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  1. The fresh and clean air rushed over the tan pebbles and swept it across the land. The taste of salt rolled off her lips to her tongue. The loving embrace from the waters swallowed her body as the lullaby it sang with it's light in and out movements as if capturing her soul. Her head propped over the top layer of the ocean taking in the endless night sky. The woman loved the ocean very much and even wished she could live in it. Denala released a smile letting her eyes flutter shut.

    "Denala~!" A very strong and bold voice called out from a shack on the edge of the beach. "Dinner's ready~!"

    Startled, her body sunk under then shot from the water. The young woman swam back to the beach, letting her feet fall deep in the sand, and squish in between her toes. She grabbed the towel from a pile of her belongings and dried off a bit. Her denim shorts were pulled on along with a loose tee that fell from one shoulder. The chestnut locks caressed her shoulders as she walked back to the surf shack.

    Mahi mahi laid across the table with a side of poi, fruit, and some vegetables. All looked delicious minus the poi. Her body cringed at the sight and smell. One less thing to put on her plate. After she ate, Nala gave a smile then headed to bed. Morning would swallow the life from her and leave her groggy. School was not something she was looking forward to.

    The morning was harsh as she typically figured. Shower, dressing, breakfast, then the leave. Morning routine played out like normal. Her board led her to school. The hell of childhood. She sighed in hopes to see a friend before class.
  2. His name was Bear Kulton, but he liked to be called just Kulton. He walked around the castle watching the servants rush around. He figured it wasn't a good time to pull one off to the side, though he did feel like talking. He sighed and continued to walk untill he made it to the wall where he was found. It was cloudy today, same as the day when he was brought in by a servant. He was injured then, almost dead though he couldn't remember what happened... One of these days he might leave an go back to his old life. Not that it was any beter... maybe even worse. Again he sighed as he looked down the twisted path leading down to a forest seemingly getting further away.
  3. Raven awoke from her slumber. it was the wierd dream again and she keep on having it she wished it was over with. she walked to her bath room and get her pills and went back to her room to change. she had her pills in her bag. she grabbed her bag and whent down stairs to get her lunch and an apple to eat. she walked on to school and wounder though the school. She turly did not feel like she belong here. she wanted nothing off this place she wanted something more. She was differnt then other smart. boy come run to her asking to go out with her but she wanted nothing from tham. the girls in the school hate her. she wanted out she wanted to live there world the people in her dreams where thay live.
  4. The prince woke up and glanced around, Lord Noblesse stood rising from the dark purple silk... Slipping his feet into the slippers to minimize the chill from the hard stone floor,he walked to the bathroom, Brushing his teeth he donned a dark purple robe, He like the color purple, It was royalty, it was said purple was discovered by the dog of Heracles, Royalty, He walked down the stair his feet clacking... Down to the basement to his little pet project the Horror room....

    Cecil Heard his prince walking down the stairs, as he finished his ritual, He believed in God so he must worship him, but to himself he was the god... he had pained the sacred runes along his body, showing to the world if he took his shirt off that he was God, He quickly cast a sensory spell of ice magic, he needed no incantations or spells he simply summoned the power and pushed it into a shape. he sighed the Horror room pain, well it wouldn't be to much trouble to go with the young man watching the Sinner's pain would will the self proclaimed God's power...
  5. She found herself walking though a dense forest, lost. The trees shimmered with the sun's light, but the moon satin the sky in full. Dark colors of black and purple swirled around her feet,trying to pull her under. But she kept walking and walking. Had she been running in circles this whole time? But as she went on the forest became black.The lights in the leaves died and the branches became thin, boney arms trying to grasp hold of her. The moon became just a black hole in the sky, and left only darkness. She could not see. It was the deepest of darkness’s. It was devouring her, feeding of her soul. She was frightened, but would not panic. The blackness around her looked deathly cold, but she could not tell. She felt nothing in this blackness, and heard nothing, and saw only black. <o:p></o:p>
    Whispers began to poke holes in theseemingly never ending dark. The ground beneath her began to return, and feelingtingled in her toes.
    "Wak.." a whisper. "up..." She was returning from the dark.She began to grasp on to this glimpse of reality and pull herself free, but someone didn't want her to go. There was something tugging at her heart. She looked back into the black to see that ghostly white mask and thin red smile.The darkness that was holding her here was in his eye, the eye she never daredto star at too long. She wanted to see the other, the one full of life and comfort, but it was shrouded in the darkness.
    Out of fear she pulled away, and was returned to the 'real' world.

