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Aeternus Eternus Academy OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by NeonMasterz, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Could I Join? If So, Then Here's My Character Sheet And Opening As The 1st Spoiler.

    *Character Sheet* (open)
    Name: Neon
    Type:Human Furry
    Type of Furry: Feline
    Grade: Due to high intellect, 10th
    Gender: Male
    Sexuallity: Straight.
    Abilities: Slight Telekinesis and shrink ability(can't control it but barely can stop it for a short amount of time)
    Short History: Basically he got these powers from a failed experiment that was meant to cure ADHD for good. Which it did, but with side-effects. His powers. BTW: Everyone else used in the experiment died. Just so you know.
    Personality: Very mixed. But in general is very energetic and has a wicked scence of humor. Has an interest in E.D.M. and copy any song 100% with a pocket button bass machine he created.
    Favorite song: Snowblind by AU5 and any complextro songs.
    Sorry for the spelling of some words. Tired.
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  2. Can I still join? :)