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  1. This is an IC thread, but it is to be used for backstories, down time and other Slice-Of-Life Casual and free play RP for those with approved characters via the OOC thread.

    Individual missions will have their own threads as the GM comes up with them and assigns teams.​
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  2. Cameron was out on a date at a nice fancy restaurant he had met this really high maintenance but gorgeous woman in an art gallery, now what he was doing in an art gallery was on his last mission he had to pose as a curator in a popular art gallery there he met Ashley Martel, a fancy young vivacious woman.

    Now won't bore you with the details of said mission but he ended up with the interest of miss Martel, the date was going great Cameron's bubbly personality was really shining through.... the waiter came over "I hope dinner was lovely can I offer you some champagne?" he asked
    Cameron looked over at Ashley... "Sure anything the lady chooses"
    Ashley skimmed the champagne list.. "Oh you have Bollinger Vieilles Vigne Francaise Blanc de Noirs that's my favorite" she exclaimed

    Cameron not missing a beat said "Then bolli veil vig... whatever that's what we'll have" he said mispronouncing the name
    Ashley stopped him... "Umm you sure I know curator's make decent money and we already had dinner but this bottle is over $1,000 dollars" she said
    "$1,167 dollars to be exact plus tax" the waiter corrected.... Cameron looked dumbfounded for a second "You know what we won't be having any Champagne" she handed the champagne list to the waiter and he walked off.

    Cameron waited for the waiter to be out of an earshot, "umm you didn't have to not order champagne I mean you could have had something else or got the ..umm champagne you wanted"
    "Oh don't be silly, your a nice guy and all and I think your handsome but compared to Bollinger Vieilles Vigne Francaise Blanc de Noirs the rest was swill. Besides your a curator at a trendy art gallery so you make what annually 25,000 - 27,000 bringing me to this restaurant was nice but i'm sure your pockets are taking a big hit" she replied.

    Cameron wanted to correct her as he did make significantly more then what she assumed but he had already spent so much on their date alone another $1,000 was out of the question but he hated being looked down upon. "Well you do know your numbers, umm excuse me for a moment" he said excusing himself.
    Cameron went to the waiter who was at their table ... "Umm jeeves, just joking man can I get the bottle that the lady was asking for?" he said as he followed the waiter to bar
    "First of all good sir its Milton, and this (He plls out the bottle of champagne) is much too much for a man of your caliber" he replied.
    Cameron gave a confused look ... "Whoa my caliber?" he questioned
    Milton snickered a bit, "sir your wearing Ralph Lauren with average Italian shoes, and the lady mentioned that your a curator so with your salary level and from the looks of your bill you might not even be able to pay for your meal" he said.

    Cameron grabbed the bottle "Relax just looking at what year it is" he said before Milton said anything but he was really concentrating before he handed it back, along with his debit card. "you know what your right...JEEVES you stopped be from making a mistake I would like to pay for my bill and I'll be on my way" he said
    Milton sneered as he swiped the card, after a few seconds it read approved on the screen of the "Oh wow it went through... have a nice night sir" he said in a condescending tone.
    "Why I'm sure I will and i'll even leave you a tip" Cameron replied

    Cameron went back to his date.... "Sorry that took so long I decided to pay the bill while I was up, so are you ready to go" he asked
    Ashley smiled... "Yes this was fun but you can drop me off at my hotel"
    Cameron was thinking she was just trying to pass the time, she didn't take this date seriously... but he thought this as he scribbled on a piece of paper and place a dollar over it.

    Walking out they passed Milton behind the bar ... "thanks again" he said waving
    Cameron walked her to the valet and had his hands behind his back as he waited for his car... "I know you come from money and this was just a fun time for you but I was hoping we would continue the fun back at my place" he asked
    Her face was flush "look this was nice and all but I don't think that's best, look I'm literally too much for you, I mean I come from money, I'm refined, this was a nice break from what I'm use to and sex would make this difficult so no" she said as the valet pull around with his car. Cameron opened the door on the passenger side for Ashley and then got into the drivers seat.