    "Dear! Wake up!" a voice panicked. It was her foster mother."You're going to be late for school!" Traum groaned as she came to. She sat up in bed as she rubbed hereyes that stung from the light that shone like a solar flare. She looked around the room dazed, where was she? It felt as if she had been gone for weeks.
    But when she remembered where a loud groan of pain and disappointment echoed though the room. She would rather be lost in that darkness than live in this cruel world. "I'll... Get... Ready..." she sighed slowly trying to get her mother to leave.
    "I'll be waiting down stairs," she replied.
    After he mother shut the door Traum eventually got to her feet. To her dismay she had a mirror in her room that let her look at this pitiful body she held onto. She looked as if she had died and had been reincarnated. Her eyes were red with bags piled up underneath them.Her hair was in a giant, greasy, rats nest that sit lopsided on her head. A shower was the best course of action.

    Once Traum looked descent and mostly alive her mother drove her to school. "I can't believe you slept the entire weekend..." her mother said puzzled. "How do you do it?"her mother also wanted to ask how her daughter took care of... certain...needs. Traum just sat there quietly,lost in thought.
    "Here we are," her mother said cheerfully. "Have a good day, dear!" Her mother drove off and left Traum to the mercy of the 'real' world.<o:p></o:p>
  6. Aiden wandered around the strange world unable to make sense of it all. Electricity, cars, the tall buildings, even radios and tv. It was all so different from world he was used to. He looked around sure to not cause such a mess. The man drifted upon a school. He wasn't sure what the building was but he let himself in. Without trying to blend into the group of people, he headed straight through the halls. The pull he felt was intense. It led him to locker with no one near it. "Maybe they haven't come to this school yet." He sighed looking upon the looks he received.



    "Go back to the Circus!" A man trailed up to him shoving the mystery man into the lockers continuously. "What's wrong, freak?" Aiden took it all. He was typically a lonely peasant that was told not to cause a scene.

    "Hey!" The man turned being face planted into the ground instantly. "Who the fuck do you think you are? So what if he dresses strangely. He is still a person." Her foot collided into the jocks gut. "Get up and disappear." He scurried to his feet leaving her surrounded with staring people. "Everyone! Disperse!" Head strung and bold. This was the life of Denala.

    "Thank you..." Aiden smiled upon the woman who helped him as he stood straight. He bowed respectfully sensing a bit of the princess upon the girl. "Do happen to know the princess?"

    Her eyes looked at him in a confused manner. "Umm... A princess you say?" She played with the guy a bit as she waited for her friend to pop up.
  7. "Magical worlds..." Allen murmured.

    He was once again submerged in numerous books, his fingers moving ever so softly against the pages. The subject was elusive at the moment to him, but he kept searching. Surely, something was hiding between the letters that would unlock the knowledge to him. Alas, the information remained hidden. With a frustrated sigh, he put the book down and picked up another one. There had to be something on magical worlds. Something. Anything! But there was nothing. As his eyes scanned the words in front of him, it was clear the information was not what he was looking for.
  8. Traum looked up at the school with distant eyes. It all felt so unreal. As she walked through the doors and into the cluttered halls she felt as if lost in another realm. And in her own personal dimension she could see the others pass by, hardly noticing her. They looked so distant, so unreal, and fuzzy; like a dream. Was she even here? Or was she dreaming of this place? Even if she pinched herself, she would remain.

    She wandered through the hall like a long past ghost, trying to integrate herself into this world. That was till she saw something most real and startling.A man with head bowed was speaking with a girl, and this man was in stark contrast to the rest of this place. He was vivid and full of life, and stood out like a sore thumb. Traum could hardly believe; his aura was like that from her dreams. Her eyes widened and lips parted in wonderment. Oh how she wished to touch him, to talk to him, just to experience how real it was. Just looking at him sent her back into her dream land.

    She turned away. It was awkward how she stared. And she convinced herself, 'he isn't there.' She was only daydreaming. She began to fumble with the lock of what she thought to be her locker, but as she tried to inter in to codes the lock faded and the numbers vanished. Her hands could not feel the weight of thel ock, only air wisping through her fingers. In panic, she gave up and began walk away; to get as far away from the man as possible. Her books were held loosely in her arms and began to slip out, not that she noticed as they fell to the ground.
  9. "One day..." Kulton said to himself as he turned from the gate and started to walk back to the castle. "One day, not soon enough." He mumbled as he walked. He didn't enter, mainly because he was trying to stay as far away from the up and coming king as much as possible. The soon to be king was not one he favored, not one he would connect to, not one that would ever grow on him. To say the least the prince was a twisted man...

