; a man who was hated through out the town as a thief and trouble maker. Eventually, after he'd raped the daughter of a wealthy merchant, he was dragged here, to the caves. No one will say what was done to him here, though they do say that it's a fate they wouldn't wish on anyone. If you ask one of the old ones they'll just avert their eyes and frown a little, as if troubled by the idea.

    "It's not something a young'n should hear about." they'd say. "It's not something even someone so awful as him deserved." The elder folk fear this place, and warn everyone they see never to go there.

    "He's waiting!" they'd say. "He's waiting for someone foolish enough to stray inside, so he can treat them as he was treated!"

    No one believed them of course. It was just a spook story; something told to children to get them to bed at night.

    "Go to sleep or the Creature will come for you!"

    Sightings of the Creature are passed around after weekends of drinking and fun.

    "I saw it! It stood six feet tall! Or would, if it hadn't been so twisted up."

    "It was twisted in on itself, almost as if it's back was broken. It was bent sideways, quite unnatural."

    "It was the most terrifying thing I'd ever seen!"

    Of course, these sightings were waved away as drunken visions.

    It was just a myth after all.

    Wasn't it?


    Welcome to the caves. You came in the expectation of having some fun; maybe drinking a little bit. Now your only hope is to escape alive.


    I know they're no fun, but...

    1. Please be active! One post a day, at least. If you're going to vanish, let me know.
    2. If you vanish for more than three days without alerting me, I'll assume you've lost interest and your character will become an unfortunate victim of the creature(s).
    3. At least three sentences per post. You don't have to write paragraphs, but we need something to respond to.
    4. No weapons! ;) makes it too easy. Think Amnesia. We don't fight the monsters, we run away!
    5. and have fun! Feel free to throw in twists or message me to discuss possible twists.
    Character Sheets:

    I'm going to use very basic character sheets here; I think we can learn quite a lot about our characters in the roleplay.

    Age (17-20):
  2. Name: Sara Peterson

    Age: 18

    Appearance: [​IMG]