    "Thanks for letting me down gently.. its a shame I got this just for us to share back at my place" he said handing her the bottle of Bollinger Vieilles Vigne Francaise Blanc de Noirs. Ashley smiled.... next thing he knew he and Ashley were on his couch making out with an open bottle of Bollinger Vieilles Vigne Francaise Blanc de Noirs on the coffee table.

    Meanwhile back at the restaurant

    Milton went to see the tip that was left for him and it was a dollar with a note saying

    I OWE YOU $1,166.00 dollars plus tax

    Milton raised an eyebrow as he went to the bar again and the bottle was gone.

    Cameron felt bad but the guy was a jerk and Ashley is shallow so this isn't going anywhere in his mind.
  3. Alice laid in her small bed like she did everyday. Her room only had the space of a giant closet but at least it better then her cell 2 years ago. To think she would be alive even now. She raised her hand as her hanging light bulb caste a shadow of her hand on her face. Then she sat up and cast a shadow on the wall. Girl who looked exactly like her but colored black appeared and leaned against her back, completely hidden from the light. She sat in a way mirror Alice.

    "Were never alone,"
    "Nor are we the same"
    "Though we are connected"
    "Like day and night"
    "You seem distress, please don't keep in the dark"
    "We... have been here so long and yet nothings change"
    "Even the stars must wait their turn before the sun, be patience my child"
    "I want to go out, I want our name to bring cheer not fear. I have done nothing but sully the name"
    "You have but only answer to societies whim. Petty words like good and evil matter not to me."
    "But even now, our name must be hidden. How can we walk in the light when they have us crawl in shadow"
    "So what do you have us do. Do you have us kill them, earn freedom through blood? Do you have us run away, and follow the moonlight in secret?"
    "I... don't know."
    "You wish to bath in light, though we are darkness."
    "I will have us bring honor to our name. It is only me left. I don't want to be alone."
    "I am always here, but I cannot be there for you. You ask too much of me, what do you have us do"
    "I want to go out!"

    Alice Stands up and turns around to face the shadow woman, but she was not there. The cold hands of the shadow guided Alice's head to a monitor which showed a man, another member of shield.

    "Then go out we shall"
    Then the hands disappeared.

    Alice quickly jumped out of bed and got out of her pajamas. She put on a suit, sunglasses, and grabbed her dark purple purse and a grey metal briefcase. In the purse was a few bills of various currencies that she kept from other missions and letter, and she had a change of clothes inside the briefcase. She wanted to bring her katana but it would be to obvious plus she did not want to appear violet if she got caught. She looked at the camera in her room and walked out. There was a empty hallway of rooms for agents to sleep for various reason but they all where empty today. When she reach the end of the hallway, she slowly opened the door scanning around to see who was there. She always plan to sneak out one day but could never build up the courage. Today was different. Today she was going to get out without a shadow of a doubt.

    She walked out as if she was a busy woman who had a meeting or something. She caught up with the man and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hello sir... we... I need to have a word with you." When she removed her hand, she placed a tag made out of shadow in the middle of his back.

    (If you want, you can know who Alice is and see through her disguise.)
  4. @Unyielding
    (( before I reply fully, I need to understand why she's sneaking out? All of the PCs are supposed to be trusted agents... Prisoners are not chosen for AEGIS))
  5. Tamara was on shift being 'hall monitor' as it was. She wasn't even in the hallway that Alice was in. She didn't need to be. Seeing through stuff was pretty useful.

    A door opened nearby and T-Rae stepped out, and over to Alice. "Hey. Heading out? I'll tag along. Promise I won't be a pain in the ass, plus you'll keep the brass happy by having an escort."

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  6. She is not a prisoner. The cell comment was a reference to back when she was arrested for the crimes her clansmen performed. The reason she cannot leave for non mission reasons without an escort is for two reasons.

    1. As a condition to release her from prison
    2. As to protect her from the public in case something happens.

    The reason she wants to sneak out is because she does not want to be escorted around. She cannot do what she wants and it sucks.
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  8. Out of nowhere came the a voice Alice knew too well. Alice slowly turned around. The tag faded away and Alice removed the sun glasses and placed them in her purse. "Tamara..." She folded her arms and turned to the side, "Butt... we..." Alice looked down at her shadow. "I will go get changed..." Alice ran back to her room and got into her sundress, flats, and sunhat. All which where blue theme. She grabbed her purse but forgot her guide to the city book in her room. Then she ran back to Tamara.
    "Ok but we get to lead the way... Promise!"

