Aeriel's Search for Partners!

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  1. Hey everyone!!!

    I'm Aeriel, and I am looking for a REALLY good RP partner!!

    If you're interested, just PM me and we can come up with some awesome plots!


    I ONLY play female characters. So I am open to a FxM or FxF!!!

    Please let me know when you're going to be gone for an extended period of time.

    If you decide you don't want to Rp with me anymore, please just tell me. Don't just leave. I'll understand! Not all partners are compatible!

    ~Things that I like~
    -I like vampires, witches, etc. (Sometimes)
    -Medieval time period
    -Sex is fine (I'll only RP sex with ADULT MEMBERS only! I don't want to break the rules!)

    SO YEAH!!

    PM me! :)
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  2. With other adult (red star) members, right? 8D <3
  3. Haha of course! I forgot to mention that, I knew something was missing!
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  4. Still searching!
  5. Hey I'm down for rping with, did you have anything specific in mind?
  6. Hi! I don't have a specific idea in mind but we can definitely brainstorm! PM me :)
  7. ALWAYS looking!
  8. Still looking!
  9. If your still looking I am down to rp
  10. Im down for a rp.
  11. Pm me
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