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  1. [​IMG]
    Created by @Edward and @Kitsune
    Year 1000, japan, Bōkyaku field
    In the beginning of time the earth stood still, for us we only saw darkness but to them.. a new beginning.
    What we call now, ''demons'' were first to open their eyes to this reality.
    With their knowledge and powers of magic they were born with they created life, plants, food, and structure.
    For generations they stood prominent and peaceful, no wars were declared,
    no struggle or conflict had ensued ever in history and it wouldn't ever appear till the age of the forbidden came.
    The demons, suddenly filled with the strong urge to commit a single act done as they were suppose to.
    As fate would've told it they followed its orders,
    by using forbidden means they gave birth to four individuals,
    different in appearance but the same by soul the first ever humans awake to view the earth's sky.
    These first four would come to be known in history as ''The First Born'' that would lead us to a new world.
    The parents of these First Born would raise them as any demon would, dress them, feed them,
    and provide a house to live in. As these four grew up they showed no odd behavior from the rest of the demons,
    as if these ''humans'' weren't even different from the rest of the demons.
    They lived equal to us, peaceful and tranquil without conflict
    they all stood on this earth
    not even considering the fact that they also planned their own demise.

    2016, japan, Bōkyaku city
    we live today blocked off by our magic long ago forced to be dormant by our elders.
    Our Elders made us the academy before sealing the magic within us,
    The Shinwa-mahou Academy.
    We, the only hope to have of making the world peaceful again
    are tasked with destroying the demons of this world.
    Along side us are our teachers, here to teach us the ways of magic once more.
    Who are we? The narrators of this story, Now middle schoolers,
    We aren't all that much now but as fate would tell it....
    We are chosen to find our missing history and find the answers to all questions.​

      • No godmodding, yada yada
      • No rude remarks or other things that might start drama in the OOC
      • Please obey our system and all of its contents
      • Please read everything, its not that hard
      • Please inform us before taking vacation or something like that
      • Please post at least once a week, would make us more happy if you'd post even more than that
      • If you submit a WIP bio then it must be finished within 24 hours of posting it
      • When making a character, please use any pictures other than ones that depict real people.
      • 2 characters max
      • Also talk in the OOC, we don't wanna see each other not communicating.
      • Every character starts off between the ages of 11 - 13, unless you're staff.
      • Please READ everything!

    • The system is based around magical usage, to use magic in the roleplay you'll need to know the basics of what you as a mage has. Through simple bullet points we will summary some sections of the table presented below.

      • HP is health, when you're hit by a attack it goes down. The math for this is as follows: HP minus damage of spell to which you were hit with. For example: A spell with 50 damage hits you, the math would be: 500 - 50 which equals 450 health that you'd be left with. When this number hits 0 you're dead.
      • MP is mana/ or magic, it is the fuel that you use to cast spells. A spell that costs 10 to use would lower your mana to 90, the math: 100 - 10 = 90. When this number hits 0 you cannot cast spells ever again.
      • SP is stamina, this is lowered when you use physical movement in battle, running, climbing, picking things up, and even casting lowers this. Everything you do in battle lowers your SP amount by 5 always. The math: 100 - 5 = 95. When this number hits 0 you're then paralyzed/blacked out and therefore cannot move or do anything till you wake up 24 hours later.

      HP (Health) -Starts off with 500
      MP (Mana) -Starts off with 100
      SP (Stamina) -Starts off with 100
      Element - There will be a unlimited genre at which you can choose from (although always moderated to keep balance) There is a strict keep say system where if you choose a element then no one else will be able to get it. For example if you picked the element ''fire'' no one else will be able to pick fire and you'll be the proud owner of said element until said character dies in which that cause if you were to be killed by another member they would then be able to steal that element from your corpse and learn it and use it right then and there.
      Rank - There are custom ranks in the academy that ties in with all of this. First to last,
      Beginner, Upperclassman, Specter, Alpha, Paladin. (More ‘’may’’ follow.)

      Special -This is a ability only those who know the element can do, so similar to a special move it usually takes a lot of MP. When someone ranks up they grow stronger of course and in return they will be granted more special moves, example: Beginner = 1 special, Upperclassman = 2 specials, and so on.

      to rank up you must first complete a mission, these missions will be put into ''Arcs'' to which will fulfill a complete and stable story via chapters. Once you complete these missions you'll know and be notified by the GMs, and once you've ranked up you're then able to increase your stats. Every rank up gives you 100 points to spend, with these 100 points you can increase either HP, MP, or SP however way you'd like. For example: You can pour the whole 100 into HP if you like being tanky, or you can put the whole 100 into MP if you like magic more, or even SP or even divide the points into 50s and increase two stats instead of one.