    @Michale CS
  9. "You know by now that when they put me on watch no one gets to go anywhere they're not supposed to. They haven't found anything yet that I can't see through. Though I'd know you by your heartbeat. Everyone's is unique. At least to me." T-Rae said, then shrugged.

    "And given that I have no idea where to go once we're out there, I'm fine with you leading. But please don't run off, I'll get blamed and I really like not being in trouble with the brass. Okay? And you can call me T-Rae if you want, but Tamara's fine too."
  10. Cameron woke up with the beautiful Ashley in his bed now he wasn't going to be rude and just kick her out and he hoped Milton didn't get into too much trouble for losing a bottle of wine.
    He got up and stretched and went to his closet... then he was looking for something to step out in as he was a night owl and had his fun, now he thought about getting a drink a real drink not that high class water they call champagne...$1,167 it wasn't even worth stealing.

    Cameron put on his clothes nice red t-shirt, with a black leather jacket with black jeans and was looking to wear his brand new Jordan 12's black and red to complete the outfit. That's when he noticed.. "Wait did I tag those sneakers..." he said thinking to himself as he concentrated and he couldn't feel where they were to warp them to his feet... he had left them at shield as he was remembering what happened.


    "HEY EVERYBODY" he screamed holding the box of sneakers over his head... "I HOLD IN MY HANDS JUST RELEASED JORDAN 12'S HA HA... IM GONNA BE STYLING ON YA UP IN HERE" he screamed
    As he sat down to open the box to put them on Miranda came to him...
    "No one cares Cam.. oh by the way we have word that the target is visiting the SoHo art gallery ... so we gave you the identity of a curator after we made the current one sick so need you to hijack the surveillance system so we can see if our friend Arthur is trying to meet with the buyer of the illegal weapons there"

    "Ok that's all good and gravy but get someone else to do it... I just got here didn't Shield have this planned out for weeks" he replied
    Miranda shrugged surveillance that was tailing Arthur informed us that he brought his own security detail that's working with the art gallery and with their sophisticated scanning equipment they will be able to tell if we bring any bugs through the front door... so only way to set up bugs if from going inside with nothing and some how magically making them appear out of no where" she replied....

    Cam hung his head... times like this he hated being the perfect infiltrator...

    "Great, so tag this and go you got 4 minutes cause he should arrive in 6" she said placing the bug on the table which was hidden in a watch.
    "WHAT come on..." he said as he placed the sneakers under the desk and ran off

    Flashback over

    Damn he had to go get them he was OCD about wearing certain outfits.. the good thing about working for shield was that they were close to the main office.

    Cam looked at Ashley and she could let herself out she'd probably call a driver or something but he tagged her red bottom shoes just to know when she left.
    He walked out the door with his boots on...

    In no time he made it back to Shield.. walking into the building with his clearance... he went to where he left the sneakers, grabbed them and was on his way out until he saw Tamara and Alice they seemed to be talking. He found Tamara very appealing but he heard stories from Bobbi how relationships with shield agents don't work out so he avoided trying to start anything with her.

    "Umm what's up you guys headed to a tea party or something what's up?" he asked

    @Michale CS
  11. "I dunno, ask Alice. I'm just playing chaperone. She wanted to get out of here, and I decided to go with." T-Rae said with a shrug, totally hiding the fact that she actually caught Alice trying to sneak out unsupervised. That was one thing about SHIELD that bugged Tamara - their fascination with people who were on the Index.

    Granted, in Alice's case, you really wanted to keep an eye on her. Not because of her abilities, but in how she'd been trained all her life prior to being brought into the fold.

    Of course, being a woman who could see through walls and blast things with invisible lasers made T-Rae light up on the Index real nice, but the way she was raised - by a typical yet demanding family - seem like Happily Ever After compared to most people on that list.

