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  1. I know that, more than one time, I've clicked to the next page after skimming over a roleplay's advertisement and I thought, "What was that?". Then, as most people would, I click over and over until I find that same banner. It would be so much easier, though, if there were an available page where you could go and see what roleplay banners are in rotation so that you can find the one you were looking for. I know there might be complications, like actually creating the thing or keeping up with the roleplay banners going in and out of rotation, but it could be useful to help find the roleplays we people are looking for, as well as a sort of list we can go to if we're bored and want to join just any random roleplay.
  2. If you click the back button on your browser to return to the last page viewed, the same banner will still be there. That's a lot easier than refreshing over and over!

    (Note: This doesn't work if you only refreshed the page you were on when the banner popped up; it's only if you've navigated away to a new page first.)

    The problem with having a static page of RP ads is exactly what you pointed out: It would need to be updated constantly. D: It might not sound like a lot of work, but you'd be surprised.
  3. Yeah, we've had this request before, but we currently dun have a feasible way to do it where it wouldn't be a lot of trouble. I'm already really bad about getting banners in to the rotation at a reasonable speed. I would be worse at making and up keeping a list. XD