      With the rank up comes more power, each rank up as stated above will increase your special move slot number, everyone starts out with one but when you rank up you get one more. These special moves are custom made, you can make anything you want outta it. If you have any questions about this please ask below.

      Everyone has ''free-will'' with their element, everyone can use runic styles, arcane styles and every style. We are mages after all and not just alchemists we know our stuff therefore everyone has free say so on how they are to use their magic, even if you wanna use every style you know you can or even if you just wanna use one style that is fine.

      Everyone has free will also on how to use their element basically, fireballs can be used without being a special by a fire user. Basic attacks like small orb like magics and small whip like features or anything small can be used at all times without being stated that they can do so. Please note if you use these small magics they cost 5 each to cast, and 10 damage always.

      To cast a spell you must first fill out a template and post it at the bottom of your IC post. Keep this template in mind because without it you will not be able to cast magic.



      Name: Fireball
      Element: fire
      Range: Long
      Costs: 5
      Damage: 10
      Description: Through magical means the user conjures a small fireball from the body directed at the opponent.

      To restore that which is lost there are multiple means of doing so, to restore everything back to full you must first find a ''Lollipop'' ... yes, a lollipop. Once obtained you can eat it and when doing so it restores HP, MP, and SP back to full immediately, everyone starts off with one but to find more you must first complete a mission.

      Once a day the academy bell will ring which will restore half of everything you've lost, for example: If you're at 50 HP and the bell rings you'll heal up to 50 points which will leave you at 100 HP, along side the rest of the stats like SP and MP. when the bell rings, you restore 50 points of everything no matter where you're.

      Every student also carries with them the school badge which will restore 5 health if you stab yourself with it, only used when you're about to die. Once used you cannot get another, it will break afterwards.

      About Demons:
      Tier I Creatures

      Tier II Creatures

      Tier III Creatures
      Also Rares
      Also Dangers

      Tier IIII Creatures

    • [​IMG]
      • Fire is strong against Earth
      • Water is strong against Fire
      • Thunder is strong against Water
      • Earth is strong against Thunder

      • Thunder Benefits Fire
      • Earth Benefits Water
      • Water Benefits Thunder
      • Fire Benefits Earth

      Combining elements may result in a new element, those who wield 2 elements ideally wields 3, those who wield more than 2 may also wield 10 or 20 elements essentially. Example: Water + Earth = Mud or Fire + Water = Steam.

      NOTE: Dark and Light powers are forbidden, they're way too powerful and we would like those powers to be exclusive to the really big final boss characters.

      • Lightning (By: Gremory)
      • Smoke (By: Edward)
      • Celestial (By: EddiEddi)
      • Fire (By: Blitz)
      • Occult (By: Under the Stars)
      • Nature (By: EddiEddi)
      • Summoning (By: Blue Jay)
      • Steel (By: Kitsune)
      • Plasma (By: Psychoofireland

      • Edward (Main GM)
      • Kitsune (Secondary GM)

      If you're reading this then that means you're curious about the staff and that means you must be interest we assume. If so, we are currently looking for a ''Moderator'' this person would be responsible for keeping track of combat in the IC. To essentially keep track of everyone's inventory, current stats, and make sure everyone goes by the system rules. If you're interested in being the Moderator please just post below asking to be it in the OOC, we'll see it there.

    • (Copy and paste, you're welcome to use fancy BBcode and fancy text and such. Also delete everything in brackets when making characters.)

