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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Thornapple, Oct 2, 2015.

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    The New World

    Long before recorded time, the world was whole. The Forgotten Gods had ruled throughout the entire realm, uniting elves, dwarves, drake, and all the races in a tranquil and separate peace. This allowed the world's inhabitants to come to fruition and bear long, happy lives. There was no magic or war.

    Each individual race was tasked with caring for one aspect of the world. The elves, tending to nature- the essence of life. The dwarves stood as vigilant protectors over the mountains, the homes of the Old Gods. And the drakes took to the skies, as the fire-breathing weapons of the Old Gods, keeping the more unruly races inline.

    However, one of the Old Gods has defected from the rest. It has many names and titles. The elves call it Noz'muern -Black Death- or Gilhahn, "Betrayer". The dwarves know it as Kvorforn, "Destroyer". Seeking to eradicate all that the other Gods had created, the defector attacked the very realm it birthed, splitting the world into two asymmetrical twins. Only with the combined effort of the races and the frantic God-given gift of Magic were they able to fend off the defector.

    Just as the world was split in two, so were the races in allegiance to the Old Gods. Many believed that more could have been done to aid the mortal races in defending their world. Other simply wanted to flee from the beings who both created and destroyed life so easily. Either way, it became apparent that the Old Gods no longer responded to their prayers... whether they were weakened from the banishing of the defector, or from abandonment, nobody knows.

    Those who still believed journeyed to the west, hoping the Gods would hear their cries of anguish. The skeptics, however, traversed the scar that marked the split to the eastern half. This, they deemed the New World.
    The Twins

    TBA - Cities, Regions, ETC

    Of Magic and it's Nature

    Magic, thought to be a gift bestowed upon the world by Gods, is the most perplexing and powerful force known. It appears to some as another plane of existence, forming complex arrays of colours, emotions, or waves of energy... ever-changing and fluid throughout the world. To others, it is only something that may raise the hairs on the back of their neck if found in abundance. Why some people are more in tune with this force depends on a great many different things, yet beyond magical bloodlines and racial attainment, magic still remains mostly a mystery.

    Elves and Dwarves have magic in their veins. It is a second life force, seeming to be to them as natural as their own skin. Humans, however, are "gifted" at random, though certain bloodlines have been known to carry the trait better than others.

    The nature of magic also appears to vary based upon the wielder. Perhaps it is the methods used to harness the magic, or simply the way the magic reacts to whomever calls upon it. All this is speculation, of course, but upon witnessing an elven mage pull the life out of a seed, replacing it with a fully blossoming flower, one cannot deny a stylistic difference from the low-toned group chants of dwarven mages, channeling their power into a single smithy as he forged a sacred weapon aglow with magical runes.

    Of Mages and their Kind
    TBA - Traits, Descriptions, ETC

    TBA - Affinity Mages, Mage Hunters

    Character Sheet
    TBA - Lots of shit.

    Posting, GM Rules, ETCCCCCC

    Cast List
    Nobody ;^; (yet!)
  2. Excuse me, sorry, I really haven't been on here for too long, so I apologize if I'm not doing this properly, but I would like to join this roleplay! And I'm not sure if you'd like me to post the bio here, I don't know- so... Could you help explain some stuff to me really quickly? I'm super sorry, I hope you understand. I could try to find some more people if you'd like me to! Thank you, and I apologize again, nugnh.
  3. I'd also love to join! Your roleplay seems very interesting and I'm more than happy to be apaprt of it. I'll try to have my form(s) up by Wednesday.
  4. Wow, I am totally interested! I should have a character by the end of the week, if not sooner. And if I don't have it done then it will by next week.
  5. @Thornapple I have noticed you do not have a character sheet made. Do you want us to make our own or are you going to give us the sheet itself.
  6. The actual thread is not finished - its a WIP, so please bear with me as I try to finish ^^
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