    "More the merrier I say. Unless Alice has an objection." T-Rae concluded.

  12. *** Eighteen Months Ago ***
    "I'm sorry that you had to be the one to come to us, Miss Holstead. SHIELD is usually a lot more thorough about incidents such as yours." Director Coulson said, his hands laced in front of him as he sat behind his desk. "I'm glad you made the right decision. I know the change must have been very traumatic for you."

    "Please, call me T-Rae, or Tamara. Miss Holstead sounds old." Tamara insisted.

    "All right, Tamara." he replied, sliding a holo screen aside. "Your test results are in. Eighty percent, on the first try. There aren't many who have done that without any prior training." Skye, aka Daisy Johnson, had also scored as high. In fact, higher. But to be fair, by the time she tested, she'd been going on missions with SHIELD for months.

    "So, what's next, Director? You've indexed me, and put me through all this testing."

    "Next, we put you in the field. I'd like you to meet your S.O." Coulson tapped another holo screen and the door opened and closed. "Given your similar backgrounds, I think she'd be a perfect fit."
    "Hi. I'm Daisy. You must be T-Rae. I've heard good things."

    "Like how I didn't go crazy after being encased in a cocoon of stone and suddenly being able to see through everything and fire invisible lasers from my body? Yeah, I'm funny like that."

    Daisy smirked, and Coulson chuckled lightly.

    "What?" Daisy asked.

    Coulson just looked at her knowingly for a moment. "Agent Johnson, would you like to escort Tamara to the training room?"

    "Maybe." She replied with a smirk. "Come on T-Rae, let's see what you can do. Except for that... invisible laser thing. Pretty hard to see that."

    *** End Flashback ***​
  13. Alice sighed as Tamara bragged about her observation skills. It really was something she always forgot to take account for. Still to think she would get caught after so much planning.
    Its better to be caught now then outside the city my child.

    Alice "We prefer Tamara, or at least I do..." She started to unfold her arms when Cameron appeared. Unlike Tamara, Alice did not have very many interactions with the guy and he has never escorted her out. When he mentioned Tea party she recalled the grand tea ceremony in her clan. At least once a week the elders would speak with everyone to discuss future endeavors but it really acted as one of the few times the clan could bond together. In training it was her favorite thing to do as nobody looked at her as a traitor or failure. That was one of the things she missed most. So when Cameron mentioned tea party, a small smile grew on her face.
    That was an insult my child, this culture frowns on adults performing activities such as this.

    Tsukami was right, Alice remembered watching many films in where that phrase was used. Her smile turned to a frown as she turned to the man. Before she could comment, Tamara explained how she was watching over Alice and invited Cameron to joined. Alice wanted to decline but she also did not want to have the image of being a little girl. She was 17, nearly old enough to smoke in the US and old enough to drink in certain parts of the world. "We are going... to the beach. I read it was a good experience for being in the sun and having fun."
    Your obsession with the sun is... admirable.

    Alice started smiling again but remembered about that Cameron guy was still here. "But if you want to go to a tea party..." suddenly demeanor grew dark like the night where she murdered the rest of her clan, "We can show you one."

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  14. Cameron looked at the young girl as she replied with that creepy demeanor, and it seemed like his joke insulted her because that's what he remembers girls doing having tea parties

    once she said they were going to the beach he looked at his Jordans
    "The beach with my new limited edition's ..." he said holding them close to his chest thinking if he should go or not. He looked at Tamara, not sure if shield would be ok with letting her out he knew the rules but Tamara was vouching for her.

    "Hmm the beach.. I don't know I kinda have this...." he began to say but cut himself off as not to say he left Ashley in his apartment as he was around Tamara he didn't want to seem like a womanizer which he wasn't but saying Oh I left a girl in my bed seemed really douchy....
    "Umm I kinda have this... this friend I was supposed to meet up with but I guess I can come along I mean hell i'll wear shades and a suit give that body guard look" he said joking at the end... hoping that Tamara wasn't looking through him to be able to tell if he was lying or not
    He agreed to go.
    @Michale CS
  15. T-Rae laughed. "That's the lamest excuse ever, mister instant wardrobe change." She waggled her finger at him. "Listen, if you're creeped out, just say it. All of us have things that are creepy about us. You could like... teleport porn to yourself. I'm like the ultimate stalker and Alice, well... she's sort of like River Tam in Firefly? A really likable killing machine? Don't even get me started on the others."

