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      They first found the code for the Navigator of the Leyline Map, and after that the Coalition decided to launch an expedition. Gathering their materials, a Blue Star's Collapsing Essence, a DNA Gene of an Extinct Race, and the Dust of a Comet Trail from the Andromeda System. Figured a hoax by several, somehow this project was jettisoned and settled on earth and now only 12 years later they lay in the fruition of it's production. Directives for the GXS-22 construction to begin are sent to HQ and the Coalition starts 'Tests' on their new subject. Aceia Solunae coded after the Solunae Myth of the Treasure of the Universe. Aceia for the Aceiastela Star Core she was crafted from.

      Their plans are going along accordingly when suddenly a new operative is shifted to a different cause and plans for the Star's escape are laid to blossom soon. Other test subjects move about the facility, as other plans were needed to fund this their Grand Project. What will happen when the Star Escapes? What at the plans of destiny? What awaits this crazy adventure?

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    Year 4037 - Place Archaic Earth - Earth has been abandoned for a while now, hardly any ocean left, most of planet is dead, crazy ass mutant animals run about. Radiation storms, etc etc. Coalition has made a settlement just for this facility. Other places on Earth are the Oasis City (near the crevice in the ocean ^.^) Sky City near what was Japan is now mountain range city made from rubble. More places coming later with more in depth shit behind them.

    Coalition Settlement Facility location = Grand Canyon. Days are much longer on earth now. Miners also live on earth mining the Cores Thermal Magma Resources.

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    Name: Aceia Solunae
    Age: 5 - appears 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Cloned Star Kabyt

    Appearence: Coming Soon

    Personality: Coming Soon

    History: Coming Soon

    Abilities: 3 to start with.

    Weapons: (After escape of course)

    More may come will post more about Ace Soon !
  2. Name: Felipe Ivan Dunspar-Osvaldo (Goes by the name of Oz, not many people know his full name)
    Age: 8 (Equivalent of a 35 years old, not quite the young pup he was but still has plenty of fight left)
    Gender: Genderless, but was created based from a male.
    Race: Coalition Dogboy, created from German Shepard genes.
    Appearance: Reference (My computer refuses to let me attach photos, gov't computers suck,
    Long, fairly unkempt black hair with flecks of brown near the tips. His muzzle is a light taupe color, his nose black and proportionate, his ears are a similar brown but black near the tips with black fur inside. They're clipped, so they are forced to stand straight up and down, it is seen as intimidating and most of his brood has the same thing done. Unlike the ones around him, he chose to keep his tail long and thick. With the lack of genitalia, he saw this as his pride and gained a pretty massive ego as the only one who truly understood where he came from. His musculature is chemically/genetically enhanced, keeping his toned figure exactly as it had been when he was full grown 4 years prior. His armor is a series of plates, to facilitate all-fours movement and bi-pedal transitioning without losing functionality. It is standard Coalition black, but the paint and symbols have worn away over heavy use. He has a small machine on his back that could be considered a jetpack, but it's only for small boosts to enhance his own abilities.
    History: TBA
    Abilities: TBA
    Weapons: TBA
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