      Special Accessories (Something that is close or important to said character):
      Affections (If you happen to like someone please say who here, if not then you may leave this alone):
      Relationships (If you have friends or close ones please say who here, if not then you may leave this alone):
      Special spells (Use the magical template provided in the systems tab to make your spells here):
      Theme song (Optional):
      Actor Voice (Optional):

      • So with that type of magic, the user conjures the elements from out of nowhere/with their MP? For example fire users conjure fire and water user conjure water.
        If I have a character who can make weapons out of metal, can that be conjured from MP too? I'm planning on my character who is a tomboy-ish nerd with "Mechanicals" as an element.
        Also can magic be used outside of combat? If MP has such a limit how does training or practice work? I'm assuming kids aren't going be thrown into real fighting with zero practice.
      Weapons are made of steel not metal. Yes magic can be used outside of combat, yes you can use your MP to conjure weapons if you have steel magic reserved. Metal would be more mechanical/technological. ''Practice'' will be in class, practice won't cost anything because its more story based than combat focused.
      • Ok, so 1) No soul ripping? just because that is unfair. 2) Outside of the surface of the earth, so, I couldn't plant a seed and cause it to start growing because that would be 'inside' the surface of the earth? 3) Which one would cover the act of creation, IE, spawning plants ect. so 'oh crap, clif' 'oh climbable tree/vines' as it were.
      Soul ripping, paladin move but i'd say pretty limited. Soul ripping i'd allow unless Kitsune jumps in and says otherwise, a restriction i'd place on it would be as follows: Hand must be completely placed on said creature/individual, must stay there for 10 minutes straight, soul would probably come out pretty slow, and it can be interrupted.

      Yes, ''creation'' is something completely different therefore no planting something wouldn't really be nature in this roleplay.
      • could a Nature mage make stuff grow, germinate seeds, ect. or would that be life? and could a Life mage converse with ANY living creature?
      Nature is the art of manipulating the already existing elements of the outside surface of the earth, life is the art of manipulating the souls of already existing creatures.
      • would you consider Resurrection to be a suitable Ult/super if it took say, 50 or 70 mana?
      Resurrection would be under life ideally healer and so seeing the massive power it holds i'd say... specter or alpha rank level.
      • Ok, so we start with 1 special magic, and infinite basic magics, but there's nothing in-between, Like rock walls for earth users, Or ice shields or something for water users ect?
      Basic walls and shields are considered to be the basic magics, bigger more greater walls and shields would be considered special.

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  2. I'm hype for this!
    It's 2am so I'll read over everything properly when I wake up haha
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  3. In the OP you said you are only allowed 1 person per magic type. and yet you only list 6 element types and say 2 of them are banned and 1 is already in use? do you intend to have so few characters? Or can people make up powers? You've got conflicting information.
    I'm just going to assume we can make/use/pick magics at random.

    Done, I think?

    Name: Alexander Eos
    Nickname: Aeon
    Age: 13
    Special Accessories (Something that is close or important to said character):
    Often found wearing a long black-blue trench jacket flecked through with a silver lining. Has a small mechanical (clockwork?) bird made of silver, nicknamed 'silver bird' though he never seems to wind it up, and it acts just like a pet bird.
    Likes: Stargazing, pushing the limits of what is possible. The 'Silver Bird'.
    Dislikes: People who see things in black and white (Right and wrong with no in the middle), Those who would rather run away or rush in blindly against unknown odds.
    Hobbies: Working on Silver Bird, Mapping the nights sky. Reading old star charts and working out what has changed over the ages.
    Personality: Alexander is reserved, cold and distant. he rarely opens up and is often more analytical than needs be. He prefers to make thins as quick and efficient as possible rather than drawing things out for shear pleasure.

    Affections (If you happen to like someone please say who here, if not then you may leave this alone):
    Relationships (If you have friends or close ones please say who here, if not then you may leave this alone):
    Element: Celestial
    Special spells (Use the magical template provided in the systems tab to make your spells here):

    Name: Total Relativity
    Element: Spatial
    Range: single Target Only/Line Of Sight,
    Costs: 30
    Damage: N/A (See Description)
    Description: Alexander calls forth a sigil and upon its completion it forces the target to see their ultimate place in the entire universe. It shows them Exactly how much their existence is worth against that of the entire universe's existence across all of time. While this does no physical damage, it is fully capable of rendering most creatures either insane, or struggling to use magic, or worse.

    Max 500
    Current: 500
    Max 100
    Current 100
    Max: 100
    Current: 100
    Master Astrology, And become capable of traveling among the stars without any support of any kind.
    Theme song (Optional):

    Actor Voice (Optional):
    History: Alexander grew up with his father who worked as an astrologer on one of the mountain top telescopes. He often found himself gazing up in to the stars at night or redirecting the telescope to take pictures of far off stars or sectors of space that to the blind eye would appear to be blank just to find out if something was up there. He dreamed of one day investigating the deepest depths of space and seeing what was out there.