    She waved him on. "Come, or don't. As long as at least one agent is with Alice she's okay to go out. I kinda know these things - about everyone, since they put me on guard duty a lot. Come on, Alice, let's hit the beach."

    Tamara waggled a 'hang loose' sign at Alice and started out the door.

  16. Steven Lasket groaned as he woke up. He hadn't planned on having another nightmare, but it seemed to happen anyway. Being outside of your reality and dreaming about things that happened that you rather forget was not his idea of a fun morning. He had chosen to trust the scientists and he had completed the formula, something that he never mentioned to SHIELD. It was of the many secrets when it came to his intelligence and his ability to perceive things. He always thought it was better for his team to think him normal, rather than a genius. As he picked himself out of his bed, he broke the post on his bed again and it collapsed onto the floor. Bed number Seventeen damaged, better mention it again.

    As he adjusted to getting up, he took a note of the sunglasses on his dresser and carefully picked them up. He placed them over his golden eyes and headed out of his room and went into the main room to catch Tamara leaving. Well, there went the idea of a new bed so he could rest in his room with his notebook. Well, there was always the other guy. Guess he would talk to him. " Hey," he said, addressing Cameron hoping to get his attention.
  17. Alice raised her finger to object at the comment of killing machine... however it was very much true and thus she started sulking... To think this was how people looked at her, not as a hero or someone who was trying to help but just a killing machine. She followed Tamara who said to hit the beat. Well at least she could go to the beach.

    When they left the building Alice pulled out her white katana. "Ok I am ready to hit the beach tehe."
    @Michale CS
  18. "Not with that you're not. Ditch the blade. We're going out to have fun, not to slice anything up. This is New Haven, Connecticut, not Madripoor." She stopped and put her hands on her hips. "I'll wait here, but you're not going out with a friggin sword on you." T-Rae said shaking her head.

  19. And the pain began. Alice grumbles as she is ordered to get rid of the katana. Alice runs back to her room and puts her katana in the closet. "Tamara promised she would not be a pain... But she is a pain..." Tsukami did not respond which made Alice a little worried. She looked around her room and noticed that she she left her Guide book. She skimmed it really fast to see what the beach was like. She has never really been to a beach in the clan, nor near large bodies of water. She wonder if she should know anything about it. After flipping through a few pages, she noticed that everyone was wearing minimal clothing. Was this proper beach wear? She looked at her clothes and sighed. "I'm not dressed right and Tamara will probably make me change... I will show her!" She searched through her clothes but she did not have any minimal clothes. She did not want to be incorrectly equipped for the event so she decided to make her own beach outfit. She pulled out a white dress she did not like. The threw them in the air while looking at the woman in the book and swung her blade.

    A her personal bikini top and flat cloth gently floated down. Alice smiled and tried to put it one. She was not well advice in the art of wearing beach wear but she tried. It took a minute but she managed, by using Tsukami, to tie a not to keep the cloth around her breast. Then she tied the ends of the cloth which looked like a skirt over her grey underwear. Now she needed some shoe, but as she looked through the pictures. Few people wore sandals if that. So she figured she did not need any and thus ran out the room in her makeshift outfit, sun hat, and purse with the book inside this time. She quickly dashed through the hall and returned to Tamara. "OK now i am ready to hit the beach and i did not bring my weapon! Can we go now!"

    Looking at her body, one would she her back covered with scars. Her stomach had a few cuts on the side and her arms and legs had a left arm had a cut here and there. With one glimpse, one could determine that she either has seen combat and felt the steel of a blade.

    @Michale CS
  20. "Yes, we can go now. Come on. We can take my car." She walked Alice over to the little red Mazda convertible she had. Presuming she followed, the two would get to the beach in a matter of minutes. It's not like New Haven was a very large city.

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