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If you could instill one piece of advice in a newborn baby’s mind, what advice would you give?
start doing your homework as fast as you can when you get them or else you will regret it.
Anything worth doing is worth thinking about first.
You don't have to like something just because your friends like it. And You don't have to hate something just because everyone else hates it.
Always try to smile, even when people are being arrogant and rude.
They're insignificant.<3
Do not break a girl's heart </3 So many assholes in this world already.
​You can't change the past so do your best to live without regret.
Spend time with those who love you since you never know when they are going to be gone...
No. It doesn't make you weak when you cry. Especially if it means something to you.

But I'll whisper it gently because screaming into babies' ears isn't good for their development.
Listen to what your parents say, although you might think they are wrong, they are somehow right ^-^
Live life to its fullest life's to short to just survive; LIVE!
Do not run off when you are 18, BAD IDEAAAAA!
Never miss an opportunity to be happy.
Is good to think for yourself rather than others sometimes :3
For the next 18 years, unless I'm telling you to do chores, do homework, go to bed or I love you, my life doesn't mean your life. Live it!
Do not cheat on test or quizzes