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  4. Everyone can pick any magic they want except light and dark for now. I only listed the main elements because they're the most well known and the main categories at which everything evolves from. Think on a more larger scale of things, you don't have to pick the elements i've stated, you can pick crystal or you can pick smoke. Whatever suits your fancy.
  5. Awesome, Ok, what if two magics overlap. IE, lets say someone picked.....Solar magic, you know, stars, light, fire (the sun is a huge ball of burning fire!) ect. and someone else picked fire. What would the limitations on them both be? Just asking because I'm REALLY feeling like picking something like stellar magic, You know, stars, moon, sun, ect with the possible super-spell being the ability to drop a meteorite on someone's noggin. and I don't want the dude who picked earth being all pissy because I can drop rocks on people, or the guy who picked fire being annoyed because I can burn shit with solar fire.
  6. You can't pick light as i stated, if fire is already taken then no you cannot pick that, sun is not a element seeing how the sun is essentially made of a singular element (fire) and.. we humans just call it ''sun'' because its a planet in our eyes. Also ''meteorite dropping'' essentially would use large amounts of gravitational magic, every planet has a gravitational pull and to push something you must first use its gravity to push it. ''Stars'' isn't a magic seeing how it would be considered as light because it is made of such element. Moon is not a element it is a planet also. I'd recommend picking gravitational magic if you want, although i can't really accept ''meteorite dropping'' right now for a low rank i'd accept it if you got to a more higher rank.

    Also lets refer the magical table for your last statement, ''meteorites'' are made of rock, IE under the earth category. The magical table states that ''earth benefits itself'' therefore if a equal earth structure would connect to your meteorite then both would break. If a smaller force connected with the meteorite then it would strengthen the impact. If a stronger force connected with the meteorite then... I'd have to say depending on the masses the earth would be destroyed.

    Oh, also, not sure if i can consider ''solar fire'' different than fire itself. Lava would be a different element in my opinion, explosions would be different. Not too sure about solar fire but if you can prove that its a completely different element made of 2 other base elements then i'll accept it.
  7. That's pretty easy, And stellar magic would be stuff like void, madness, Isolation, more ethereal stuff than just lobbing rocks.

    So what you're saying is that Any spells that use a component of another spell. Lets say.....Abyssal Depths, which tears a rent in the earth, drops the foe in to it, and then floods it with water, crushing them with the pressure would be water or earth?

    Anyway, on to the difference of fire, and Solar Fire. Normal fire (what I would expect from a fireball) is the act of oxidizing a chemical, Lets say ethane, C2H6, In to a other chemicals, it is the addition of oxygen to the chemical that defines NORMAL fire. the fire triangle? you know, Oxidizer+fuel+heat=fire, take any one of those away and the fire doesn't burn? So on our ethane case you ad O2 (several of) and you end up with CO2 x2 H2O x3, You lose oxygen in to other chemicals. however, Solar (or nuclear) fire, has only one Chemical output and NEVER uses oxygen as a reactant fuel source (You don't end up with oxygenated compounds at the end) for instance, in a star the HUGE pressure and temperature caused by condensed gasses fuse two hydrogen atoms together to make Helium. Then two helum to make beryllium ect. In our sun, a medium sized star, It goes all the way up to oxygen. It has been speculated that our sun might even produce magnesium at some point in the future. this is the HUGE difference, one uses oxygen to create oxygenated products. the other may use oxygen (but doesn't have to) and can make any and all elements in the known universe.

    Ok, You're miss-reading or miss-understanding my question. getting tangled up in the examples rather than the core of it. If a magic user, of any kind, could by definition of his or her element, manipulate another's element, what would the resultant effect (or ruling) be? Lets say....Someone picks nature, Trees, vines, life ect. and uses that to slingshot rocks, (trees picking up rocks or something) or say someone who has fire has a metal backpack full of water, and superheats that metal, suddenly the water has been vaporized to steam and they can eject it in to a high pressure jet. Or what if someone who can control water freezes a rime of ice around a great big fucking stone and uses the ice itself to lift it? Or a earth user makes a bowl that holds burning embers? I'm asking for the intricacies.

    And I think I've decided on my first magic. spatial.
  8. Abyssal depths would be void, the art of manipulating the earth in anyway is earth itself therefore to keep it fair for those who pick the base earth element abyssal depths wouldn't be a thing seeing how it would take away from a element completely. Floods would be exclusive to water, crushing would be pressure, and earth/rock exclusive unless you have a manipulating solid element other than earth, like steel or wood.

