Aestus: Our World's No Paradise

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  1. Link: Aestus

    RP Rating: 3-2-3
    Age Restrictions: 17+ only, no exceptions.

    What Is Offered:

    - A dedicated admin who does not believe in the necessity of a massive staff team
    -The admin is someone who has run many successful D&D campaigns in the past and is not new to the idea of running her own RP site.
    - Twenty playable races.
    - (Currently) twenty-six RP locations.
    - A unique world that the players will help shape as RP unfolds.
    - Campaigns, quests and celebrations to keep the site from growing stagnant (plots and sub-plots.)
    - A blend of fantasy and horror, with the horror aspects verging on nightmarish at times.
    - No censorship
    - Absolutely no face-claims/play-bys, shops, currency, points, overly-complicated systems.
    - No collection of character graphics are required.
    - No elitism.
    - No bull. Just good, old-fashioned writing and RP.

    Opened on 4.14.2016

    So, What Is Aestus?

    Aestus is a fantasy-horror RP set in a unique fantasy world that is beginning to rebuild itself after having been destroyed by the Gods centuries ago. While magic does exist here and the gods can and will occasionally walk among mortals, magic is not as common as it once was- and does backfire quite frequently, for it is the force that largely reshaped the world and created the races that we now have. Nightmarish, horrific creatures are not the only danger here; for the world is a strange and deadly place: people can easily become a danger to themselves and others. Heroes, villains and everything in between call Aestus their home, for better or worse- and it is these people who will help shape their world in the ways that they see fit. Bandits' lairs, murderers' hideouts, racial erradication, slavery, fantasy racism; these things are all rampant in the world, alongside the twisted creatures that prowl the wilderness and the preternatural beings that lure travelers to certain doom. And yet, Aestus is not a land of destruction, hatred and vengeance; it is deeper than that- <i>much</i> deeper. For even though the world itself will test the strength and moral fortitude of its inhabitants, there is still good and righteousness to be found here. There are countless discoveries to make, places to explore and there will be opportunities for the players to establish their characters as someone who is truly important to the site as a whole. Aestus is your world as much as it is mine. It can be elevated to a place of true greatess, or toppled into a seething cesspool of criminality. It all depends on what happens as the RP begins and starts to unfold.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.