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  1. So, I realized that the banner system does not allow 1[x]1 RP's to be advertized on a banner. This is where I need help. I need to find a way to get the word out about my RP. It's a partner request at the moment and it's been up since noon today ((It's 11:30 pm right now)) and still, nobody has even left a comment saying they'd be interested. There's no way it's uninteresting, since a staff member actually told me it's a great plot idea ((Thank you @Dawn for your kind words)). At first, I figured I'd put up a banner. But when I got to the banner page and read the rules, they state that you cannot advertise a 1[x]1 RP, as they get filled in quickly and they don't want the banner pool getting flooded with banners that will only be valid for a short period of time. So now, I'm looking for a way to advertise my RP partner request without using a banner.

    I just really want to do this RP, it's a good idea and a great way for me to 'level-up' my RP skills by constantly writing paragraph-sized posts.

    Here's a link to the RP thread, in case you want to look at it before/after helping me out.

    Arigato, my friends.
  2. Especially at this time of the week, and since it's school time, replies will usually end up a lot slower than you might expect given the population here. I'm not as knowledgeable about the 1x1 section, but posts in the Interest Checking & Discussion forum typically take more than a day to get a reply or two.

    You could peruse the member list and see if there's somebody whose roleplay profile catches your eye; there's nothing wrong with PMing somebody with an invitation (if they really didn't want it, they'd limit PMs to people they follow). If you have a keen sense of other people, you might be surprised how often you get a positive response! :D

    Unfortunately, advertising 1x1 threads is really hard to do appropriately around here, since most of the official advertising features are geared toward group roleplays. You could add it to your signature or segué it into conversation here and there, but if you get too forward about it, it can start to be off-putting. But some people reasonably argue that there's no such thing as bad publicity. ^.^;

    Anyhow, I hope this gives you an idea of what your options are. :3
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  3. This helped quite a bit. Its almost a bit too difficult, as a vast majority of the members here aren't in the same time zone as I am (Est Central, USA). So even if I do get a reply, there's a good chance we'll have conflicting schedules ((Already have that issue with 1 of my partners, it puts several hours if not days between each reply)). I just miss the good old days when you could find almost anyone on the internet and 9/10 times, they were an RPer.
  4. You can also do a partner request here and specify that you're looking for someone in your time zone. Once you've found a partner, suggesting your plot idea would come next, wouldn't it? :)

    Looking for someone from ____ time zone.
    Usual hours would be ___ to ___.
    Chat RP is preferred.
    Genres I like: ____.
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  5. Yeah but the problem is still there. I need people to SEE my post and recognize it. Just posting another one wouldn't really help :/ .
    I'm not trying to make it difficult, I'm just a little impatient right now is all. one of my partners has been inactive for a few days ((On here and on Skype, where our RP takes place)) and she tells me she can RP but then I end up waiting all night for a reply that's not coming. And in my current situation ((Out of school until I can prepare for my High School equivalency Exam)) I have a lot of free time, not to mention I'm constantly getting amazing new ideas for characters, plots, battle sequences, romance, and even 'physical comedy' that can help lighten the mood in dark times. It all comes at me too fast to put into a single RP, and I don't want to overload myself ((If I put every single idea to work, I'd have about thirteen Rps going on right now)), even with my free time, RPing is serious work when you're trying to put detail into it. And many of my past partners got caught up in all of their multiple RPs, that they eventually retired altogether. I don't want to become the type of person who just gives up on RPing just because I can't handle the amount I put myself into doing.

    But anyway, this idea in particular hit me hard. I got the idea by reading "Attack on Titan: Before the Fall" ((Chained up 'trophy')) On my usual manga-site. I also happened to be reading "Highschool DxD" at the same time ((There's a character with Dragon powers)). And the picture I found for it ((Happens to be my current Avatar, since I liked it so much)) is amazing.

    It just feels like I have to push all my ideas aside because there doesn't seem to be anybody interested in my ideas, or anybody who seems to have the time/willpower to throw themselves into a RP like this one.
  6. I think you'll find a bit more interest in a day or two. :3

    Like I said, it takes time for people to notice new threads, and you're so far seeing a lull in site activity. It's a shame there's no quality feature for partner request advertising. Perhaps @Diana could add a short-term banner rotation. :o
  7. Or even better, Allow Group Rp banners to have the normal uptime, and only give 1[x]1 RP banners a fraction of that uptime.
  8. Like Sammy said, we're in a lull right now. Weather's getting good. People want to go out and do things.

    I get what you mean though. I have the same issues. Unfortunately, that's life. O_O Can't get what we want all the time and certainly not always immediately when we want it.

    When I get an RP idea, I add it to a word doc list I have. Storing them for a later time is really freakin useful imo, even though it sucks when we can't do the idea right away.
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  9. Yea, I put all my character sheets, even the image I use for them, into a word doc. and store them in a specific folder. I understand the lull, as well as the fact that I have to be patient. I'm just on edge because my partner hasn't really been RPing lately
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