    Kulton walked around and rested on a bench surrounded by the beauties of the castle. The roses seemed redder, grass greener, path cleaner, but it had all gone to waist now. He sighed as he breathed in the fresh air, even the air was cleaner. All this for a prince who would surly dam the kingdom... all for him... Kulton stood up ignoring the pains that tried to hold him down; Kulton felt a heavy burden on his shoulders. He knew he needed to help the kingdom by finding someone to take the place of the prince but he had no idea who it could be... it certainly wasnt going to be him.

    Kulton walked slowly through the gurden admiring the beauty of the land in hopes of easing out of the world that he lived in. He had it good, but something was missing, surly the lord would not let something like this happen... but what was the secret that he was blinded too...
  10. Half way down the stairs, The prince, stopped he felt voices screaming, "H-H-HElp! where A-am I-I!" he Yelled,
    Cecil Ran down the stairs, "My lord... it's's ok... your on your way to the horror room..."
    The prince stopped screaming and smiled, "Thank you Edgewinder...Let us continue.."
  11. Raven awoke in class frecking out about the dream she justed hadhade she notice class was still going on and she sat back down. what a wired dream that one was the most scareds one i hade ever. she takes out her note book and writghed down about her dream. ((*going to add more* so bussy ahhhhhhhhh))
  12. A strange feeling washed over him. The princess was near. So close. His eyes scanned across the people in search. One woman quickly turned away. It was her. "Princess! Princess! I have finally found you!" Aiden stood there watching her widen the distance between them. Maybe she knew? Without telling the woman who saved him, he rushed off after her. "Princess! Wait!"

    This left Denala to roll her eyes and head to the class, she was late to. She walked in holding her head high. The teacher scolded her but as normal she didn't seem to care. Her eyes set upon her best friend as Denala took her seat beside her. Her hand reached over and tried to push her out of the seat since she seemed lost in the papa land of her dream world. Typical.

    He kept yelling the same thing. Aiden found the open opportunity when she dropped her books. In one swift motion they were off the ground and all in his arms. A soft smiled spread across his face as it was focused towards the woman before him. He awed in her beauty then spoke up again. "I have found you! You must come back to Aedia at once."
  13. Traum turned back at the man's call; she felt compelled to. She stood there motionless, starring as he called her "Princess" and gathered he abandoned books. And as he insisted that she come with him to this "Aedia," the rest of the world just seemed to fade away, like a dream. But he was still there, and his voice echoed though the halls. His vivid beauty was captivating. She even felt as if she knew him; he was from... some place familiar. Traum wanted to be spectacle. She was going to question him, interrogate him. But another part of her wanted to just go to this Aedia without looking back. If it was as real as him, it would be worth it. There was nothing here for her anyways...
    "Is this a dream?" she whispered to him. She didn't want to fall too far into hope, only to find it to be false.
    Tod woke from his meditative sleep; he had failed again. He knew he was only inches away from taking the girl to his master, but she always slipped away. He had gained her trust and love, but she never allowed him enough time to pull her to his realm. "Foolish girl. I will have you..."
    Tod heard faint yelling from another room, it might have been the prince. He decided to go see what all the fuss was about since he could do nothing else while the princess was awake.
    "What was all the screaming about?" Tod asked when he found the prince and his pet servant, Cecil. They were on their way down stairs... Tod wondered what was down there; he didn't know... Yet.
  14. He smiled lightly in confusion of what she actually asked. "A dream, princess?" The understanding of the definition of dream wasn't the issue. Aiden wasn't sure of why she was questioning. The slang in this world was much different than what it was back in Aedia. His hand grasped hers as gentle as he could. It wasn't a good sight for a servant to be seen making any physical contact with the royals. It just wasn't right. "Princess... we need to return to Aedia at once."