    Alright... I'd rather keep solar fire combined with the base fire element, separating the base element too much would make things a bit more complex than it already is. So, if you pick fire you may also do solar and other things that relate to fire.

    If you use your element to pick up things then i'd say that is fair, just like combining your element with anothers if you're to team up or combining your fire element for example to a already existing water source to make steam. Also... not sure about allowing ''technology'' to hold or store things that which is not yours to wield.. see we already won't allow weapons like swords or hammers (unless of course you have the steel element) so why should we allow things like ''jugs'' or ''containers'' to hold elements that you can't even wield?
  9. OK, Now that's all cleared up. Next question. Using Gravitational magic (or any similar magic, say one that makes black/white holes) to slingshot/move other elements would be ok then?

    Also since there was no objection to spatial magic, Going to start work on my character. Though I will give warning: Yes it is a WIP but that is not because I am lazy, but because I have VERY limited time on non-weekends and that time has to go to other things than a single RP. so it may be a WIP for more than 24 hours. but I will endeavour to get it 'useable' before that time.
  10. Black holes is more of a Paladin rank move, keep in mind everyone including you also start off as a beginner, young, not all that much developed.
  11. Would you count thunder and lightning as two opposite magics? Kinda play off the one or the other relationship that they both have.
  12. Depends on the size right? I was thinking like 2m radius MAYBE or more of a defensive move. or say just a Rift in gravity or something similar. Humour me rather than deflect my questions. I'm trying to build a picture of this magic system rather than go in blind.
  13. No, i'd consider them the same to keep things less complex. You can call it either one though if you want.
  14. Okay I was only asking because someone reserved lightning is all.
  15. So... six paths madara naruto storm 4 size... Yeah i mean i guess i'd accept that kind near the specter or alpha rank.
  16. Alright, please inform me of the element you'll use before making a full bio.
  17. Ok, One last question: What sort of mana to damage ratio are you expecting? You said the simple spells are 5 mana 10 damage. Is that universal or is it to be expected that a fire mage has higher offensive power but lower defensive power? Also, do you want us to list some of our more common spells or are we to make them up on the spot?
    And how hard are the foes expected to hit? (on average) Because considering when you run out of mana you can NEVER cast spells again it seems far more logical to end combat as fast as humanly possible while spending as little possible.

    Spatial Magic

    Life/Nature magic (whatever that comes under,)
  18. I'll take fire
  19. Seeing how HP is set at 500 the damage output of all special magics should be higher than cost, base regular magics cost only 5 therefore the damage of those are low which is why its only 10 damage output. Yes, all base regular magics are ALL 5 cost and 10 damage output, no you don't list your base regular magics because there is essentially a unlimited ways of handling your own element in a common manner it would be essentially a waste of time to list EVERYTHING you can do with it. Specials is the custom magics one where you can make up a move you can only do with it, like for example if you have water a special you can make is that you can make water bullets that can separate to 10 more bullets mid air, it would obviously be long range too.

    No, everyone has the stats that they have when starting. HP - 500, MP - 100, SP - 100, the element you use doesn't provide you with any physical advances at all, the only way to get physical advantages is if you increase your skills with the 100 points you get via missions to increase your stats: HP, MP, SP.

    Yes, you're pushed HEAVILY to end a battle quickly, yes the monsters will be EXTREMELY hard to defeat at first, yes the restrictions make you think A LOT. The common demons will hit fairly small but the rare demons will hit you even harder, you'll know which one is which because... well, you'll just know. If its needed, we'll publicly state which demon is common or not. Right now, we only have 4 tester demons listed under the demons list tab right now, if it would help everyone we can also give every demon a damage output ratio and a common to rare to legendary stat.

    Also, i approve the magic, as long as you don't go overboard with it that is.

    Awesome! I'll document that you've reserved it.
  20. Ok, so we start with 1 special magic, and infinite basic magics, but there's nothing in-between, Like rock walls for earth users, Or ice shields or something for water users ect? or are those considered basic magics? Mostly because the magic I'm planning relies MASSIVLY on Opening gates/voids/teleports as both weapons and defensive measures

    Also you only put life/nature on the list rather than both Spatial and life/nature,

    And yes, a Damage output (even just a range IE 10-15 or something) and a stat would be useful if only to let the players gauge how fucked they are.
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