    The man paused, from about to whisk her away to the far off world, in remembrance of what was said. Magic practice. Aiden sighed and needed to show her their world. If he did not there was a chance she would still believe it was all just a 'dream.' He needed to take the risk to prove to her, that she is wide awake and in need for her realm. Poor Aiden did not understand the slang of the modern world and took it all to heart. He still has much to learn after they were to return. He pulled her by the hand again leading her out of this 'school' with out listening to her own thoughts, opinons, hopes, or desires.
  15. His touch was so light, so faint, but in another way, it was rougher than anything else in this world. When his hand held hers, she felt a pull into his aura, into his world. And as he pulled here away, she could only follow. For his pull was tugging on her want to leave this place. She wanted to go to this 'Aedia.' And this boy, this man... He felt so familiar. He was in fact, really similar to... "Tod?" Traumwondered as he pulled her into the sun. His aura was like that of the masked man, he felt as if they came from the same place. But there was something different; this man, he felt... Warm... And where was his mask? Never once had she seen him without the mask. But if this was really him, that meant he had fulfilled his promise. He promised that one day soon he would bring her to him. Was that today?

    Over filled with joy and girlish glee she hugged the man from behind and almost began to cry. "I love you..."Traum whispered.
  16. After the prince was safely playing with corkscrews Cecil turn to his experiments... A portal to another world one with out magic, where she was...
    A short time later the prince Campione was talking to himself, "Why torture..." He doubled over in pain....
  17. The warm light washed over them as her emotions engulfed them. A strange mixture of teal, lilac, and sea foam green washed over them as the surroundings on the other side of the magic began to shift. Morph. A normal school campus setting with only a few trees began to change to a forest of luscious tropical kind and the water droplets from the trees arose from there should-have-been fall. The magic around them slowly dispersed. Aidens dark rounded eyes widened as the embrace continued. Hearing her soft voice say the words, he most wanted to hear from a being his cheeks began to glow a light rosy hue. His finger tips brushed against the woman's arm and further down, leaving them to set against her soft delicate hand. "I...I..." His words stuttered even became non-existent. Aiden wanted everything to actually say it back... But this woman was a complete stranger. As if wrapped in a dream, the man opened his eyes revealing what was right and wrong.

    He peeled away her arms then turned to hold her hands loosely. "I'm sorry my princess... A peasant should never fall in love with royalty as royalty should never think of a peasant as more. A princess should also not embrace a peasent for a man of my standing should never come into immediate contact-" Aiden gulped at everything which instantly cut him off. His eyes gazed upon her feature sending another blushed across his face. "Beautiful..." He whispered completely not aware he spoke allowed. Even the strange urge to kiss the woman came upon him. He stepped closer to her as if his body moved on its own. His mind glazed over and not of his own. Fingers grazed up her arm with the slightest touch, caressing the back of her neck, then lastly pulled her in closer. The tanned nicely shaped lips brushed in a teasing manner then pressed tenderly against hers.

    A woman watched from a distance with a smirk spilled across her face. So far... So good. Her tongue ran over her bottom lip as her own emotions began to rapidly swallow her. Nienna's wild white hair shook from the breeze that rushed through the trees. Time to return. A dark hole with rotations of lavender swirled in it swallowed her from behind. The portal sent the woman straight to a room lavished in royal cloth and an outlook of the whole magical realm. The sight breath taking and indeed absolutely beautiful. Her body swayed in the exit of the room to a hallway, which connected to a room much hidden from eyes. Nienna walked aimlessly until reaching a male who hungered for the power. Her hands wrapped around him massaging at his shoulders. "Mmm... Sexy. How I've missed you."
  18. She was slipping away, falling from this dull world into one she had known so well. With his touch, Traum was pulled into warmth and happiness. She felt alive and fully awake, not like the distant figure that wandered the hallow and faded world. Even his lightest touch on her hands sent shivers down her spine, and his words sounded as a soothing song, no matter how sad. A smile bloomed on her lips as he looked at her with lively, deep eyes. They were saying something entirely contrary to his lips. That is, till he took a step. His toes touched hers, and his hands caressed her neck and arm. They were so close, so real, so alive. She could not look away, she was trapped in his eyes, she was falling in; entering his world, her world, their world. And she was ready, she wanted to go.

    He pulled her close. His lips neared hers, only the tinniest sliver of daylight between them. He breath froze fast in her throat, and time stood still. Her heart began to pound against her chest in an audible manner. The world around them shattered and fell away. Only did they remain, trapped in limbo. There was only one way out.

    Their lips touched. A soft and tender kiss.

    The pressure of his lips against hers, the closeness, the contact, it was all enough to make her faint. Her body tensed up, and she nearly did faint, but then as the sensation took over, her muscles loosened, and her eyelids fell shut. She was lost in his touch, and all other thoughts were flushed away with their kiss.